Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 417:

Prinze George - Upswing
Professionals - Just Another Dream
Power Puff Girls - Super Girl
Rachel Sedacca - Daddy's Hands
Queensrÿche - Arrow of Time
Pentatonix - Ref
Rob Zombie feat. Howard Stern - The Great American Nightmare
R.K.M. - De Rodillas
Pure Prairie League - She Darked The Sun
Priscilla Ahn - We Were Free
Puff Johnson - Please Help Me, I'm Falling In Love With You
R.E.M. - It Happened Today
R.K.M. - Sacarte De Mi Mente
Pseudo Echo - Dancing Until Midnight
Powerman 5000 - The Meaning Of Llfe
Glenn Medeiros in duet with Elsa - Love Always Finds A Reason
The Primitives - Wild Flower
R.E.M. - Walter's Theme
Puressence - A Different Sand
Prussian Blue - Hey, Hey
Punchline - Why
Pixies - Snakes
Puff Daddy - Love Don't Cost A Thing (Bad Boy Remix)
Power Quest - The Vigil
Psi Com - City Of 9 Gates
The Prodigy - Nasty
Q5 - Steel The Light
PureNRG - Thy Word
A Plea For Purging - Witches Birth
Q5 - Missing In Action
Queensrÿche - Just Us
Queensrÿche - Toxic Remedy
Puressence - She's Gotten Over You
Alexz Johnson - Time To Be Your 21
Porcupine Tree - Russia On Ice
R. L. Burnside - Rollin' And Tumblin'
Queensrÿche - Home Again
Queensrÿche - Dis Con Nec Ted
Queensrÿche - All There Was
Queensrÿche - Jet City Woman
A Plea For Purging - The Betrayers
Place Vendome - The Setting Sun
The Primitives - Thru The Flowers
The Polyphonic Spree - (Section 7) Hanging Around the Day, Pt. 2
Postmen Flying - Rockin' Chair
Pete Townshend - Without Your Love
Phil Vassar - I Thought I Never Would Forget
The Pink Spiders - Pretend That This Is Fiction
Puff Daddy - Feelin' So Good (Bad Boy Remix)
Pomplamoose - Mrs. Robinson
Purity Ring - Stillness in Woe
The Psychedelic Furs - Flowers
Porcupine Tree - Shallow [Radio Edit]
Pyt - Walk Before We Run
Pixies - I Can't Forget
Pure Prairie League - Pickin' To Beat The Devil
Propaganda - Sorry For Laughing
Pixies - Silver Snail
Tony Bennett feat. Queen Latifah - Who Can I Turn To
Billie Holiday - Love Me Or Leave Me
Quietdrive - Take Me Now
R.E.M. - Windout
Pixies - Southern Skies
The Presidents of the United States of America - Novocaine Hurricane
Rabo De Vaca - Darundarundê
R.E.M. - Chance
Praga Khan - Lonely
R.E.M. - Man-Sized Wreath
Public Enemy - Louder Than a Bomb
Dry Cell - Body Crumbles
Puff Daddy - Friends
Quorthon - The Notforgettin'
Rick James - Give It To Me Baby
Pseudo Echo - Destination Unknown
The Pigeon Detectives - Keep on Your Dress
The Primitives - Smile
Quarantined Past - Nomar's Cross
Pixie Lott - My Home
Punk5 - Hey Mamma(Punk5 Version)
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Head South
Quiet Company - We Change Lives
Brandi Carlile - Turpentine
Quad City DJ's - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
The Poppy Family - I Was Wondering
Purity Ring - Begin Again
Pseudo Echo - I Will Be You
The Primitives - Stop Killing Me
Piggy D. - No One Knows You're Alive
Queen Latifah - Champion
Rachel Sermanni - Eggshells
Priscilla Ahn - Leave It Open
Pillboxx - Time To Dance (David Kane Radio Edit)
Puressence - My Eyes Are Streaming
Protonema - Kiranya
Rabies Caste - Steel Right Through The Mouth
The Push Stars - Moving Target
Puressence - Think Of The Times
Queensrÿche - Guardian
Queensberry - Too Young
Psychotic Waltz - Ashes
The Push Stars - Too Much Pride
Primus - The thing that should not be
The Prize Fight - Last Time Around
Racer X - On The Loose
Plain White T's - Body Parts
Power Quest - Hearts And Voices
The Prodigy - Hot Ride
Rabo De Vaca - Eu Me Lembro
Plasmatics - Nothing
Queensrÿche - Anytime/Anywhere
Project Pitchfork - I'll Find My Way Home
QT - Call Me
Pro-Pain - Gone Fishin'
PJ Harvey - Bows & Arrows
Quiet Riot - Afterglow (Of Your Love)
The Promise Ring - Half Year Sun
Pseudopod - Suzanna
The Promise Ring - Get On The Floor
Prince Royce - Te Regalo El Mar
Pram - Three Wild Georges
PureNRG - Live My Life For You
Porter - Cuervos
Priscilla Ahn - I Am Not Alone
Steve Harwell - Fun In The Sun
Punch Brothers - I Blew It Off
R. L. Burnside - Got Messed Up
Queensrÿche - Losing Myself
Queen Latifah - Gone Away
R.E.M. - Burning Hell
Hayley Taylor - What's Going On
Purity Ring - Heartsigh
Primo - Molto rumore per nulla
Racer X - Everything's Everything
Quorthon - No Life At All
Quo Vadis - Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV)
Puff Daddy - Can't Believe
Quietdrive - Motivation
The Push Stars - Sofkuri's Room
R. L. Burnside - Peaches
