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Raging Speedhorn - Hatred
Randy Newman - Last Night I Had A Dream
Queen Latifah - What Love Has Joined Together
Quo Vadis - Zaglaskac Na Smierc
Ramon Ayala - Cuando Y Era Jovencito
Raffi - Pick A Bale O' Cotton
Philmont - Murder & Photography
Radiorama - Cause The Night
The Radio Dept. - 1995
Édith Piaf - Hymne à L'Amour
Randy Newman - It's A Jungle Out There
Racetrack Babies - Mr. Alcohol
Raleytar - Autumn Winds Before The Rain
Queen - The Hero
Cher - Love And Understanding
Randy Newman - The Ballad Of The Three Amigos
Raised Fist - Tribute
Racey - Rest Of My Love
Quadron - Avalanche
Ralfi Pagan - Darling You And I (Together)
Racey - Kitty
Randy Newman - Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America
Quietdrive - Promise Me
Rain Fell Within - Torn Apart
R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Put - Don't Every Cry (English Version)
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Hoy Te Digo Adios
Francois Feldman - Le Mal De Toi
Rage - The Crawling Chaos
Primary - Just Like Me
Primus - The Last Superpower Aka Rapscallion
The Proclaimers - When You're In Love
Ramin Karimloo - Broken Home
Rafflesia - This Beast We Created
Rage - Ashiana.
Radiohead - Ladytron
Purity Ring - Shuck
Ralph Van Manen - 365 Dagen
Randy Newman - The Joke
Rage - Tom Sawyer [Rush Cover] [Bonus Track]
Ralph Peterson - When You Wish Upon A Star
Raised Fist - They Can't Keep Us Down
The Pointer Sisters - I Want Fireworks
Simple Minds - Alive And Kicking
Rage - Innocent Guilty [Bonus Track]
Rappa O - Boa Noite Xangô
Radiorama - Like An Angel
Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love
The Housemartins - Happy Hour
Rabbani - Keamanan
Randy Newman - Back In Time
Raghav - Angel Eyes (feat. Jucxi & Frankey Maxx)
Vince Taylor - Twenty Flight Rock
Rammstein - Ein Lied
The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk
Plankeye - Scared Of Me
Hugues Aufray - Céline
Ralph Van Manen - Met Mijn Ogen Dicht
Rage - R.I.P.
R. City - Save My Soul
The Proclaimers - These Arms of Mine
Raptori - Debi Gibson (3000 Mix)
Project Pat - Ballers / Outro Cash Money Mix
Racer X - Mad At The World
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Presiento
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
The Slits - Typical Girls
Ramon Ayala - El Rey De La Naturaleza
The Proclaimers - Ghost Of Love
Rancid - Liberty And Freedom
The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall
Ra Von - Loved You All Along
Rage - Leave It All Behind
Ramon Ayala - Nadie Como Tu
Randy Newman - Baltimore
Rage - Turn My World Around
Rancid - Something's Gonna Die Tonight
Rage - French Bourree
Françoise Hardy - Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles
Raffi - Down By The Bay
R. City - Checking For You
Project 86 - Slaves to Liberty
Rage - Wild Seed
Rage - No Lies
Rabbani - Ingat 5 Sebelum 5
Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' For My Darlin'
Rammstein - Mutter (Remix by Sono)
Calogero - Prendre L'Air
Rage - Deadly Error
R. City - Broadway
Ramon Ayala - Qué Casualidad
PureNRG - Here We Go Again
Rain Delay - Departure
Randy Newman - If We Didn't Have Jesus
Rancid - Golden Gate Fields
Raised Fist - Wasting Your Time
Rage - Darkness Turns To Light [Bonus Track]
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Up Side
Racey - Some Girls
Les Charts - Aime-Moi Encore
Quo Vadis - Legions Of The Betrayed
Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle
Pseudo Echo - I Ask You Why
The Spinners - I'll Be Around
Randy Meadows - Laying Low In Mexico
Rancid - Roots Radicals
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Overture-Our Great Kingdom
Raca Negra - Te Quero Comigo
Project 86 - White Capstone
Randy Bogacz - Love Can't Wait
Rancid - Evil's My Friend
Rage - World Of Pain
Rambler - Liquor In The Front / Poker In The Rear
Rain Delay - Deep
Rage - Purified
Rage - Riders On The Moonlight
Randy Newman - Change Your Way
Prince - When I Lay My Hands On You
Ramona Wulf - Käm Doch Einmal Ein Seemann
Racoon - Got To Get Out
Sum 41 - In Too Deep
Rain Fell Within - Burned Away
Prince - Gotta Stop (Messin' About)
Quicksand - Skinny (It's Overflowing)
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Midnight Hour
Punch - Fallin' Lady
Raimundos - Hooligans
Rage - Perfect Man
Aswad - Shine
Alex Gaudino - I Love Rock 'N' Roll
Rancid - The Bravest Kids
Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
Ramon Ayala - Como Paloma
Ralph Van Manen - Neem Me Mee
Pixies - I've Been Waiting For You
Ragtime Soundtrack - Your Daddy's Son
Elvis Presley - Mystery Train
Quo Vadis - Moje Miasto
Rain Fell Within - In My Dreams
Randy Newman - Eating The Peach
Boyzone - Love Me For A Reason
Rappa O - Cruz De Tecido
Prince - One Kiss At A Time
Raleytar - The Storm And The Rain
The Proclaimers - Follow the Money
Queen - Dragon Attack
Randy Stonehill - Weight Of The Sky
Rage - Tie The Rope [Bonus Track]
Rasmus Walter - Indtil Du Lægger Mig På Plads
Randy Newman - Every Man A King
Rage - Through Ages
Ramesses - The Weakening
Ra Ra - Do You Call My Name
Rain - Tolong Aku
Poe - Strange Wind
Randy Newman - Woody's Roundup
Rage - End Of Eternity [Bonus Track]
Rancid - Lulu
Rage - Innocent
Rage - Full Moon
Ratata - Guld
Plumbo - Hold Rundt Meg I Natt
Rainmakers - Downstream
Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula
Randy Meadows - Blackland Family Dirt
Prince - Beautiful Strange
Ramon Ayala - Que Me Entierren Cantando
Rachelle Ann Go - Solitaire
Prince - Splash
Randy Newman - Heaven Is My Home
Ray Charles - Georgia on My Mind
Rene & Angela - I'll Be Good
Prince - Sea Of Everything
Queen - Blag
Punk5 - Hard Knock Life
Prince - Everyday Is A Winding Road
Rama Duke - We Rise
Ram Jam - Runway Runaway
Ratata - Honung
Stephan Eicher - Combien De Temps ?
Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (2011 Remaster)
Rania - Time To Rock Da Show
Ramesses - Iron Crow
Prince - Scandalous
Ragnarok - The Key Is Turned For The Seventh Time
Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil
Ragnarok - Recreation Of The Angel
Project 86 - Son Of Flame
Proximity - Forced Hatred
Rael Johnson - Sight
Rabbani - Intifada
Rain Fell Within - Into The Tower
Ramon Ayala - Amor Vaquero
Puracane - All In Good Time
The Priests - O Holy Night
Rapalje - The Spanish Lady
Raf 3.0 - Freunde
Radiorama - Ninna Ninna Oh
Hilary Duff - Jericho
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
Hélène Ségara - Je Vous Aime Adieu
Queensrÿche - Rhythm Of Hope
Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
Imagination - Music And Lights
Rachel Stevens - Waiting Game
Rafael Santos - Me Pase De Traga
Queen Of Japan - Flash's Theme (Intro)
Radio Racer - You're Just The Cutest Thing
Primary - Step By Step
Rapalje - You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
Project 86 - Captive Bolt Pistol
Rambler - Travellin' Man
Queen - Don't Try So Hard
Allstar Weekend feat. Anth - Not Your Birthday
Queensrÿche - Someone Else?
Rage - Chase [Bonus Track]
Raffaëla - L'unica Donna
Ramon Ayala - No Por Que Seas Tu
Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
Raleytar - Cry Of The Ravens Under The Northern Sky
Queen - C-Lebrity
Rancid - Civilian Ways
Randy Owen - No One Can Love You Anymore
Radio Moscow - Rancho Tehama Airport
Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
Queen - Polar Bear
Prince - Kept Woman
Prince - Private Joy
Prince - Art Official Cage
Rage - One More Time
Princess Superstar - Crush
Rage - Another Wasted Day
Philippe Lavil - Il Tape Sur Des Bambous
Rachel Platten - Nothing Ever Happens
Radio Die, Die - As Soon As Beauty Dies
Radio Birdman - Dark Surprise [Live]
Ray Charles - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
Queensrÿche - Synchronicity II
Rapalje - Johnnie Cope / The Geese in the Bog / Turf Lodge
Rae Morris - Love Again
Prince - 1000 X's & 0's
Rage - Love After Death
Raul Seixas - Metamorfose Ambulante
Quartered - Speak Of The Devil
Qntal - Ab Vox D'Angel
Ranee Lee - Them There Eyes
ABBA - Dancing Queen
Quietwiser - Numb
Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow
Ragnarok - Pagan Land
Prima J - Homework
Rachelle Ann Go - This Time I'll Be Sweeter
Hilary Duff - Fly
Rachael Please - The Flower, Part II
Randy Newman - Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier)
Hervé Vilard - Nous (Donna Donna Mia)
Black - Wonderful Life
Ramiro Guzman - Sin Patillas
Randy Newman - It's Money That Matters
Ray Charles - Roll With My Baby
Rapalje - The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Prince - Somewhere Here On Earth
Rage - Execution Guaranteed
Ratata - Allt Jag Vill
Rappa O - O Horizonte É Logo Alí
Raffaëla - Disco Inferno
Quicksand - Dine Alone
Quartered - Echoes
Raptori - Pervo-Nallen Kevätretki
Radio Moscow - So Alone
Ray Charles - Tell Me You'll Wait For Me
Inna - Amazing
Rage - Human Metal
Donna Summer - Come With Me
Radio Moscow - Bridges
Ramiro Guzman - No Hay Que Dios
Randy Owen - Holding Everything
Rachael Please - Bliss
Quo Vadis - Newsy
Pur - Der Trick Dabei
Randy Houser - A Man Like Me
Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote
Rank Strangers feat. The Stanley Brothers - Rank Strangers
Porcupine Tree - Trains
Radiohead - Knives Out
PSY - Thank You
Rafi - Chhaya Samaa Suhaana
Rangleklods - Enklave
Rae Morris - Skin
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues
The Rakes - Dark Clouds
Puracane - Sand
Ratata - Demonerna
Queen - She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes)
Punchline - I Swear I've Been Here Before
Randy Weeks - Countryside With You
The Raconteurs - Five On The Five
Raul Seixas - Judas
Rancid - Last One To Die
Quo Vadis - On The Shores Of Ithaka
Quem Cidadão - Dia Especial
Chuck Berry - Rock And Roll Music
Ramiyah - Waiting
Rainbirds - Two Faces
Better Than Ezra - I Do
Point Of Grace - What's He Gonna Say About Me
Prince - Pretzelbodylogic
Rafael Santos - Por Una Mirada
Hugues Aufray - Dès Que Le Printemps Revient
Ray Parker, Jr. - In The Heat Of The Night
Rachel Belman - Medicine
Rappa O - Sequencia Terminal
Rania - Goodbye
Prince - The One U Wanna C
Racoon - Guilty
Rage - A Pilgrim's Path
Procol Harum - The Wreck of the Hesperus
Primary - Make A Difference
Rae Morris - Closer
Ravens Throne - Trauma
Rachid Taha - Barbès
Prince - The Daisy Chain
Prince - Raspberry Beret
Rackets & Drapes - Kill Your Self
Barbara - Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu ?
