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Roadrunner United - The Rich Man
Roadrunner United - Tired 'N Lonely
Rincon De Luz - Chapa cha (Version Corta)
Rincon De Luz - El juicio
Rincon De Luz - Pimpollo
Red Cafe - 10 Shots Of Deleon
Red Cafe - A World Alone (Remix)
Red Cafe - All Night Long
Red Cafe - American Psycho
Red Cafe - Big In The Hood
Red Cafe - Black Roses
Red Cafe - Bling Blaow
Red Cafe - Brinks Truck
Red Cafe - Can You Hear Me Running
Red Cafe - Champagne For The Pain
Red Cafe - Cuffin Season (Interlude)
Red Cafe - Da Hottest In Da Hood
Red Cafe - Diddy Bop (Remix)
Red Cafe - Do It For The Hood 2
Red Cafe - Dopeboy Swag
Red Cafe - Fly Together (Remix)
Red Cafe - Fully Loaded
Red Cafe - Gangsta Love Feat. Mansion Tutt
Red Cafe - His Story
Red Cafe - Hitman For Hire
Red Cafe - How You Love That
Red Cafe - I Got This
Red Cafe - I Like Girls
Red Cafe - I Luv
Red Cafe - I'm Ill
Ron Browz feat. Red Cafe - I'm Smacked
Red Cafe - Ice Cold
Red Cafe - Im The Best
Red Cafe - Keep It 500
Red Cafe - Keep Winning
Red Cafe - La Leakers
Red Cafe - Let It Go Remix
Red Cafe - Loaded Feat. Trey Songz & Fabolous
Red Cafe - Look In Your Eyes
Red Cafe - Loving You No More
Red Cafe - May I?
Red Cafe - Move Out
Red Cafe - N***as In Paris
Red Cafe - Ocho Cinco
Red Cafe - On My Way
Red Cafe - Put It In The Air
Red Cafe - S.O.D(Dirty Version)
Red Cafe - Slumdog Billionaire
Red Cafe - Tap It, Beat It, Drill It
Red Cafe - Teach Me How To Dougie Remix
Red Cafe - Thug Passion
Red Cafe - Tonight & Love Come Down
Red Cafe - We Get It On
Red Cafe - We Made It
Red Cafe - We The Lifers
Red Cafe - Wish U Would
Red Cafe - Y'all Don't Hear Me Tho
Red Cafe - Yesterdays Lunch
Rey Jr. Arnulfo - Adultera
Reconnected - One In A Million
Reconnected - Time Of Our Lives
Ricky Martin - 'Til I Get To You
Ricky Martin - A Medio Vivir
Ricky Martin - A Quien Quiera Escuchar
Ricky Martin - Adiós
Ricky Martin - Ahora Seremos Felices
Ricky Martin - Almost A Love Song
Ricky Martin - Amor
Ricky Martin - Aqui Estoy Yo
Ricky Martin - Are You In It For Love
Ricky Martin - Asignatura Pendiente
Ricky Martin - Así Es La Vida
Ricky Martin - Ayúdame
Ricky Martin - Basta Ya
Ricky Martin - Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazón)
Ricky Martin - Bella (She's All I Ever Had)
Ricky Martin - Besos De Fuego
Ricky Martin - Bombón De Azúcar
Ricky Martin - Cambia La Piel
Ricky Martin - Casi Un Bolero
Ricky Martin - Come To Me
Ricky Martin - Come With Me
Ricky Martin - Con Tu Nombre
Ricky Martin - Conmigo Nadie Puede (Comigo Ninguém Pode)
Ricky Martin - Corazonado
Ricky Martin - Corazón
Ricky Martin - Cuanto me Acuerdo de ti
Ricky Martin - Cántame Tu Vida
Ricky Martin - Dame Más (Loaded)
Ricky Martin - Dejate Llevar (It's Alright)
Ricky Martin - Donde Estaras
Ricky Martin - El Amor De Mi Vida
Ricky Martin - Elle Brega
Ricky Martin - Entre El Amor Y Los Halagos
Ricky Martin - Es Mejor Decirse Adiós
Ricky Martin - Frio
Ricky Martin feat. Wisin & Yandel - Frío (Remix)
Ricky Martin - Fuego Contra Fuego
Ricky Martin - Fuego De Noche, Nieve De Día
Ricky Martin - Go The Distance
Ricky Martin - Gracias Por Pensar En Mí (A Via Láctea)
Ricky Martin - Hagamos El Amor
Ricky Martin - I Am
Ricky Martin - I Am Made Of You
Ricky Martin - I Count The Minutes
Ricky Martin - I Don't Care (Ralphi & Craig's Club Radio Edit)
Ricky Martin - I Won't Desert You
Ricky Martin - I'm On My Way
Ricky Martin - If You Ever Saw Her
Ricky Martin - Isla Bella
Ricky Martin - Jaleo (Spanglish)
Ricky Martin - Jezabel
Ricky Martin - Juego De Ajedrez
Ricky Martin - Juramento
Ricky Martin - La Bomba
Ricky Martin - La Copa De La Vida
Ricky Martin - La Diosa Del Carnaval (Spanish Eyes)
Ricky Martin feat. Yotuel - La Mordidita
Ricky Martin - Las Almas Del Silencio
Ricky Martin - Life
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (Español)
Ricky Martin - Lo Que Nos Pase, Pasara
Ricky Martin - Loaded
Ricky Martin - Lola, Lola
Ricky Martin - Love You For A Day
Ricky Martin - Marcia Baila
Ricky Martin - María (Remix)
Ricky Martin - María (Spanglish Radio Edit)
Ricky Martin - Mas
Ricky Martin - Me Amarás
Ricky Martin - Mátame Otra Vez (versión acústica)
Ricky Martin - Nada Es Imposible
Ricky Martin - Nadie Más Que Tú
Ricky Martin - No Importa La Distancia (Go The Distance)
Ricky Martin - No Me Pidas Más
Ricky Martin - No Te Miento
Ricky Martin - Náufrago
Ricky Martin - One Night Man
Ricky Martin - Pegate
Ricky Martin - Perdido Sin Ti
Ricky Martin - Perdóname
Ricky Martin - Popotitos
Ricky Martin - Por Arriba, Por Abajo
Ricky Martin - Pégate
Ricky Martin - Que Mas Da (Luny Tunes Reggaeton Mix)
Ricky Martin - Raza De Mil Colores
Ricky Martin - Revolución
Ricky Martin - Saint Tropez
Ricky Martin - Save The Dance
Ricky Martin - Ser Feliz
Ricky Martin - Será Será
Ricky Martin - She Bangs (Español)
Ricky Martin - Shine
Ricky Martin - Si Tú Te Vas
Ricky Martin - Si Ya No Estás Aquí
Ricky Martin - Solo Quiero Amarte (Nobody Wants To Be Lonely)
Ricky Martin - Somos La Semilla
Ricky Martin - Spanish Eyes
Ricky Martin - Stop Time Tonight
Ricky Martin - Susana
Ricky Martin - Tal Vez
Ricky Martin - Te Busco Y Te Alcanzo
Ricky Martin - Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo
Ricky Martin - Te Vas
Ricky Martin - Te Voy A Conquistar (Vou Te Conquistar)
Ricky Martin - The Cup Of Life (La Copa De La Vida)
Ricky Martin - The Cup Of Life (Spanglish Radio Edit)
Ricky Martin - The Touch
Ricky Martin - This Is Good
Sasha Sokol in duet with Ricky Martin - Todos Mis Caminos Van A Ti
Ricky Martin - Tu Recuerdo
Ricky Martin - Tu Recuerdo Mtv-Unplugged
Ricky Martin - Tú Y Yo
Ricky Martin - Ven A Mí (Come To Me)
Ricky Martin - Volverás
Ricky Martin - Vuelve
Ricky Martin - Y Todo Queda En Nada
Ricky Martin - You Stay With Me
Ricky Martin - ¿Cómo Decirte Adiós?
Ricky Martin - ¿Dónde Estarás?
Ricky Martin - ¿Qué Día Es Hoy? (Self Control)
Rob McConnell - Change Partners
Rob Base - War
Ringside - Cold On Me
Ringside - Dreamboat 730
Ringside - Miss You
Ringside - Raining Next Door
Ringside - Sleep Well, Jeff
Ringside - Strangerman
Ringside - Struggle
Ringside - Tired Of Being Sorry
Ringside - Trixie
Robert John - (So Long) Since I Felt This Way
Robert John - Hey There Lonely Girl
Robert John - Sad Eyes
Robert John - Sherry
Robert Bradley - Gambler
Robert Bradley - Mr. Tony
Robert Bradley - Ride
Robert Bradley - Time To Discover
Robert Bradley - Tramp 2
Robert Bradley - Ultimate Sacrifice
Robert Bradley - Uncle John
Rico Love - Bitches Be Like
Rico Love - Can't Keep My Hands Off You
Wiz Khalifa feat. Rico Love - Celebrate
Rico Love - Champagne
Rico Love - Everybody's Girl
Rico Love - Falling Down
Rico Love - Long Way Home
Rico Love - Love Ain't Fair
Rico Love - Never Neverland
Rico Love - Nobody Loves Me
Rico Love - Quarter
Rico Love - Save Your Love
Rico Love - Shades
Rico Love - Slowdown
Rico Love - Somebody Else
Rico Love - Soundtrack To My Broken Heart
Rico Love - Strip Club
Rico Love - Take Me Home
Rico Love - They Don't Know
Rico Love - This Time
Rico Love - Wanna Hear U Say
Rico Love - You So Lame
Robert Francis - Mescaline
Robert Francis - The Devil's Mountains
Ringo Sheena - 17
Ringo Sheena - Akane Sasu Kiro Terasaredo...
Ringo Sheena - Benkai Debussy
Ringo Sheena - Byoushou Public
Ringo Sheena - Chiisana Kinomi
Ringo Sheena - Doppelgenger
Ringo Sheena - Fukou Jiman
Ringo Sheena - Fukurande Kichatta
Ringo Sheena - Gamble
Ringo Sheena - Gibs
Ringo Sheena - Hai Hai
Ringo Sheena - Haiiro No Hitomi [with Kusano Masamune]
Ringo Sheena - Honnou
Ringo Sheena - I Wanna Be Loved By You
Ringo Sheena - I Won't Last a Day Without You [with Utada Hikaru]
Ringo Sheena - Identity
Ringo Sheena - Ishiki
Ringo Sheena - Izonshou
Ringo Sheena - Jazz A Go Go
Ringo Sheena - Kabuki-Chou No Jo'ou
Ringo Sheena - Kabukichou No Joou
Ringo Sheena - Kareha
Ringo Sheena - Keikoku
Ringo Sheena - Kimi Wo Aisu
Ringo Sheena - Koko De Kiss Shite
Ringo Sheena - Koufukuron
Ringo Sheena - Kougousei
Ringo Sheena - Kuki
Ringo Sheena - Kuroi Orufe
Ringo Sheena - Kyougenshou
Ringo Sheena - La Salle De Bain
Ringo Sheena - Marunouchi Sadistic
Ringo Sheena - Meisai
Ringo Sheena - Mellow
Ringo Sheena - Momen No Handkerchief [with Matsuzaki Nao]
Ringo Sheena - More
Ringo Sheena - Morphine
Ringo Sheena - Mr. Wonderful
Ringo Sheena - Nobara
Ringo Sheena - Odaiji Ni
Ringo Sheena - Okonomi De
Ringo Sheena - Onaji Yoru
Ringo Sheena - Onaji Yoru
Ringo Sheena - Poltergeist
Ringo Sheena - Ringo No Uta
Ringo Sheena - Sakana
Ringo Sheena - Shiroi Kobato
Ringo Sheena - Shuukyou
Ringo Sheena - Sid To Hakuchuumu
Ringo Sheena - Sigma
Ringo Sheena - So Cold
Ringo Sheena - Souretsu
Ringo Sheena - Starting Over
Ringo Sheena - Stoicism
Ringo Sheena - Tadashii Machi
Ringo Sheena - Tamanegi No Happy Song [with Shiina Junpei]
Ringo Sheena - Torikoshi Kurou
Ringo Sheena - Toukyou No Hito
Ringo Sheena - Tsuki Ni Makeinu
Ringo Sheena - Tsumi To Batsu
Ringo Sheena - Tsumiki Asobi
Ringo Sheena - Yami Ni Furu Ame
Ringo Sheena - Yattsuke Shigoto
Ringo Sheena - Yer Blues
Ringo Sheena - Yokushitsu
Rene Gonzalez - Baruj Aba
Rene Gonzalez - Cantal Aleluya
Rene Gonzalez - Carpintero
Rene Gonzalez - Dios, Toma Tu Trono
Rene Gonzalez - En Tu Presencia
Rene Gonzalez - Entraré A Jerusalén
Rene Gonzalez - Levantaré Hoy Mis Ojos A Sion
Rene Gonzalez - Mi Ayuda De Donde Vendra?
Rene Gonzalez - Mi Iglesia
Rene Gonzalez - Mirad Cuan Bueno
Rene Gonzalez - No Te Rindas
Rene Gonzalez - Quien Como El Sñor
Rene Gonzalez - Ro-Ni Ro-Ni / Canta Canta
Rene Gonzalez - Shalom Jerusalen
Robert DeLong - Acid Rain
Robert DeLong - Basically, I
Robert DeLong - Change (How You Feel)
Robert DeLong - Complex By Degree
Robert DeLong - Don't Wait Up
Robert DeLong - Feels Like
Robert DeLong - Future's Right Here
Robert DeLong - Global Concepts
Robert DeLong - Happy
Robert DeLong - In The Cards
Robert DeLong - Isabel Street
Robert DeLong - Jealousy
Robert DeLong - Just Movement
Robert DeLong - Long Way Down
Robert DeLong - Perfect
Robert DeLong - Possessed
Robert DeLong - Religious Views
Robert DeLong - Sellin' U Somethin
Robert DeLong - Survival Of The Fittest
Robert DeLong - That's What We Call Love
Road Dogg And K-kwik - Get Rowdy
Road Dogg And K-kwik - Rowdy By K-Kwik
Ritual - Cinnamon
Rita - Shara Barkhovot
Rikard Wolff - Det sitter en pojke på månen
Rikard Wolff - Paris
Rikard Wolff - Älskar dig, älskar dig alltid
Robert Kennedy - Falling Fast
Robert Kennedy - I've Been Too Long
Robert Kennedy - Pink Shirt
Robert Kennedy - Spanish Song
The Righteous Young - Everything Burns
Rites Of Spring - All There Is
Rites Of Spring - All Through A Life
Rites Of Spring - By Design
Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside
Rites Of Spring - Drink Deep
Rites Of Spring - For Want Of
Rites Of Spring - Hidden Wheel
Rites Of Spring - In Silence/Words Away
Rites Of Spring - Nudes
Rites Of Spring - Other Way Around
Rites Of Spring - Patience
Rites Of Spring - Persistent Vision
Rites Of Spring - Remainder
Rites Of Spring - Spring
Richard Smallwood - Angels [Live]
Richard Smallwood - At The Table
Richard Smallwood - Be Faithful
Richard Smallwood - Healing
Richard Smallwood - Holy Holy
Richard Smallwood - Holy Thou Art God [Live]
Richard Smallwood - It's Working (Roman's 8:28)
Richard Smallwood - Mender
Richard Smallwood - Psalm 8
Richard Smallwood - Sow In Tears
Richard Smallwood - Thank You
Richard Smallwood - The Glory Of The Lord
Richard Smallwood - The Highest Praise [Live]
Richard Smallwood - Total Praise
Richard Smallwood - Trust Me
Robert Hunter - Ariel
Robert Hunter - Boys In The Barroom
Robert Hunter - Cruel White Water
Robert Hunter - Rose Of Sharon
Robert Hunter - Tiger Rose
Robert Hunter - Wild Bill
Robert Hunter - Yellow Moon
Rikk Agnew - 10
Rikk Agnew - Section 8
Robert Cray - Already Gone
Robert Cray - Anytime
Robert Cray - Back Door Slam
Robert Cray - Back Home
Robert Cray - Bad Influence
Robert Cray - Brown Eyed Handsome Man [Live]
Robert Cray - Chicken In The Kitchen
Robert Cray - Consequences
Robert Cray - Do That For Me
Robert Cray - Don't Break This Ring
Robert Cray - Don't Touch Me
Robert Cray - Enough For Me
Robert Cray - Fantasized
Robert Cray - Foul Play
Robert Cray - Got To Make A Comeback
Robert Cray - He Don't Live Here Anymore
Robert Cray - I Can't Quit
Robert Cray - I Got Loaded
Robert Cray - I Guess I Showed Her
Robert Cray - I Shiver
Robert Cray - I Was Warned
Robert Cray - I Wonder
Robert Cray - I'd Rather Be A Wino
Robert Cray - I'll Go On
Robert Cray - I'm A Good Man
Robert Cray - I'm Gonna Forget About You
Robert Cray - I'm Just Lucky That Way
Robert Cray - If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'
Robert Cray - Jealous Minds
Robert Cray - Just A Loser
Robert Cray - Labor Of Love
Robert Cray - Leave Well Enough Alone
Robert Cray - Little Boy Big
Robert Cray - March On
Robert Cray - Moan
Robert Cray - More Than I Can Stand
Robert Cray - My Problem
Robert Cray - Never Mattered Much
Robert Cray - New Blood
Robert Cray - Nice As A Fool Can Be
Robert Cray - No Big Deal
Robert Cray - Nothin' But a Woman
Robert Cray - Nothing Against You
Robert Cray - Out Of Eden
Robert Cray - Passing By
Robert Cray - Phone Booth
Robert Cray - Poor Johnny
Robert Cray - Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
Robert Cray - Share What You've Got, Keep What You Need
Robert Cray - Simple Things
Robert Cray - Sleeping In The Ground
Robert Cray - Smoking Gun
Robert Cray - So Many Women, So Little Time
Robert Cray - Stay Go
Robert Cray - Still Around
Robert Cray - Tell The Landlord
Robert Cray - That's What I'll Do
Robert Cray - The 12 Year Old Boy
Robert Cray - The Grinder
Robert Cray - The One In The Middle
Robert Cray - The Price I Pay
Robert Cray - The Score
Robert Cray - The Things You Do To Me
Robert Cray - These Things
Robert Cray - This Time
Robert Cray - Too Many Cooks
Robert Cray - Trick or Treat
Robert Cray - Trouble & Pain
Robert Cray - When The Welfare Turns Its Back On You
Robert Cray - Where Do I Go From Here
Robert Cray - Will You Think Of Me
Red Divaz - Stay The Night
Rigmor Gustafsson - Black Coffee
Rigmor Gustafsson - Close To You
Rigmor Gustafsson - Empty Hearts
Rigmor Gustafsson - Fever
Rigmor Gustafsson - Fire And Rain
Rigmor Gustafsson - I Will Wait For You
Rigmor Gustafsson - If You Go Away
Rigmor Gustafsson - Is It A Crime
Rigmor Gustafsson - It Never Entered My Mind
Rigmor Gustafsson - Makin' Woopee
Rigmor Gustafsson - Please Don't Stop
Rigmor Gustafsson - The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
Revolver - A Song She Wrote
Revolver - Balulalow
Revolver - Chikondi Chathu
Revolver - Do You Have A Gun?
Revolver - Junior
Revolver - Luke, Mike & John
Revolver - Sindidanda Remix
Revolver - Wind Song
Robert Hazard - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Rick & Renner - Brega Demais
Robben Ford - Chevrolet
Robben Ford - Deaf, Dumb, And Blind (For O.T.)
Robben Ford - Don't Let Me Be Understood
Robben Ford - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Robben Ford - Don't Lose Your Faith In Me
Robben Ford - Good Thing
Robben Ford - Help The Poor
Robben Ford - How Deep In The Blues (Do You Want To Go)
Robben Ford - I Just Want To Make Love To You
Robben Ford - I'm A Real Man
Robben Ford - Misdirected Blues
Robben Ford - My Everything
Robben Ford - My Love Will Never Die
Robben Ford - Mystic Mile
Robben Ford - Nothin' To Nobody
Robben Ford - Politician
Robben Ford - Prison Of Love
Robben Ford - Rugged Road
Robben Ford - Running Out On Me
Robben Ford - Say What's On Your Mind
Robben Ford - Spoonful
Robben Ford - St. James Infirmary
Robben Ford - Start It Up
Robben Ford - Strong Will To Live
Robben Ford - Supernatural
Robben Ford - Tell Me I'm Your Man
Robben Ford - Think Twice
Robben Ford - Tired Of Talking
Robben Ford - Top Of The Hill
Robben Ford - Water For The Wicked
Robben Ford - When I Leave Here
Robben Ford - You Cut Me To The Bone
Robben Ford - You Got Me Knockin'
Rex Goudie - Alive (live)
Rex Goudie - Break the Silence
Rex Goudie - Call Your Name
Rex Goudie - Drive
Rex Goudie - Hollow
Rex Goudie - Lie Awake
Rex Goudie - Like I Was Dying
Rex Goudie - My One Mistake
Rex Goudie - One Good Reason
Rex Goudie - One True Summer Night
Rex Goudie - Run
Rex Goudie - Stay
Rex Goudie - Strong Enough
Rex Goudie - Till It's Over
Rex Goudie - Way Above
Rex Goudie - Who I Am
Rex Goudie - Write It In Lightning
Rex Goudie - You Alone
Rhythm Heritage - Barretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)
Rhythm Heritage - My Cherie Amour
Robert Owens - Tears
Rihanna - (Just Be) Happy
Rihanna - A Child Is Born
Rihanna - A Girl Like Me
Rihanna - A Million Miles
Rihanna - A Million Miles Away
Rihanna - A Year Without Rain
Rihanna - After Party
Rihanna - American Oxygen
Wale feat. Rihanna - Bad (Remix)
Rihanna - Bad Bitch (Demo)
Rihanna - Birthday Cake
Rihanna - Bitch I'm Special
Rihanna feat. Sean Paul - Break It Off
Rihanna - Breakin' Dishes (Soul Seekerz Remix)
Rihanna - Bring It Back
Rihanna - Bubble Pop
Rihanna - By Yo' Side
Rihanna - Can I Endure
Rihanna - Cheater
Rihanna - Cockiness (Love It)
Rihanna - Cold Case Love
Rihanna - Complicated
Rihanna - Cry
Rihanna - Dear June
Rihanna - Death Of Us
Rihanna - Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Remix)
Rihanna - Do Ya Thang
Rihanna - Don't Even Try
Rihanna - Don't Give A Damn About You
Rihanna - Drunk On Love
Rihanna - Electricity
Rihanna - Fading
Rihanna - Farewell
Rihanna - Final Goodbye
Rihanna - Fire Bomb
Rihanna - Fire Bomb (Chew Fu Molotov Fix)
Rihanna - Fool In Love
Rihanna - Fresh Off The Runway
Rihanna - G4L
Rihanna - G4l (Chew Fu Guns In The Air Fix)
Rihanna - Game Over
Rihanna - Get It Over With
Rihanna - Give Me A Try
Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Soul Seekerz Remix)
Rihanna - Good Night Gotham
Rihanna - Goodbye
Rihanna - Half Of Me
Rihanna - Happy Hour
Rihanna feat. (Young) Jeezy - Hard
Rihanna - Hard (Chew Fu Granite Fix)
Rihanna - Hate That I Love You (Spanglish Version)
Rihanna - Haunted
Rihanna - Hole In My Head
Rihanna - Hotness
Rihanna feat. Rupee - Hurricane
Rihanna - Hypnotized
Rihanna - Ice
Rihanna - It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas (Without You)
Rihanna - James Joint
Rihanna - Kisses Don't Lie
Rihanna - Lemme Get That
Rihanna - Let Me
Rihanna - Like It
The-Dream feat. Rihanna - Livin' A Lie
Rihanna - Living Your Life
Rihanna - Loud
Rihanna - Love Is The Only Way
Rihanna - Love That U Want
Rihanna - Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
Rihanna - Mad House
Rihanna - Make It Rain
Rihanna - Mix It Up
Rihanna - Music Of The Sun
Rihanna - My Name Is Rihanna
Rihanna - Mysterious Boy
Rihanna - No Love Allowed
Rihanna - Now I Know
Rihanna - Oh Baby
Rihanna - P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
Rihanna feat. - Photographs
Rihanna - Photographs (Chew Fu 35mm Fix)
Rihanna - Phresh Out The Runway
Rihanna - Pon De Replay [Full Phatt Remix]
Rihanna - Pon De Replay [Remix] (feat. A.P.)
Rihanna - Pose
Rihanna - Pour It Up
Rihanna - Push Up On Me
Rihanna - Push Up On Me (Moto Blanco Remix)
Rihanna - Question Existing
Rihanna - Question Existing (The Wideboys Remix)
Rihanna - Ready
Rihanna - Rebelle Fleur
Rihanna - Red Lipstick
Rihanna - Rehab
Rihanna - Roc Me Out
Rihanna feat. Slash - Rockstar 101
Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 (Chew Fu Teachers Pet Fix)
Rihanna - Rockstar 101 [Mark Picchiotti Power Dub]
Rihanna - Rude Boy (Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix)
Rihanna - Rude Boy (J4r Remix)
Rihanna - Rumors
feat. Rihanna - Run It Back
Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix)
Rihanna - Russian Roulette [Saul Ruiz R2 Mix]
Rihanna - Saxon
Rihanna - Say It
Rihanna - Say It (Soul Seekerz Remix)
Rihanna - Selfish Girl
Rihanna - Sell Me Candy
Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive (The Wideboys Remix)
Rihanna - Skin
Rihanna - Sleeping With The Enemy (Demo)
Rihanna - Slower To Heal
Rihanna - Smell Me Candy
Rihanna - Stupid In Love
Rihanna - Stupid In Love (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)
Rihanna - T.T.T.I.
Rihanna - Take A Bow (Tony Moran & Warren Riggs Remix)
Rihanna - Te Amo
Rihanna - That La, La, La
Rihanna - The Fire (Demo)
Rihanna - The Last Song
Rihanna - The Last Time
Rihanna - The One
Rihanna - The Whole World
Rihanna - Tide Is High
Rihanna - U Make Me Sick
Rihanna - Wait Your Turn
Rihanna - Wait Your Turn (Chew Fu Can't Wait No More Fix)
Rihanna - Watch N' Learn
Rihanna - We All Want Love
Rihanna - We Found Love (Calvin Harris Extended Mix)
Rihanna - We Found Love [R3hab's Xs Dub]
Rihanna - We Ride
Rihanna - What Now
Rihanna - Where Do We Go
Rihanna - Whipping My Hair
Rihanna - Who Ya Gonna Run To
Rihanna - Why Am I So In Love?
Rihanna - Willing To Wait
Rihanna - Without You
Rihanna feat. Travis Scott - Woo
Rihanna - Yeah Right
Rihanna - Yeah, I Said It
Rihanna feat. Vybz Kartel - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
Rihanna - Younger Years
Rihanna - Your Love
Rigu - Y Es Que La Quiero
Rob Dougan - Born Yesterday
Rob Dougan - Drinking Song
Rob Dougan - I'm Not Driving Anymore
Rob Dougan - Left Me For Dead
Rob Dougan - Speed Me Towards Death
Rob Dougan - There's Only Me
Robert Goulet - Another Time, Another Place
Robert Goulet - Christmas Day
Robert Goulet - Cycles
Robert Goulet - December Time
Robert Goulet - Gigi
Robert Goulet - Maria
Robert Goulet - Poinciana
Robert Goulet - Real Live Girl
Robert Goulet - Something's Gotta Give
Robert Goulet - Summer Sounds
Robert Goulet - Until It's Time For You To Go
Robert Goulet - What Is A Woman
Robert Earl Keen - (my Home Ain't In The) Hall Of Fame
Robert Earl Keen - 10,000 Chinese Walk Into A Bar
Robert Earl Keen - All I Have Is Today
Robert Earl Keen - Amarillo Highway
Robert Earl Keen - Armadillo Jackal
Robert Earl Keen - Barbeque
Robert Earl Keen - Beats The Devil
Robert Earl Keen - Blow You Away
Robert Earl Keen - Bluegrass Widow
Robert Earl Keen - Coming Home Of The Son And Brother
Robert Earl Keen - Don't Turn Out The Light
Robert Earl Keen - Down That Dusty Trail
Robert Earl Keen - Dreadful Selfish Crime
Robert Earl Keen - Fallin' Out
Robert Earl Keen - Farm Fresh Onions
Robert Earl Keen - Feelin' Good Again
Robert Earl Keen - Fightin' Texas Aggie
Robert Earl Keen - Flyin' Shoes
Robert Earl Keen - Front Porch Song
Robert Earl Keen - Goin' Down In Style
Robert Earl Keen - Goin' Nowhere Blues
Robert Earl Keen - Gravitational Forces
Robert Earl Keen - Gringo Honeymoon
Robert Earl Keen - Happy Holidays Y'all
Robert Earl Keen - Hello New Orleans
Robert Earl Keen - Here In Arkansas
Robert Earl Keen - High Plains Jamboree
Robert Earl Keen - I Still Miss Someone
Robert Earl Keen - I Wanna Know
Robert Earl Keen - I Would Change My Life
Robert Earl Keen - I'll Be Here For You
Robert Earl Keen - I'm Comin' Home
Robert Earl Keen - If I Were King
Robert Earl Keen - It's The Little Things
Robert Earl Keen - Jennifer Johnson & Me
Robert Earl Keen - Jesse With The Long Hair
Robert Earl Keen - Leavin Tennessee
Robert Earl Keen - Levelland
Robert Earl Keen - Lonely Feeling
Robert Earl Keen - Long Chain
Robert Earl Keen - Love's A Word I Never Throw Around
Robert Earl Keen - Lynnville Train
Robert Earl Keen - Maria
Robert Earl Keen - Mariano
Robert Earl Keen - Merry Christmas From The Family
Robert Earl Keen - Mr. Wolf And Mamabear
Robert Earl Keen - New Life In Old Mexico
Robert Earl Keen - Night Right For Love
Robert Earl Keen - No Kinda Dancer
Robert Earl Keen - Not A Drop Of Rain
Robert Earl Keen - Oh Rosie
Robert Earl Keen - Out Here In The Middle
Robert Earl Keen - Over The Waterfall
Robert Earl Keen - Ride
Robert Earl Keen - Rolling By
Robert Earl Keen - Runnin' With The Night
Robert Earl Keen - Shades Of Gray
Robert Earl Keen - Sing One For Sister
Robert Earl Keen - Snowin' On Raton
Robert Earl Keen - Something I Do
Robert Earl Keen - Song For Kathy
Robert Earl Keen - Sonora's Death Row
Robert Earl Keen - Stewball
Robert Earl Keen - Still Without You/conclusion: Road To No Return
Robert Earl Keen - Swallow
Robert Earl Keen - Swervin' In The Lane
Robert Earl Keen - The Dark Side Of The World
Robert Earl Keen - The Five Pound Bass
Robert Earl Keen - The Great Hank
Robert Earl Keen - The Man Behind The Drums
Robert Earl Keen - The Rose Hotel
Robert Earl Keen - Then Came Lo Mein
Robert Earl Keen - Think It Over One Time
Robert Earl Keen - Tom Ames' Prayer
Robert Earl Keen - Travelin' Light
Robert Earl Keen - Undone
Robert Earl Keen - Village Inn
Robert Earl Keen - Walkin' Cane
Robert Earl Keen - What I Really Mean
Robert Earl Keen - Who'll Be Looking Out For Me
Robert Earl Keen - Wild Wind
Robert Calvert - Acid Rain
Robert Calvert - Brave New World
Robert Calvert - Bugati
Robert Calvert - Catch A Falling Starfighter
Robert Calvert - Evil Rock
Robert Calvert - Lord Of The Hornets
Robert Calvert - Magical Potion
Robert Calvert - Moonshine In The Mountains
Robert Calvert - Picket Line
Robert Calvert - Sensitive
Robert Calvert - Ship Of Fools
Robert Calvert - Storm Chant Of The Skrealings
Robert Calvert - The Making Of Midgard
Robert Calvert - The Right Stuff
Robert Calvert - Volstead O Vodeo Do
Robert Calvert - Voyaging To Vinland
Robert Broberg - Båtlåt
Robert Broberg - Det Syns Inte Att Man Gråter När Det Regnar
Robert Broberg - Får Jag Doppa Min Mjukglass I Din Strössel
Robert Broberg - Galleri
Robert Broberg - Ingela
Robert Broberg - Jag Ska Inte Ligga Lik
Robert Broberg - Jag älskar Dig Ditt Helvete
Robert Broberg - Kärleken Som Stadsminister
Robert Broberg - Likbil
Robert Broberg - Maria-Therese
Robert Broberg - Mitt Lilla Fejs å Jag
Robert Broberg - Silikon
Robert Broberg - Uppblåsbara Barbara
Robert Broberg - Utskitetäppelmosblues
Robert Broberg - Vatten
Robert Broberg - Vill Du Va Mitt Sexualobjekt Ikväll?
Robert Broberg - Vinna Med Min Kvinna
Robert Broberg - Öken
Rik Emmett - Let Me Be The One
Rik Emmett - Saved By Love
Robert & Jenieve Bailey - There Is Hope In The Lord
Riky Rick - Boss Zonke
RKL - Alone Inside
RKL - Betrayed
RKL - Blocked Out
RKL - Break The Camels Back
RKL - Chinese Rocks
RKL - Come To Pass
RKL - Find A Way
RKL - Give It Up
RKL - H.P.C.
RKL - Hangover
RKL - Heavily Sedated
RKL - House Guest
RKL - I'm Locked Up
RKL - In Your Mind
RKL - Insane
RKL - Lies
RKL - Life In A Bottle
RKL - Meltdown
RKL - Motherfucker
RKL - No Respect
RKL - Not Guilty
RKL - One Light One Mind
RKL - Piece Of Shit List
RKL - Rock N Roll Nightmare
RKL - Rumors
RKL - Sargasm
RKL - Senseless Violence
RKL - Take Me Home
RKL - Tell Me The Truth
RKL - U.S. Steel
RKL - Unborn Child
RKL - We're Back We're Pissed
RKL - Why?
RKL - Will To Survive
Robert Knight - Love On A Mountain Top
Rino Ceronti - Chi Ti Incontro
Rino Ceronti - Era Il '72
Rino Ceronti - Giornata Solare
Rino Ceronti - Olio Di Gomito
Rino Ceronti - Scarpe Basse
Rio Grande Band - Contigo
Rio Grande Band - Demente
Ringworm - Alchemist
Roba - Laberinto
Roba - Miserable
Raja Ema - Angan-Angan
Raja Ema - Bersamaku
Raja Ema - Di Pertemuan Ini
Raja Ema - Gugur Sudah Bunga Cinta
Raja Ema - Hanya Kau Yang Mengerti
Raja Ema - Hikayat
Raja Ema - Impian Harapan
Raja Ema - Kekasih Sepi
Raja Ema - Kerana Aku Tidak Lagi Bermimpi
Raja Ema - Mentari Korea
Raja Ema - Penghargaanku
Raja Ema - Senandung Rindu
Robert Pollard - And I Don't (So Now I Do)
Robert Pollard - And My Unit Moves
Robert Pollard - Artificial Light
Robert Pollard - Do Something Real
Robert Pollard - Double Standards Inc.
Robert Pollard - Enjoy Jerusalem!
Robert Pollard - Flat Beauty
Robert Pollard - Flings Of The Waistcoat Crowd
Robert Pollard - Frequent Weaver Who Burns
Robert Pollard - Get Under It
Robert Pollard - Girl Named Captain
Robert Pollard - Good Luck Sailor
Robert Pollard - I Get Rid Of You
Robert Pollard - John Strange School
Robert Pollard - Just Say The Word
Robert Pollard - King Of Arthur Avenue
Robert Pollard - Larger Massachusetts
Robert Pollard - Life Is Beautiful
Robert Pollard - Maggie Turns To Flies
Robert Pollard - Make Use
Robert Pollard - Meet My Team
Robert Pollard - Messiahs
Robert Pollard - One Clear Minute
Robert Pollard - Parakeet Troopers
Robert Pollard - People Are Leaving
Robert Pollard - Pop Zeus
Robert Pollard - Port Authority
Robert Pollard - Powerblessings
Robert Pollard - Psychic Pilot Clocks Out
Robert Pollard - Punk Rock Gods
Robert Pollard - Quicksilver
Robert Pollard - Rumbling Joker
Robert Pollard - Same Things
Robert Pollard - Second Step Next Language
Robert Pollard - Showbiz Opera Walrus
Robert Pollard - Slick As Snails
Robert Pollard - Snatch Candy
Robert Pollard - Soft Smoke
Robert Pollard - Soul Train College Policeman
Robert Pollard - Strictly Comedy
Robert Pollard - Subspace Biographies
Robert Pollard - Television Prison
Robert Pollard - Tight Globes
Robert Pollard - Vibrations In The Woods
Robert Pollard - Waved Out
Robert Pollard - Whiskey Ships
Robert Pollard - Wrinkled Ghost
Richard Clayderman - My Heart Will Go On
Richard Clayderman - My Way [Comme d'Habitude]
Richard Clayderman - Yesterday Once More
Rhona Bennett - Last Goodbye
Rhona Bennett - Look To The Sky
Rob Rio & Revolvers - Don't Tell Me
Rob Rio & Revolvers - Hymn To Her
Rob Rio & Revolvers - Realize
Rizzle Kicks - Always Late
Rizzle Kicks - Demolition Man
Rizzle Kicks - Don't Bring Me Down
Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets
Rizzle Kicks - Even On A Rainy Day
Rizzle Kicks - Everyone's Dead
Rizzle Kicks - Homewrecker
Rizzle Kicks - Jive
Rizzle Kicks - Keep It Up
Rizzle Kicks - Learn My Lesson
Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation
Rizzle Kicks - Lunatic
Rizzle Kicks - Miss Cigarette
Rizzle Kicks - Prophet (Better Watch It)
Rizzle Kicks - Round Up
Rizzle Kicks - Skip To The Good Bit
Rizzle Kicks - Stop With The Chatter
Rizzle Kicks - That's Classic
Rizzle Kicks - This Means War
Rizzle Kicks - Traveller's Chant
Rizzle Kicks - Trouble
Roachford - Cry For Me
Roachford - Cuddly Toy
Roachford - Down
Roachford - Family Man
Roachford - How Could I?
Roachford - Naked Without You
Roachford - Nothing Free
Roachford - Only To Be With You
Roachford - Someday
Roachford - Testify
Roachford - This Generation
Roachford - Time
Rhythmaires Toronto - Ikaw Pa Rin
Richard Durand - Always The Sun
Richard Durand - No Way Home
Richard Walters - Crawl Up To My Room
Riley Armstrong - Inside Your Promises
Riley Armstrong - Melting
Riley Armstrong - The Only
Riley Armstrong - Watching Out For Tristyn
Roberto Orellana - La historia de Cristo
Roberto Orellana - Mi Nuevo Amor
Rizal Underground - Bilanggo
Riistetyt - Ala elämään
Riistetyt - Ei Koskaan Enää
Riistetyt - Elintilaa
Riistetyt - Ihmiset tappaa toisiaan
Riistetyt - Inkvisitio
Riistetyt - Irtolainen
Riistetyt - Kaaosta Tää Maa Kaipaa
Riistetyt - Kadut on meidän
Riistetyt - Kukaan ei välitä
Riistetyt - Kuoleman edessä
Riistetyt - Luvattu maa
Riistetyt - Mieletöntä väkivaltaa
Riistetyt - Odotus
Riistetyt - Orjuus
Riistetyt - Orjuutta vastaan
Riistetyt - Painajainen
Riistetyt - Poliisivaltio
Riistetyt - Punainen vaara
Riistetyt - Rahaa ja valtaa
Riistetyt - Rajoitukset
Riistetyt - Revi persees
Riistetyt - Rotat
Riistetyt - Sairaus
Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia
Riistetyt - Sokeana syntyneet
Riistetyt - Suur-Suomi
Riistetyt - Takaa-ajettu
Riistetyt - Toimiiko Tää Systeemi
Riistetyt - Totaalinen tuho
Riistetyt - Vallanvaihto
Riistetyt - Vapaa maa
Riistetyt - Vapaaehtoiset kuolemaan
Riistetyt - Vihaan paskajalkoja
Riistetyt - Vittuun velvollisuudet
Riistetyt - Yritän Katsoo Huomiseen
Riistetyt - Älkää Luottako
Riistetyt - Älä luota systeemiin
Rick Springfield - (if You Think You're) Groovy
Rick Springfield - 1 X 2 X 3 X 4
Rick Springfield - 1000 Years
Rick Springfield - 3 Warning Shots
Rick Springfield - Act Of Faith
Rick Springfield - Affair Of The Heart
Rick Springfield - Alien Virus
Rick Springfield - All Day And All Of The Night
Rick Springfield - Alyson
Rick Springfield - Angels Of The Disappeared
Rick Springfield - April 24, 1981
Rick Springfield - Archangel
Rick Springfield - Are You Going To Find Out
Rick Springfield - Bad Boy
Rick Springfield - Baker Street
Rick Springfield - Beautiful Feelings
Rick Springfield - Believe In Me
Rick Springfield - Blue Rose
Rick Springfield - Born Out Of Time
Rick Springfield - Brand New Feeling
Rick Springfield - Broken Wings
Rick Springfield - Bruce
Rick Springfield - Calling All Girls
Rick Springfield - Can't Stop Hurting You
Rick Springfield - Carry Me Away
Rick Springfield - Catch Me If You Can
Rick Springfield - Celebrate Youth
Rick Springfield - Child Within
Rick Springfield - Christmas In Memphis
Rick Springfield - Cold Feet
Rick Springfield - Come On Everybody
Rick Springfield - Comic Book Heroes
Rick Springfield - Cry
Rick Springfield - Dance This World Away
Rick Springfield - Desperate Lives
Rick Springfield - Do You Love Your Children
Rick Springfield - Don't Talk To Strangers
Rick Springfield - Doo Wah Diddy Diddy
Rick Springfield - Dream In Colour
Rick Springfield - Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield - Eden
Rick Springfield - Eleanor Rigby
Rick Springfield - Evil Child
Rick Springfield - For No One
Rick Springfield - Forever
Rick Springfield - Free & Easy
Rick Springfield - Get Off Of My Cloud
Rick Springfield - Gloria
Rick Springfield - God Blinked (Swing It Sister)
Rick Springfield - Goldfever
Rick Springfield - Guenevere
Rick Springfield - Heaven
Rick Springfield - His Last Words
Rick Springfield - Hold Onto Your Dream
Rick Springfield - Holding Onto Yesterday
Rick Springfield - Honeymoon In Beirut
Rick Springfield - How Do You Talk To Girls
Rick Springfield - Human Touch
Rick Springfield - I Didn't Mean To Love You
Rick Springfield - I Found You
Rick Springfield - I Get Excited
Rick Springfield - I Know That It's Magic
Rick Springfield - I'll Make You Happy
Rick Springfield - I'll Miss That Someday
Rick Springfield - I'm Your Superman
Rick Springfield - I've Done Everything For You
Rick Springfield - Idontwantanythingfromyou
Rick Springfield - If We Can Help One Another
Rick Springfield - Imagine
Rick Springfield - In Veronica's Head
Rick Springfield - Intergalactic Circus Of Wonders
Rick Springfield - Is Everybody Happy?
Rick Springfield - It's About Time
Rick Springfield - It's Driving Me Crazy
Rick Springfield - Itsalwayssomething
Rick Springfield - Jessica
Rick Springfield - Jesus Saves (White Trash Like You)
Rick Springfield - Just Gotta Sing
Rick Springfield - Just One Kiss
Rick Springfield - Just One Look
Rick Springfield - Karma
Rick Springfield - Kristina
Rick Springfield - Let It Shine
Rick Springfield - Life In A Northern Town
Rick Springfield - Like Father Like Son
Rick Springfield - Lio
Rick Springfield - Little Roland Lost
Rick Springfield - Living In Oz
Rick Springfield - Looking For The One
Rick Springfield - Love Is Alright Tonight
Rick Springfield - Love Receiver
Rick Springfield - Lust
Rick Springfield - Me & Johnny
Rick Springfield - Miss You Nights
Rick Springfield - Miss Your Kiss
Rick Springfield - Misty Water Woman
Rick Springfield - Modern World
Rick Springfield - Monty And Me
Rick Springfield - Motel Eyes
Rick Springfield - Mr. Songwriter
Rick Springfield - My Father's Chair
Rick Springfield - New Lover
Rick Springfield - Nothing Is Ever Lost
Rick Springfield - Oblivious
Rick Springfield - Old Gangsters Never Die
Rick Springfield - On The Other Side
Rick Springfield - One Passenger
Rick Springfield - One Reason (To Believe)
Rick Springfield - Ordinary Girl
Rick Springfield - Prayer
Rick Springfield - Psychoactive
Rick Springfield - Rhythm Of The Beat
Rick Springfield - River In Time
Rick Springfield - Rovianne
Rick Springfield - Sailing
Rick Springfield - Saint Sahara
Rick Springfield - Scandalous Life
Rick Springfield - Sha La La
Rick Springfield - She
Rick Springfield - She's Alright
Rick Springfield - Shock To My System
Rick Springfield - Smile For The Camera
Rick Springfield - Solitary One
Rick Springfield - Somewhere
Rick Springfield - Soul To Soul
Rick Springfield - Souls
Rick Springfield - Spanish Eyes
Rick Springfield - Speak To The Sky
Rick Springfield - Starlight, Starbright
Rick Springfield - State Of The Heart
Rick Springfield - Still Crazy For You
Rick Springfield - Strange Things
Rick Springfield - Stranger In The House
Rick Springfield - Streaking The Australian Way
Rick Springfield - Superstition
Rick Springfield - Suzanne
Rick Springfield - Take A Hand
Rick Springfield - Tear It All Down
Rick Springfield - The American Girl
Rick Springfield - The Ballad Of Annie Goodbody
Rick Springfield - The Freak
Rick Springfield - The Liar
Rick Springfield - The Magic That Surrounds You
Rick Springfield - The Photograph
Rick Springfield - The Rick Springfield Song
Rick Springfield - The Unhappy Ending (Lead Me On)
Rick Springfield - Theme From Mission Magic
Rick Springfield - Tiger By The Tail
Rick Springfield - Treat Me Gently In The Morning
Rick Springfield - Under The Milky Way
Rick Springfield - Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire
Rick Springfield - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Rick Springfield - Wasted
Rick Springfield - We're Gonna Have A Good Time
Rick Springfield - Weep No More
Rick Springfield - Welcome To The Rodeo
Rick Springfield - What Kind Of Fool Am I
Rick Springfield - What Would The Children Think
Rick Springfield - What's Victoria's Secret?
Rick Springfield - Whenever I Call You Friend
Rick Springfield - White Room
Rick Springfield - Why?
Rick Springfield - Will I?
Rick Springfield - World Start Turning
Rick Springfield - Written In Rock
Rick Springfield - Yes I'm Glad
Rick Springfield - You Better Get Going Now
Rick Springfield - You Can Really Do It
Rick Springfield - You Can't Judge A Book
Rick Springfield - You'd Better Think Twice
Robert Charlebois - Beige Neige
Robert Charlebois - Je Reviendrai À Montréal
Robert Charlebois - Ordinaire
Rita Redshoes - Bad Lila
Rita Redshoes - Blue bird in a sunny day
Rita Redshoes - Captain Of My Soul
Rita Redshoes - Dream On Girl
Rita Redshoes - Hearted Man
Rita Redshoes - I'll Remember To Forget
Rita Redshoes - One Cold Day
Richard Page - The Best Thing
Robert Palmer - (Love Is) The Tender Trap
Robert Palmer - Aeroplane
Robert Palmer - Ain't That Just Like A Woman
Robert Palmer - All The Will In The World
Robert Palmer - Baby It's Cold Outside
Robert Palmer - Back In My Arms
Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)
Robert Palmer - Best Of Both Worlds [Remix]
Robert Palmer - Between Us [Remix With Alternate Vocal]
Robert Palmer - Big Trouble
Robert Palmer - Blackmail
Robert Palmer - Can We Still Be Friends?
Robert Palmer - Captured
Robert Palmer - Casting A Spell [Remix]
Robert Palmer - Change His Ways
Robert Palmer - Close To The Edge
Robert Palmer - Come Over
Robert Palmer - Discipline Of Love
Robert Palmer - Disturbing Behavior
Robert Palmer - Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Robert Palmer - Don't Explain
Robert Palmer - Dr. Zhivago's Train
Robert Palmer - Early In The Morning
Robert Palmer - Fine Time
Robert Palmer - Flesh Wound
Robert Palmer - Found You Now
Robert Palmer - From A Whisper To A Scream
Robert Palmer - Girl U Want
Robert Palmer - Give Me An Inch
Robert Palmer - Gotta Get A Grip On You (Part II)
Robert Palmer - Happiness
Robert Palmer - Hard Head
Robert Palmer - Have Mercy
Robert Palmer - Here With You Tonight
Robert Palmer - Hey Julia
Robert Palmer - History
Robert Palmer - Honey B
Robert Palmer - Honeymoon
Robert Palmer - Honeysuckle Rose
Robert Palmer - Hound Dog
Robert Palmer - Housework
Robert Palmer - How Much Fun
Robert Palmer - Hyperactive
Robert Palmer - I Choose You
Robert Palmer - I Dream Of Wires
Robert Palmer - I Go Rhythm
Robert Palmer feat. UB40 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Robert Palmer - In Walks Love Again
Robert Palmer - It Could Happen To You
Robert Palmer - Jealous
Robert Palmer - Keep In Touch
Robert Palmer - Know By Now
Robert Palmer - Light Years
Rupert Hine feat. Robert Palmer - Living In Sin
Robert Palmer - Love Can Run Faster
Robert Palmer - Love Me Or Leave Me
Robert Palmer - Love Takes Time
Robert Palmer - Lucky
Robert Palmer - Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Robert Palmer - Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
Robert Palmer - Maybe It's You
Robert Palmer - Mean Old World
Robert Palmer - Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You
Robert Palmer - Mess Around
Robert Palmer - More Than Ever
Robert Palmer - Mr. Wise Guy
Robert Palmer - Night People
Robert Palmer - No Not Much
Robert Palmer - No Problem
Robert Palmer - Not A Second Time
Robert Palmer - Not A Word
Robert Palmer - One Last Look
Rupert Hine feat. Robert Palmer - Picture-Phone
Robert Palmer - Pressure Drop
Robert Palmer - Pride
Robert Palmer - Remember To Remember
Robert Palmer - Respect Yourself
Robert Palmer - Riptide
Robert Palmer - Riverboat
Robert Palmer - Sailin' Shoes
Robert Palmer - Sex Appeal
Robert Palmer - She Makes My Day
Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible
Robert Palmer - Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley
Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like
Robert Palmer - Spanish Moon
Robert Palmer - Spellbound
Robert Palmer - Style Kills
Robert Palmer - Sulky Girl
Robert Palmer - Sweet Lies
Robert Palmer - Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming
Robert Palmer - Tennis
Rupert Hine feat. Robert Palmer - The Most Dangerous Of Men
Robert Palmer - Too Good To Be True
Robert Palmer - Top 40
Robert Palmer - Trick Bag
Robert Palmer - True Love
Robert Palmer - Tv Dinners
Robert Palmer - Twenty Million Things
Robert Palmer - Want You More
Robert Palmer - Wham Bam Boogie
Robert Palmer - What Do You Care
Robert Palmer - What's It Take?
Robert Palmer - Where Can It Go?
Robert Palmer - Which Of Us Is The Fool
Robert Palmer - Why Get Up?
Robert Palmer - Witchcraft
Robert Palmer - Woke Up Laughing
Robert Palmer - Woman You're Wonderful
Robert Palmer - Work To Make It Work 99
Robert Palmer - You Are In My System
Robert Palmer - You Blow Me Away
Robert Palmer - You Can't Get Enough Of A Good Thing
Robert Palmer - You Really Got Me
Robert Palmer - You're Amazing
Robert Palmer - You're Not The Only One
Robert Palmer - Your Mother Should Have Told You
Rob Decoup - Burn Me To The Ground
Roberta Flack - After You
Roberta Flack - And So It Goes
Roberta Flack - Ballad Of The Sad Young Men
Roberta Flack - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Roberta Flack - Business Goes On As Usual
Roberta Flack - Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
Roberta Flack - Here, There, And Everywhere
Roberta Flack - Hey Jude
Roberta Flack - I Can See The Sun In Late December
Roberta Flack - If Ever I See You Again
Roberta Flack - If I Fell
Roberta Flack - In The Name Of Love
Roberta Flack - It Might Be You
Roberta Flack - Jesse
Roberta Flack - Just Like a Woman
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
Roberta Flack - Love (Always Commands)
Roberta Flack - Making Love
Roberta Flack - Maybe
Roberta Flack - My Romance
Roberta Flack - Oasis
Roberta Flack - Oh Darling
Roberta Flack - Only Heaven Can Wait (For Love)
Roberta Flack - See You Then
Roberta Flack - Set The Night To Music
Roberta Flack - Shock To My System
Roberta Flack - Summertime
Roberta Flack - Sweet Georgia Brown
Roberta Flack - The Long & Winding Road
Roberta Flack - Till The Morning Comes
Roberta Flack - Trade Winds
Roberta Flack - Until It's Time For You To Go
Roberta Flack - We Can Work It Out
Roberta Flack - We Three Kings Of Orient Are
Roberta Flack - When Someone Tears Your Heart In Two
Roberta Flack - When You Smile
Roberta Flack - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Rhino Bucket - Beat To Death Like A Dog
Rhino Bucket - Beg For Your Love
Rhino Bucket - Bird On A Wire
Rhino Bucket - Blood On The Cross
Rhino Bucket - Burn The World
Rhino Bucket - Even The Sun Goes Down
Rhino Bucket - Going Down Tonight
Rhino Bucket - Hey There
Rhino Bucket - I Stand Before You
Rhino Bucket - I Was Told
Rhino Bucket - I'd Rather Go Insane
Rhino Bucket - One Night Stand
Rhino Bucket - Ride The Rhino
Rhino Bucket - Ride With Yourself
Rhino Bucket - Scratch 'n' Sniff
Rhino Bucket - Shot Down
Rhino Bucket - The Devil Sent You
Rhino Bucket - The Hard Grind
Rhino Bucket - Too Much Talk
Rhino Bucket - What'd You Expect
Rhino Bucket - World Gone Mad