Porcupine Tree - Shallow
RAC - Hard To Hold
Pseudo Echo - Lies Are Nothing
Quo Vadis - Czlowiek Swoim Wrogiem
R.E.M. - Ghost Rider
R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious
R.a. The Rugged Man - Break Down The Walls (Chris Jericho Theme)
Place Vendome - Right Here
Quo Vadis - Wegetacja
Pur - In Gedanken
Quo Vadis - Monofobia
Queensrÿche - Selfish Lives
Praga Khan - I Will Survive
Peggy Lee - He's Just My Kind
Punk5 - Do Ya Love Me(New Version)
Pillar - Fire On The Inside
Prince Royce - Nada
Rachel Proctor - Cool Water
Quiet Riot - Party All Night
Puff Daddy - In De Fik
Bad Religion - I Want To Conquer The World
Pur - Lied Für Die Vergessenen
Philmont - Seconds Away
Pete Townshend - La La La Lies
Poyo Segovia - Dejame Soñar
Quo Vadis - Kocham Cie Kochanie Moje
Queensrÿche - Heaven On Their Minds
R7rock - Chance
De Press - Bo Jo Cie Kochom
Quorthon - I Want Out
Powder Blues Band - Hear That Guitar Ring
Professionals - The Magnificent
Probot - Silent Spring
The Pogues - Infinity
Quireboys - I Don't Love You Anymore
Ra Ra Riot - Wilderness
Polaris [AR] - No Puedo Parar
Quarantined Past - Na
Pixies - The Happening
Queens Of The Stone Age - 3's & 7's
Polina Smolova - Mum
Phil Seymour - Surrender
Plankeye - So Far From Home
R.K.M. - Pasado
Die Prinzen - Schwarz
Polaris [AR] - 1000 Formas
Queen Sarah Saturday - Seems
Disney - The Virginia Company (Reprise)
Queen Latifah - I Know Where I've Been
Queens Of The Stone Age - Sick, Sick, Sick
The Cars - Shake It Up
Primitive Radio Gods - Blood From The Beating Heart
Porcupine Tree - Nine Cats
Quo Vadis - Gdzie Jestes ?
Quiero Club - Backstage Drama
Pseudo Echo - Lonely Without You
Quo Vadis - Carpae Deum
Quiet Riot - Look In Any Window
The Prodigy - Voodoo People
Racer X - Lady Killer
The Pointer Sisters - Fairytale
Puressence - All Along The Sure
Punchline - Time In A Picture
Psapp - Chapter
The Pogues - Jesse James
The Pogues - Navigator
The Presidents of the United States of America - Good Morning Tycoon
Queen Ifrica - Keep It To Yourself
Pug Jelly - I
The Primitives - Single Girl
Queensrÿche - I Dream In Infrared
POP ETC - Chasing A Ghost
Pur - Fallen
RaeLynn - Careless
Pixies - U-Mass
Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins - Universal Fanfare
R.E.M. - Burning Down
Plan Three - What Have You Done
RAC - Seventeen
The Postal Service - Iron And Wine
The Push Stars - Every Angel
Racer X - Living The Hard Way
Radici Nel Cemento - Dedica (A Silvia)
Quiet Riot - Get Your Kicks
Puscifer - The Remedy
Racer X - Hammer Away
La Primera Base - La Flor
Projet Orange - De HéRo à ZéRo
Pixies - The Navajo Know
The Pogues - Fiesta
Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome
Pixie Lott - Bang
Queen Ifrica - Far Away
Rachel Proctor - Baby Don't Let Me Go
R.E.M. - We All Go Back To Where We Belong
J-Kwon - Tipsy (Remix
Priscilla Ahn - You're a Star
Racer X - Go-Gg-Go
The Prodigy - Rat Poison
Puff Daddy - Roxanne (Bad Boy Remix)
Quo Vadis - Nocturnal Reflections
Puddle of Mudd - Funk #49
The Psychedelic Furs - All Of The Law [Live]
The Pogues - Jack's Heroes
The Pubcrawlers - Tripping Up The Stairs / An Honest Gamble
The Primitives - Kiss Mine
Pur - Täglich Mehr
Rabastabarbar - Fioletowe Slonce
Purple Schulz - Viel Zu Wenig Zeit
Queensrÿche - Condition Hüman
Radford - Out Of The Dark
Radici Nel Cemento - Dub Fi Mumia
The Psychedelic Furs - Highwire Days
Public Enemy - Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
Raghav - Turn Me On
Die Prinzen - Gabi Und Klaus
PNL - Le Monde Ou Rien
Quiet Riot - Rise Or Fall
Rabies Caste - Got It From Blake
Quo Vadis - Hunter / Killer
Radio Die, Die - Caught On Film
R.K.M. - Te Amo
Quasi - The Poisoned Well
Quiero Club - Breathing
Promise Keepers - Stretch Out Your Hand
Racoon - Reach
Philmont - Return To Sender
Rabo De Vaca - Me Beija
Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle (Every Time I See You Falling...)
Radiohead - El President
Puressence - Let It All Go
Piper Perabo - But I Do Love You
Priscilla Ahn - Your Name
Racer X - Children Of The Grave
Quiet Company - I Was Humming A New Song To Myself
Racoon - Biggest Fan
Psychotic Waltz - Mosquito
Queen Latifah - Someone To Watch Over Me
Quiet Company - Fashionabel
Radiohead - Killer Cars [Mogadon Version]
Racoon - Blow Your Tears
Puracane - Summertime Rolls
The Presidents of the United States of America - Up From The Skies (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
Queen Adreena - Are The Songs My Disease?
Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding
Puff Daddy - Last Night [Mix Show Amended]
Quo Vadis - Break The Cycle
R.E.M. - Passenger
Raf Van Brussel - Too Much Contemplation
Prince Royce - Me Encanta
Psychotic Waltz - Morbid
Raf Van Brussel - The First Day ...
Puff Daddy - Worl'd Greatest
Quasi - Under A Cloud
Qwote - Shawty Is Your Booty
Raf Van Brussel - This Moment
Radiohead - Creep
D12 - Fight Music
Pyt - Prove Yourself
Racer X - Hotter Than Fire
Pretty Willie - Fallen
Radiohead - Electioneering
Firewind - Head Up High
Quo Vadis - Zwykly Dzien
Primal Scream - Split Wide Open
El Poder Del Norte - Ultimas Noticias
Quorthon - Coming Down In Pieces
PureNRG - Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
Racer X - Sunlit Nights
Public Domain - Rock Da Funky Beats
Punk5 - Do Ya Hate Me ?
Primal Scream - Rays Of The Rising Sun - Denise Johnson
Punchline - Jarrod Isn't Funny
Racoon - Paper Home
Rabia Sorda - Our Land
R.E.M. - Seven Chinese Brothers
Portugal. The Man - Bad Bad Levi Brown
Queen Latifah - I Love Being Here With You
Pyt - You Don't Know
Quo Vadis - Powiedz Mi, Dlaczego
Pomplamoose - Nature Boy
Plain White T's - Helium
The Presidents of the United States of America - Superstar
Pixies - Build High
Poxrucker Sisters - Glick
Poets Eden's - Inside Joke
Rachel Stevens - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Racer X - Rock It
R.E.M. - Toys In The Attic
Purusam - Your Word Isn't Worth More Than A Puke In The Dust
Racer X - Empty Man
Radford - Therapy (I Don't Need You)
Professional Murder Music - Slow
Racoon - Boy Breaks Heart
Peter Bjorn and John - Start Making Sense
David Hallyday - High
Queen Latifah - I'm Not In Love
Plain White T's - Love at tenth sight
Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister
Pomplamoose - Beat The Horse
Prince Paul - Edgewater
Raf Van Brussel - Chemistry
Povertyneck Hillbillies - If You Could Only See
Racoon - Whatever Song
Rachel Stevens - Nothing Good About This Goodbye
Raheem Devaughn - You
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Love In The First Degree
Punk5 - Feeling Sorry For Myself
A Plea For Purging - Golden Barriers
Brendan James - The Sun Will Rise
Raffi - Must Be Santa
Raffi - Everything Grows
Queensrÿche - Espiritu Muerto
Project Kla - Feel Something
Radio Iodine - Human Nature
Psapp - Calm Dowm
Queen Latifah - Poetry Man
The Primitives - Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind
The Radio Dept. - Where Damage Isn't Already Done
Quietdrive - Secret
Plan Three - When everything comes to an end
Raihan - Balada Selawat
Prince Royce - Solita
Foo Fighters - Home
Rachel Stevens - Secret Garden
Racer X - Evil Joe
R.K.M. - Adiós
Pseudo Echo - Fast Cars
Radon - Audio Illusions
Das Pop - The Human Thing
The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire
Rachel Stevens - Made Of Glass
Radiohead - Alligators In New York Sewers
Raheem Devaughn - Sweet Tooth
Raghav - This Can't Be Right
Primus - Lacquer Head
Puff Daddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (Bad Boy Remix Clean Version)
Preta Gil - Que Isso Neguinho?
Plasmatics - Lightining Breaks
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Belinda Carlisle - Mad About You
Plácido Domingo - Sometimes A Day Goes By
The Prayer Boat - In My Arms Again
Playbacks - Mi Primer Millón
R.E.M. - What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
Raihan - Senyum
Priscilla Ahn - I Will Get Over You
Plain White T's - Haven't Told Her
RABENSCHREY - Hübschnerin
Radiohead - Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young Cover)
Queens Of The Stone Age - Back To Dungaree High
R.K.M. - No Vuelvas
Poetry and Motion - My Suicidal Poem
Pixies - Evil Hearted You
The Pogues - Who Said Romance Is Dead? [Demo Recording]
Protonema - Bebaskan
The Radio Dept. - Memory Loss
Quo Vadis - Mute Requiem (Point Of No Return I)
Prime STH - Even The Score
Racer X - The Siren's Eye
Qwote - Falling For You
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place
The Pointer Sisters - Wanting Things
Promise Of Redemption - Sunsets And Pictures
Raffi - Sodeo
Quo Vadis - Usuniety
PureNRG - That's What Friends Are For
Private Line - Crack In Reality
Puressence - Every House On Every Street
The Pogues - Whiskey in the Jar
Racer X - Time Before The Sun
Procol Harum - Playmate Of The Mouth