Rain Fell Within - Sorrow Becomes Me
Raised Fist - Monumental
Randy Lee - First Breath
Ravenous - Festering Beneath The Fog
Preta Gil - Meu Corpo Quer Você
Quartered - Casa
Ra - Only One
Prince - S.S.T.
Rammstein - Spring
Quincy Jones - The Midnight Sun Will Never Set
Billy Ze Kick Et Les Gamins En Folies - Mangez-Moi, Mangez-Moi !
Pomplamoose - Always In The Season
Ravens - Tea For Two
Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling
Ragazzi - Nadie Lo Entiende
Quentin Miller - Cease and Desist
Ray Charles - None Of Us Are Free
Rachelle Ann Go - Something In The Air
Rachel Stevens - Funny How
Rappa O - Ilê Ayê
Prince - Like a Mack
Ray Charles - I Love You So Much It Hurts
Ratata - Soldater
Ray Charles in duet with Willie Nelson - Angel Eyes
Raul Seixas - Como Vovó Já Dizia
Prince - Batdance
Prince - Marz
Quiet Company - Tie Your Monster Down
The Raincoats - Don't Be Mean
Rangleklods - Cough
Public Image Limited - Armada
Chris Garneau - Sad News
Ratata - Jackie
Prince - Lion Of Judah
Queen - Call Me
Raquel - Lovi Dovi
Rapalje - Whiskey In The Jar
David Charvet - Should I Leave
Raphaël - J'L'Ai Pas Touchée
Quincy Jones - Yah Mo B There
Randy Class - Cocaine Kisses
Plasmatics - Brain Dead
Rammstein - Old Man
Public Image Limited - Happy
Chris De Burgh - High On Emotion
R.E.G. Project - Batwannis Beek
Ray Charles - Come Rain or Come Shine
Prince - When The Lights Go Down
Prince - Reflection
Ramallah - A Day In The Life
Rackets & Drapes - Love With A Fist
Rancid - Damnation
Pretty Boy Floyd - Good Girl Gone Bad
The Pogues - Billy's Bones
Brigitte Bardot - Harley Davidson
Pseudo Echo - Eye Of The Storm
Claude Nougaro - Tu Verras (O Que Sera)
Rabbit in the Moon - Waiting For The Night
Ray Sytes - Can't Back Down Feat. Anna
Rancid - New Orleans
Public Image Limited - I Must Be Dreaming
Shomori Pass feat. Rakaa - "Rule the World" feat. Rakaa & Shane Trace
Rancid - That's Just The Way It Is Now
Ravenous - Orgy In Dog's Blood
Radical Attack - Check Your Aim
Rafael Godoy - Soy Colombiano
Pictures And Sound - 100 Directions
Raphaël - Ámame
Prince - All The Midnights In The World
Punchline - Mirror
The Preatures - Is This How You Feel?
Rage - Insanity
R.L. - K.N.O.W.
Rainmakers - Wilder Side
Prince - Trust
The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods
Fiction Family - When She's Near
Raul Malo - It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Dwight Yoakam-Roger Miller)
The Rakes - Binary Love
Radiohead - Union City Blue
Radioactive Sago Project - Astro
Dalida - Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini
Ray Charles - What Child Is This
Rackets & Drapes - Beat The Devil
Ra - I'm Not an Angel
Racoon - Young And Wise
Rainbirds - Responsible
Public Image Limited - 1981
Prince - The Breakdown
Georges Moustaki - Le Métèque
Rahma Hafsi - In Alto Mare
Radney Foster - I Got What You Need
Raimon - Canco D Un Cor Que Crema
Willie Nelson feat. Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels
Randy Newman - Louisiana 1927
R.H.D. - Vida Moderna Programada
Ray Parker, Jr. - Over You
Radiorama - Touch Me Now
Prince - Sometimes It Snows In April
Qeaux Qeaux Joans - Final End
Raventale - A Raven's Fade
Radney Foster - Just Call Me Lonesome
Raimon - Jo Vinc D'un Silenci
Prince - Walk In Sand
Rachel Alejandro - Bulag Sa Katotohanan
Rage - Sent By The Devil
Ramon Ayala - Para Poder Llegar A Ti
Ray Charles - My World
Raimon - Cançó De La Mort A L'alba
Rata Blanca - Aprendiendo A Vivir
Ram Jam - Right on the Money
Catherine Lara - La Rockeuse De Diamants
Raul Malo - Hello Again
Raimon - Al Meu Cervell Que Desconec
Rapalje - The Crown and the Ring / Morrison's Jig
Raul Malo - For The Good Times (Kris Kristofferson)
Rancid - Disconnected
Rage - Chand Se Chehron
Quarterflash - Nothing Runs As Deep As You
France Gall - Ne Sois Pas Si Bête
Ralph Puma - Heading West
Prince - Lemon Crush
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Yo Te Motive
Polar Bear Club - See The Wind
Raimundos - Papeau Nuky Doe
Randy Newman - Rider In The Rain
Punch Brothers - Boll Weevil
Raphaël - Cierro Mis Ojos
Rankins - Tailor's Daughter
Raul Malo - Take These Chains From My Heart (Hy Heath-Fred Rose)
The Style Council - Shout To The Top!
