Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 972:

Abaddon Incarnate - Harlequin
Abaddon Incarnate - Dead End Messiah
Abaddon Incarnate - In Pursuit of Lunacy
Abaddon Incarnate - After the Dying Time
Abaddon Incarnate - Altar of Scum
Abaddon Incarnate - Burn with the Sun God
Abaddon Incarnate - Cursing the Inept
Abaddon Incarnate - Stillborn Hatred
Abaddon Incarnate - New Departure to Old Ways
Abaddon Incarnate - Mankind's Last Dream
Abaddon Incarnate - Strappado
Karina Buhr - Plastico Bolha
That Poppy - I'm Poppy
Joy Villa - Vagabonds
Joy Villa - The Darkness
Joy Villa - Surrender
Joy Villa - Beautiful
Luca Schreiner - Time Is Up
Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe
Holybrune - Nuit Noire
Ryan Blyth - Back to You - Don Diablo Edit
Haute - Rêverie
D.R.A.M. - Change My #
Vianney - Je M'En Vais
Shay - PMW
Glenn Fredly - I Believe
Hussein El Deek - Malyoun Bhebik Malyoun
Rolf Sanchez - Vas a Entender
BTS - Am I Wrong
BTS - Reflection
BTS - Interlude: Wings
BTS - Intro: Boy Meets Evil
Empire Of The Sun - ZZZ
Empire Of The Sun - Keystone
Empire Of The Sun - Welcome to My Life
Empire Of The Sun - Ride
Empire Of The Sun - Digital Life
Empire Of The Sun - First Crush
Empire Of The Sun - Before
Alex Newell - Keep It Moving
Big Wild - Invincible
Sam Nicolosi - Realign
Alex D'Rosso - Stand by Me
AFI - Snow Cats
Rivvrs - Change
Matt Maltese - Vacant in the 21st Century
Jackie Evancho - Someday at Christmas
Excision - With You
Katie Melua feat. Gori Women's Choir - The Little Swallow
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Timeless (dj Spinking)
Inpetto - Million Miles
King Arthur - Pretty Young Money
Serebro - Slomana
Zak Abel - Unstable
Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - The Peasant
MK - My Love 4 U
Lot - Zwei Zimmer, Küche, Bad
Methyl Ethel - No. 28
Eebz - Oh My God
The Fortunes - 501's
Aidino - Data
Colouring - Everything Has Grown
Rachèl Louise - Far Away
Anouk - I Just Met a Man
Backgammon - Through the Back of My Head
Tokyo Machine - Fight
Wet - The Middle
Zella Day - Man on the Moon
Henri Pfr - Until the End
Angelo King - Girlfriend
Pretenders - Alone
Danilla - Kalapuna
Jamie Cullum - Comes Love
Jamie Cullum - Can't We Be Friends
All Time Low - Dirty Laundry
Brutto - Человек
Brutto - Родны край
Brutto - Чёрная сотня
Brutto - Moscow Calling
Brutto - Будзь смелым
Brutto - Гарри
Yelpy - Gravity
Tommy Nilsson - Samma Människa
Weslynn - It Gets Good
Dujavi - Lead The Way
XO Stereo - Hatchet
Albert Dyrlund - Albert Dyrlund - Emoji
Ilaria Graziano - Christmas In The Silent Forest
Lenny Cooper - "Dirtified"
Lenny Cooper - "Dirty Girl"
Majorleap - All That Matters
Majorleap - Firewall
Majorleap - Black Universe
Majorleap - Stars and Memories
Majorleap - The Idealist
Jodeci - Gimme All You Got
Jack Savoretti - Song for a Friend
Reparture - Colors
Jon Anderson - Everbody Heals
Matt Wertz - 0.2215277778
Matt Wertz - Lealand Lane
Matt Wertz - Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Matt Wertz - All I Know (Producer's Commentary)
Matt Wertz - 5:19 (Acoustic)
Matt Wertz - White Christmas
Matt Wertz - Sing My Lonesome Away
Matt Wertz - Christmas Just Ain't Christmas (Without You)
Matt Wertz - O Holy Night
Matt Wertz - Sunny Day
Matt Wertz - I Just Realized
Matt Wertz - Voices
Matt Wertz - Whenever You Love Somebody
Matt Wertz - Wake Up, Wake Up
Matt Wertz - Bring It on Back
Matt Wertz - Last Good Girl
Matt Wertz - Marianne (Producer's Commentary)
Matt Wertz - Behind A Smile
Matt Wertz - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Matt Wertz - Loved by You
Matt Wertz - Tennessee Christmas
Matt Wertz - Take It or Leave It
Matt Wertz - Christmas Just Does This To Me
Matt Wertz - I'm Sorry, Mary (Acoustic)
Matt Wertz - Snow Globe
Matt Wertz - Somebody New
Soko - Sweet Sound of Ignorance
Jack Johnson - Fragments - from the Film "the Smog of the Sea"
Flume - Enough
Mr. Probz - Till You're Loved
Rhys - Last Dance
Olivia O'Brien - Empty
Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini - Game Time
Chance The Rapper feat. Knox Fortune - All Night
Trevor Wesley - Like Me
Trevor Wesley - Out On The Town
Trevor Wesley - My Advice
Trevor Wesley - Dream
Trevor Wesley - Down In Los Angeles
Trevor Wesley - Only Live Once
Trevor Wesley - Finally
Trevor Wesley - What Love Should Be
Trevor Wesley - Why
Trevor Wesley - U And I (Where Do We Go)
Trevor Wesley - Most Boys
Trevor Wesley - Get To Know Me
Trevor Wesley - Even If I Fail
Trevor Wesley - Without A Woman
Trevor Wesley - M.A.D.E.