Pazuzu - The Haunted City
Quo Vadis - Narod
The Puppini Sisters - We Have All The Time In The World
Rachele Lynae - Out On The Floor
Puressence - London In The Rain
Quentin Miller - Cinematic
Rachel Wedeward - Painting My Pain
Queensrÿche - Bullet The Blue Sky [Live]
RABENSCHREY - Racheschwur
Rabies Caste - Hand Abortion
Queensrÿche - My Empty Room
R.L. - U Make Me Wanna
Rafflesia - Sinner's Cross
Pixies - Weird At My School
Quo Vadis - Ameryka
The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
Raghav - Winter In My Mind
Protoje - Protection
The Proclaimers - The Light
Primal Scream - Understanding - Pp The Primes
Queen Adreena - Cold light of day
Pixies - Rock A My Soul
Pseudo Echo - Tell Me
Radio Futura - Escuela De Calor
Rachel Sermanni - Breathe Easy
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
Raffi - Every Little Wish
Queen Latifah - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
R.B. Greaves - Always Something There To Remind Me
Jessy Matador - Allez Ola Olé
Povertyneck Hillbillies - The Night That Changed My Life
Quo Vadis - Bojownik
Radford - Fall At Your Feet
Pseudo Echo - Fooled Again
Prospect Reach - Death Is A Birthday
Radio Futura - Ivonne
Poco - Rose Of Cimarron
Procol Harum - Crucifiction Lane
Prince Royce - Te Robaré
Puracane - I Need To Leave
Pony Poindexter - Twisted
Quick Quick Danger - Strikeout
Psycore - Smell The Cancer
Qkumba Zoo - Happy Earthday
R. City - Our Story
Racoon - Eric's Bar
The Promise Ring - Suffer Never
Professor Green - In The Shadow Of The Sun
Queen Adreena - Black Spring Rising
Racoon - Spit Your Heart Out
Rabia Sorda - Misery
Queensrÿche - If I Were King
Rachel Stevens - Crazy Boys
Raffi - Take Me Out To The Ballgame
Rachael Sage - Trouble
Poe - Anything
Pentatonix feat. Tink - Can't Sleep Love
Raffi - Big Beautiful Planet
Radiohead - (Nice Dream)
Radio Futura - El Puente Azul
Quiet Riot - Tin Soldier
Periphery - Priestess
Propaganda - How Much Love
The Poets - Hangin' On My Stereo
RAC - I Should've Guessed
Rachel Ferguson - You're Not Alone
Playbacks - Amiga Mia
Queensrÿche - The Aftermath
Quench - Embrace The Sunshine
Quo Vadis - Rozgoni Nas Wiatr
R Z P - Sublime Traicion
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
Puff Daddy - Shake Your Tailfeather
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
Queen - Flash's Theme Reprise (Victory Celebrations)
Rachel Proctor - Broken Mirror
Radical Dreamers - The Jewel That Has Not Been Stolen
Quintet Of The Hot Club Of Fra - Sweet Georgia Brown
Raf Van Brussel - Get Real
Radakka - Requiem For The Innocent (We Die Alone)
Les Prêtres - Ecris l'histoire
Racoon - Tic Toc
Rabo De Vaca - Surra De Amor
Purplehed - Feel the passion
Queen - Jailhouse Rock
Rae - Pretend
R.E.M. - How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us
R.L. - Girl Of My Dreams
Racoon - Hero's In Town
Racoon - Luka's Song
Rachel Stevens - Steven
RABENSCHREY - Das Templerschaf
Quo Vadis - Nabrani
Raghav - Ain't Nobody
Queen Latifah - I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
Rachael Sage - Too Many Women
Rabo De Vaca - Pergunta Sem Resposta
Drowning Pool - Step Up
Pulp - Boats And Trains
Racer X - Loud And Clear
Queen - Mr. Bad Guy
Raheem Devaughn - Queen
Godsmack - Awake
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Heaven Help Me
Raintime - Flies & Lies
Queen - It's A Hard Life
Procol Harum - The Devil came from Kansas
R. City - Again
The Radio Dept. - Tell
R.K.M. - Dime
Raeliss - So Long
Quench - Gollum
Pupil - Teacher's Pet
A Plea For Purging - The Resurrection Of The Beast
Pulp - Street Lites
The Pretty Reckless - Since You're Gone
Racoon - Heaven Holds a Place
PMMP - Kesä -95
Quo Vadis - Nazajutrz
Raca Negra - Extrapolei
Prince Of Tennis - Rising
Rain Delay - Autumn Melancholy
Pras - Another One Bites The Dust
Puressence - Sick Of Waiting
The Puppini Sisters - Could It Be Magic
Rain Delay - Rain Delay
Qkumba Zoo - Into The Night
Quincy Jones - I Could Write A Book
Pink Cream 69 - Partymaker
Qb's Finest - Da Bridge 2001
R.I.O. - When The Sun Comes Down
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Evil Twin
Radio Futura - La Ciudad Interior
Q5 - Teenage Runaway
Rachael Yamagata - Nothing Gets By Here
Professionals - Too Far Too Fall
The Proclaimers - Three More Days
Radio Free Roscoe - Nie Tlumacz Mi Jak Zyc (Ang.)