Rachel Farris - Not The Girl
Rancid - Stop
Ray Charles - Everytime We Say Goodbye
Q - Dancin' Man
Raul Malo - Matter Much To You
Randy Newman - Doctor, Doctor
Raimon - Als Matins A Ciutat
Rage - Wash My Sins Away
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Roll On Buddy
Rachel Platten - Take These Things Away
Ram-Zet - Pray
Ray Parker, Jr. - I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone
Radiorama - Yeti
Ray Parker, Jr. - Square One
Portugal. The Man - Smile
Rasmus Walter - December December
Quartered - Call Me Crazy
Priscilla Ahn - Wedding March
Raintime - The Black Well
Rane - When We Ride
Rapalje - Here's To You
Quarterflash - Come To Me
Francky Vincent - Fruit De La Passion
The Human League - Don't You Want Me
Faudel - Tellement N'Brick
Public Image Limited - Albatross
Quarterflash - Opening Doors
Axel Bauer - Éteins La Lumière
Ravenous - Razor Blade Salvation
Prince - Song Of The Heart
Rancid - East Bay Night
Ray Parker, Jr. - Girls Are More Fun
Rancid - Tattoo
Ravenous - Rain
Racey - Shame
Rancid - L.A. River
Quarterflash - Rock On Little Brother
Rainbow Kpop - Kiss
Raisa - Pemeran Utama
Rage - Be With Me or Be Gone
Rage - Jawbreaker [Judas Priest Cover]
Racoon - Lose Another Day
Grace Jones - La Vie En Rose
Ray Goodman & Brown - I'll Remember You With Love
Ramy Sabry - Kelma
Ram-Zet - Queen
Primary - 24000
Queensrÿche - Almost Cut My Hair
Raffi - To Everyone In All The World
Ramiyah - I Told You
Q5 - Rock On
Randy Travis - Nothing But the Blood
Raintime - Finally Me
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
Rage - All I Want
Ramallah - Brother Malcolm
Ravi B. - Dulari Nanny
Rage - Sister Demon
Queen - Runaway
Status Quo - In The Army Now
Raimon - Lo Temps És Tal
Rammstein - Asche zu Asche (album version)
Qntal - Doussa Res
Primary - Shame
Randy Travis - Heroes and Friends (Reprise)
Rashad - Sweet Misery
Raghav - Chodh Diya (The Ultimate Sacrifice)
Al Corley - Square Rooms
Rain Delay - In Stillness Tonight
Raimon - El País Basc
Public Image Limited - One Drop
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Why Me
Radney Foster - Sweet And Wild
Rapalje - Loch Lomond
Raz Dwa Trzy - Czy Te Oczy Moga Klamac
Rain - I Do
Rackets & Drapes - Baby Killer
Raimon - Diré Del Vell Foc I De L'aigua
Quo Vadis - Przeznaczenie
Randy Travis - No Place Like Home
Quarterflash - I Can't Help Myself
Rare Earth - Hey, Big Brother
Rachael Lampa - Brand New Life (Sunny Day Mix)
Baha Men - Rat Race
Prince - Walk Don't Walk
Rachel Stamp - Pink Scab
Philmont - The Ascension
Raimon - Pensament
Rapalje - As I Roved Out
Rachael Lampa - Live For You
Suzanne Vega - Luka
Rata Blanca - Abeja Reina
Randy Travis - The First Noel
Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin'
Rain Fell Within - In The Knowing Of You
Porcelain Black - How Do You Love Someone
Rambler - Whiskey Drinking Eyes
Project 86 - Normandy
Rackets & Drapes - Burning Your Witches
Ray Stevens - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Randy Travis - Swing Down Chariot
Prince - Nasty Girl [Vanity Six]
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Ain't No Sunshine
Raul Malo - A Fool Such As I ( Now And Then There's )
Ramon Ayala - Contrabando Perdido
Randy Owen - I Confess
Ramon Ayala - Vestida De Color De Rosa
Raise Hell - No Pulse
Public Image Limited - Angry
Ratcat - The Eyeball Mutiny
Pur - Sag Ja
Rainmakers - Window
Quietwiser - Lifter
Queens Of The Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu
Randy Travis - Everything That I Own (Has Got A Dent)
Prince - Satisfied
Public Image Limited - Memories
Quartered - Take Me There Tonight
Rachael Please - Black Sky In Red
Ray Sanders - A Little Bitty Tear
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - My Bag