Trevor Wesley - Boom Chica Boom
Trevor Wesley - Thin Walls
Trevor Wesley - One Wish Away
Trevor Wesley - Slow Dance
Trevor Wesley - Darnedest Things
Trevor Wesley - Good Excuse
Trevor Wesley - Just A Fling
Trevor Wesley - Where I've Been
Trevor Wesley - Bae
Juha Tapio - Kuu
Nelly Furtado - Flatline
Take That - Giants
Maty Noyes - London
Juha Tapio - Sitä mitä jokainen
Juha Tapio - Mä löysin sut
Juha Tapio - Yksinäiset
Animal Collective - Kinda Bonkers
James Blunt - Time of Our Lives
Passenger - A Kindly Reminder
Incubus - Nimble Bastard
James TW - Ex
Ed Sheeran - How Would You Feel (Paean)
Galantis - Rich Boy
Linkin Park - Heavy
Juha Tapio - Kolikko kerrallaan
YACHT - The Entertainment
YACHT - War On Women
YACHT - Don't Be Rude
YACHT - Hologram
YACHT - L.A. Plays Itself
YACHT - I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
YACHT - Ringtone
YACHT - Matter
YACHT - Miles & Miles
YACHT - White Mirror
Kygo and Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me
Joy Villa - I Make the Static
Thundercat - Bus in These Streets
Deap Vally - Smile More
Maître Gims feat. Jul - Boucan
Mahalia - Back up Plan
Vince Staples - Smile
D.R.A.M. - $
Vince Staples - Let It Shine
Vince Staples - War Ready
Vince Staples - Pimp Hand
Vince Staples - Big Time
Gavin DeGraw - Annalee
Gavin DeGraw - You Make My Heart Sing Louder
Gavin DeGraw - Harder To Believe
Elohim - Hallucinating
Mahalia - 17
Deap Vally - Julian
Deap Vally - Royal Jelly
Morgxn - Home
Metrik - Chasing Sunrise
The Chainsmokers - Closer (Shaun Frank Remix)
Scenic Route to Alaska - Long Walk Home
Bad Sounds - Wages
Lincoln Jesser - Between These Lines
Amanda Winberg - Clouds
Charlotte OC - Darkest Hour
Jagwar Ma - Slipping
Desi Valentine - Fate Don't Know You
Kodak Black - No Flockin
Cerrone feat. Brendan Reilly - Move Me
Thomas Rhett - Star of the Show
Draper - Want You More
Basic Tape feat. Danny Shah - So Good
Ocean Park Standoff - Good News
Colony House - 3:20
Colony House - Was It Me
Colony House - I Want It All
Colony House - Cannot Do This Alone
Colony House - Follow Me Down
Colony House - 1234
Colony House - Lonely
Colony House - This Beautiful Life
Colony House - Where Your Father's Been
RamóN - Arigato
Patrice - We Are the Future in the Present
Dawin - Jumpshot
Young Thug feat. Wyclef Jean - Kanye West
Ithilien - A World Undone
Ithilien - Everlasting Dawn
Ithilien - Stare into the Deep
Ithilien - Mother of the Night
Ithilien - Drinkin' Song
Ithilien - Reckless Child
Ithilien - Through Wind and Snow
Ithilien - Rebirth
Ithilien - Unleashed
Ithilien - The Dive
Ithilien - Hopeless
Ithilien - Edelweiss
Ithilien - If Only
Ithilien - Walk Away
Ithilien - Shaping the Soul
Ithilien - Lies after Lies
Ithilien - Blindfolded
A Certain Ratio - Shack Up (Work Mix)
A Certain Ratio - Do the Du (casse)
A Certain Ratio - Blown Away (+)
A Certain Ratio - The Big E
A Certain Ratio - Shack Up (radio edit)
A Certain Ratio - I Feel Light
A Certain Ratio - Crippled Child
Christina Grimmie - Invisible
Nav feat. The Weeknd - Some Way
Kempi - Vienna
White Rabbits - Sea Of Rum
White Rabbits - Beehive State
White Rabbits - Untitled
Matt White - Outta Sight Outta Mind
Matt White - Around the World In 80 Days
Matt White - Reason
Matt White - Best I Ever Had
Matt White - Sweet Love
Matt White - Another Man's Shoes
Matt White - Love (Acoustic)
Matt White - Gimme What You Got
Matt White - Love and Affection (Acoustic)
Matt White - Love and Affection
Matt White - I Can't Help Myself
The White Stripes - It's My Fault For Being Famous
The White Stripes - Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap
(Drama) - Vakuum duša
(Drama) - Namjere
(Drama) - Kiša
(Drama) - Pred beskrajem
(Drama) - Onako kako samo ona zna
(Drama) - Moje meso
(Drama) - Prolaznost
(Drama) - Olovo i sjene
(Drama) - Novi dan
(Drama) - Besmrtan
(Drama) - Pusti me da gorim
(Drama) - Vuk
(Drama) - Kocke
(Drama) - Dio svega
YACHT - Women Of The World
YACHT - Your Magic Is Real
YACHT - I Believe In You
YACHT - It's Coming To Get You
YACHT - Drawing In The Dark
YACHT - The Magic Beat
YACHT feat. Eats Tapes - It's All The Same Price
YACHT feat. Bobby Birdman - Platinum
Hippo Campus - Monsoon
Hippo Campus - The Halocline
Hippo Campus - Dollar Bill
Hippo Campus - Close To Gold
Hippo Campus - Bashful Creatures
Hippo Campus - Opportunistic
Hippo Campus - Sophie So
$uicide $olution - Zombie Nation
$uicide $olution - Let Her Go
$uicide $olution - Slow Me Down
$uicide $olution - Love Is Stranger
Hippo Campus - Suicide Saturday
Hippo Campus - South
$uicide $olution - Born to Be Blamed
$uicide $olution - Hellspawn
$uicide $olution - Dead Men Walking
Hippo Campus - Boyish
$uicide $olution - Drugs n' Kisses
Hippo Campus - Little Grace
$uicide $olution - Dangerous Life
$uicide $olution - Ain't Missin' That Much
Hippo Campus - Souls
Hippo Campus - Way It Goes
$ilverdollar - Three Finger Man
$ilverdollar - (Still a) Rocker
$ilverdollar - Rot
$ilverdollar - Raging Eyes
$ilverdollar - Morte
$ilverdollar - HF
$ilverdollar - Hear Me
$ilverdollar - Evil Never Sleeps
$ilverdollar - Evil Good
$ilverdollar - Eternal Glory
$ilverdollar - Damage Done
$ilverdollar - CO2
Hippo Campus - Violet
Deadwood Lake - ...And We Will Float Until The End
Deadwood Lake - A Canvas Painted Grey
Deadwood Lake - Garden Of Remembrance
Deadwood Lake - Moonlight On A Tombstone
Deadwood Lake - Into The Unknown
Deadwood Lake - Candlelit Silence
$ilverdollar - Run to the Hills
$ilverdollar - Crazy Train
$ilverdollar - Freewheel Burning
$ilverdollar - I Wanna Be Somebody
$ilverdollar - Don't Talk to Strangers
$ilverdollar - I Don't Know
$ilverdollar - We Rock
$ilverdollar - Mr. Crowley
$ilverdollar - Aces High
$ilverdollar - Bark at the Moon
((Thorlock)) - Extinct
((Thorlock)) - Man Will Lose
Omnia - Wolf An Dro
Omnia - Harp of Death
Omnia - Augueries of Innocence
Omnia - Alan Lee Tango
Omnia - For Alice
Omnia - Mongol
Omnia - Freedom Song
Paul Weller - Here's A New Thing
Paul Weller - All Along The Watchtower
Wet - Turn Away
Wet - No Lie
HammerFall - The Sacred Vow
Wet - Dreams
Eisley - A Song for the Birds
Eisley - Sparking
Eisley - My Best Friend
Eisley - Rabbit Hole
Eisley - When You Fall
Eisley - Snowfall
Eisley - Brightest Fire
Eisley - Always Wrong
Tori Amos - Oscar's Theme
Tori Amos - Mary Jane
Marion Raven - Spit You Out
Marion Raven - Goodbye My Love
Marion Raven - Found Someone
Marion Raven - All I Wanna Do Is You
311 - Simplify
311 - Week Of Saturdays
311 - Into The Flame
311 - Seal The Deal
311 - Lemming
311 - Everything
311 - The Quickening
311 - Earth People
311 - Writer's Block Party
311 - Grifter
311 - Firewater
White Rabbits - Maggie's Farm
Big Sean feat. Eminem - No Favors
Kungs feat. Ephemerals - I Feel So Bad
Devlin - Cold Blooded
Maren Morris - Once
Ady Suleiman - Wait for You
Kiana Valenciano - Circles
Disciples - Daylight
David Gray - Smoke Without Fire
Jagwar Ma - Give Me a Reason
Hot Dad - Fieri
The Weeknd and Starrah feat. Jeremih - Pass Dat (Remix)
The Weeknd and Rick Ross feat. ScHoolboy Q - Often (Remix)
The Weeknd - Material Girl
The Weeknd - Marijuana Girl
The Weeknd - Love Through Her
The Weeknd - Girls Born In The 90s
AURORA [NO] - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)
Inner Circle - Love Is The Drug
Inner Circle - Live Together
Inner Circle - I Found A Girl
The Main Ingredient - Where Are You?
Inner Circle - Great American Dream
Inner Circle - I Can't Imagine
Inner Circle - Living It Up
Inner Circle - Boardwalk
Inner Circle - Alright
Inner Circle - A I A I A La Long
Inner Circle - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Inner Circle - I'm A Rastaman
Inner Circle - Bad Boys (David Morales mix)
Inner Circle - Tenement Yard
Inner Circle - Reggae Music Is Life
Inner Circle feat. Lady Saw - Sweat (A La La La La Long) (original)
Inner Circle - Da Bomb (Dancehall Mix)
Inner Circle - 80,000 Careless Ethiopeans
Inner Circle - Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da
Inner Circle - スウェット
Autumn Hill - Anchor
Autumn Hill - Memphis
Autumn Hill - Good Night for Going Nowhere
Autumn Hill - It Don't Get Better Than This
Autumn Hill - Spaceman Came Traveling
Autumn Hill - August In The Rain
Autumn Hill - Anything At All
Autumn Hill - Summertime Free
Autumn Hill - It Ain't Christmas
Autumn Hill - Never Be Mine
Autumn Hill - Mixtape
Autumn Hill - Return Policy
Autumn Hill - Favourite Mistake
Autumn Hill - If She Wants This Town
Autumn Hill - Battle Scars
Autumn Hill - Blame
Future - I'm So Groovy
311 - Freakout
The 88 - Deep In Your Heart
Ünloco - Watching Me Slip (Album: Becoming I)
Tennis - Ladies Don't Play Guitar
That Poppy - Adored
Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band - The Eggplant That Ate Chicago
Alter Bridge - The Last Hero
John Mayer - Helpless
Little Big Town - Don't Die Young, Don't Get Old
Kelly Clarkson - Love Goes On
Stormzy feat. Raleigh Ritchie - Don't Cry for Me
Stormzy feat. Ghetts and J Hus - Bad Boys
Stormzy feat. MNEK - Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 1
Stormzy - Return of the Rucksack
Stormzy - 100 Bags
Stormzy - Crazy Titch - Interlude
Stormzy - Lay Me Bare
Hov1 - Exempel 66
Sun Ra - My Sweet
Ithilien - Endless Horizons
Bass Erotica - Lust In Bass
Dujavi - As Long As You Are Near
Dujavi - The Vows
Dujavi - In Mind
Dujavi - Waving Off
Reisa L. Gerber - To The Sky
Pale Waves - There's a Honey
Calvin Harris - Slide
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You - Stormzy Remix
Woman - Marvelous City
SDP - Bullen, Schweine
Billie Eilish - Bellyache
Di-Rect - Ricochet
Enrique Iglesias - Subeme La Radio
John Mayer - Still Feel like Your Man
Lil' Kleine - Je Gaat Zo Dik
Stormzy - First Things First
Marshmello feat. Noah Cyrus - Chasing Colors
Jason Derulo feat. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign - Swalla
Stormzy feat. Kehlani - Cigarettes & Cush
John Mayer - Emoji of a Wave
Yellow Claw feat. DJ Snake and Elliphant - Good Day
Tritonal - Strangers
Afrojack - Wave Your Flag
Sam Feldt - Open Your Eyes
gnash - Lonely Again
Era Istrefi - Redrum
Up Dharma Down - Unti-Unti
Meghan Trainor - I'm a Lady - from the Motion Picture Smurfs: the Lost Village
Meghan Trainor - I'm a Lady
The 1975 - By Your Side
Zedd and Alessia Cara - Stay
Future [US] - Rent Money
Mikael Gabriel and Isac Elliot - Liikaa Sussa Kii
Kapten Röd - Över Min Döda
The Chainsmokers and Coldplay - Something Just like This
Pleun Bierbooms - What Hurts The Most
DJ Khaled feat. Beyoncé and Jay-Z - Shining
4 Him - A Man You Would Write About
4 Him - Between You And Me
4 Him - Chisel Meets The Stone
4 Him - Eyes Of The World
4 Him - Freedom
4 Him - Greatest Story Ever Told
4 Him - Let The Lion Run Free
4 Him - Mystery Of Grace
4 Him - One Foot In The Water
4 Him - Real Thing
4 Him - Sacred Hideaway
4 Him - That Kind Of Love
4 Him - The Final Word
4 Him - The Hand Of God
4 Him - Who You Are
4 Him - Who's At The Wheel
4 Him - Window With A View
.38 Special - O' Holy Night
.38 Special - That Old Rockin Chair
.38 Special - Hallelujah! It's Christmas
.38 Special - Here Comes Santa Claus
36 Crazyfists - Mother Mary
36 Crazyfists - Eyes of Lies
36 Crazyfists - Enemy Throttle
36 Crazyfists - This Is Why
36 Crazyfists - Sworn
36 Crazyfists - Lightless
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Road Train
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Wah Wah
36 Crazyfists - Workhorse
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Invisible Face
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Evil Death Roll
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Mr. Beat
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - People-Vultures
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Gamma Knife
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Big Fig Wasp
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Robot Stop
36 Crazyfists - Gathering Bones
36 Crazyfists - Name Your Rapist
36 Crazyfists - Suffer Tree
36 Crazyfists - Translator
36 Crazyfists - Crutch
36 Crazyfists - Sorrow Sings
36 Crazyfists - 11.24.11
36 Crazyfists - Criminal Justice
36 Crazyfists - In the Skin
36 Crazyfists - Silencer
36 Crazyfists - Marrow
36 Crazyfists - Waterhaul II
36 Crazyfists - Swing the Noose
36 Crazyfists - Vanish
36 Crazyfists - Digging The Grave
36 Crazyfists - Slivers
36 Crazyfists - Renegades
36 Crazyfists - 6 Feet
36 Crazyfists - Also Am I
Mars Argo - Wasting Away
36 Crazyfists - Time and Trauma
POP ETC - I'm Only Dreaming
POP ETC - Beating My Head Against The Wall
POP ETC - Your Heart Is A Weapon
POP ETC - I Wanted To Change The World But The World Changed Me
K.Flay - Black Wave
K.Flay - paper planes & SPITBALLS
K.Flay - love in this CLUB MED
K.Flay - CRAZYtown
K.Flay - boom boom pow KUNG FU
K.Flay - Acetaminophen
K.Flay - Anywhere But Here
K.Flay - Messin With My Head
K.Flay - No Duh
K.Flay - Appetite For Consumption
K.Flay - You Say
K.Flay - No
K.Flay feat. Allen Stone - West Ghost
K.Flay feat. Eligh and Grieves - Fvcking Crazy
K.Flay - Fleas Navidad
K.Flay - Don't Wait Up
K.Flay - Free N Easy
K.Flay - Elle Fanning
K.Flay - Danger Starts
K.Flay - Mason Jar
K.Flay - Waiting
K.Flay - Nothing At All
Offenbach - Le Bar Salon Des Deux Toxons
Offenbach - L'Hymne À L'Amour
Offenbach - Dimanche Blues
Ofenbach - Be Mine
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Freedom! '15
Zella Day - Compass
Zella Day - East of Eden
Zella Day - High
Zella Day - Jerome
Zella Day - Shadow Preachers
Zella Day - The Outlaw Josey Wales
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Doom City
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Anoxia
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Billabong Valley
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Open Water
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Melting
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Most Of What I Like
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Time = $$$
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Time = Fate
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - N.G.R.I. (Bloodstain)
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - The Bitter Boogie
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Cold Cadaver
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Trapdoor
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Paper Mâché Dream Balloon
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Dirt
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Bone
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Sense
Dobie Gray - I'm Only Speaking My Heart
A Dead End Society - Apathy Within
A Dead End Society - Rape
A Dead End Society - Dust and Ashes
A Dead End Society - Radical Revolution (Intro)
A Dead End Society - Giving In
A Dead End Society - Sea Of Tears
A Dead End Society - Puppets
Drake White - Gypsy
Drake White - Fifty Years too Late
Drake White - Cold Beer With My Name On It
Drake White - Always Want What You Can't Have
Drake White - I Need Real
Drake White - Back To Free
Drake White - Livin' The Dream
Drake White - It Feels Good
Drake White - Making Me Look Good Again
Drake White - Story
Drake White - Heartbeat
3LAU - How You Love Hindsight (Audien edit)
3LAU and Emma Hewitt - Alive Again (Extended Mix)
3LAU and Bright Lights - Runaway (Mix Cut)
3LAU - E.T. Youth Take Shots
3LAU feat. Luciana - We Came To Bang (Radio Edit)
3LAU - Backsmash (3LAU Mashup)
3LAU and Paris - Escape (Edit)
3LAU - All Night Long
3LAU feat. Bright Lights - Runaway
3LAU feat. Estelle - The Night
3LAU - Roses & Money Mashup
3LAU - Maps & Habits Mashup
3LAU - Don't Wait
3LAU feat. Emma Hewitt - Alive Again
3BallMTY - El Shake
3BallMTY - Tú Pa' Qué Te Vas
3BallMTY - Obdc
3BallMTY feat. Cowboy Troy - Vaquero Electro
3BallMTY - Vive Hoy
3BallMTY - Kaliente Kaliente
3BallMTY and América Sierra feat. Gerardo Ortiz - La Noche Es Tuya
3BallMTY feat. El Bebeto Y Su Banda Patria Chica - De Las 12 A Las 12 - v2
3BallMTY feat. El Bebeto Y Su Banda Patria Chica - De las 12 a las 12 - v1
Albert Dyrlund - Emoji
Lisa Ajax - I Don't Give A
Melody Pool - Henry
Snollebollekes - Vrouwkes
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Homeless Man In Adidas
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Crying
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Hot Wax
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Sleepwalker
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Work This Time
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - It's Got Old
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Vegemite
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Stressin'
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - ABABCD
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Willoughby's Beach
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Stoned Mullet
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Dustbin Fletcher
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Let It Bleed
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Crookedile
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Lunch Meat
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Black Tooth
John Legend - Start A Fire
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Pop In My Step
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Mystery Jack
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Let Me Mend The Past
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - 30 Past 7
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - God Is Calling Me Back Home
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - I Am Not A Man Unless I Have A Woman
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Head On/Pill
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Elbow
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Danger $$$
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Her And I (Slow Jam 2)
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Satan Speeds Up
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Slow Jam 1
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Am I In Heaven?
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Hot Water
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Empty
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Cellophane
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - I'm In Your Mind
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - God Is In The Rhythm
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Infinite Rise
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - The River
Gamma Ray - Pale Rider
Brett Eldredge - Somethin' I'm Good At
Bea Miller - A Song Like You
De Staat - Witch Doctor
Zee Avi - Ben
Jamie Foxx feat. 3rdEyeGirl - What If?