R. City - Live By The Gun
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Smiling Through The Tears
Porcupine Tree - A Smart Kid
Pocket Change - Your Song
Queen - Somebody To Love (2014 Remaster w/ Fade)
The Rabble - The Journey
Rafflesia - Perfidy
Philmont - Photosynthetic
Q5 - Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Stand By You
Primus - Tommy The Cat
Queen - Lily Of The Valley (2014 Remaster - No Intro)
R.E.M. - It's A Free World Baby
Queen - Dear Friends (2011 Remaster)
Rachel Stamp - Black Tambourine
Pulsedriver - Time
The Proclaimers - Get Ready
Point Of Grace - The House That Mercy Built
R3hab - Soundwave - Quintino Remix
Queen - Lily Of The Valley
The Proclaimers - Slowburner
David Draiman - Forsaken
Rachael Yamagata - Saturday Morning
QBO - Solo Por Ti
Quiet Riot - It's Not So Funny
R.E.M. - Lisa Sez
R. City - Like This
Radiohead - Skirting On The Surface
Puracane - Secrets
Raf Van Brussel - All The Time
Purple Schulz - Das Kleine Herz
Raihan - Ashabul Kahfi
Ra - What I Am
Raised Fist - I've Tried
Raffi - On Christmas Morning
Far*East Movement feat. Pitbull - Candy
Phil Humphrey - Mule Skinner Blues
Rachael Yamagata - Quiet
Queen - The Invisible Man (12" Version)
Procol Harum - A Salty Dog
Raappana - Kauniita Unia
The Primitives - Turn Off The Moon
Queensrÿche - You
Rachele Lynae - Clean
Rachael Yamagata - The Way It Seems To Go
Queen - All God's People
Racoon - World Without Worries
Rain Delay - My Summer Sojourn
Puressence - Fire
Quorthon - Hump For Fun
The Presidents of the United States of America - Poor Little Me
Petter - 99 Till Evigheten
Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical
Quarantined Past - Ground Zero Suicide
Queensrÿche - Bulletproof
Racer X - Blowin' Up The Radio
Wale feat. Gucci Mane - Pretty Girls
Queen - Introduction
Pixie Lott - Leaving You
Queensrÿche - Nightrider
Raffi - Tingalayo
Rachelle Ann Go - Palm Reader
Puressence - Comfort When You Smile
Radiohead - Trans-Atlantic Drawl
Queen - Big Spender
Porter Wagoner - Matthew 24
Quentin Miller - Lies (What I Live)
PureNRG - All I Want For Christmas
Procol Harum - Pilgrim's Progress
R.L. - Pretty Brown Eyes (Snippet)
Queensrÿche - The Mission
Racoon - Tommy
Racer X - Ghost Dance
The Pool Boys - Storehouse Full
Polaris [AR] - Autómata
Queen - Drowse
Raised Fist - Wounds
Porcupine Tree - Phantoms
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Noche De Dos (Ven)
Ra Von - Drifted Away
Quench - Siren
Prozzak - Saturday People
The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes
Puressence - Black Snow
Die Prinzen - Was Soll Ich Ihr Schenken
Quench - Think About It
Rachel Stevens - Never Go Back
Puriti - Medley Boney M
Queensrÿche - Hit The Black
The Primitives - Who Are You Trying To Fool?
Poison - Unskinny Bop
Rachael Ray - Jingle Bell Rock
Plasmatics - Corruption
Radikal People - Mi Hogar
Ra Ra - High Sensitivity
Le Tigre - TKO
The Radio's - Think Of You
Point Of Grace - Love Like No Other
Quick Quick Danger - She's A Natural
Point Of Grace - He Holds Everything
Hanson - Wake Up
Psapp - Curuncula
Rain Delay - In Early Somnolence
Selena Gomez feat. Prince Royce - Already Missing You
RADIOCAMBOJA - O Retorno Do Homem Pássaro
Rachael Yamagata - Jesus Was A Crossmaker
Queensrÿche - Breaking The Silence
Rainbow - The Shed (Subtle)
Raised Fist - Disbelief
Quiet Riot - Mama's Little Angels
RADIOELETRICOS - O Que Eu Posso Fazer?!
Procol Harum - The Milk of Human Kindness
Raf Van Brussel - Make Me Feel Good
Quarantined Past - Long Warf Waltz
Amy Grant - The River Lullaby
R.E.M. - Fall On Me (Unplugged 1991)
Psychotic Waltz - Skeleton
Ragnarok - Angel Corpse
The Radio Dept. - You Stopped Making Sense
Chevelle - Still Running
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Haz Que Se Me Olvide
Radical For Christ - Be Magnified
Queen - Teo Torriate (1982-10-29: Osaka)
Queensrÿche - Eye9
Rachele Lynae - Sometimes You Fly
Pyt - Same Ol Same Ol (Remix)
PJ Harvey - The Soldier
Radio Iodine - For You
Racoon - Don't Believe You
Porter Wagoner - Burning The Midnight Oil
Chester Bennington - System
Ra - Chained To The Ground
Rachel Stamp - Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic
Queen Pen - No Diggity [Das Diggity Radio]
Raised Fist - Gates
The Radio's - Swimming In The Pool
R.I.O. - Shine On
Pnau - Glimpse
Prototype - The Way It Ends
Pupil - Dulo Ng Dila
Queen - A Winter's Tale
R.L. - 4eva
Queen - I Want It All
Rachelle Ann Go - Love Of My Life
Rachel Stevens - Negotiate With Love
The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Golden King
Pomplamoose - Don't Stop Lovin Me
Rachael Ray - Auld Lang Syne
The Plot In You - Wife Beater
Quincy Jones - Ma (She's Making Eyes At Me)
Ragnarok - It's War
R. City - Over
R.K.M. - Sueltate
Radical Redemption - The Worst Nightmare
The Proclaimers - It's Saturday Night
Radiohead - Egyptian Song
The Pretenders - Angel Of The Morning
Ra - Don't Turn Away
Rafaga - No Puedo Olvidarte
Raisa - Jatuh Hati
Raffi - Yellow Submarine
The Prodigy - Fire [Sunrise Version]
Porter Wagoner - I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)
Rachel Stevens - More, More, More
Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing
Quem Cidadão - Pinhal
Puffy AmiYumi - Asia No Junshin (True Asia)
Ragnarok - Et Vinterland I Nord
Quasi - Superficial
Rachael Yamagata - Even If I Don't
Procol Harum - Too Much Between Us
Queen - Stop All The Fighting
Quadron - Baby Be Mine
Promise Of Redemption - Remember The First Day
Prince Royce - Tu Príncipe
Prince Royce - Come With Me
Rachelle Ann Go - Give it all
Aimee Mann - Little Tornado
Quentin Miller - R.I.C.O (Drake Reference Verse)
Racetrack Babies - Unshined
Pistepiste - Viljaa
Queen - Your Kind Of Lover
Rainbow Kpop - Not Ur Girl
Rambo Amadeus - Euro Neuro
Popeda - Kakskytä Centtiä
Queen - Stealin'
Rain Delay - Essence Of Loss
Queen - A Kind Of Magic
Psyopus - Anomoly
Queens Of The Stone Age - Who Will Be The Next In Line?
