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Ralph McTell - The Ferryman
Ralph McTell - The Girl from the Hiring Fair
Ralph McTell - The Mermaid And The Seagull
Ralph McTell - The Setting
Ralph McTell - Throw Out a Line and Dream
Ralph McTell - Wait Until The Snow
Ralph McTell - Weather the Storm
Ralph McTell - You Make Me Feel Good
The Supremes - Baby Love
Wanda Jackson - Baby Loves Him
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Rick Nelson - Boppin' the Blues
Sweetbox - Don't Go Away
Stephan Eicher - Déjeuner En Paix
Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People
Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You
Secret Service - Flash In The Night
Steve Winwood - Higher Love
Village People - In The Navy
Talk Talk - It's My Life
Thomas Dutronc - J'Aime Plus Paris
Robert Palmer - Johnny And Mary
Élodie Frégé - La Ceinture
Renan Luce - La Lettre
Tom Frager - Lady Melody
Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It
The Style Council - Long Hot Summer
Little Richard - Lucille
Renaud - Morgane De Toi...
Stephanie Mills - Never Knew Love Like This Before
Rick Nelson - Poor Little Fool
Ultravox - Quiet Men
Urban Species - Spiritual Love
Zazie - Sur Toi
Womack & Womack - Teardrops
Ritchie Family - The Best Disco In Town
Soft Cell - Torch
Zazie - Tout Le Monde
William Sheller - Un Homme Heureux
Squeeze - Up The Junction
The Troggs - Wild Thing
Scorpions - Wind Of Change
Qwentin - Il Commence Ici
Qwentin - N.F.O. Kronikoj
Tony Bennett feat. Ralph Sharon - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Tony Bennett feat. Ralph Sharon - Lullaby Of Broadway
Tony Bennett feat. Ralph Sharon - Stranger In Paradise
Randi Laubek - "Easy It Ain't"
Randi Laubek - "Free"
Randi Laubek - "Kiss Of Destiny"
Randi Laubek - "Quasarpulsar"
Randi Laubek - "The Wedding Of All Things"
Randi Laubek - "Thin Ice"
Randi Laubek - "You Are"
Randi Laubek - Cherries Suit Fairies
Randi Laubek - Cunningly Concealed
Randi Laubek - Does It Even Matter
Randi Laubek - Don't You Remember
Randi Laubek - Fairytales
Randi Laubek - In Port
Randi Laubek - It's Not The Same
Randi Laubek - Just A Phase
Randi Laubek - Kareelia Lake
Randi Laubek - Leave It All Behind
Randi Laubek - Madness Sadness
Randi Laubek - Moonsoul
Randi Laubek - My King Has Come
Randi Laubek - New Beginning
Randi Laubek - Only Rain
Randi Laubek - Peace Of Mind
Randi Laubek - River Black
Randi Laubek - Steps Of The Stairs
Randi Laubek - Still Have A Crush
Randi Laubek - Tapestry Of Fire
Randi Laubek - The Promise
Randi Laubek - What You Feel Like
Randi Laubek - You Changed Direction
Ralf Bendix - Babysitter Boogie
Ralf Bendix - Hotel Zur Einsamkeit
Raising Standards - A Breakup Song Taylor Swift Would Be Proud Of
Raising Standards - Cold Dead Winter
Raising Standards - Everything We Love
Raising Standards - Sunny Day
Raimundos - A Mais Pedida
Raimundos - A Sua
Raimundos - Andar Na Pedra
Raimundos - Aquela
Raimundos - Bestinha
Raimundos - Bicharada
Raimundos - Bodies
Raimundos - Bonita
Raimundos - Bê-A-Bá
Raimundos - Cabea De Bode
Raimundos - Cajueiro
Raimundos - Cana Caiana (Minha Nêga)
Raimundos - Carro Forte
Raimundos - Cc De Com Força
Raimundos - Cintura Fina
Raimundos - Crumis ódamis
Raimundos - Deixei De Fumar (Cachimbo Da Mulher)
Raimundos - Esporrei Na Manivela
Raimundos - Eu Quero É Ver O Oco
Raimundos - Fome Do Cão
Raimundos - Herbocintica
Raimundos - HerbocinéTica
Raimundos - I Saw You Saying (That You Say That You Saw)
Raimundos - Infeliz Natal
Raimundos - Lingua Presa
Raimundos - Marujo
Raimundos - Me Lambe
Raimundos - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Raimundos - Minha Cunhada
Raimundos - Mm's
Raimundos - Mulher De Fases
Raimundos - Nana Nenem
Raimundos - Nariz De Doze
Raimundos - Nga Jurema
Raimundos - O Pão Da Minha Prima
Raimundos - O Toco
Raimundos - Oliver's Army
Raimundos - Palhas Do Coqueiro
Raimundos - Pequena Raimunda (Ramona)
Raimundos - Pintando No Kombão
Raimundos - Pompem
Raimundos - Poquito Más (Healthy Food)
Raimundos - Puteiro Em JoãO Pessoa
Raimundos - Rapante
Raimundos - Reggae Do Manero
Raimundos - Rio Das Pedras
Raimundos - Sanidade
Raimundos - Selim
Raimundos - Selin
Raimundos - Sereia Da Pedreira
Raimundos - Teenage Lobotomy
Raimundos - Tora Tora
Raimundos - Wipe Out
Randy Stonehill - Born To Love
Randy Stonehill - Breath Of God
Randy Stonehill - Can Hell Burn Hot Enough
Randy Stonehill - Christmas Song For All Year 'round
Randy Stonehill - Faithful
Randy Stonehill - Gods Of Men
Randy Stonehill - Good News
Randy Stonehill - Great Big Stupid World
Randy Stonehill - History In Your Eyes
Randy Stonehill - Hymn
Randy Stonehill - I'll Remember You
Randy Stonehill - Keep Me Runnin'
Randy Stonehill - King Of Hearts
Randy Stonehill - Lonely House
Randy Stonehill - Old Clothes
Randy Stonehill - Shut De DÓ
Randy Stonehill - Turning Thirty
Princess Superstar - Another Day
Princess Superstar - Artery
Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter
Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter (feat. High & Mighty)
Princess Superstar - Blue Beretta
Princess Superstar - Bump Your Ass Off
Princess Superstar - Ceo
Princess Superstar - Cold Tea
Princess Superstar - Dichotomy
Princess Superstar - Do It Like A Robot [Jon Spencer Remix]
Princess Superstar - Famous
Princess Superstar - Fuck Me On The Dancefloor
Princess Superstar - I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)
Princess Superstar - I'm In Love With The Music Biz
Princess Superstar - I'm So...