Jamie Foxx - Christmas List
Bent Knee - Untitled
Bent Knee - Urban Circus
Bent Knee - Good Girl
Bent Knee - Leak Water
Bent Knee - Black Tar Water
Gemma Fox - Girlfriend's Story (Album Snippet mix)
Animal Flag - Raspberry Holocaust
Animal Flag - Barbed Wire Heart
Animal Flag - Staring Contest
Animal Flag - Moon Song
Animal Flag - Smoking Gun
Animal Flag - Wouldn't That Be Nice
Animal Flag - Winter's Dream
Animal Flag - The Management Of Grief
Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay
Animal Flag - To My Sunshine
Animal Flag - Cathedrals
Animal Flag - Prone
Animal Flag - Borrowed Bones
Animal Flag - Wayside
Animal Flag - St. Cecilia's
Animal Flag - Mercy
Animal Flag - Solace
Animal Flag - Angels
Animal Flag - Sensation
Animal Flag - Jealous Lover
Black Beach - The Youth Is Out There
Black Beach - Wallflower
Black Beach - Ego Death Ritual
Black Beach - Future Failures
Black Beach - Nervous All The Time
Black Beach - Shallow Creatures
Black Beach - Self Portrait
Littlefoot - Black Hole
Littlefoot - Fever Dream
Littlefoot - Save Time
Littlefoot - Head In The Clouds
Littlefoot - Backwards Lullaby
Littlefoot - Night Of The Living Dreams
Littlefoot - Worrydoll
Littlefoot - Bleak
Littlefoot - Maps & Hands
Littlefoot - Sad Love Song [From Someone Else]
Dobie Gray - Drift Away (Rerecorded Version)
Dobie Gray - Let Me Go 'Til I'm Gone (+)
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Footy Footy
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Sea Of Trees
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Uh Oh, I Called Mum
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Bloody Ripper
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Cut Throat Boogie
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Sam Cherry's Last Shot
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Garage Liddiard
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - 12 Bar Bruise
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Nein
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Muckraker
Dobie Gray - Ain't That Good News
Dobie Gray - Cupid
Dobie Gray in duet with Willie Nelson - Crazy
Dobie Gray - What a Wonderful World
Dobie Gray - Got My Heart Set On You
Dobie Gray - Slip Away
Dobie Gray - Rose
Dobie Gray - Slow Rain
Dobie Gray - Streets Of Fire
Dobie Gray - We Had It All
Dobie Gray - From Where I Stand
Olivia Newton-John - When You Believe
Olivia Newton-John - To Be Wanted
Olivia Newton-John - What Child Is This? (Interlude)
Olivia Newton-John feat. James Taylor - Deck The Halls
Amy Sky - A Mother's Christmas Wish
Andy Williams - Love Song Of Old Hawaii
Andy Williams - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Bent Knee - These Hands
Littlefoot - Casablanca
Black Beach - No Place For Me
Animal Flag - Sink
Alter Bridge - Losing Patience
Hot Dad - Hanging Out With Cool People Rocks
Alter Bridge - Twilight
Ruby Rose Fox - Skydiver
Freesol feat. Justin Timberlake - Fast Cars
Bent Knee - Nave
Bent Knee - Styrofoam Heart
Bent Knee - Little Specks Of Calcium
Bent Knee - After Years Of Love
Bent Knee - I've Been This Way Before
Freesol - Don't Give It Away
Bent Knee - Funeral
Bent Knee - I Don't Love You Anymore
Bent Knee - Toothsmile
Bent Knee - Being Human
Bent Knee - Skin
Bent Knee - Sunshine
Bent Knee - Battle Creek
Bent Knee - Dead Horse
Bent Knee - I'm Still Here
Bent Knee - In God We Trust
Bent Knee - Dry
Bent Knee - Way Too Long
Bent Knee - Shiny Eyed Babies
Bent Knee - Hands Up
Bent Knee - Commercial
Historical Folk - WINDY BILL
Bent Knee - Nakami
Bent Knee - The Things You Love
Historical Folk - WILD ROVERS
Historical Folk - Westward Ho
Bent Knee - EVE
Historical Folk - WAY DOWN IN MEXICO
Historical Folk - UTAH CARROLL
Historical Folk - TOP HAND
Historical Folk - THE ZEBRA DUN
Bent Knee - Counselor
Historical Folk - THE U-S-U RANGE
Historical Folk - THE MINER'S SONG
Historical Folk - THE LONE STAR TRAIL
Historical Folk - THE BOSTON BURGLAR
Historical Folk - TEXAS RANGERS
Historical Folk - SAM BASS
Historical Folk - ROUNDED UP IN GLORY
Historical Folk - SONG OF THE BUFFALO HUNTERS (The "Metis")
Historical Folk - NIGHT-HERDING SONG
Historical Folk - BILLY THE KID
Historical Folk - A RIPPING TRIP
Historical Folk - A FRAGMENT
Historical Folk - A DEER HUNT
Historical Folk - A COW CAMP ON THE RANGE
HammerFall - Bring It!
Alter Bridge - You Will Be Remembered
Brutto - Олимпия
Life Of Dillon - Rocks
Ace Wilder - Wild Child
Yvonne Elliman - Good Sign
Teena Marie - I'm Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too)
Teena Marie - Turnin' Me On
Cold War Kids - Can We Hang on ?
Louis The Child - Phone Died
Ray Charles - Pacific Palisades
Robert Charlebois - Le Plus Tard Possible
Gildas Arzel - Oubliés Du Ciel
Trust - Serre Les Poings
Michael Christmas feat. Polyester the Saint - Are You Around
Michael Christmas - Michael Cera
Diam's - Dans Le Noir
Laura Marling - Nothing, Not Nearly
Ed Sheeran - Barcelona
Ed Sheeran - Bibia Be Ye Ye
Ed Sheeran - Nancy Mulligan
Ed Sheeran - Save Myself
Ed Sheeran - Dive
Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl
Ed Sheeran - Hearts Don't Break Around Here
Ed Sheeran - Supermarket Flowers
Ed Sheeran - New Man
Ed Sheeran - Eraser
AudioDamn! - Don't Call Me When It's Over
AudioDamn! - Lights Out
AudioDamn! - Give It Up
AudioDamn! - Brief Microsleep
AudioDamn! - Radar
Anevo feat. Park Avenue - Waiting on Your Call
James Blunt - Make Me Better
Yellow Claw feat. Naaz - Feel It
Racoon - Bring It On
Ed Sheeran - Perfect
Ed Sheeran - Happier
Ed Sheeran - What Do I Know?
Olivia Newton-John - Summertimes Blue
Lea Michele - Love Is Alive
Lorde - Green Light
Coldplay - Hypnotised
Icarus - King Kong
Michael Christmas - Daily
Michael Christmas - Cross That Line
Luis Coronel - Eres Tú
Luis Coronel - El Coronel
Michael Christmas - At Last
Michael Christmas feat. D-Note - 30 Rock
Luis Coronel - Lo Mejor Que Me Ha Pasado
Michael Christmas feat. Caliph - Rock & Sock
Luis Coronel - Me Dijo, Le Dije
Michael Christmas - Jailtime
Luis Coronel - Me Enamoras
Michael Christmas - Fuck An EP
Michael Christmas feat. Darius De'nail - Black Swamp
Luis Coronel - Me Muero Por Verte
Luis Coronel - Mi Niña Traviesa
Michael Christmas - Paranoid
Michael Christmas - Cell Phone
Luis Coronel - Dime Que Te Paso
Luis Coronel - Dime Qué Se Siente
Luis Coronel - Cuando La Miro
Luis Coronel - Bonito El Sentimiento Del Amor
Luis Coronel - Alergico A Ti
Luis Coronel - A Quién
West Indian Girl - Solar Eyes
West Indian Girl - To Die In L.A.