Quasi - The Happy Prole
Pur - Ungeheuer
Rambler - Intoxicated
The Radio's - She Goes Nana
Quietdrive - Hollywood
Puddle of Mudd - We Don't Have To Look Back Now
Rachele Lynae - Cigarette
R. City - Slave To The Dollar
Projet Orange - Mystère Aérosol
Aventura - Obsesión
Queensrÿche - Warning
RAC - Tourist
Billie Holiday - The Man I Love
Power Puff Girls - Signal In The Sky
Pseudo Echo - Don't Go
Purplehed - Burn Like the Sun
PJ Harvey - 30
Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein (Alex C. Remix)
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Fantasy
The Pretenders - 2000 Miles
Quiet Riot - Stomp Your Hands Clap Your Feet
Primal Scream - Space Blues #2
Pulp - Laughing Boy
Psychotic Waltz - Faded
Imagination - Body Talk
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (Unkle Remix)
Rainbow - L.A. Connection
Quo Vadis - Obojetnosc
Pug Jelly - Polo Horse
Raisa - Firasat
Pokemon (Related Recordings) - Brother My Brother
Brigitte Bardot - Contact
Havana Delirio - Carnavalera
Ragnarok - The Norse Winter Demon
Ragnarok - Daudens Natt
The Platters - Sometimes I'm Happy [From "hit The Deck"]
Phats & Small - This Time Around
Quentin Miller - 10 Bands (Drake Reference)
Quo Vadis - Test Draizea
Rainbow - Power
Puscifer - Agostina
Rachel's - Heart And Drums
Racoon - Alive!
Tricky - Excess
Rainbow - No Release
Primal Fear - Blood On Your Hands
The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbeat [7" Remix Version]
Rainbow - I Surrender
Profundi - World Wide War
R.E.M. - Baby, I
RaeLynn - For a Boy
Prince Royce - You Are the One
Rainmakers - Drinkin' On The Job
Peter Yarrow - Beautiful City
Rainbow Kpop - Sweet Dream
The Queers - Salt Lake City
A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision Rmx
Queen - Long Away
Puff Daddy - Dirty Dirty Money Ft. Drake-Loving You No More
RADIOPHONIA - Réquiem Pra Mim
Ra Von - I Still Care
Rabies Caste - The Bleeding Mermaid
The Raconteurs - Yellow Sun
The Presidents of the United States of America - Truckstop On The Moon
Rainbow - Intro Over The Rainbow/Kill The King
Raheem Devaughn - Try Again
Queen Adreena - Awaiting You
Raissa - Weak
R.E.M. - Pale Blue Eyes
Question Mark & The Mysterians - You're Telling Me Lies
Rachid Taha - Ho Cherie Cherie
Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You (2011 Remaster)
Radakka - Cult Of One
Conway Twitty - Blue Suede Shoes
Radio Racer - Put Up Or Shut Up
Pénélope - Rien à Comprendre
Queensrÿche - Hellfire
Elli Medeiros - A Bailar Calypso
Puracane - Dogs
Plumb - Boys Don't Cry
RADIOELETRICOS - O Resto, Do Resto Do Mundo
Radiohead - Nobody Does It Better
R.E.M. - Furry Happy Monsters
Raf Van Brussel - Gimme A Chance
Quadrajets - Fireball
Serge Lama - D'Aventures En Aventures
Rambler - Drifter
Queen - It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)
Brigitte Bardot - La Madrague
Priscilla Ahn - Opportunity to Cry
RABENSCHREY - Strauch Aus Dornen
The Priests - You'll Never Walk Alone
Radiohead - Stop Whispering [U.S. Version]
Rachelle Ann Go - My Forever Love
Static-X - Cold
Racer X - Getaway
Dalida - Gigi In Paradisco
Propaganda - Duel
Diana Ross - Have Fun (Again)
Povertyneck Hillbillies - Crazy Things
Ra Von - Now & Then
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
Racetrack Babies - The Believer
Power Quest - Sacred Land
Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her
The Promise Ring - Feed The Night
Barry White - Let The Music Play
RADIOCAMBOJA - Carcaças Caídas De Carrascos Covardes
Rafaela Pinho - Perto De Ti
Rachelle Ann Go - Don't Say Goodbye
Puracane - 14 Nights
Quentin Miller - Know Yourself (Reference Track)
Rachele Lynae - Touch The Stars
Rachel Stamp - Les Oceans De Venus
Frank Alamo - Da Doo Ron Ron
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
Pilgrims - Pieces
Rainbow - Still I'm Sad
The Proclaimers - On Causewayside
Public Domain - Rock Da Funky Beat
Protonema - Ternyata
Pure Prairie League - San Antonio
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
R.L. - What I'm Looking 4
Rainbow - Stargazer
Quincy Jones - How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
The Black Keys - 10 A.M. Automatic
Powerspace - Quarantine My Heart (Baby)
Pazuzu - Passages
Quo Vadis - Wolny ?
