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David Lindley - Do You Wanna Dance
David Lindley - Do You Want My Job?
David Lindley - Gimme Da'ting
David Lindley - Good Night Irene
David Lindley - Me And My Chauffeur
David Lindley - Pay Bo Diddley
David Lindley - Rock It With I
David Lindley - Something's Got A Hold On Me
David Lindley - Starting All Over Again
David Lindley - Texas Tango
David Lindley - Truly Do
David Lindley - Waimanalo Blues
David Lindley - You Been Doing Something Wrong, I Can Tell By The Way You Smell
David Lowery - Ah, You Left Me
David Lowery - Deep Oblivion
David Lowery - Raise 'Em Up On Honey
David Lowery - The Palace Guards
David Lynch - A Real Indication
David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time
David Lynch - Dark Night Of The Soul
David Lynch - In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)
David M. Bailey - Another Brand New Day
David M. Bailey - Becky's Song
David M. Bailey - Keep On Walking
David M. Bailey - One More Day
David M. Bailey - Rome
David M. Bailey - Tucson
David Mallett - Angel Standin' By
David Mallett - Come Out Of The Blue
David Mallett - Livin' On The Edge
David Mallett - Midnight On The Water
David Mallett - Moon Upon The Left
David Mallett - Oranges And Roses
David Mallett - Phil Brown
David Mallett - The Candle And The Cape
David Mallett - The Last Time I Saw Annie
David Martin - Strong Enough
David Mason Hill - Twine
David May - I & ll Be Watching You
David Mcalmont - I'm A Better Man (For Having Loved You)
David McWilliams - Black Velvet
David McWilliams - Don't Be Afraid Of The Rain
David McWilliams - Don't Make Promises
David McWilliams - Dream Street Rose
David McWilliams - Electricity
David McWilliams - Friday Night
David McWilliams - I Don't Know
David McWilliams - I'll Be Home
David McWilliams - Lady Midnight
David McWilliams - Laugh At The Clown
David McWilliams - Learning The Game
David McWilliams - Midnight Sun
David McWilliams - Overture Candlelight
David McWilliams - Pilgrim
David McWilliams - Reaching For The Sun
David McWilliams - Redundancy Blues
David McWilliams - Slip Slidin' Away
David McWilliams - Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
David McWilliams - Time Of Trouble
David McWilliams - Time Will Not Wait
David McWilliams - We Can Fly
David McWilliams - You'll Be Mine Tonight
David Mead - No One Left To Blame
David Mead - Sweet Sunshine
David Mead - World of a King
David Meece - All I Can Do
David Meece - By The Waters
David Meece - Count The Cost
David Meece - Early In The Morning
David Meece - Falling Down
David Meece - Forgiven
David Meece - God Holds The Future
David Meece - He'll Take Care Of You (Mother's Lullaby)
David Meece - Help Me Stand
David Meece - Higher Ground
David Meece - It's Gonna Be So Lovely
David Meece - Learning To Trust
David Meece - One Small Child
David Melillo - For The Sake Of Remembering
David Melillo - Knights Of The Island Counter
David Melillo - Vatican Roulette
David Michael Schmidt - I Love You To Death
David Miller - Manta Ray
David Moore - Jesus Is Our King
David Moore - Open The Door
David Morales - Here I Am
David Morales - How Would You Feel
David Morales - Needin U
David Moscow - Seize The Day
David Myles - Cape Breton
David Myles - Gone For Long
David Myles - If I Said Please
David Myles - Lean Into The Wind
David Myles - Need A Break
David Myles - Way Too Long
David Nail - Catch You While I Can
David Nail - Catherine
David Nail - She Rides Away
David Nail - Songs For Sale
David Nail - Summer Job Days
David Nail - That's How I'll Remember You
David Nail - This Time Around
David Ogden Stiers - 1. Beauty and the Beast - Prologue
David Olivares - Cosas Del Amor
David Olney - Deeper Well
David Olney - God Shaped Hole
David Olney - That's All I Need To Know
David Pack - Biggest Part Of Me
David Pack - Where We Started From
David Pajo - Baby Please Come Home
David Pajo - High Lonesome Moan
David Pajo - I Am The Light
David Pajo - Icicles
David Pajo - Lass Of Roch Royal
David Pajo - Mary Of The Wild Moor
David Pajo - Mary Was The Kind
David Pajo - Red Curtains
David Pajo - War Is Dead
David Pajo - Who I Am
David Palmer - Only You
David Pedersen - Brake For No One
David Pedersen - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
David Pedersen - Wherever You Will Go(The Calling)
David Phelps - Break Free
David Phelps - Fly Again
David Phelps - Gentle Savior
David Phelps - Manger Medley
David Phelps - Nessun Dorma
David Phelps - Perdoname Dios (Pardon Me God)
David Phelps - Revelation
David Phelps - Satistaction
David Phelps - Tonight
David Phelps - Visions Of God
David Phelps - Your Love
David Poe - Bloody
David Poe - California
David Poe - If it gives you joy
David Poe - Moon
David Poe - Star
David Poe - Telephone Song
David Poe - You're The Bomb
David Pomeranz - Go To Believe In Magic
David Pomeranz - Got To Believe In Magic
David Pomeranz - If You Walked Away
David Pomeranz - Until I Fall In Love Again
David Porter - Can't See You When I Want To
David Ripado - O Meu Ouro São Os Sonhos
David Ripado - Ontem
David Ripado - Voltas No Céu
David Rock Feinstein - Break Down The Walls
David Rock Feinstein - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
David Rock Feinstein - Freedom Reigns
David Rock Feinstein - Gambler Gambler
David Rock Feinstein - Imagination
David Rock Feinstein - Invincible
David Rock Feinstein - Judgement Day
David Rock Feinstein - L.a. Way
David Rock Feinstein - One Night In The Jungle
David Rock Feinstein - Primal Temptation
David Rock Feinstein - Rocks Boogie
David Rock Feinstein - Smoke On The Horizon
David Rock Feinstein - Sympathy
David Roper - Penguin Song
David Roper - Stella Song
David Rovics - All The Ghosts That Walk This Earth
David Rovics - Auction
David Rovics - Battle Of Blair Mountain
David Rovics - Behind That Gate
David Rovics - Behind The Barricades
David Rovics - Bluegrass Fiddler Of London
David Rovics - Burn It Down
David Rovics - Crashing Down
David Rovics - Evening News
David Rovics - Every Minute Of The Day
David Rovics - Friends
David Rovics - Guantanamo Bay
David Rovics - Hang A Flag In The Window
David Rovics - I Have Seen The Enemy
David Rovics - IRV
David Rovics - Korea
David Rovics - Love Of An Unknown Soldier
David Rovics - More Gardens Song
David Rovics - Palestine
David Rovics - Promised Land
David Rovics - Resistance
David Rovics - Return
David Rovics - RPG
David Rovics - Song For Ana Belen Montes
David Rovics - Song For Cindy Sheehan
David Rovics - Song For Hugo Chavez
David Rovics - Strike A Blow Against The Empire
David Rovics - The Village Where Nothing Happened
David Rovics - Time For You To Go
David Rovics - Tsunami
David Rovics - Used To Be A City
David Rovics - Waiting For The Fall
David Rovics - We Just Want The World
David Rovics - When Johnny Came Marching Home
David Rovics - Who Would Jesus Bomb?
David Rovics - Whoever Wins In November
David Ruffin - I've Lost Everything I've Ever Loved
David Ruffin & Jimmy Ruffin - Stand By Me
David Rush - Shooting Star [Party Rock Remix]
David Ryan Harris - Genie
David Ryan Harris - If I Had A Dime
David Ryan Harris - King In Me (Previously Unreleased Biker Boyz Song
David Ryan Harris - Me And The Leaves
David Ryan Harris - Nothing More To Say
David Ryan Harris - Pretty Girl
David Ryan Harris - Reasons Why
David Ryan Harris - Sleep
David Ryan Harris - Sympathy For The Crow
David Ryan Harris - Turn Around
David Ryan Harris - Used To This
David Ryan Harris - Would Be
David S. Ware - Mikuro's Blues
David Sanborn - Ain't No Sunshine
David Seville & The Chipmunks - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
David Seville And The Chipmunks - Witch Doctor
David Shankle Group - Calling All Heroes
David Shankle Group - The Widow's Grief
David Shultz - Natural
David Shultz - The Key
David Sides - Because Of You
David Sire - Dans La Lune
David Sire - LEau De Là
David Smith - Big Market
David Sneddon - Feels Like Home
David Sneddon - Time to Fall Down
David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us
David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us
David Soul - Topanga
David Spencer Marsh - All I Wanna Be
David Spencer Marsh - Love Of My Life
David Spencer Marsh - On Common Ground
David Spencer Marsh - Right And Wrong
David Stephenson - Hardcore
David Stephenson - To Recline
David Stephenson - Victory Garden
David Summer - El Beso Y El Perfume
David Summers - Al Lado Del Mar
David Summers - La Lluvia Entre Nosotros
David Summers - La Luna Es Mía
David Summers - No Sé Qué Mide El Infinito
David Summers - Pan De Oro
David Summers - Perdido En El Espacio
David Summers - Si Sí O Si No
David Summers - Si Si... O Si No...
David Summers - Todo Va A Cambiar
David Summers - Una Palabra Tuya
David Sylvian - 20th Century Dreaming
David Sylvian - A Fire In The Forest
David Sylvian - Albuquerque (Dobro Number 6)
David Sylvian - Alphabet Angel
David Sylvian - Backwaters
David Sylvian - Before the Bullfight
David Sylvian - Blackwater
David Sylvian - Blemish
David Sylvian - Buoy
David Sylvian - Cafe Europa
David Sylvian - Come Morning
David Sylvian - Cover Me With Flowers
David Sylvian - Cries and Whispers
David Sylvian - Damage
David Sylvian - Darkest Dreaming
David Sylvian - Darshan
David Sylvian - Died In The Wool
David Sylvian - Dobro #1
David Sylvian - Dobro Number 1
David Sylvian - Every Colour You Are
David Sylvian - Exit / Delete
David Sylvian - Five Lines
David Sylvian - For the love of life
David Sylvian - Forbidden Colours
David Sylvian - Ghosts
David Sylvian - God's Monkey
David Sylvian - Heartbeat
David Sylvian - Heartbeat (Returning To The Womb)
David Sylvian - I Surrender
David Sylvian - I surrender (Dead bees on a cake) '1999
David Sylvian - Krishna Blue
David Sylvian - Laughter & Forgetting
David Sylvian - Laughter and Forgetting
David Sylvian - Let the Happiness In
David Sylvian - Manafon
David Sylvian - Maria
David Sylvian - Mother and Child
David Sylvian - Nostalgia
David Sylvian - Orpheus
David Sylvian - Pollen path
David Sylvian - Promise
David Sylvian - Pulling Punches
David Sylvian - Rain Tree Crow
David Sylvian - Red Guitar
David Sylvian - Ride
David Sylvian - River Man
David Sylvian - September
David Sylvian - Silver Moon
David Sylvian - Small Metal Gods
David Sylvian - Some Kind Of Fool
David Sylvian - Surrender
David Sylvian - Taking the Veil
David Sylvian - Thalheim
David Sylvian - The Blinding Light Of Heaven
David Sylvian - The Devil's Own
David Sylvian - The Golden Way
David Sylvian - The Good Son
David Sylvian - The Healing Place
David Sylvian - The Last Days Of December
David Sylvian - The Scent of Magnolia
David Sylvian - The shining of things
David Sylvian - The World Is Everything
David Sylvian - Thermal
David Sylvian - Thoroughly Lost To Logic
David Sylvian - Waterfront
David Sylvian - Wave
David Sylvian - Weathered Wall
David Sylvian - When Poets Dreamed of Angels
David Sylvian - Where's Your Gravity?
