Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 258:

Guardian - One Thing Left to Do
Guidance - Standing
Alexander Marcus - Spiel, Satz Und Sieg
Virginia Jetzt! - Singen Und Singen
Matteo Macchioni - La Promessa
Massimo Di Cataldo - Dio Siamo Noi (Parte 2)
Sophie Forte - Ma Chambre Est Très Jolie
He Is We - Light A Way
Adios - Egal Was Du Machst
Manguara - Cuando Sepa La Verdad
Manguara - Ahora Que No Tengo Nada
Manguara - Pensaba Que Era Mentira
Los Suaves - Cuando La Música Termina
Los Suaves - Libertad
Dillon - Your Flesh Against Mine
Los Suaves - Miénteme
Los Suaves - Sin Techo
Los Suaves - Ahora Que Me Dejas
Los Suaves - Corazón De Rock And Roll
Los Suaves - Llegaste Hasta Mi
David Bustamante - A Contracorriente
Silverstein - Go Your Own Way
Orden Ogan - Of Downfall And Decline
Rocket Summer (The) - This Is A Refuge
General Surgery - Necrocriticism
H. Letham - Dividir en Dos (The End of Logic)
H. Letham - The Great Debate (The End of Fallacy)
Half-handed Cloud - Bees Baked A Loaf For Me (Or Flour From Flowers?)
Hank Williams - First Year Blues
Hank Williams - Jesus Remembered Me
Hank Williams - Rootie Tootie
Harder To Fall - My Heart
Harder To Fall - Snowstorm
Harder To Fall - Time To Think
Harry Nilsson - Let The Good Times Roll
Hayden - Choking
Heather Dale - As I Am
Heaven And Hell - Fear
Heavy Circles (The) - Confused
Hederos & Hellberg - Heaven Stood Still
Heidevolk - Wraak in Naam der Goden
Hella Fly Cool Kids - Args
Hello, Astronaut - My Best Friend
Here We Go Magic - Ahab
Herman Dune - Someone Knows Better Than Me
Hey Paulette - Mad into the Rollers
His Hero Is Gone - The end result of 11 months in the mental hospital...
Hold Steady, The - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (Bob Dylan cover)
Holiday Electric (The) - Perfect World
Hoots And Hellmouth - West of Where The Sun Goes Down
Broilers - Du Wirst Uns Erkennen