Rangleklods - Riverbed
Raimon - La Pedra
Raimundos - T Querendo Desquitar (Ela T Dando)
Reaction 7 - Cadaver Dog
Prince - X's Face
Raimon - A Un Amic D'euskadi
Rancid - Dominoes Fall
Ramsey Lewis - Physical
Rachael Lampa - Ride
Randy Travis - Oh Death
The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders
Rawhead Rexx - Metal War (Chapter V)
Rancid - The Highway
Quiet Riot - The Wild And The Young
Rainbirds - We Make Love Falling
Ratata - Vem
Railroad Earth - Lovin' You
The Raveonettes - All Those Things You Want To Do
Ramp - Future
Pursuit Of Happiness - Consciousness Raising As A Social Tool
Ramoth Gilead - In Your Love I'll Stay
Plankeye - I Can't Complain
Ray Charles - Tell All the World About You
Prince - The Future
Rangleklods - Empty
Ramesses - Baptism Of The Walking Dead
Railcars - There Is Ice; It Is Blue
Ray Stevens - Hey Jude
Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way
The B-52's - The Chosen One
Rage - You Want It, You'll Get It
Ralph Demarco - Old Shep
La Quinta Estación - Asi Eres
Rachael Please - Porzellan
Rancid - The Voracious March Of Godliness
Project Pat - How It Goes In The Gutta
Raign - Wicked Games
Radiohead - Prove Yourself
Raise Hell - Mattered Out
France Gall - Sacré Charlemagne
Project 86 - Bottom Feeder
Raimon - Oh, Desig De Cançons
The Raveonettes - The Rains Of May
The Psychedelic Ensemble - Finale-Arise!-Great Kingdom
Quentin Miller - Acquisitions
Raznatovic Ceca - Sto Put Sam Se Zaklela
Ramp - Friendly Word
Prince - Under The Cherry Moon
The Raveonettes - Go Girl Go
Rage - Love And Fear Unite
Raznatovic Ceca - Veliko Srce
Rahzel - Mojo
Queensrÿche - Last Night In Paris
Rage - After The End
Queens Of The Stone Age - Into The Void (Black Sabbath Cover)
Radio Tarifa - El Viaje De Lea
Raffi - Thanks A Lot
Rakim - Mis Dias Sin Ti
Randy Travis - Rise and Shine
Radio Tarifa - La Tarara
Ramoth Gilead - Death
Reaction 7 - Kupidz Aro
Randy Owen - Urban's On The Country Radio
Rage - The Mirror In Your Eyes
Randy Travis - 'til I'm Dead And Gone
Quarterflash - Home
Raimon - De Mi Us Record
Play - Is It Love? (Short Version)
Rage - More Than A Lifetime
Play - M.A.S.T.E.R Part 2
Hervé Vilard - Fais-La Rire
Rachael Yamagata - Worn Me Down
Ray Thomas - You Make Me Feel Alright
Reamonn - Every Time She Goes Away
Ratata - Soulboy
Reaction 7 - N Taipei
Claude François - Marche Tout Droit
Rappyboy - This Year
Play - O Holy Night
The Raveonettes - When Night Is Almost Done
Rancid - Skull City
Rachael Yamagata - It'll Do
Eighteen Visions - Beautiful People
Rage - Soul Survivor
Quicksand - Fazer
Railcars - Bohemia Is Without A Sea
Rancid - Locomotive
Rachael Please - The Flower
Raimon - Cançó De Les Dones
Prince - This Could B Us
Quartered - She Sees Colour
La Quinta Estación - Eres Asi Guillermo Carrasco
Rachael Lampa - Hide Me
Rage - Welcome To The Other Side
Ray Charles - The Midnight Hour
Project 86 - Twenty-Three
Rage - Light Into The Darkness
Ray Charles - Lewis Boogie
Ra'leytar - The Bard's Tale - Fantasy
R.E.M. - Horse To Water
Ray Stevens - Yakety Yak
Raise Hell - Superior Powers
Prince - Peace
Radio Tarifa - Ronda De Sanabria
Queen - Queen Of Groucho
Randy Travis - He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield
Prince - Starfish And Coffee [Live/Alone]
The Push Stars - Cinderella
The Shins feat. The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes
The Ataris - I Remember You
Reaction 7 - Jenny's Night Out
The Raveonettes - Wanna Dance
A Day To Remember - Over My Head (Cable Car)
Ray Thomas - In Your Song
Radici Nel Cemento - Il Posto Per Me
Ray Stevens - Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
Rasaq - Tippin' Slow
Radio Tarifa - El Mandil De Carolina
Gym Class Heroes - Under The Bridge
Randy Houser - Like A Cowboy
Reaction 7 - Girls Going Psycho
Rapalje - The Bank of Ponchartrain
Randy Newman - Big Hat, No Cattle
Raimon - No Em Mou Al Crit
Attack! Attack! [UK] - I Kissed A Girl
Death By Stereo - Little Fighter
The Raveonettes - I Get Sick
Rafael Jimenez Jimenez - Esperanza
Emery - Holding Out For A Hero
Claude François - Comme D'Habitude
Ratata - Clarence
Puracane - HAL9000
Ray Thomas - Friends
Raznatovic Ceca - Necu Da Budem Ko Masina
Reamonn - Aeroplane
Rahzel - Children's Story
Randy Travis - Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
Rae Spoon - If You Lose Your Horses
Ray Parker, Jr. - People Next Door
Anberlin - Enjoy The Silence
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Beautiful Brown Eyes
Rabies Caste - Andrea
Aswad - Don't Turn Around
Ray Charles - I've Got News For You
Raznatovic Ceca - Svice Dan
Raznatovic Ceca - Ne Kuni Majko
Skye Sweetnam - (Let's Get Movin') Into Action
Rage - Speak of the Dead
Rakim Y Ken-Y - Pensando En Ti
The Proclaimers - Shadows Fall
Prince - Round And Round
Ramp - Win
Randy Travis - The Truth Is Lying Next to You
Rangleklods - Beekeeper
Tiësto and Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Quilla - Close To Me
Raise Hell - Beautiful As Fire
Railcars - Saints Are Waiting For Me, (Outside My Door)
Rahsaan Patterson - Stop Breaking My Heart
Ray Campi - Don't Come Knockin'
Randy Newman - Crazy 'bout My Baby
The Real McKenzies - MacPherson's Rant
Rapalje - The Leaving of Mullingar
Raphaël - Au Temps Des Colonies
The Raveonettes - Wake Me Up
Ramp - The Comedians
Catherine Lara - Nuit Magique
Rasmus Walter - På En Dag Som I Dag
Raise Hell - Babes
Rachael Lampa - Think Of Me
Raubtier - Leviatan
Reamonn - Valentine
Raven - Es Tan Raven
Randy Travis - O How I Love Jesus
Rammstein - Musical Box
Raimon - Disset Anys
The Raveonettes - The Enemy
Raise Hell - The Haunted House
Raul Galeano - Hombre
Randy Travis - Up Above My Head (I Hear Music in the Air)
Finch - Letters To You
Sugarcult - I Melt With You
Reamonn - Strong
Raunchy - Phantoms
Prince - What It Feels Like
Rachael Lampa - Honest
Ragnarok - In Nomine Satanas
Raphael Gualazzi - Madness Of Love
Ramallah - Ramallah
Rage - Deep In The Night
Rangleklods - Clouds
Ray Charles - You Are So Beautiful
Rammstein - Tier
Asking Alexandria - Right Now (Na Na Na)
Raven - Maze
The Raveonettes - Everyday
Ralph Puma - Take Me Back
Randy Travis - Jesus on the Mainline
Raffaëla - Ik Kan Het Niet Alleen
Radio Racer - Leaving
Prince - The Work, Pt. 1
Raznatovic Ceca - Vazduh Koji Disem
Randy Bogacz - Dangerous
Ray Parker, Jr. - Bad Boy
Randy Travis - California Blues
Rafet El Roman - Love
Play - Coca Cola Comercial(Play)
Go Radio - Goodnight Moon
Reaction 7 - Truth Thief
Frank Alamo - File, File, File... (My Little Girl)
Randy Butler - Before You
Raznatovic Ceca - Kuda Idu Ostavljene Devojke
Play - Silver Bells
R.H.D. - Nojo De Você
Raped - Yr Gonna Get Raped
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - We R Who We R
Ramsey Lewis - Hi-Heel Sneakers
Ray Stevens - Stand Up
Raznatovic Ceca - Neodoljiv - Neumoljiv
Randy Houser - I'm All About It
Daphne Loves Derby - Sun
Prince - June
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender
The Secret Handshake - I Wish
Rage - Point Of No Return
Reaction 7 - Train Song
Rare Earth - Warm Ride
Raul Malo - You Always Win
Play - Watch Me Now
Radio Tarifa - Bulerías Turcas
Raven - So Wrong
Rainmakers - A Million Miles Away
The Early November - Power Of Love
The Raveonettes - Beat City
Prince - Ain't About 2 Stop
Rank 1 - Symsonic
Raznatovic Ceca - Da Ne Cuje Zlo
Ray Charles - Tin Tin Deo
Anatomy Of A Ghost - On To Morning Stars
Radio Disney - Feel My Body
Promoe - Lev Nu!
Randy - Razorblade
Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me
Ra Ra - Rectifier
Randy - Freedom Song
Rafet El Roman - Hanimeli
Rawhead Rexx - Brothers In Arms (Chapter IV)
Randy - You Are What You Fight For
Alain Bashung - Osez Joséphine
Bedlight For Blue Eyes - Jumper
Re-Play - Schaakmat
Rafet El Roman - Yýllar Sonra
The Real McKenzies - I Hate My Band
Q*Ball - The Real
Rackets & Drapes - Plastic Jesus
Re-Play - Zolang
Raven - Can't Run And Hide
Raimon - Barcelona '71
Rapalje - Carrickfergus
Rahsaan Patterson - Tears Ago
Randy Travis - More Life
Raznatovic Ceca - Trula Visnja
Randy Newman - Life Has Been Good To Me
Further Seems Forever - Bye Bye Bye
Raunchy - This Legend Forever
Re-Play - Die Tijd
Raul Malo - Husbands And Wives
Raubtier - Rebeller
R.E.M. - Beach Ball
Ratdog - Hasta Mañana
Randy Newman - Follow The Flag
Rage - Living My Dream
Randy - The Exorcist
Raubtier - Röd Snö
The Real McKenzies - Swords Of A Thousand Men
Rae Morris - Under The Shadows
Rachelle Ann Go - And Me You
Forever The Sickest Kids - Men In Black
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - In Friends We Trust
Ramon Ayala - Una Botella
All Time Low - Umbrella
Raimon - I Després De Creure Tant
Raznatovic Ceca - Zelim Te U Mladosti
Strung Out - Bark At The Moon
Rackets & Drapes - Disease Of Me
The All-American Rejects - Night Drive
The Raveonettes - Signals Changed
Raubtier - Lejonhjärta
Rachelle Washington - Take A Journey
Raphaël - Somnanbule
Qntal - 292
Gérard Blanchard - Rock Amadour
Sugarcult - Memory
Princess Superstar - Perfect Exceeder
The Almost - Free Fallin'
Dynamite Boy - I Want It That Way
Randy Crawford - Hymn Of The Big Wheel
Raunchy - Bleeding
Raven - Here's To New Dreams
Ray Charles - Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket
Crown the Empire - Payphone
Raunchy - Show Me Your Real Darkness
Ra'leytar - Nina
The Ready Set - Love Like Woe
Raz - Sometimes
Raven - With A Child's Heart
Rahsaan Patterson - So Right
Ramsey Lewis - Love Will Find A Way
Joan Osborne - One Of Us
Rasta Knast - Aufruhrzeit
AFI - My Michelle
Raznatovic Ceca - Volela Sam Volela
Radical Face - The Strangest Things
Radio Tarifa - Elli Yeddi Haq Ennas
Re-Play - Even Alleen Zijn
Quincy Punx - Be My Alibi
The Randy Rogers Band - Never Be That High
Rainmakers - You Remind Me Of Someone
Rapalje - Wat Zullen We Drinken
Ray Goodman & Brown - Special Lady
Primary - Love Is A Fool
QED - Everywhere I Go
The Bar-Kays - Too Hot To Stop
The Randy Rogers Band - Tonights Not The Night
Reamonn - Come To Me
Priscilla - Toi C'Est Moi
Rasa - Arati
Queensberry - No Smoke
The Ready Set - Wishlist
RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE - Que Seja Amanhã, Então
Raznatovic Ceca - Ja Tebe Hocu
Raca Negra - Vem Me Buscar
Raunchy - Confusion Bay
Between the Buried & Me - (Shevanel Part 2)
Randy Travis - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Public Image Limited - Same Old Story
Randy - Nothing On Me
Ravenland - End Of Light
Radio Moscow - Sweet Lil Thing
Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - 2 Meisjes
Play - 11 Out Of 10 (Seperated)
Rah Digga - So Gangster
Raul Malo - Ready For My Lovin'
Raznatovic Ceca - Grlica
Rafet El Roman - Bu Gece Çok Þanslýyým
Raven - Cheetah Girls
The Receiving End Of Sirens - Weight / Wait
Rahsaan Patterson - Christmas At My House
Quarterflash - Rise Above
Anti-Flag - Welcome To 1984
Rahsaan Patterson - Come Over
Rafet El Roman - Bugün Aþýk Oldum
Raul Seixas - Àgua Viva
Randy Crawford - Mad Over You
Raznatovic Ceca - Eto, Eto Prodje Leto
Rebelde Way - Vas A Salvarte
Raspberry - Situation
Raymond Lam - Come 2 Me
Ravens Throne - Criminal Mind
Rawhead Rexx - Six Feet From The Edge (Chapter Ix)
Rebelde Way - Coulotte Sexy
Randy Jackson - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
Ray Parker, Jr. - I Still Can't Get Over Loving You
Rafael Ferro - To All The Girls
Raven - Feel The Pain
Public Image Limited - Banging The Door
Racer X - That Hormone Thing
Rammstein - Reise, Reise
Rappin' 4-Tay - 360 Degrees
Raid - Curse Of Empathy
Count The Stars - Taking It All Back
Brenda Lee - Dum Dum
Raise Hell - Hellborn
The Ready Set - Don't You Need Me
Rachel Platten - Remark
Quietwiser - Whistle
Raubtier - Praetorian
Reaction 7 - New Girl
Glasseater - Alone In The World
The Rapture - While The World Sleeps
Rafet El Roman - Liberta (El Romano)
Radio Tarifa - Rumba Argelina
Raul Malo - Pocket Of A Clown
Queen - Rock In Rio Blues
Raubtier - Jaga Hårt
Rafet El Roman - Kimseyi Yerine Koyamadým
Quarterflash - Little Miracles (The Songs Rained Down)
Ratdog - Nada Más
Randy Bachman - Shakin' All Over
Radio Tarifa - Canción Sefardí
Radney Foster - Big Idea
Reba McEntire - Empty Arms
Die Prinzen - Popmusik
Raznatovic Ceca - Bruka
The Rangers - Xoxo
Rebecca Ferguson - Mr. Bright Eyes
Rebelde Way - We Will Rock You
Rawhead Rexx - What If (Chapter VII)
The Randy Rogers Band - Flash Flood
Randy Crawford - I'll Be Around
Ready For Monday - Lead Me Home
Rebecca Martin - It's Only Love
Rasta Knast - Trauma
Reamonn - Moments Like This
Rahsaan Patterson - Spend The Night
I See Stars - Til The World Ends
Raphaël - Enamorado de la Vida
Reaction 7 - Sweet Man
The Real McKenzies - Ye Banks And Braes
Raury - Kingdom Come
Radio Tarifa - Soleá
Randy Travis - Joy To The World
Rare Earth - Ma
The Raveonettes - Untamed Girls
Rain Fell Within - The Child Beneath
Rank 1 - Such Is Life
Raimon - Per Servir Amor (O Tot Llaurador)
RADIAL 1227 - De Momento
Quasi - Our Happiness Is Guaranteed
Ralph Stanley II - Think Of What You've Done
Randy Newman - How Great Our Lord
Reba McEntire - She Got Drunk Last Night
Rage - Tomorrow Never Comes
Rachelle Ann Go - I Care
Raimon - Contra La Por
Quique González - Las Chicas Son Magníficas
The Real McKenzies - Donald Where's Yer Troosers?
Raury - Woodcrest Manor II
The Randy Rogers Band - Ten Miles Deep
The Receiving End Of Sirens - A Realization of the Ear
The Ready Set - The Bandit
Raimon - Fou Un Infant
Ray Thomas - Adam And I
Raury - Mama
Reba McEntire - Until They Don't Love You
Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go
Raznatovic Ceca - Bivsi
Raunchy - Watch Out
The Randy Rogers Band - Memory
Rebecca Martin - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Halifax - Straight Up
Upon This Dawning - Call Me Maybe
Chuck Berry - Maybellene
Rashit - Niye Boyle
Raul Malo - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
Ray Stevens - Jack Daniels You Lied To Me Again
Randy - Starships And Rockets
Ravens - The House I Live In [Acappella]
Randy Owen - One On One
Ray Thomas - Migration
Ramy - Te Quiero Decir
Raven - Overload
Rafet El Roman - Amerika
Play - Silent Night
Ramon Ayala - Puno De Tierra
Re-Play - Weet Dat Ik Van Je Hou
Prince - High (Short Version)
Randy - Promise
Raznatovic Ceca - Pustite Me Da Ga Vidim
Prince - Mr. Nelson
Raznatovic Ceca - Sto Si Tako Zaboravan
Rashit - Ikibinbir Yazi
Breathe Carolina - Down
Randy Travis - Around The Bend
Prince - Partyman
Razorlight - Action!
The Real McKenzies - Gi' Us A Dram
For All Those Sleeping - I'm Not Dead Yet
The Ready Set - Bitter & The Sweetness
RAFAEL - El Torero
The Real McKenzies - Heather Bells
Dr. Dre - The Next Episode
Reaction 7 - Subway
Rapoon - Sonol
Ray Conniff - Invisible Tears
Reaction 7 - Da Boomda
Raury - Peace Prevail
Raise Hell - Another Side
Raznatovic Ceca - Devojko Vestice
Rainer Maria - Papersack
Raphaël - Le Jour S'Est Levé
The Ready Set - Are We Happy Now?
Raimon - Finestra A La Badia De Palma
Ramp - For A While
Rebecca Martin - I'd Like To Think It's Coming
Raury - CPU
The Rapture - Modern Romance
Rebecca Martin - I'm The One
Raznatovic Ceca - Zaboravi
Reba McEntire - I'll Go On
Raubtier - Änglar
Ra'leytar - As Life Falls Apart
Raimon - Al Meu País La Pluja
Rachael Lampa - Blessed (Epiphonic Mix)
QED - Love Bites (Ean Sugarman Remix)
Rasmus Seebach - Livet Går Videre
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven
Rainer Maria - Automatic
Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels
Raven - I've Got Mexico
Radio Tarifa - Oye China
Raznatovic Ceca - Manta,manta
The Product G&B - Cluck Cluck
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
Rasta Knast - Zweite Wahl
Emery - All I Want
Rage - No Fear
Radio Tarifa - La Canal
The Receiving End Of Sirens - Wanderers
Ray Conniff - Georgy Girl [From Georgy Girl]
Randy - Man In A Uniform
The Push Stars - Opening Time
The Raveonettes - Honey, I Never Had You
Raphaël - Petite Annonce
Rachael Lampa - Beautiful
Cartel - Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)
Randy - Soy Una Gargola
Ramp - Hallelujah
Razorlight - Blood For Wild Blood
La Quinta Estación - Cartas
Raz Dwa Trzy - Pod Niebem Pelnym Cudow
The Raveonettes - If I Was Young
Emanuel - Kryptonite
The Primitives - The Little Black Egg
Reba McEntire - Little Rock
Reba McEntire - Love Land
Randy Newman - Monsters, Inc.
Ravaughn - Here Standing
Recoil - Bloodline
Quicksand - East 3rd. Street
Rawhead Rexx - Dragonheart (Chapter VI)
Randy - Coming Home
Prince - The Arms Of Orion
Rasta Knast - Ronka Med Rapport
Ray Conniff - All I Know
Rage - Seven Deadly Sins
Randy - Going Out With The Dead
Ravens Throne - Murk Raven's Son
Raznatovic Ceca - Maskarada
Real Be Easys - Life With My Knife
Raimon - Coneixement De L'ombra
Rdgldgrn - I Love Lamp
Raznatovic Ceca - Zarila Sam Zar
The Cab - Disturbia