Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 264:

Marina Siertis - Stranger than your Eyes
Marine Girls - In Love
Mark Aaron James - Penn Station
Marla Sokoloff - I'm Done
Marshmallow Coast - Mashed Potato Light
Martin Page - I was made for you
Marty Cain and the Humble Romans - I Sometimes Wonder
Mary's Danish - Julie's Blanket (pigsheadsnakeface)
Mass - Don't Want To Wait Anymore
Matenrou Opera - Alkaloid Showcase
Matt Beilis - Let It Ride
Matthew Barber - The Beautiful Things That We Waste
Maybeshewill - Co-Conspirators
MayOrWest - Know Beginning Know End
Maysa - Ouca
Meestro - Man On The Decline
Megapuss - Crop Circle Jerk '94
Megas (The) - I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 1-2
Mel Street - Borrowed Angel
Melanie Safka - Do You Believe
Melbourne Treatment (The) - The Scent of Burning Leaves
Meligrove Band - Our Love Will Make The World Go 'Round
Melpo Mene - Dead On Arrival
Melpo Mene - To Be Someone
Melt-banana - Cub, Not Cube
Melt-banana - Tapir's flown away
Melvins (The) - The Green Manalishi (with The Two Pronged Crown)
Mendoza Line (The) - Water Surrounds
Mercy Me - Bring The Rain
Message - I Can Feel It
Message - Pessimistic Man
Metallic Falcons - Desert Cathedral
Meursault - The Dirt & The Roots
Mišo Kovač - Proplakat Će Zora
Micah P Hinson - Don't You Forget
Michael Bublé - Feeling Good
Michael Bublé - I'm Beginning To See The Light
Michael Bublé - Summer Wind
Michael Hurley - Troubled Waters
Michael Miller - Lifeboat
Michael Seater - One Saturday Night Away (feat Cassie Steele)
Michou - Only Half Conscious
Midi & the Modern Dance - You and Everyone We Love
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Bad News and Bad Breaks
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - The Route That I Took
Mike Bones - What I Have Left
Mike Rutherford - Acting Very Strange
Milemarker - Tame (Pixies cover)
Millenia Nova - Disconnected Minds
Milloy - The Boy With No Shoes
Milloy - Le Coup De Grace
Milo Hrnić - Vrati Se
Mimicking Birds - The Loop
Minnie Riperton - Rainy Day in Centerville
Minor Majority - Wish You'd Hold That Smile
Mint - Medicine
Minuit - Claire
Minuit - Nymphs
Mir - Be Stong and Walk On
Mirah And Spectratone International - My Prize
Mischief Brew - Jobs in Steel Town
Miss Nicky Trax - Acid In The House
Mississippi John Hurt - Corrina, Corrina
Misty Edwards - Made To Love You
Mock Orange - Motel Man
Modern Lovers (The) - Womanhood
Moi Caprice - The Same House Seen From All Possible Angles
Monaco - Bicycle Thief
Moneta - Patterns in the Static
Monster Machismo - Moonshine Mashbomb
Moody Blues (The) - Boulevard De La Madeleine
Morcheeba And Hubert Laws - Summertime
Morning Bride - Stepping Out in Front of Cars
Mose Allison - Ever Since The World Ended
Moshav Band - When I'm Gone
Mount Eerie - My Heart Is Not at Peace
Mount Righteous - Seaman
Mountain Man - Animal Tracks
Moving Image (The) - Dont Call Me Baby
Mr Hudson & The Library - On The Streets Where You Live
Ms. John Soda - Unsleeping
Mucc - Garo (English)
My First Earthquake - Cool In The Cool Way
My Little Pony - Skipping Down the Street
My Sister's Machine - Feed