David Sylvian - World Citizen
David Sylvian - Zero Landmine
David Sylvian & Mick Karn - Buoy
David Sylvian & Nine Horses - darkest birds
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Blinding Light Of Heaven
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Brightness Falls
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Damage
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Darshan (The Road To Graceland)
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Earthbound (Starblind)
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Endgame
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Every color you are
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Every Colour You Are
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Firepower
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - God's Monkey
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean The Birdman
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Tallow Moon
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - The First Day
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Wave
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo Music
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen
David Sylvian / Steve Jansen - Ballad of a Deadman
David Sylvian with Robert Fripp - Laughter and Forgetting
David Sylvian/Takagi Masakatsu - Exit/Delete
David Tavare - Call me babe If you don & t know my name
David Tavare - Call Me Baby (Radio Edit)
David Tavare feat. Ruth - Call me baby (if you dont know my name) (t33 remix)
David Tennant - Sonnet 11: As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow'st
David Tennant - Sonnet 17: Who will believe my verse in time to come
David Tennant - Sonnet 9: Is it for fear to wet a widow's eye
David TMX - A L'orée D'un Siècle En Bois
David TMX - Clémentine On Ne Chante Pas Dans La Nuit
David TMX - Imbroglio
David TMX - La Bête Est Là
David TMX - Qui A Bu Boira
David TMX - Univers Lisse
David Tomlinson - A British Bank (The Life I Lead)
David Tomlinson - Let's Go Fly A Kite
David Travare & Ruth - If You Don't Know My Name (You Can Call Me Baby)
David Usher - Black Black Heart (Version 2)
David Usher - Black Black Heart-(моя любимая)
David Usher - Fast Car
David Usher - Life Of Bees
David Usher - Long Goodbye
David Usher - My Biggest Mistake
David Usher - Some People Say
David Usher - Watching The Wheels
David Usher - We Are Wolves Here
David Vandervelde - California Breezes
David Vandervelde - Feet Of A Liar
david vandervelde - jacket
David Vandervelde - Old Turns
David Vandervelde - Wisdom From A Tree
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - Frenzy
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - Jezebel
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - Johnny Guitar
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - This House Is Haunted
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - Tonight We Ride
David Vanian And The Phantom Chords - Whiskey And Me
David Vendett Feat. Rachael Star - Bleeding Heart
David Vendetta - Alicante
David Vendetta - Break 4 Love (& Keith Thompson)
David Vendetta - Break for love (помнишь
David Vendetta - Freaky Girl (Radio Edit)
David Vendetta - Freaky Girls Remix
David Vendetta - Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Mix) (Feat. Akram)
David Vendetta - Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Radio Edit)
David Vendetta - Unidos Para La Musica (Flamenco Mix) (Feat. Akram)
David Vendetta - Unidos para la musika
David Vendetta - We Play House
David Vendetta Feat Micah - Bleeding Heart (String Remix)
David Vendetta Feat. Akram - Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Radio Edit)
DAVID VENDETTA feat. RACHAEL STAR - Bleeding Heart (String Remix With Micah)
David Vendetta feat. Rachael Starr - Bleeding heart (original mix)
David Vendetta Feat. Rachael Starr - Bleeding Heart (Radio Edit)
David Vendetta feat. Rachel Star - Bleeding Heart
David Vendetta Vs Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby (Intro Mix)
David Vindetta - Unidos Para La Musica
David Vindetta - Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Mix) (Feat. Akram)
David Walker - Better Than I Know
David Walters - Toast
David Weinstone - Taxi, Taxi
David West - Make You Mine
David Whitfield - Cara Mia
David Whitfield - When You Lose The One You Love
David Whitfield - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
David Wilcox - Ask For More
David Wilcox - Bad Apple