Rachel Stevens - Some Girls
The Proclaimers - Sky Takes the Soul
Puracane - Things We Should Leave Alone
The Primitives - Never Tell
The Spinners - It's A Shame
Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever
BBMak - Miss You More
Diana Krall - Bye Bye Blackbird
Big Bopper - Chantilly Lace
The Priests - Cantique De Noël For Voice & Orchestra "o Holy Night"
The Radio's - Radio
Rainbow - No Time To Lose
Racoon - Don't Hold Me Down
The Proclaimers - A Long Long Time Ago
Radiohead - Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
Queensrÿche - Reach
Punchline - Coldest Of Calendars
Queensrÿche - Great Divide
Raffaëla - Ritmo Della Notte
Rainmakers - Snakedance
Prima Materia - Tus Besos
RaeLynn - Kissin' Frogs
Rainbow Kpop - You And I
Diana Ross - My Old Piano
Ragnarok - May Madness Hunt You Down
Raffi - Aikendrum
Protoje - Love Gone Cold
Rabo De Vaca - Como Um Anjo
Queen - I Want To Break Free
PusherJones - Count Me Out
Racoon - Eternal Destiny
Radiohead - Cut Tooth
Francis Lalanne - Reste Avec Moi
Quench - Beautiful
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!
PureNRG - Get Up
Project Pat - You Like
Rose Royce - Car Wash
Ragnarok - In Inferno I Drown
Queen - Drowse (2014 Remaster w/ Fade)
Radical Something - Nothing To Lose
Traffic - Empty Pages
Rabies Caste - There Is Nothing You Have Seen
Postgirobygget - Den som har mest
The Presets - It's Cool
Swanky Tunes and Raign - Fix Me (Radio Edit)
Raised Fist - I Have To Pretend
Queensrÿche - Queen Of The Reich
Philmont - Roadside
Eels - Novocaine For The Soul
Pulp - There Was
Protoje - The Flame
Au P'tit Bonheur - J'Veux Du Soleil
Quimby - Toast
The Primitives - Lead Me Astray
Rainbow Kpop - I Believe
Captain Hollywood Project - All I Want
Rainmakers - Nobody Knows
Racetrack Babies - Racetrack Babies
The Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head
Punchline - Very Nervous System
Ra - Cross Of Snow
Claude François - Si J'Avais Un Marteau
Aretha Franklin - Try A Little Tenderness
The Pretty Reckless - Everybody Wants Something From Me
Quarantined Past - Eve
Queen - Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...)
Wet Wet Wet - Love Is All Around
Racer X - She Wants Control
Radiohead - Open Pick
Politically Incorrect - One too many, Two too few
Dalida - Achete-Moi Un Juke-Box
Pixies - Andro Queen
Ra - Seen All Good People
Racetrack Babies - Soulsnatch
Elli Medeiros - Toi Mon Toit
Radiohead - Wonderwall
Quinton - Lets Go
Racer X - Endless
Ra Von - A Need To Care
Pulp - A Little Soul
Pushover - Her
Barbara - Ma Plus Belle Histoire D'Amour
Raised Fist - We Will Live Forever
Rachael Yamagata - Dealbreaker
Rainbow - Make Your Move
Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted
Raffi - Shake My Sillie's Out
Rambler - 2nd Time For Romance
The Priests - Abide With Me
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Ramey Whalen - Grace
The Radio Dept. - Sleeping In
Rachel Ferguson - Never Good Enough
Races To April - Every Pleasantry That Fits
Powerman 5000 - Bombshell
Gérard Blanchard - Elle Voulait Revoir Sa Normandie
Ra Von - Apology
Florent Pagny - Savoir Aimer
The Primitives - Earth Thing
Radio Free Roscoe - Malpki
Rachael Ray - Winter Wonderland
The Radio's - Because She Said So
The Push Stars - Meet Me On Main Street
R.E.M. - The One I Love
Raffaëla - Innamorato
Quiet Riot - Back To The Coast
Rambient - Idle Flow
Rachael Ray - The Man With The Bag
Chrisette Michele - Good Girl
Prism Theory - It's Over
Phineas And Ferb - Little Brothers
Queensrÿche - The Needle Lies
Eric Clapton - Let It Rain
The Proclaimers - The Long Haul
Richard Anthony - J'Entends Siffler Le Train (500 Miles)
Quo Vadis - Droga
R.E.M. - Baby Baby
Quo Vadis - Noc
Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
The Raconteurs - Hold Up
Quincy Jones - Blues In The Night
Queen - Is This The World We Created...? (2014 Remaster w/ Crossfade)
RAFA PERAZA - Não Diga Nada
Ramon Ayala - Besando Borrachos
Raintime - Tears Of Sorrow
The Presidents of the United States of America - Christmas Piglet
Rachael Yamagata - I Don't Want To Be Your Mother
Daniel Balavoine - Sauver L'Amour
PureNRG - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
RAC - Repeating Motion
Racer X - Motor Man
Bill Haley - See You Later Alligator
Quo Vadis - Wave
Rachel Stevens - Je M'Appelle
Rachelle Ann Go - Promise Me
Bing Crosby - White Christmas
The Promise Ring - Become One Anything One Time
Florent Pagny - Et Un Jour, Une Femme
Ramon Ayala - Te Vas Angel Mio
Quiet Company - How Many Times Do You Want To Be In Love?
Purity Ring - Lofticries
Quiet Riot - Scream And Shout
Edwin Starr - War
Rachel Stevens - Fools (Disney Version)
Queens Of The Stone Age - You've Got a Killer Scene There, Man...