Michael Christmas - Gay Black Model Remix
Michael Christmas - Just Blaze
West Indian Girl - Indian Ocean
Michael Christmas - Witness
Michael Christmas feat. D.R.A.M. - Don't Talk About It
Michael Christmas - Think You Grown
Michael Christmas - Perspective II
Michael Christmas feat. Njomza - I Wrote A Poem
Michael Christmas - Grab Her Hand
Michael Christmas - Look Up / Save The Day
Michael Christmas - Hate
Michael Christmas - Intro
Michael Christmas - The World
Michael Christmas - Overweight Drake
Michael Christmas - Leonard Washington
Michael Christmas - Drunk
Michael Christmas - House Cleaning Music
Michael Christmas - Taco Truck
Michael Christmas - What's Happenin'
Michael Christmas - Dr. Christmas, M.D.
Michael Christmas - Broke And Young
Dove Cameron - My Destiny
The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
Wavves - Teenage Super Party
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Boy In The Backseat
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Circles And Squares
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Pear Tree
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Through The Dirt And The Gravel
Wable - Petals on the Wind (Remake Version)
Vertical Church Band - Come Ye Sinners
White Rabbits - Are You Free
White Rabbits - Back For More
White Rabbits - I Used To Complain Now I Don't
White Rabbits - Kid On My Shoulders
The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)
The Weeknd - Where You Belong (SOHN Remix)
The Who - Real Good Looking Boy (Radio Edit)
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Single Edit)
Sabrina Lory - Pas Envie
Michael Jones - Comme Un Père
Michael Jones - D'Hôtel En Hôtel
Garou - For You
Riccardo Cocciante - Si Grand
Wednesday 13 - I Ain't Got Time To Bleed
Wednesday 13 - Hands Of The Ripper
Wednesday 13 - Hail Ming
Wednesday 13 - Ghost Stories
Wednesday 13 - Get Your Grave On
Wednesday 13 - Fuck You (In Memory Of...)
Wednesday 13 - Curse The Living
Wednesday 13 - Come Out And Plague
Wednesday 13 - Carol Anne...They're Here
Wednesday 13 - Candle For The Devil
Wednesday 13 - Bombs, Guns And Gods (This Is A War)
Wednesday 13 - Blood Sucker
Wednesday 13 - Astro Psycho - Galactic Blood-Drive
Wednesday 13 - A Moment of Violence
Wednesday 13 - Mr. Motherfucker
Mars Argo - Everything Turns To Gold
Mars Argo - Love In Black And White
Mars Argo - Open Up The Door In Your Head
Mars Argo - Wet Cigarette
Mars Argo - Don't Call Me
Palehound - Dry Food
Palehound - Seekonk
Palehound - Molly
Palehound - Healthier Folk
Palehound - Easy
Palehound - Cushioned Caging
Palehound - Cinnamon
STL GLD feat. Tea Leigh - Sunrise
Tigerman WOAH! - Hole In My Belly
Tigerman WOAH! - Workhorse Warehouse
Tigerman WOAH! - Utah
Tigerman WOAH! - Bread & Roses
Tigerman WOAH! - It's A Lie
Tigerman WOAH! - The '69 Strike
Tigerman WOAH! - Politics On The Playground
Tigerman WOAH! - Old Crow Village
Tigerman WOAH! - Broke & Busted
Tigerman WOAH! - Lowlife
Tigerman WOAH! - Mr. Peabody's Mine
Tigerman WOAH! - Wage Slave
Tigerman WOAH! - Take Me Home
Tigerman WOAH! - Guess So - Take Me Home
Tigerman WOAH! - My Grave
Tigerman WOAH! - Jordan
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Short Bursts (Alternate Version)
Tigerman WOAH! - Babydolls
Tigerman WOAH! - Koopa
Tigerman WOAH! - Water
Tigerman WOAH! - Old Plank Rd
Tigerman WOAH! - Dirt
Tigerman WOAH! - Rat
Tigerman WOAH! - Banker
Tigerman WOAH! - Shaman
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Let's Call This A Map
We Were Promised Jetpacks - A Far Cry
We Were Promised Jetpacks - With the Benefit of Hindsight
Tigerman WOAH! - Sea Legs
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Building Buildings
Tigerman WOAH! - Drinkin' & Druggin'
Tigerman WOAH! - Columbus Stockade
Tigerman WOAH! - River
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Safety In Numbers
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Ricochet
Pile - Yellow Room
Pile - Appendicitis
Pile - #2 Hit Single
Pile - Waking Up In The Morning
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Peaks And Troughs
Pile - Touched By Comfort
Pile - Hot Breath
Pile - Tin Foil Hat
Pile - Mr. Fish
Pile - The World Is Your Motel
Pile - Afraid Of Home
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Peace Sign
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Night Terror
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Moral Compass
We Were Promised Jetpacks - I Keep It Composed
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Disconnecting
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Bright Minds
We Were Promised Jetpacks - A Part Of It
Palehound - Sugary
Pile - Keep The Last Light On
Tigerman WOAH! - Alone Time
Julie Rhodes - Hurry Up (& Wait for You)
CreaturoS - History Repeats
Dutch ReBelle - Runaway Bride
Dutch ReBelle - Freddie (Set It Off)
Dutch ReBelle - Anthem
Dutch ReBelle feat. Amandi - Sunday Morning
Dutch ReBelle - Stop It!
Dutch ReBelle - The Vow
Dutch ReBelle - RudeBoys
STL GLD - Good
Luis Coronel - Le Atiné
Luis Coronel - Tendras Que Aguantarte
Luis Coronel - Tan Hermosa
Luis Coronel feat. Nena Guzman - Somos Ajenos
Luis Coronel - Tu Boca Me Hipnotiza
Luis Coronel - Solo Soy Yo
Luis Coronel - Perdóname
Luis Coronel - Niña Caprichosa
Luis Coronel - Naci Para Amarte
Luis Coronel - Hermano Mio
Luis Coronel - Escápate
VOWWS - Against The Gates
VOWWS feat. Gary Numan - Losing Myself In You
VOWWS - The Great Sun
VOWWS - Bones
VOWWS - Ghost Years
VOWWS - Symbol System
VOWWS - Councillor
VOWWS - I Think I Remember
Wednesday 13 - Trick Or Treat (We're Gonna Kill You)
Wednesday 13 - Too Fast For Blood
Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead
Wednesday 13 - Suffer
Wednesday 13 - Skeletons A.D.
Wednesday 13 - Serpent Society
Wednesday 13 - Scary Song
Wednesday 13 - Planet Eater: Interstellar 187
Wednesday 13 - Over Your Dead Body
Wednesday 13 - My Demise B.C.
Wednesday 13 - Monsters Of The Universe
Wednesday 13 - Keep Watching The Skies
Wednesday 13 - Into The Crop Circle
Wednesday 13 - I Love Watching You Die
V-Sag - Lonely
Jessica Reedy - Where He Leads Me
Jessica Reedy - Let's Stand Together
Jessica Reedy - All And All
Jessica Reedy - Flow
Jessica Reedy - Hallelujah
Jessica Reedy - Hold On
Jessica Reedy - I Know
Jessica Reedy - Keep It Moving
Jessica Reedy - Better
Jessica Reedy - Moving Forward
Jessica Reedy - Blue God
Jessica Reedy - Marching On
Jessica Reedy - Something Out Of Nothing
Jessica Reedy - So In Love With You (Amazing)
Jessica Reedy feat. Doc Powell - When I Close My Eyes
Jessica Reedy feat. Faith Evans - Doctor Love
Jessica Reedy feat. The Original Soul Seekers - I'm Still Here
Jessica Reedy - Always
Jessica Reedy - Put It On The Altar
Tom Rosenthal - Melania
Wednesday 13 and Bourbon Crow - Bolts In This Redneck
Wednesday 13 and Bourbon Crow - Alcohol Is Awesome
Wednesday 13 and Bourbon Crow - Lord Put My Girl
Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos - Slide
Future [US] - Draco
XXXTENTACION - I don't wanna do this anymore
Adele - Turning Tables
The Walkmen - Orange Sunday
Broilers - An all den Schmutz
Broilers - Richtung Schicksal
Broilers - Werdet ihr folgen?
Reptile Youth - Shooting Up Sunshine
Broilers - Du wirst uns erkennen
Broilers - Brennende Brücken
Broilers - Dein Leben
Broilers - Lofi
Broilers - Wenn Du jetzt denkst...
Broilers - Suff Dich voll
Broilers - Glück auf!
Broilers - Fackeln im Sturm...
Broilers - Hetzer
Broilers - Blaue Auster
Broilers - Eine Nation
Broilers - Unzerstörbar
Broilers - Stossen wir an
Broilers - Schwarz, Grau, Weiss
Broilers - Halt den Sommer fest
Broilers - Schönheit, das Biest
Broilers - Hexenjagd
Broilers - Sicherheit
Broilers - Weisst du es schon?
Broilers - 33 RPM
Broilers - Nur die Nacht weiß
Broilers - (Ich Bin) Bei Dir
Broilers - Warte auf mich
Broilers - Weisses Licht
Broilers - Weckt die Toten
Broilers - Alles geht weiter
Broilers - In 80 Tagen um die Welt
Broilers - Anti, Anti, Anti
Broilers - Held in Unserer Mitte
Broilers - Vanitas
Broilers - Heute Schon Gelebt
Broilers - In ein paar Jahren...
Broilers - Alles, Was Ich Tat
Broilers - Harter Weg (Go!)
Broilers - Zurück zum Beton
Broilers - Verlierer sehen anders aus II
Broilers - So ist halt die Welt
Broilers - Nicht unsere Wege
Broilers - Gestern erst
Broilers - Donner und Blitzen
Broilers - König des Viertels
Broilers - Deine Stadt
Broilers - Du und Dein Elend
Broilers - 69 77 88
Broilers - Laster und Sünde
Broilers - Nur ein Land
Cindy Bullens - Survivor
Michelle Branch - Texas In The Mirror
Michelle Branch - Sunset Cigarette
Michelle Branch - Show Me A Sign
Ollie & Jerry - Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us
Ollie & Jerry - Electric Boogaloo
Michelle Branch - For Dear Life
Denise LaSalle - A Man Size Job
Denise LaSalle - Now Run And Tell That
Michelle Branch - Smokes And Feathers
Michelle Branch - If You Happen To Call
Michelle Branch - (Dancing) I Don't Feel Like
Damian Dame - When I'm Crying
Jessica Harp - Someone Else's Life
Jessica Harp - Follow That Train
Jessica Harp - Love Letter
Jessica Harp - Breakup Song
Jessica Harp - More To This Than You
Jessica Harp feat. Vince Gill - Homemade Love
Jessica Harp - Boy Like Me
Brutto - Рокi
Brutto - Чайка
Brutto - 12 обезьян
Brutto - Вечірнє сонце
Crash Kings - Gigantik
Elle King - Wild Love
Olivia Newton-John - Summertime Blues
Broilers - Irgendwas in mir
Lorde - Liability
Laura Welsh - Call To Arms
Laura Welsh - Hollow Drum
Broilers - Geister die ich rief
Reptile Youth - It's Easy To Lose Yourself
Astrid S - Breathe
Reptile Youth - Fear
Reptile Youth - Heart Blood Beat
Reptile Youth - A Flash In The Forest
Reptile Youth - Be My Yoko Ono
Reptile Youth - Dead End
Reptile Youth - Morning Sun
Reptile Youth - Black Swan Born White
The Walkmen - Dance With Your Partner
Broilers - Wenn ich es will
Broilers - Mit einem Fuß im Grab
The Walkmen - Rock Around The Clock
The Walkmen - Black Sails
The Walkmen - Mucho Mungo / Mt. Elga
The Walkmen - All My Life
The Walkmen - Don't Forget Me
The Walkmen - Subterranean Homesick Blues
The Walkmen - Many Rivers To Cross
Broilers - Hans im Glück
Broilers - Düsseldorf
Broilers - Du bist so Blind
Broilers - Gemeinsam
Broilers - Wir gehen schon mal vor
Broilers - Punkrock Love Song
Broilers - Das Verdikt Rache
Broilers - Meine Sache
Broilers - Ich sah kein Licht
Broilers - Tanzt Du noch einmal mit mir?
Broilers - Das Letzte
Broilers - Dumm & glücklich
Broilers - Bitteres Manifest
Broilers - Ruby light & dark
Broilers - Keine Hymnen heute
Daijo - Red Dress
Kristian Valen - You and I
Cindy Bullens - Time And Charges
Cindy Bullens - Desire Wire
Cindy Bullens - Anxious Heart
Cindy Bullens - High School History
Cindy Bullens - Finally Rockin'
Cindy Bullens - Hot Tears
Uncle Sam - I Don't Ever Want to See You Again (radio edit)
Uncle Sam - When I See You Smile (Remix)
Uncle Sam - Someone Like You
Maverick Sabre - These Walls
Maverick Sabre - Emotion (Ain't Nobody)
Maverick Sabre - Falling Again
Maverick Sabre - Walk Into The Sun
Maverick Sabre - So Free
Maverick Sabre - Don't Forget
Maverick Sabre feat. Chronixx - Why
Maverick Sabre - Give It Up
Maverick Sabre - Breathe
Maverick Sabre - Come Fly Away
Maverick Sabre - Hold On
Cheek - Onks naiseet naisii enää
Sabrina Carpenter - Safe And Sound
Sabrina Carpenter - Like Real People Do
Sabrina Carpenter feat. Peter Hollens - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Sabrina Carpenter - Hello
Rose Cora Perry - Off Of the Pages
Rose Cora Perry - Untitled
Rose Cora Perry - Unspoken Words
Rose Cora Perry - Love, Hate & Everything in Between
Rose Cora Perry - Ambiguity
Rose Cora Perry - Be With You
Rose Cora Perry - Save You
Rose Cora Perry - Infliction/Affliction
Rose Cora Perry - Why
Rose Cora Perry - Escaping You (I'm Lost Here & Now)
Rose Cora Perry - Alone
Barry White - Bring Back My Yesterday
Barry White - Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You
Twin Atlantic - Mothertongue
Twin Atlantic - Missing Link
Twin Atlantic - A Scar To Hide
Twin Atlantic - Whispers
Twin Atlantic - Ex El
Twin Atlantic - Valhalla
Twin Atlantic - Overthinking
Twin Atlantic - You Are The Devil
Twin Atlantic - No Sleep
Twin Atlantic - Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator
Twin Atlantic - I Am Alive
Rose Cora Perry - Blind Wishing I Could See
Parks - Sweater Weather
Rose Cora Perry - Oblivion
Rose Cora Perry - The End
Rose Cora Perry - Curtains Close
Rose Cora Perry - Darkest Days
Rose Cora Perry - Alive
Rose Cora Perry - Close
Rose Cora Perry - Arm's Length
Rose Cora Perry - Easy Prey
Rose Cora Perry - Empty
Rose Cora Perry - Six Feet Under
Rose Cora Perry - Away I Go
Rose Cora Perry - Love, Hate & Everything in Between II
Rose Cora Perry - In Love & Life
Rose Cora Perry - For Those Who Have Departed
Rose Cora Perry - Come What May
Rose Cora Perry - Mad World
Rose Cora Perry - All that's Left is Gone
Rose Cora Perry - Rockstar
Rose Cora Perry - Don't
Rose Cora Perry - For What It's Worth
Rose Cora Perry - La La Love
Barry White - Standing In The Shadows Of Love
Bryan White - When You Come Around
Bryan White - What I Already Know
Bryan White - The Little Things
Bryan White - Hands Of Time
Bryan White - Get It Together!
Bryan White - Call Me Crazy (Millers Mix '14)
The Same Sun - Still Breathing
The Same Sun - Break the Bank
The Same Sun - Fake Love
The Same Sun - Trip
The Same Sun - Can't Understand
Aik Trubaduren - Ingen Kärlek Klingar Vackrare Än Så
Ellis - Love Song
Ellis - Georgeanne
Ellis - Doin' Fine
Nicki Minaj - Regret in Your Tears
Yellow Claw - Stacks
Bryan White - Born To Be Somebody
Bryan White - Another Man's Shoes
Bryan White - Another Day In The Sun
Bryan White - Amen
Laura Marling - The Valley
Steps - Scared of the Dark
Rick Ross - Trap Trap Trap
Rag'n'Bone Man - Arrow
Rag'n'Bone Man - Die Easy
The Wind and the Wave - Really Wanna Love Somebody
The Wind and the Wave - The Redhead In Aberdeen
The Wind and the Wave - This House Is A Hotel
The Wind and the Wave - The Heart It Beats The Thunder Rolls
The Wind and the Wave - Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High
The Wind and the Wave - Loyal Friend And Thoughtful Lover
MNEK - More Than a Miracle
MNEK - In Your Clouds
MNEK - Suddenly
Barry White - Under the Influence of Love
Barry White - Heavenly, Thats What You Are To Me
Barry White - Hung Up In Your Love
Barry White - Don't Play Games
Barry White - Whatever We Had, We Had
Barry White - My Sweet Summer Suite
Barry White - You Turned My Whole World Around
Barry White - Dreams
CMX - Rakkaudessa ja sodassa
The Wind and the Wave - Lost
The Wind and the Wave - Skin And Bones
The Wind and the Wave - Under The Skin
The Wind and the Wave - Everybody Knows
The Wind and the Wave - Take Me Back
The Wind and the Wave - Anything For You
The Wind and the Wave - Before The World Explodes
The Wind and the Wave - Happiness Is Not A Place
The Wind and the Wave - You've Got Time
The Wind and the Wave - Chandelier
The Wind and the Wave - Grand Canyon
Reptile Youth - We're All In Here
Reptile Youth - Structures
Debbie Reynolds - Finale
Debbie Reynolds - The World Must Be Bigger Than an Avenue
Stampeders - Good Bye Good Bye
Debbie Reynolds - Alice Blue Gown
Stampeders - Baby With You
Stampeders - Johnny Lightning
Stampeders - Monday Morning Choo Choo
Stampeders - Dead Man's Hand
Stampeders - Wild Eyes
Stampeders - Me And My Stone
Stampeders - Carry Me
Debbie Reynolds - Mother, Angel, Darling
Jules Shear - If She Knew What She Wants
Reptile Youth - All Of The Noise
Reptile Youth - Away
Reptile Youth - JJ
Reptile Youth - Where You End I Begin
Reptile Youth - Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone
Debbie Reynolds - An Irish Girl
Debbie Reynolds - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Pope Troy - Pergamum
Debbie Reynolds - Dominique
The Wind and the Wave - Ignition (Remix)
The Wind and the Wave - Time After Time
The Wind and the Wave - Don't You (Forget About Me)
JVG feat. MG - Sara Chafak
JVG feat. Juno, Stepa, Särre, Kube and Gasellit - Mist sä tuut?
The Wind and the Wave - Edge Of Seventeen
Lia Marie Johnson - Cold Heart Killer
Debbie Reynolds - S'Posin'
Debbie Reynolds - You Made Me Love You
Bloodthorn - Kärsimyksien Vaaleat Kädet (...and Oceans cover)
Bloodthorn - The End Offensive (War III)
...and Oceans - Flesh (G.G.F.H. cover)
...and Oceans - 100 Meters Final [Accelerate]