Princess Superstar - Keith 'N Me
Princess Superstar - Kool Keith's Ass
Princess Superstar - Love/hate To Be A Player
Princess Superstar - Meet You Halfway (Keep It On The Alright)
Princess Superstar - My Life
Princess Superstar - My Machine
Princess Superstar - Nyc Cunt
Princess Superstar - Smooth
Princess Superstar - Stinky Cologne
Princess Superstar - Super Fantasy
Princess Superstar - Trouble
Princess Superstar - Untouchable Part 1
Princess Superstar - We Got Panache
Princess Superstar - Welcome To My World
Princess Superstar - Wet!Wet!Wet!
Princess Superstar - Year Two Thousand
Princess Superstar - You Get Mad At Napster
Ramin Rezai - I Should Be
Presizzo - Demaciadas Horas
Presizzo - El Número Uno
Presizzo - Entre Tu Corazón Y El Mío
Presizzo - Eres Todo, Todo
Presizzo - Ven Conmigo
Radjaman - Le Juge Et Le Commissaire
Random Horses - Lesbian
Random Horses - Your Mom
Radio For Help - Don't Flatter Yourself
Random Task - Put Your Hands Up
Post Malone - Go Flex
Post Malone - White Iverson
Radio Pirata - Historia Real
Radio Pirata - No Me Dejes Así
Radio Pirata - Ángel De La Guarda
Rankin Twins - You Can't Have It All
Randy Vera - Crazy Leading The Crazy
Ralfi Pagan - No Soy De Ti
Radish - A Promise
Radish - Apparition Of Purity
Radish - Bedtime
Radish - Dear Aunt Arctica
Radish - Falling And Leaving
Radish - Little Pink Stars
Radish - My Guitar
Radish - Simple Sincerity
Radish - Still I Wait
Radish - Sugar Free
Radish - The You In Me
Radish - Today's Bargain
Radish - Wasted & Ready
RAFAEL - A Nave (Chamada Música)
RAFAEL - Maravilloso Corazon
RAFAEL - O Pianista E A Bailarina
RAFAEL - One Night Lover
RAFAEL - Te Estoy Queriendo Tanto
Ramon Ayala - Asesino A Sueldo
Ramon Ayala - Ay Que Pegarle La Mujer
Ramon Ayala - Barajas De Oro
Ramon Ayala - Besos E Caricias
Ramon Ayala - Bonita Finca De Adobe
Ramon Ayala - Chappara De Mi Amor
Ramon Ayala - Cruz De Madera
Ramon Ayala - Cuatro Cartas
Ramon Ayala - Dale, Dale
Ramon Ayala - Dos Monedas
Ramon Ayala - El Afusilado
Ramon Ayala - El Corrido De Carmelita
Ramon Ayala - El Federal De Caminos
Ramon Ayala - El Tenampa
Ramon Ayala - El Tonto Que Te Amo
Ramon Ayala - Entierrenme Cantando
Ramon Ayala - Gerardo Gonzalez
Ramon Ayala - Hay Unos Ojos
Ramon Ayala - Infiel
Ramon Ayala - Las Casas De Madera
Ramon Ayala - Mandame A La Tumba
Ramon Ayala - Mi Golondrina
Ramon Ayala - Ni Dada La Quiero
Ramon Ayala - Por La Gente Supe
Ramon Ayala - Qbo - No Mas
Ramon Ayala - Recuerdame Y Ven
Ramon Ayala - Renunciare A Su Querer
Ramon Ayala - Señor Dios
Ramon Ayala - Sin Sangre En Las Venas
Ramon Ayala - Tengo Miedo Enamorarme De Ti
Ramon Ayala - Tormento Ingrato
Ramon Ayala - Tragos De Amargo Licor
Ramon Ayala - Un Puño De Tierra
Ramon Ayala - Una Carta
Ralph Puma - Pills
Ralph Puma - Summer
Ralph Puma - The Choice
Ralph Puma - The Wedding
Primary - Brazil
Primary - Brazilian
Primary - Come As Your Idol
Primary - Come To Take You Home
Primary - Here In The Rain (Amsterdam Red Light)
Primary - In Your Hands
Primary - Open Road
Primary - Stand
Primary - Start Over Again
Primary - Vicious Precious
Primary - Warrior
Primary - Watching The World
Primary - Young
Racey - Boy Oh Boy
Racey - Lay Your Love On Me
Racey - Such A Night
Rab Whyte - The Woo Tune
Rainmen - Ah La Vache !
Rainmen - Bien Munis
Rainmen - Bienvenue À Montréal (Booba Diss)
Rainmen - C Pour Ça K'j'suis Hawt
Rainmen - Changer Le Game
Rainmen - Fly Girl
Rainmen - Gli$$eur$
Rainmen - La Pluie La Plus Lourde
Rainmen - Le Bolero
Rainmen - Montre Qu'est-Ce Que T'as
Rainmen - N.O. Ki Va Avec
Rainmen - Ouais Chief
Rainmen - Rap Phénomène
Rachel Loy - Big Sky
The Pygmy Tribe - (different Strokes)
The Pygmy Tribe - Diggin' An Elephants Grave With A Spoon
The Pygmy Tribe - Hands Of Time
The Pygmy Tribe - Letting You Out
The Pygmy Tribe - My Whole Existence
The Pygmy Tribe - Rabbit Hole
The Pygmy Tribe - Raise Awareness About Salamander
Raging Slab - Anywhere But Here
Raging Slab - Don't Dog Me
Raging Slab - Geronimo
Queen Of Hearts - Freestyle
Raindrops - Raindrops
Raindrops - The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
Ralph Blizard - Fugitive's Lament
Rafi Vicente - Solo Tu
Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack
Rampage - Conquer Da World
Rampage - Da Night B4 My Shit Drop
Rampage - Flipmode Enemy #1
Rampage - Get The Money & Dip
Rampage - Hall Of Fame
Rampage - Niggaz Iz Bad
Rampage - Take It To The Streets
Rampage - Talk Of The Town
Rampage - The Set Up
Rampage - Things We Be Doin' For Money (Part Two)
Rampage - We Getz Down (Remix) *
Rampage - Wild For Da Night
Transplants feat. Rakaa - Crash And Burn
Railbirds - Jump Ship
Randy And The Rainbows - Denise
Quincy Punx - 5 State Killing Spree
Quincy Punx - Beer Bong Vomitorium
Quincy Punx - Beer Brigade
Quincy Punx - Beer Shits
Quincy Punx - Blowin' Chunks
Quincy Punx - Boot Party
Quincy Punx - Brady Bunch
Quincy Punx - Cereal Killer
Quincy Punx - Crack Lab (In My Basement)
Quincy Punx - Darby Was A Martyr
Quincy Punx - Don't Ask Why
Quincy Punx - Don't Talk To Me
Quincy Punx - Downtown
Quincy Punx - Drunk Tank
Quincy Punx - Ephedrine
Quincy Punx - Fuck Pc
Quincy Punx - Fuck You (If You Can't Take A Joke)
Quincy Punx - Gun Control
Quincy Punx - Hate On
Quincy Punx - Heavy Metal Blackmass / Orgy Of Blood
Quincy Punx - High Impact Camping
Quincy Punx - I Don't Care
Quincy Punx - I Hate Everyone
Quincy Punx - I Wanna Be A Dyke
Quincy Punx - Insanity
Quincy Punx - Jerry Lewis
Quincy Punx - Kamikaze
Quincy Punx - Kill Yourself
Quincy Punx - Last Generation
Quincy Punx - Machine Gun Etiquette
Quincy Punx - Malicious Mischeif
Quincy Punx - Murder At The Senior Prom
Quincy Punx - Mutants (Shall Feast On Thine Carcass)
Quincy Punx - My America
Quincy Punx - Nic Fit
Quincy Punx - No Brain No Pain
Quincy Punx - Nuke Seatle
Quincy Punx - Part Of The Problem
Quincy Punx - Pig Roast
Quincy Punx - Punker Than You
Quincy Punx - Safety Pins
Quincy Punx - Soldiers Of Foreskin
Quincy Punx - Splatter Punk
Quincy Punx - Stupid People
Quincy Punx - The List
Quincy Punx - Tina
Quincy Punx - Tour
Quincy Punx - Ugly American
Quincy Punx - Under My Wheels
Quincy Punx - We Rule
Quincy Punx - Young & Dumb
Pterodactyls In America - Keith
Pterodactyls In America - Oblivion
Pterodactyls In America - Social Notworking
Pterodactyls In America - The Matrix
Pterodactyls In America - White Knuckles
Randall Breneman - Bad Sometimes
Ramiro Guzman - Caleidoscopio
Ramiro Guzman - Ella Entendio
Ramiro Guzman - Llagas Y Plantas
Ramiro Guzman - Los Treboles Clasicos
Progress In Color - It's A Plague
Randy Scruggs - Passin' Thru
Queen Makedah - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) [Club Mix]
Ram Herrera - Ahora Dile
Ram Herrera - Amor Querido
Ram Herrera - Bachata Rosa
Raices Y Cultura - Feel High
Raices Y Cultura - Iluminada Por Jah
Raices Y Cultura - Power Combination
Raices Y Cultura - Te Marchas
Ragazzi - Alguien - Christian Meier
Ragazzi - Ayudame
Ragazzi - Baila
Ragazzi - Como Olvidarte
Ragazzi - Hoy Me He Dado Cuenta
Ragazzi - Hoy Mr He Dado Cuenta
Ragazzi - La Luna En Tus Ojos
Ragazzi - Llevate El Viento
Ragazzi - Me Matas
Ragazzi - Perdon Por No Decirlo
Ragazzi - Sin Dudar
Ragazzi - Te Bese
Ragazzi - Veneno
Ragazzi - Veneo
Ragazzi - ¿Que va a ser de mi?
Radionave - Avenida Sonhar
Radionave - Satélite De Mim
Psaiko.Dino - #hangster
Psaiko.Dino - 8kmh
Psaiko.Dino - Boah!
Psaiko.Dino - Hop Hop Hurra
Psaiko.Dino - Klischees
Psaiko.Dino - Mach Kaputt
Psaiko.Dino - Outro
Psaiko.Dino - Placeboeffekt
Psaiko.Dino - Sei Groß!
Psaiko.Dino - Superstar
Psaiko.Dino - Werdegang
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - 1913 Massacre
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - 900 Miles
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - At My Window
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Blue Eyes Cring In The Rain
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Candy Man
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Cool Water
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Danville Girl
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Diamond Joe
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - East Virginia Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Folsom Prison Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Friend Of The Devil
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Guabi Guabi
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Hobo's Lullaby
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - If I Were A Carpenter
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Me And Bobby Mcgee
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - More Pretty Girls Than One
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Night Herding Song
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Pastures Of Plenty
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Philadelphia Lawyer
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Pony
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Pretty Boy Floyd
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Railroad Bill
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Rex's Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Soldier's Last Letter
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Take Me Home
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Talking Sailor Blues
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - The Cuckoo
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Tramp On The Street
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Tyin' Knots In The Devil's Tail
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - With God On Our Side
Rap Is Poetry - New Start
Randy Owen - Braid My Hair
Randy Owen - In Honor Of (Those Serving Us)
Randy Owen - Let's Pretend We're Strangers For The Night
Randy Owen - Like I Never Broke Her Heart
Randy Owen - Pray Me Back Home Again
Rahzel - 4 Elements
Rahzel - All I Know
Rahzel - Beat Boxin
Rahzel - Carbon Copy ( I Can't Stop) [New Lp Version]
Rahzel - If Your Mother Only Knew
Rakim feat. Rahzel - It's A Must
Rahzel - Make The Music 2000
Rahzel - Night Rider (Js-1 Remix) (Feat. Slick Rick)
Rahzel - Night Riders
Rahzel - Southern Girl
Rahzel - Suga Sista
Randy Newman - A Few Words
Randy Newman - A Fool In Love
Randy Newman - A Piece of the Pie
Randy Newman - A Wedding In Cherokee County
Randy Newman - Best Little Girl
Randy Newman - Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
Randy Newman - Better Off Dead
Randy Newman - Bleeding All Over The Place
Randy Newman - Blue Shadows On The Trail
Randy Newman - Burn On
Randy Newman - Christmas In Capetown
Randy Newman - Cowboy
Randy Newman - Davy The Fat Boy
Randy Newman - Dayton, Ohio - 1903
Randy Newman - Dixe Flyer
Randy Newman - Don't Ruin Our Happy Home
Randy Newman - Every Time It Rains
Randy Newman - Family
Randy Newman - Faust (Act 2)
Randy Newman - Feels Like Home
Randy Newman - Ghosts
Randy Newman - Glory Train
Randy Newman - God's Song
Randy Newman - Gone Dead Train
Randy Newman - Good Morning
Randy Newman - Great Nations Of Europe
Randy Newman - Guilty
Randy Newman - Half A Man
Randy Newman - Happy [Demo Version]
Randy Newman - Happy Ending
Randy Newman - Harps and Angels
Randy Newman - Have You Seen My Baby?
Randy Newman - He Gives Us All His Love
Randy Newman - I Gotta Be Your Man
Randy Newman - I Miss You
Randy Newman - I Want Everyone To Like Me
Randy Newman - I Want You To Hurt Like I Do
Randy Newman - I Will Go Sailing No More
Randy Newman - I'll Be Home
Randy Newman - I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It Yet)
Randy Newman - I'm Different
Randy Newman - If You Need Oil
Randy Newman - Jolly Coppers On Parade
Randy Newman - Just Look At Me (World Wrestling Entertainment Version)
Randy Newman - Kingfish
Randy Newman - Korean Parents
Randy Newman - Laugh and Be Happy
Randy Newman - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
Randy Newman - Linda
Randy Newman - Little Island
Randy Newman - Living Without You
Randy Newman - Lonely At The Top
Randy Newman - Losing You
Randy Newman - Love Story (You And Me)
Randy Newman - Lover's Prayer
Randy Newman - Lucinda
Randy Newman - Magic In The Moonlight
Randy Newman - Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
Randy Newman - Marie
Randy Newman - Masterman And Baby J
Randy Newman - Miami
Randy Newman - Mikey's
Randy Newman - Mr. Sheep
Randy Newman - My Country
Randy Newman - My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell
Randy Newman - My Life Is Good
Randy Newman - My Little Buttercup
Randy Newman - Naked Man
Randy Newman - New Orleans Wins The War
Randy Newman - Old Kentucky Home
Randy Newman - Only a Girl
Randy Newman - Pants
Randy Newman - Political Science
Randy Newman - Poor Me
Randy Newman - Potholes
Randy Newman - Pretty Boy
Randy Newman - Real Emotional Girl
Randy Newman - Rednecks
Randy Newman - Relax, Enjoy Yourself
Randy Newman - Roll With The Punches
Randy Newman - Rollin'
Randy Newman - Rosemary
Randy Newman - Sail Away
Randy Newman - Same Girl
Randy Newman - Sandman's Coming
Randy Newman - Shame
Randy Newman - Short People
Randy Newman - Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear
Randy Newman - Spies
Randy Newman - Strange Things
Randy Newman - Suzanne
Randy Newman - The Beehive State
Randy Newman - The Blues
Randy Newman - The Girls In My Life (Part 1)
Randy Newman - The One You Love
Randy Newman - The Story Of A Rock & Roll Band
Randy Newman - The Time Of Your Life A Bug's Life
Randy Newman - They Just Got Married
Randy Newman - Tickle Me
Randy Newman - Uncle Bob's Midnight Blues
Randy Newman - Underneath The Harlem Moon
Randy Newman - We Belong Together
Randy Newman - We're Gonna Get Married
Randy Newman - When I'm Gone
Randy Newman - When She Loved Me
Randy Newman - William Brown
Randy Newman - Yellow Man
Randy Newman - You Can Leave Your Hat On
Ramazan Kocabas - Yalanimis
Rae Morris - Back To Front
Rae Morris - Day One
Rae Morris - Don't Go
Rae Morris - Eye To the Storm
Rae Morris - For You
Rae Morris - From Above
Rae Morris - Grow
Rae Morris - Morne Fortune
Rae Morris - Wait A While
Rae Morris - Way Back When
Randle Chowning Band - Black Leather
Randle Chowning Band - Crazy Over You
Randle Chowning Band - Gettin' Higher
Randle Chowning Band - God Speed (Your Love)
Randle Chowning Band - Outside The Law
Randle Chowning Band - So Close To The Feeling
Randle Chowning Band - Stolen Away
Randle Chowning Band - Sweet Love
Randle Chowning Band - The Sun's Gonna Shine
Randle Chowning Band - Within A Dream
Rapubliek - Dear Friend
Raleytar - As Life Falls Apart
Raleytar - The Bard's Tale - Fantasy
Randy Lee - Here With You
Randy Lee - Moonlight
Randy Lee - Take You Back
Rachel Farris - Beautiful
Rachel Farris - I Am Not The Girl
Rachel Farris - I Guess This Is Love
Rachel Farris - I Should Go
Rachel Farris - I'm Not The Girl
Rachel Farris - In A Field
Rachel Farris - It's All You
Rachel Farris - Paint The Truth
Rachel Farris - So Good
Rachel Farris - Soak
Rachel Farris - Stick Your Tongue In My Mouth
Rachel Farris - Sweetest Thing
Rachel Farris - The End
Rachel Farris - Wild
Rachel Farris - You Think
Three Days Grace - Are You Ready
Three Days Grace - Home
Rannie Raymundo - Why Can't It Be?
Rachel Chan - Even Here
Rachel Chan - Lame
Rachel Chan - Prove It
Rachel Chan - You Must Love Me
Raped - Deadbeat Wife / Beat Wife Dead
Raped - Does This Black Bandana Make Me Look Gay
Raped - Every Girl Is A God Damn Whore
Raped - Faggot Sandwich
Raped - I Buy Beer For Runaways
Raptori - Armeija
Raptori - Debi Gibson
Raptori - Esko A
Raptori - Hiphopmusiikkia
Raptori - J3h
Raptori - Karvanoppaelvis
Raptori - Kumitissit
Raptori - Me Halutaan Olla Neekereitä
Raptori - Minä Ja Ryhmä
Raptori - Mäkinen
Raptori - Oi Beibe IV (Faijan Uhka)
Raptori - Oi Beibe2
Raptori - Oi, Beibe
Raptori - Raptori
Raptori - Rattijuoppo
Raptori - Rattijuoppo ((The Real One))
Raptori - S.K.A.H.(Ime Mun Sitä)
Raptori - Sister Of Cahrity
Raptori - Sukellus Pumpuliin
Raptori - Tuhansien Sulojen Maa
Raptori - Tyyris Tyllerö
Raptori - Älä (Näkymää)
Raptori - Älä Syö Humehia
Rafi - Aaisi Cheez Sunaaye
Rafi - Aaj Shishe Mein
Rafi - Aaon Tumhen Pyaar Karana Sikhaaun
Rafi - Aashiq Hu Ek Mehzabi Ka
Rafi - Aaye Bahaar Ban Ke
Rafi - Aaye Naa Baalam Vaadaa Kar Ke
Rafi - Ajal Se Husn Parasti
Rafi - Aray Maine Tujhko Chaha
Rafi - Are Dekhi Zamane Ki Yaari
Rafi - Aye Jaan-E-Wafa Aaisa Bhi Kya
Rafi - Aye Mere Dil Yahaan
Rafi - Bade Pyaar Se Milanaa
Rafi - Bheega Bheega Pyar Ka
Rafi - Chal Chal Re Musaafir
Rafi - Chale Aaj Tum Jahaan
Rafi - Chali Meri Dulhan Ki Doli
Rafi - Chehre Se Apane Aaj Toh Parada Uthaiye
Rafi - Chhin Ke Dil Kyon Pher Lin Aankhein
Rafi - Dekho Bina Saawan Baras Rahi Badli
Rafi - Desh Premiyo - Aapas Mein Prem Karo
Rafi - Dil Beqarar Sa Hai
Rafi - Dil Kaa Dard Niraalaa
Rafi - Duniya Ek Kahaani Re Bhaiyya
Rafi - Ek Pate Ki Baat Sunaaun
Rafi - Gadho Par Baith Kar
Rafi - Gali Gali Seeta Roye
Rafi - Garibo Ka Pasina
Rafi - Haaye Re Insan Ki Majbooriyaan
Rafi - Ham Laaye Hain Toofan Se Kashti Nikaal Ke
Rafi - Hamen Bhi De Do Sahaara
Rafi - Haq Maangte Hain
Rafi - Hindustan Ki Kasam
Rafi - Hoga Tumse Kal Bhi
Rafi - Hum Ishq Mein Barabaad Hain
Rafi - Hum Premi Prem Karna Jaane
Rafi - Huye Ham Jhinke Liye
Rafi - Idhar Toh Haath La Pyaare
Rafi - Ik Dil Ke Tukade Hazaar Huye
Rafi - Insaaf Ka Mandir
Rafi - Jaan Sake Toh Jaan
Rafi - Jaane Hum Sadak Ke Logo Se
Rafi - Jaane Mera Dil Kise
Rafi - Jaane Wale Zara
Rafi - Jahaan Kahin Dipak Jalataa Hai
Rafi - Jidhar Dekhataa Hoon
Rafi - Jin Raaton Mein Neend Udd Jaati
Rafi - Jis Karani Se Maalik Ruuthe
Rafi - Jiya O Jiya Kuchh Bol Do
Rafi - Kahaniya Sunati Hai
Rafi - Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaaqaat Ho Gayi
Rafi - Keh Ke Bhi Na Aaye Tum
Rafi - Kismat Ke Likhe Ko
Rafi - Maanjhi Chal O Maanjhi Chal
Rafi - Main Hoon Mister Johny
Rafi - Matlab Nikal Gaya Hain
Rafi - Mera Yaar Bana Hai
Rafi - Mere Liye Aati Hai
Rafi - Mere Paas Aao Mere Dil Se Khelo
Rafi - Meri Hasraton Ki Duniya
Rafi - Meri Kahaani Bhulne
Rafi - Mil Jaati Hain Sansar Mein
Rafi - Mori Binati Suno Bhagwaan
Rafi - Mujhe Bhul Jaana Agar Ho Sake
Rafi - Mujhe Tumse Muhabbat Hai
Rafi - Mukhadaa Teraa Saaf Nahin
Rafi - Muurakh Bande Takadir Ye Bole
Rafi - Na Main Bhagwaan Hoon
Rafi - Naseeb Dar Pe Tere
Rafi - O Phirki Wali
Rafi - Pagdi Sambhal Oye
Rafi - Phool Sa Chehra Chaand Si Rangat
Rafi - Pod Naciskiem
Rafi - Qadam Badhaaye Ja
Rafi - Rona Hain To Ro Chupke Chupke
Rafi - Saahil Jo Dubo De
Rafi - Shama Bujhane Ko Chali
Rafi - Sochne Ko Laakh
Rafi - Sone Deti Hai Na Raat Koi Baat Karo
Rafi - Sun Sun Zaalima
Rafi - Taqdeer Kahaan Le Jaayegi
Rafi - Tasveer Banaata Hun Teri
Rafi - Tayyab Ali Pyar Ka Dushman
Rafi - Tera Khayaal Dil Se
Rafi - Tera Khilauna Toota Balak
Rafi - Tere Chehare Se Hate
Rafi - Teri Jawani Tapta Mahina
Rafi - Thodaa Ruk Jaayegi To
Rafi - Tu Na Rona
Rafi - Tum Ek Baar Muhabbat Ka Imtihaab To Lo
Rafi - Yahi Aramaan Lekar Aaj
Rafi - Ye Duniya Gol Hai
Rafi - Ye Raat Bahut Rangin Sahi
Rafi - Yeh Duniya Patang Nit
Races - Big Broom
Races - Lies
Radiorama - Aliens
Rafael Duaity - Não Me Deixe Assim (I Bruise Easily )
Randane - Skank And Move
Raluka - Out Of Your Business
Raffaella De Stefano - Chiudi Gli Occhi
Proximity - Act Now
Proximity - Come From Broken
Proximity - Painted Sorrows
Proximity - Rainbow
Proximity - Vain Intentions
Proximity - Wood Work
Rage - 6 Feet Under Ground
Rage - A Spider's Web
Rage - Alive But Dead
Rage - All This Time
Rage - All This Time [Bonus Track]
Rage - Animal Instinct
Rage - Ashes
Rage - Baby, I'm Your Nightmare
Rage - Back In Time
Rage - Beauty
Rage - Beginning Of The End
Rage - Between The Lines
Rage - Black In Mind
Rage - Bottlefield
Rage - Brainsucker
Rage - Bury All Life
Rage - Can't Get Out
Rage - Certain Days
Rage - Chaste Flesh
Rage - Concrete Wall
Rage - Dangerous Heritage
Rage - Days Of December
Rage - Death In The Afternoon
Rage - Death Is On It's Way (Falling From Grace Pt.2)
Rage - Deceiver
Rage - Deep In The Blackest Hole
Rage - Deewana
Rage - Defenders Of The Ancient Life
Rage - Desperation
Rage - Destination Day
Rage - Dies Iræ
Rage - Difference
Rage - Distant Voices
Rage - Don't Fear The Winter [Bonus Track Japan Version]
Rage - Down
Rage - Down By Law
Rage - Dust
Rage - Echoes Of Evil
Rage - End Of All Days
Rage - Enough Is Enough
Rage - Eternally
Rage - F*&K You Freaks
Rage - Face Behind The Mask
Rage - Faith
Rage - Fear
Rage - Flesh And Blood
Rage - Flowers That Fade In My Hand
Rage - For All My Niggaz & Bitches
Rage - Forever
Rage - Forever Dead
Rage - Forgive But Don't Forget
Rage - Fortress
Rage - From The Cradle To The Grave
Rage - From The Underworld
Rage - From The Underworld
Rage - Frozen Fire
Rage - Ghosts
Rage - Great Old Ones
Rage - Hand Of Glory
Rage - Hatred
Rage - HeartBlood
Rage - Her Diary's Black Pages
Rage - Higher Than The Sky
Rage - How We Treat Each Other [Bonus Track]
Rage - I Can't Control Myself [The Troggs Cover]
Rage - I Want You
Rage - Immortal Sin
Rage - In A Nameless Time
Rage - In The Darkest Hour
Rage - In Vain (I Won't Go Down)
Rage - Incomplete
Rage - Invisible Horizons
Rage - Just Alone
Rage - Kabhi Kabhi
Rage - Kho Gaya
Rage - Kill Your Gods
Rage - Last Goodbye
Rage - Law And Order [Bonus Track]
Rage - Let The Night Begin
Rage - Lost In The Ice
Rage - Lost Side Of The World
Rage - Machinery
Rage - Make My Day
Rage - Medicine
Rage - Mental Decay
Rage - Meri Jaan Pakistan
Rage - My RAGE
Rage - Neurotic
Rage - Nevermore
Rage - No Sign Of Life
Rage - Nobody Knows
Rage - Not Forever
Rage - On The Edge
Rage - On The Edge
Rage - One To Ten
Rage - Over And Over
Rage - P-5000
Rage - Paint It Black [Rolling Stones Cover]
Rage - Paint The Devil On The Wall
Rage - Power And Greed
Rage - Prayers Of Steel '94
Rage - Psycho Terror
Rage - Questions
Rage - Raw Caress
Rage - Raw Energy
Rage - Reflections Of A Shadow
Rage - Refuge
Rage - Reign Of Fear
Rage - Robbin The Hood
Rage - Round Trip
Rage - Run To You [12" Version]
Rage - Saddle The Wind
Rage - Scared To Death
Rage - Secrets In A Weird World
Rage - See You In Heaven Or Hell
Rage - Serial Killer
Rage - Shadow Out Of Time
Rage - Shame On You
Rage - She
Rage - She Killed And Smiled
Rage - Sign Of Heaven
Rage - Silent Victory
Rage - Solitary Man
Rage - Soundchaser
Rage - Spiritual Awakening
Rage - Start!
Rage - Straight To Hell
Rage - Streetwolf
Rage - Submission
Rage - Suicide
Rage - Supersonic Hydromatic
Rage - Symbols Of Our Fear
Rage - Take Me To The Water
Rage - Take My Blood
Rage - Talk To Grandpa
Rage - Talking To The Dead
Rage - That's Human Bondage
Rage - The Beggar's Last Dime
Rage - The Blow In A Row
Rage - The Body Talks
Rage - The Icecold Hand Of Destiny
Rage - The Inner Search
Rage - The Missing Link
Rage - The Pit And The Pendulum
Rage - The Price Of War
Rage - The Scaffold
Rage - The Sleep
Rage - The Unknown
Rage - Tie The Rope
Rage - Time And Place
Rage - Time Waits For Noone
Rage - Tomorrow's Yesterday
Rage - True Face In Everyone
Rage - Turn The Page
Rage - Twenty One
Rage - Under Control
Rage - Until I Die
Rage - Vanished In Haze
Rage - Vertigo
Rage - Visions
Rage - Voice From The Vault
Rage - Waiting For The Moon
Rage - Wake Me When I'm Dead
Rage - War Of Worlds
Rage - Wasteland
Rage - What's Up
Rage - When You Are Dead
Rage - Who Dares?
Rage - Without A Trace
Rage - Woman
Ramesses - Another Skeleton
Ramesses - Hand Of Glory
Ramesses - Take The Curse
Rasaq - Be True 2 It
Rasaq - Birds
Rasaq - Boppa's All On Ma Jock
Rasaq - Cant Break A Balla
Rasaq - Cant Get No Money
Rasaq - Ccc Runnin The Game
Rasaq - Come To My City
Rasaq - Dat Boy Freestyle
Rasaq - Drag Em In The River
Rasaq - Fly As The Sky
Rasaq - Fly Dude I Might Be Freestyle
Rasaq - Girlfriend
Rasaq - Got It On Lock
Rasaq - Got To Sleep
Rasaq - Gutta Gorillaz
Rasaq - Hood Guy
Rasaq - Hood Life
Rasaq - Hood Life (8 Miles & Runnin)
Rasaq - I Be Comin Down (Screwed)
Rasaq - I Got Hoes
Rasaq - I'm So Gutter
Rasaq - Intro (Go 2 Sleep)
Rasaq - It's A Must
Rasaq - It's The Color Change
Rasaq - Lay It Down
Rasaq - Mood Swing
Rasaq - Pick Up Ya Pace
Rasaq - Radio Tune In No.1
Rasaq - Realest Niggas In It
Rasaq - Screamin My Name
Rasaq - Struggle
Rasaq - Swisha In The Air
Rasaq - The Baddest Click
Rasaq - They Gonna Hate Us
Rasaq - They Watchin
Rasaq - Time 2 Shine
Rasaq - Who I Be
Rasaq - Yall Gonna See
The Product G&B - Dirty Dancin'
The Product G&B - Every Little Girl
The Product G&B - Tired Of Being Broke
Raquel Karen - In A Dream (My Love)
Rain Fell Within - A False Reality
Rain Fell Within - Alone
Rain Fell Within - Believe
Rain Fell Within - Mortal Despair
Rain Fell Within - Phased by a Hologram
Rain Fell Within - The Only One
Rain Fell Within - The Sun In My Wound
Rain Fell Within - Voices
Rashmit Arora - Cluster Of Thoughts
Rakht Movie - Ishq Bedardi, Ishq Bedardi
Rakht Movie - Kya Maine Socha
Ramlah Ram - Hanyalah Padamu Ku Cinta
Puls - Blå Skyer
Puls - Dope
Puls - Hvis Du Går
Puls - Ild I Mit Liv
Puls - Ingen Som Du
Puls - Lad Det Slå
Puls - Let It Go
Puls - Superstar
Raphaël Herrerias - Bruxelles
Raphaël Herrerias - D Aventures En Aventures
Raphaël Herrerias - Initials BB
Raphaël Herrerias - Junebug
Raphaël Herrerias - La Nuit Je Mens
Raphaël Herrerias - Marcia Baila
Raphaël Herrerias - S&M
Raphaël Herrerias - Sex On Fire
Raphaël Herrerias - Thriller
Raphaël Herrerias - Ton Heritage
Raphaël Herrerias - Trouble
Randy Class - Wrong Person
Randy Class - Yngn
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Dancing Jodi
Ras Kuko - More Love
Ram Jam - 404
Ram Jam - All For The Love Of Rock'N'Roll
Ram Jam - Hey Boogie Woman
Ram Jam - Just Like Me
Ram Jam - Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
Ram Jam - Let It All Out
Ram Jam - Overloaded
Ram Jam - Pretty Poison
Ram Jam - Saturday Night
Ram Jam - The Kid Next Door
Ram Jam - Too Bad on Your Birthday
Ram Jam - Turnpike
Ram Jam - Wanna Find Love
Rammstein - Adios
Rammstein - Alter Mann
Rammstein - Amerika
Rammstein - Amor
Rammstein - Amour
Rammstein - Animal
Rammstein - Arise, Arise!
Rammstein - Asche Zu Asche
Rammstein - Ashes To Ashes
Rammstein - B*****
Rammstein - Bend Down
Rammstein - Benzin
Rammstein - Bestrafe Mich
Rammstein - Buckstabu
Rammstein - Bück Dich
Rammstein - Dalai Lama
Rammstein - Das Alte Leid
Rammstein - Das Modell
Rammstein - Das Modell (The Model) (English)
Rammstein - Der Meister
Rammstein - Do You Want To See The Bed In Flames
Rammstein - Donaukinder
Rammstein - Du hast (Remix by Jacob Hellner)
Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut
Rammstein - Eifersucht
Rammstein - Engel (english Version)
Rammstein - Feuer Frei!
Rammstein - Feuer und Wasser
Rammstein - Feuerreder
Rammstein - Feuerräder
Rammstein - Feuerräder (Wheels Of Fire) (English)
Rammstein - Fog
Rammstein - Frühling in Paris
Rammstein - Führe Mich
Rammstein - Good-Bye
Rammstein - Haifisch
Rammstein - Halleluja
Rammstein - Halt
Rammstein - Heartache
Rammstein - Hermaphrodite
Rammstein - Herzeleid
Rammstein - Hilf Mir
Rammstein - Hitler
Rammstein - I Want
Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh
Rammstein - In/out
Rammstein - Jealousy
Rammstein - Jeder Lacht
Rammstein - Keine Lust
Rammstein - Kiss Me (Furryfrog)
Rammstein - Klavier
Rammstein - Kokain
Rammstein - Korea Pants
Rammstein - Küss Mich (Englisch)
Rammstein - Küss Mich (Fellfrosch)
Rammstein - Laichzeit
Rammstein - Left 2 3 4
Rammstein - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
Rammstein - Liese
Rammstein - Links 2 3 4
Rammstein - Longing
Rammstein - Los
Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann
Rammstein - Marry Me
Rammstein - Mehr
Rammstein - Mein Land
Rammstein - Mein Teil
Rammstein - Mist
Rammstein - Morgenstern
Rammstein - Moskau
Rammstein - Mother
Rammstein - Mutter
Rammstein - My Heart Burns
Rammstein - Nebel
Rammstein - Ohne Dich
Rammstein - Open Fire!
Rammstein - Outro
Rammstein - P***y
Rammstein - Pet Cemetery
Rammstein - Piano
Rammstein - Play With Me
Rammstein - Punish Me
Rammstein - Pussy
Rammstein - Rammlied
Rammstein - Rein Raus
Rammstein - Rosenrot
Rammstein - Roter Sand
Rammstein - Sailor
Rammstein - Schtiel
Rammstein - Schwarzes Glas
Rammstein - Seemann
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Rammstein - Spawntime
Rammstein - Special Live At Olympic Stadium Moscow
Rammstein - Spiel Mit Mir
Rammstein - Spieluhr
Rammstein - Stein um Stein
Rammstein - Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don't Die Before I Do)
Rammstein - Stripped
Rammstein - Stripped [Live in Paris, France]
Rammstein - Sun
Rammstein - Te Quiero Puta!
Rammstein - The Master
Rammstein - Trüffelschwein
Rammstein - Vergiss Uns Nicht
Rammstein - Weisses Fleisch
Rammstein - White Flesh
Rammstein - Wiener Blut
Rammstein - Wild Wine
Rammstein - Wilder Wein
Rammstein - Wo Bist Du
Rammstein - Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?
Rammstein - You Have
Rammstein - You Smell So Good
Rammstein - Zerstören
Rammstein - Zwitter
R.X.R.A. - Little Light Of Love
Ralfe Band - 1500 Years
Quiz - Glider
Quiz - Gra na żywo
Quiz - Gra o wszystko
Ras Mathew - Ganja In My Brain
Ramiele Malubay - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Ramiele Malubay - Don't Leave Me This Way
Ramazan Erbas - Ocaga Koydum Kazan
Pull Tiger Tail - ...For No One
Pull Tiger Tail - Air Born
Pull Tiger Tail - Animator
Pull Tiger Tail - Eugene
Pull Tiger Tail - Even Good Kids Make Bad Sports
Pull Tiger Tail - Hurricanes
Pull Tiger Tail - I Call It It
Pull Tiger Tail - It's About Destruction...
Pull Tiger Tail - Let's Lightning
Pull Tiger Tail - Loki
Pull Tiger Tail - Mr. 100%
Pull Tiger Tail - Say What You Can't Say
Pull Tiger Tail - Secret Says
Rabujos - Inimigos Da Verdade
Ramona Rey - Jak To Widzisz
Ramona Rey - Pieknie Jest
Ramona Rey - Skarb
Ramona Rey - Zanim Slonce Wstanie
Ramona Rey - Znajdz I Wez
Ralph Van Manen - Miracle Of Mercy
Raise Your Voice Movie - Are You Ready
Raise Your Voice Movie - Change In My Condition
Raise Your Voice Movie - Home
Raise Your Voice Movie - Jericho
Raise Your Voice Movie - Play It Loud
Raise Your Voice Movie - Someone's Watching Over Me
Raise Your Voice Movie - Walking On Sunshine
Raise Your Voice Movie - We Might As Well Be Strangers
Ramona Wulf - 4 On The Floor
Ramona Wulf - All I Want Is You
Ramona Wulf - Alles Was Wir Woll'n Auf Erden
Ramona Wulf - Baby It's The Rain
Ramona Wulf - Body Beat
Ramona Wulf - Boomerang
Ramona Wulf - Cat's Eyes
Ramona Wulf - Das Weiss Der Himmel Allein
Ramona Wulf - Du - Ich Brauche Was Und Das Bist Du (You)
Ramona Wulf - Ein Rosarotes Himmelbett (Paper Maché)
Ramona Wulf - Ein Tolles Ding
Ramona Wulf - English Rose
Ramona Wulf - Flashdance - Tanz Im Feuer (What A Feeling)
Ramona Wulf - Heartbeat
Ramona Wulf - I Can't Say No
Ramona Wulf - I'll Never Marry In The Summertime
Ramona Wulf - Ich Glaube An Die Menschlichkeit (The Wine Is Young)
Ramona Wulf - Ich Muß Telefonieren
Ramona Wulf - Jeder Ist Nur Eine Hälfte
Ramona Wulf - Jump Into The Fire
Ramona Wulf - Kein Prinz, Kein Held, Kein Millionär
Ramona Wulf - Liebe Ist Ein Schönes Spiel
Ramona Wulf - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
Ramona Wulf - Lieben Lachen Und Weinen
Ramona Wulf - Lieber Dich Und Kein Geld
Ramona Wulf - Natural Man (I'm A Natural Woman)
Ramona Wulf - Night And Day
Ramona Wulf - Nuit Et Jour (Night And Day)
Ramona Wulf - Nur Probleme
Ramona Wulf - One Man For The Moonlite
Ramona Wulf - Paff, Der Zauberdrachen (Puff)
Ramona Wulf - Parlez Moi D'amour
Ramona Wulf - Please Call Me Now
Ramona Wulf - Save The Last Dance For Me
Ramona Wulf - Shade Your Eyes From The Daylight
Ramona Wulf - Shake What Yo' Mama Give Ya
Ramona Wulf - Shock Of Love
Ramona Wulf - Step By Step (Special Disco Mix By Wally McDonald & Marty Angelo)
Ramona Wulf - Teacher
Ramona Wulf - Thank You Baby
Ramona Wulf - Unser Leben
Ramona Wulf - Weinen Ist Silber, Lachen Ist Gold
Ramona Wulf - When A Girl's In Love
Ramona Wulf - Young Love
Rarely Herd - I Haven't Seen Mary In Years
Rapper Big Pooh - Between The Lines
Rapper Big Pooh - Dash's Interlude
Rapper Big Pooh - Every Block
Rapper Big Pooh - Hands Up
Rapper Big Pooh - Happy Birthday
Rapper Big Pooh - Heart Of The City
Rapper Big Pooh - I Don't Care
Rapper Big Pooh - Jambalaya
Rapper Big Pooh - Just Friends
Rapper Big Pooh - Move
Rapper Big Pooh - Nothing Less
Rapper Big Pooh - Now Ft. Murs & 9th Wonder
Rapper Big Pooh - On The Real
Rapper Big Pooh - People (Remix)
Rapper Big Pooh - Radio
Rapper Big Pooh - Rapperpooh-A-Lude
Rapper Big Pooh - Rearview Mirror
Rapper Big Pooh - Roll Call
Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback
Rapper Big Pooh - The Jungle
Rapper Big Pooh - The Life
Rapper Big Pooh - The Release
Rapper Big Pooh - Wooden Wall Silverware
Rakalid - Anonymous
Rakalid - Wait For Me
Ralph Marterie - Pretend
Rafael Hernandez - El Buen Borincano
Random Ruins Of Reality - Agony
Random Ruins Of Reality - Death Warrant
Random Ruins Of Reality - Forced March
Random Ruins Of Reality - Let My Soul Fade
Random Ruins Of Reality - Litespeed
Random Ruins Of Reality - Right Time
Random Ruins Of Reality - Somatostatine
Random Ruins Of Reality - The Awakening (Time Has Come)
Random Ruins Of Reality - The Dark Side
Random Ruins Of Reality - Timeless Void
Random Ruins Of Reality - Unbeaten
The Rakes - 1989
The Rakes - 22 Grand Job
The Rakes - All Too Human
The Rakes - Just Got Paid
The Rakes - Leave the City and Come Home
The Rakes - Little Superstitions
The Rakes - On a Mission
The Rakes - Open Book
The Rakes - Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge
The Rakes - Strasbourg
The Rakes - Suspicious Eyes
The Rakes - T Bone
The Rakes - Terror!
The Rakes - That's The Reason
The Rakes - The Final Hill
The Rakes - The Guilt
The Rakes - The light from your Mac
The Rakes - The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
The Rakes - Trouble
The Rakes - Violent
The Rakes - We Are All Animals
The Rakes - We Danced Together
The Rakes - When Tom Cruise Cries
The Rakes - Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)
Raiz - Manteniendose Real
Raiz - Rinasco Piu In La
Raiz - Scegli Me
Radar 2.4.1 - Melhor Da Vida
Radar 2.4.1 - Tudo Mudou
Racing Kites - A Moment Or A Lifetime
Racing Kites - All Night Is Alright