QBO - Fantasma
Ramon Ayala - Cuando Yo Era Jovencito
Raffi - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Preben Kristensen - A Friend Like Me (Danish - En Ven Som Mig )
Raghav - Weakness
The Puppini Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Serge Gainsbourg feat. Brigitte Bardot - Comic Strip
The Proclaimers - I Want To Be a Christian
Les Chaussettes Noires - Be Bop A Lula
Randy Stonehill - China
Racoon - Hallelujah
Pulp - Manon
Bob Geldof - This Is The World Calling
Puressence - Understanding
Rachel Proctor - Goodbye Lee
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Ten O'Clock
Radiohead - Nothing Touches Me (Bbc)
Racetrack Babies - Ultimate Bimbo
C. Jérôme - Kiss Me
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye
Rabbit - Love Again
R.E.M. - Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Random Horses - Break Free
Punk5 - Whole Again(Punk5's Fast Version)
Racer X - Godzilla
Ragnarok - Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain
Priscilla Ahn - A Good Day (Morning Song)
Pyt - Deep Down
Ramon Ayala - Mataron Al Palomo
Hugues Aufray - Santiano
Quique Neira - Agradezco
Rainbow Kpop - Let's Put It Up
Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man
Rachel Proctor - Stronger Hearts
PureNRG - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
Porter Wagoner - Love To Remember
Rainmakers - Width Of A Line
The Puppini Sisters - I Will Survive
Queen - Killer Queen
Ralph Stanley - Daddy's Wildwood Flower
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
The Isley Brothers - It's Your Thing
Daniel Balavoine - L'Aziza
Point Of Grace - God Is In It
Ramon Ayala - Cuanto Te Debo
El Poder Del Norte - Ya Te Perdi
Eddy Mitchell - La Dernière Séance
Rainbow - Mistreated
Randy Newman - Back On My Feet Again
Rachelle Ann Go - In My Life
Raisa - Terjebak Nostalgia
Queensrÿche - Neue Regel
Randy Newman - I Love L.A.
Philmont - To Say They Hit It Off Would Be An Understatement
Raffaëla - Dormi Bambina
Rachid Taha - La Fille Aux Cheveux Bleus
Queen - Hijack My Heart
The Slits - Ping Pong Affair
Raihan - Nabi Anak Yatim
Plumb - Pluto
Quietdrive - Believe
Hervé Vilard - Capri C'Est Fini
Raisa - Mantan Terindah
Randy Newman - In Germany Before The War
Rae Morris - Cold
Raidr - Atm
Races To April - Time Like A Ghost
Buddy Holly - Everyday
Quench - I Can't Hear You
Charlie Rich - Everything I Do Is Wrong
Question Mark & The Mysterians - I Need Somebody
Ragnarok - Ragnarok
Dalida - Kalimba De Luna
The Radio's - Oh No!
Randy Newman - Birmingham
Radar 086 - Pensando Em Mim
Quiet Company - ...Then Came A Sudden Validation
Racetrack Babies - Summer Salt
R.E.M. - Funtime
The Radio's - Gimme Love
Randi Laubek - "Lodestar Lodestone"
Raised Fist - Killing Revenues
Rafflesia - Into Bloodshed
The Primitives - Hello Jesus
Randy Stonehill - Even The Best Of Friends
R. City - Crazy Love
Posies - Grow
The Housemartins - Bow Down
Ralph Williams and Friends - Wildest Dreams
The Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie
Pixies - Greens And Blues
Rambler - Missin' You
Randy Newman - My Name Is James
The Proclaimers - Shout Shout
Public Enemy - Miuzi Weighs A Ton
Eddy Mitchell - Rio Grande
Randy Newman - Laughing Boy
Rabia Sorda - Insurrection
Rage - Akaila
Queen - Long Away (2011 Remaster)
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Portland Town
Ramon Ayala - Barajo De Oro
Village People - Macho Man
Priscilla Ahn - This Old House
Ralph Stanley - Poor Orphan Child
Randy Newman - You've Got A Friend In Me
Rachelle Ann Go - You Are My Obsession
Queensrÿche - Prophecy [Live in Tokyo]
Project Kla - Gonna Be Your Lover Tonight
Punch Brothers - Julep
Quincy Jones - Something I Cannot Have
Rains - Tearing Us Apart
Ralph Stanley - Heaven's Bright Shore
Raffaëla - Don't Be Cruel
Fats Domino - Whole Lotta Lovin'
Ralph Stanley - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Ramoth Gilead - Undo My Paradigm
Proximity - Brighter Days
Ramon Ayala - Mi Tesoro
Ramon Ayala - Un Rinconcito En El Cielo
Queen - Gimme Some Lovin'
Power Rangers - Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
Ra Von - Just Wakin' Up
Rage - Mirror [Bonus Track]
Randy Scruggs - Wildwood Flower
Claude Nougaro - Le Jazz Et La Java
Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen
Bionda, La - One For You, One For Me.
Rage - Dies Irae
Raised Fist - Never Negotiate
Pulp - Everybody's Problem
Radio Andres - Fue Muy Grato
Ralph Stanley - Worried Man Blues
Pimpinela - Palabras
Pixies - Planet Of Sound
Ragnarok - Crowded As Prince Of Darkness
Primary - This Is The Sound
Prohibida, La - A Esa
Queensberry - Replay
Raign - Knocking on Heaven's Door
Barry White - Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
Puracane - 100 Of Me
Rage - Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Raign - Empire of Our Own
Primary - Supposed To Be Here
Ragnarok - Journey From Lifeit's War
Quiet Riot - Riot Reunion
Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe