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Paul Thorn - I Don't Like Half The Folks I Love
Paul Thorn - I Hope I'm Doing This Right
Paul Thorn - It's A Great Day To Whup Somebody's Ass
Paul Thorn - Jukin
Paul Thorn - Love Scar
Paul Thorn - Nona Lisa
Paul Thorn - Pimps & Preachers
Paul Thorn - Ray Ann's Shoes
Paul Thorn - That's Life
Paul Thorn - Weeds In My Roses
Paul Thorn - When The Long Road Ends
Paul Thorn - You Might Be Wrong
Paul Thorn - You're Not The Only One
Paty Cantú - De Nuevo
Paty Cantú - Déjame Ir
Paty Cantú - No Fue Suficiente
Peter Fox - Alles Neu
Peter Fox - Der Letzte Tag
Peter Fox - Haus Am See
Peter Fox - Kopf Verloren
Peter Fox - Lok Auf 2 Beinen
Peter Fox - Schwarz Zu Blau
Peter Fox - Stadtaffe
Peter Fox - Stjernetegn
Paula Vesala - Pahempi Toistaan
Paula Vesala - Sori
Paula Vesala - Tequila
Pegz - Glamours
Pegz - What Would Happen?
Payaso - Gangsters
Payaso - Listening To My Oldies
Payaso - Love Between A Boy And Girl
Payaso - My Everything
Payaso - No Tears On My Pillow
Peter Bradley Adams - Always
Peter Bradley Adams - Awaken
Peter Bradley Adams - Between Us
Peter Bradley Adams - Darkening Sky
Peter Bradley Adams - Don't Rest Your Weight On Me Now
Peter Bradley Adams - Emily's Rain
Peter Bradley Adams - Family Name
Peter Bradley Adams - For You
Peter Bradley Adams - From The Sky
Peter Bradley Adams - Full Moon Song
Peter Bradley Adams - Gather Up
Peter Bradley Adams - He Sang
Peter Bradley Adams - Heart Of A Girl
Peter Bradley Adams - I May Not Let Go
Peter Bradley Adams - I Won't
Peter Bradley Adams - I'll Forget You
Peter Bradley Adams - Keep Us
Peter Bradley Adams - Lay Your Head Down
Peter Bradley Adams and Renee Stahl - Little Stranger
Peter Bradley Adams - London Bridge Is Falling Down
Peter Bradley Adams - Los Angeles
Peter Bradley Adams - Mother Don't Look Down
Peter Bradley Adams - My Love Is My Love
Peter Bradley Adams - Ohio
Peter Bradley Adams and Susie Suh - One Foot Down
Peter Bradley Adams and Quincy - Queen of Hearts
Peter Bradley Adams - Real Love
Peter Bradley Adams - So Are You To Me
Peter Bradley Adams and Sara Bareilles - Teresa
Peter Bradley Adams - The Longer I Run
Peter Bradley Adams - Under My Skin
Peter Bradley Adams and Susie Suh - Unreconciled
Peter Bradley Adams - Walk Away
Peter Bradley Adams - Waltz For The Faithless
Pepe Deluxe - Lying Peacefully
La Pestilencia - Anuncia Tu Muerte
La Pestilencia - Carne Molida
La Pestilencia - Cordero Arrepentido
La Pestilencia - El Pais del Sagrado Corazon
La Pestilencia - Nada Me Obliga
La Pestilencia - Pestilente Asesino
La Pestilencia - Vivir Tiene Sentido
Pescado Rabioso - A Starosta, El Idiota
Pescado Rabioso - Blues De Cris
Pescado Rabioso - La Sed Verdadera
Pescado Rabioso - Las Habladurías del Mundo
Pescado Rabioso - Por
Pescado Rabioso - Superchería
Pescado Rabioso - Todas Las Hojas Son Del Viento
Peach - 1965
Peach - Aaxxx
Peach - Beautiful Toys
Peach - Burn
Peach - Dougal
Peach - Fuck The Pain Away
Peach - Give Me Tomorrow
Peach - Naked
Peach - On My Own
Peach - Peach
Peach - Signpost In The Sea
Peach - Skin
Peach - Tell Me
Peach - Velvet
Peach - You Lied
Peter Jacques Band - Walking On Music
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Act Like You Know
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - All Souled Out
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - All The Places
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Anger In The Nation
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Can't Front On Me
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Check It Out
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Escape
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Get On The Mic
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Ghettos Of The Mind
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Go With The Flow
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Good Life
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - I Get Physical
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - I Got A Love
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Interlude After T.R.O.Y. *
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - It's On You
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Lots Of Lovin
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Skinz
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Soul Brother #1
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Sun Won't Come Out
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Tell Me
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - The Basement
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - The Creator
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (Troy)
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Wig Out
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Worldwide
The Paperboys - Boatdrinks
The Paperboys - Change My Stars
The Paperboys - Ditty
The Paperboys - Fall Down With You
The Paperboys - Fly Away (The Great Escape)
The Paperboys - Go Ahead
The Paperboys - Hey Man
The Paperboys - In Between
The Paperboys - Introducing
The Paperboys - It Ain't So Strange
The Paperboys - It's Paper
The Paperboys - Last Lieutenants
The Paperboys - Lonesome Traveller
The Paperboys - Moving Up
The Paperboys - New Babylon Times
The Paperboys - On The Low (With Sofian)
The Paperboys - One Day
The Paperboys - One Of Them Days
The Paperboys - Put I On
The Paperboys - Ra Ra
The Paperboys - So Sorry
The Paperboys - Tomorrow
The Paperboys - What You Need
Peps Persson - Gunga mig
Peps Persson - Oh Boy
Peps Persson - Onådens år
Peter Skellern - You're A Lady
Paul Omiragi - O Soldier Of The Cross
Palmetto State - Good Morning
Peter Kent - For Your Love
Peter Kent - Stop'n'go
Peter Kent - Take A Ride On The Peace Train
Peter Kent - This Is My Symphony
Petey Medicci - Live From VIP
Percy Sledge - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't To Be Right
Percy Sledge - Cover Me
Percy Sledge - It Tears Me Up [New Stereo Recording]
Percy Sledge - Just Can't Stop
Percy Sledge - Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)
Percy Sledge - Out Of Left Field
Percy Sledge - Take Time To Know Her
Percy Sledge - What Am I Living For
Percy Sledge - You Don't Miss Your Water
Percy Sledge - You Really Got A Hold On Me
Percy Sledge - You're All Around Me
Peppino Di Capri - Champagne
Peppino Di Capri - Roberta
Peppino Di Capri - Una Rotonda Sul Mare
Peter Case - I'm Gonna Change My Ways
Peter Case - That Soul Twist
Peter Case - Underneath The Stars
Peter Case - Waltz Of The Angels
Peter Himmelman - Always In Disguise
Peter Himmelman - As The Stars All Fall Away
Peter Himmelman - Beneath The Damage And The Dust
Peter Himmelman - Closer
Peter Himmelman - Salt And Ashes
Peter Himmelman - This Too Will Pass
Peter Himmelman - Untitled
Peter Himmelman - You Know Me Better Than I Do
Paranoizer - Secret For Ya
Petra - All Fired Up
Petra - All The King's Horses
Petra - Altar Ego
Petra - Ancient Of Days
Petra - Angel Of Light
Petra - Armed And Dangerous
Petra - Ask Him In
Petra - Beat the System
Petra - Believer In Deed
Petra - Beyond Belief
Petra - Clean
Petra - Computer Brains
Petra - Counsel Of The Holy
Petra - Creed
Petra - Disciple
Petra - Fool's Gold
Petra - For All You're Worth
Petra - Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man
Petra - God Fixation
Petra - God Gave Rock and Roll To You
Petra - Godpleaser
Petra - Gonna Fly Away
Petra - Good News
Petra - Graverobber
Petra - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Petra - Hand On My Heart
Petra - He's Been In My Shoes
Petra - Heart Of A Hero
Petra - Hello Again
Petra - Hit You Where You Live
Petra - Hollow Eyes
Petra - I Am On The Rock
Petra - I Love the Lord
Petra - I Will Seek You
Petra - I'll Meet You There
Petra - If I Had To Die For Someone
Petra - It is Finished
Petra - Jawa
Petra - Judas Kiss
Petra - Just Reach Out
Petra - King Of Kings
Petra - Last Daze
Petra - Let Our Voices Rise Like Incense
Petra - Life As We Know It
Petra - Lord I Ligt Your Name On High
Petra - Love
Petra - Lovely Lord
Petra - Marks Of The Cross
Petra - Midnight Oil
Petra - Mine Field
Petra - No Doubt
Petra - Not Of This World
Petra - Onward Christian Soldiers
Petra - Parting Thought
Petra - Perfect World
Petra - Prayer
Petra - Praying Man
Petra - Right Place
Petra - Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
Petra - Sacred Trust
Petra - Secret Weapon
Petra - Seen And Not Heard
Petra - Set For Life
Petra - Sincerely Yours
Petra - Sleeping Giant
Petra - Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
Petra - Song Of Moses
Petra - Speak to the Sky
Petra - Stand
Petra - Stand Up
Petra - Strong Convictions
Petra - Take Me In
Petra - Test Of Time
Petra - Thankful Heart
Petra - The Battle Belongs To The Lord
Petra - The Holiest Name
Petra - The Invitation
Petra - The Mellow Medley
Petra - The Praise Medley
Petra - The Road To Zion
Petra - The Rock Medley- Stand Up/Not By Sight/Judas' Kiss
Petra - Think On These Things
Petra - Think Twice
Petra - This Means War
Petra - Till Everything I Do
Petra - Two Are Better Than One
Petra - Underground
Petra - Underneath The Blood
Petra - Wake Up
Petra - We Hold Our Hearts Out To You
Petra - We Need Jesus
Petra - We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
Petra - What's In A Name
Petra - Who's On The Lord's Side
Petra - Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda
Petra - You Are I Am
Peter Sommer - Tigger
Peter Sommer - Valby Bakke
Our Lives In Motion - Race Against Time
Pale Discretion - Disce Pati
Phantom Blues Band - Part Time Love
Peter Lewy - Some Other Way
Pete Shelley - I Generate A Feeling
Pete Shelley - I Just Wanna Touch
Pete Shelley - I Surrender
Pete Shelley - If You Ask Me I Won't Say No
Pete Shelley - In Love With Somebody Else
Pete Shelley - Keats' Song
Pete Shelley - Life Without Reason
Pete Shelley - Love In Vain
Pete Shelley - Maxine
Pete Shelley - No Moon
Pete Shelley - On Your Own
Pete Shelley - Pusher Man
Pete Shelley - Qu'est-Ce Que C'est Que Ca?
Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator
Pete Shelley - They're Coming For You
Pete Shelley - Twilight
Pete Shelley - What Was Heaven?
Pete Shelley - Yesterday's Not Here
Pete Shelley - You And I
Pasi Vainionperä - Hetki Kaunis
Pasi Vainionperä - Ole totta
Pasi Vainionperä - Rakkaudessa suuria
Pepper & Piano - You Took My Heart
Pentangle - A Woman Like You
Pentangle - Bruton Town
Pentangle - Cruel Sister [Live]
Pentangle - I Loved A Lass
Pentangle - I've Got A Feeling
Pentangle - Light Flight [Theme From Take Three Girls]
Pentangle - Lyke-Wake Dirge
Pentangle - Market Song
Pentangle - No More My Lord
Pentangle - Omie Wise
Pentangle - Running From Home
Pentangle - Sally Free And Easy
Pentangle - She Moved Through the Fair
Pentangle - So Early In The Spring
Pentangle - Sovay
Pentangle - Sweet Child
Pentangle - The Trees They Do Grow High
Pentangle - Turn Your Money Green
Pentangle - Watch The Stars
Pentangle - When I Was In My Prime
Paulo Sergio - Meu Filho Deus Que Lhe Proteja
Pete Philly - Mystery Repeats
Phil Coley - The Golden Greek
Peter Criss - By Myself
Peter Criss - Doesn't Get Better Than This
Peter Criss - Don't You Let Me Down
Peter Criss - Easy Thing
Peter Criss - Hooked On Rock And Roll
Peter Criss - I Can't Stop The Rain
Peter Criss - I Found Love
Peter Criss - In Trouble Again
Peter Criss - Last Night
Peter Criss - Let Me Rock You
Peter Criss - My Life
Peter Criss - Send In The Clowns
Peter Criss - Space Ace
Peter Criss - Tears
PH Electro - Every Breath You Take
PH Electro - Stereo Mexico
Paul Vance - Dommage, Dommage (Too Bad, Too Bad)
Pete. - All Love Is A Lie
Pete. - Awake
Pete. - Burn
Pete. - Bury Me
Pete. - Cold Cocked
Pete. - Discontent
Pete. - Drugstore Alibi
Pete. - Sweet Daze
Pete. - Untied
Perrito Faldero - No Me Mires
Peter, Paul And Mary - 'twas The Night Before Christmas
Peter, Paul And Mary - 500 Miles
Peter, Paul And Mary - 75 Septembers
Peter, Paul And Mary - A Soalin'
Peter, Paul And Mary - A'soalin'
Peter, Paul And Mary - All God's Critters
Peter, Paul And Mary - All Mixed Up
Peter, Paul And Mary - Apologize
Peter, Paul And Mary - Autumn To May
Peter, Paul And Mary - Babylon/oh, Sinner Man
Peter, Paul And Mary - Ballad Of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster)
Peter, Paul And Mary - Blowing In The Wind
Peter, Paul And Mary - Boa Constrictor
Peter, Paul And Mary - By Surprise
Peter, Paul And Mary - Children Go Where I Send Thee
Peter, Paul And Mary - Christmas Dinner
Peter, Paul And Mary - Coming Of The Roads
Peter, Paul And Mary - Cruel War
Peter, Paul And Mary - Danny's Downs
Peter, Paul And Mary - Day Is Done
Peter, Paul And Mary - Deportee
Peter, Paul And Mary - Dodi Li
Peter, Paul And Mary - Don T Laugh At Me
Peter, Paul And Mary - Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom
Peter, Paul And Mary - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Peter, Paul And Mary - El Salvador
Peter, Paul And Mary - Every Flower
Peter, Paul And Mary - For Lovin' Me
Peter, Paul And Mary - For The Love Of It All
Peter, Paul And Mary - Freight Train
Peter, Paul And Mary - Gilgarra Mountain
Peter, Paul And Mary - Going To The Zoo
Peter, Paul And Mary - Golden Vanity
Peter, Paul And Mary - Gone The Rainbow
Peter, Paul And Mary - Greenland Whale Fisheries
Peter, Paul And Mary - Greenwood
Peter, Paul And Mary - Hayo, Haya
Peter, Paul And Mary - Honk
Peter, Paul And Mary - Hurry Sundown
Peter, Paul And Mary - I Am Your Child
Peter, Paul And Mary - I Have A Song To Sing, O!
Peter, Paul And Mary - I Shall Be Released
Peter, Paul And Mary - I'd Rather Be In Love
Peter, Paul And Mary - I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog
Peter, Paul And Mary - If I Had My Way
Peter, Paul And Mary - Indian Sunset
Peter, Paul And Mary - Invisible People
Peter, Paul And Mary - It's Raining
Peter, Paul And Mary - Jesus On The Wire
Peter, Paul And Mary - Jimmy Whalen
Peter, Paul And Mary - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Peter, Paul And Mary - Le Déserteur
Peter, Paul And Mary - Leatherwing Bat
Peter, Paul And Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane
Peter, Paul And Mary - Lemon Tree
Peter, Paul And Mary - Light One Candle
Peter, Paul And Mary - Like The First Time
Peter, Paul And Mary - Long Chain On
Peter, Paul And Mary - Mockingbird
Peter, Paul And Mary - Mon Vrai Destin
Peter, Paul And Mary - Music Speaks Louder Than Words
Peter, Paul And Mary - No Easy Walk To Freedom
Peter, Paul And Mary - Norman Normal
Peter, Paul And Mary - Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
Peter, Paul And Mary - Old Coat
Peter, Paul And Mary - On A Desert Island (With You In My Dreams)
Peter, Paul And Mary - Pack Up Your Sorrows
Peter, Paul And Mary - Polly Von
Peter, Paul And Mary - Power
Peter, Paul And Mary - Rich Man, Poor Man
Peter, Paul And Mary - River Of Jordan
Peter, Paul And Mary - Rocky Road
Peter, Paul And Mary - Rolling Home
Peter, Paul And Mary - September Song
Peter, Paul And Mary - Some Walls
Peter, Paul And Mary - Song Of Peace (Finlandia)
Peter, Paul And Mary - Stewball
Peter, Paul And Mary - Take The Chance
Peter, Paul And Mary - Talkin' Candy Bar Blues
Peter, Paul And Mary - Tell It On The Mountain
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Good Times We Had
Peter, Paul And Mary - The House Song
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Kid
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Marvelous Toy
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Other Side Of This Life
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Rising Of The Moon
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Peter, Paul And Mary - The Wedding Song (There Is Love)
Peter, Paul And Mary - There's Anger In The Land
Peter, Paul And Mary - This Land Is Your Land
Peter, Paul And Mary - Tiny Sparrow
Peter, Paul And Mary - Too Much of Nothing
Peter, Paul And Mary - Very Last Day
Peter, Paul And Mary - Virtual Party
Peter, Paul And Mary - Wasn't That A Time
Peter, Paul And Mary - Wayfaring Stranger
Peter, Paul And Mary - Weave Me The Sunshine
Peter, Paul And Mary - Weave Me The Sunshine (From The Puff The Magic Dra
Peter, Paul And Mary - Whispered Words
Peter, Paul And Mary - Would You Like To Learn To Dance?
Peter, Paul And Mary - Yuppies In The Sky
Peter Kay - Children In Need 2009 Charity Song
Susan Boyle and Peter Kay - I Know Him So Well
Peter Kay - Max And Paddy's Road To Nowhere Theme
Park Avenue Music - Automatic
Park Avenue Music - December Snapshots
Park Avenue Music - Invitation To A Closet
Park Avenue Music - Lachrymose Obsequious Vehement Elated
Park Avenue Music - On August 15 (I'll Go)
Park Avenue Music - Over
Park Avenue Music - She Teaches Art?
Patrick Sweany - Working For You
Penelope Austin - Don't Rescue Me
Penelope Austin - The Dark Collide
Permanent Me - 4AM
Permanent Me - Allison
Permanent Me - Ambient And Grey
Permanent Me - Blackjaw
Permanent Me - Christine
Permanent Me - Dead To You
Permanent Me - Setting Off The Beautiful
Phil Lam - 高山低谷
Patrick Jørgensen - Million Questions
Peyce Byron - Restored
Peyce Byron - Resurrection
Peyce Byron - Shame
Peyce Byron - Stand
Peyce Byron - Transformed
Peter Baumann - Be Mine
Peter Baumann - Cash
Peter Baumann - Glass House
Peter Baumann - Ground Zero
Peter Baumann - Home Sweet Home
Peter Baumann - King Of The Jungle
Peter Baumann - Metro Man
Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat
Peter Baumann - Strangers In The Night
Peter Baumann - Taxi
Peter Baumann - Time Machine
Pg. 99 - Friendship
Phil Ochs - Another Age
Phil Ochs - Another Country
Phil Ochs - Automation Song
Phil Ochs - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me
Phil Ochs - Ballad Of Alferd Packer
Phil Ochs - Ballad Of Medgar Evers
Phil Ochs - Ballad Of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)
Phil Ochs - Basket In The Pool
Phil Ochs - Bound For Glory
Phil Ochs - Boy In Ohio
Phil Ochs - Bracero
Phil Ochs - Bullets Of Mexico
Phil Ochs - Celia
Phil Ochs - Changes
Phil Ochs - Chords Of Fame
Phil Ochs - City Boy
Phil Ochs - Cops Of The World
Phil Ochs - Do What I Have To Do
Phil Ochs - Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore
Phil Ochs - Draft Dodger Rag
Phil Ochs - Flower Lady
Phil Ochs - Gas Station Women
Phil Ochs - Half A Century High
Phil Ochs - Hazard, Kentucky
Phil Ochs - Here's to the State of Mississippi
Phil Ochs - Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon
Phil Ochs - Highwayman
Phil Ochs - Hills Of West Virginia
Phil Ochs - How Long
Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore
Phil Ochs - I Kill Therefore I Am
Phil Ochs - I'll Be There
Phil Ochs - I'm Going To Say It Now
Phil Ochs - I'm Tired
Phil Ochs - If I Knew
Phil Ochs - Is There Anybody Here?
Phil Ochs - Jim Dean Of Indiana
Phil Ochs - Joe Hill
Phil Ochs - Knock On The Door
Phil Ochs - Links On The Chain
Phil Ochs - Lou Marsh
Phil Ochs - Love Me, I'm A Liberal
Phil Ochs - Miranda
Phil Ochs - Morning
Phil Ochs - My Kingdom For A Car
Phil Ochs - My Life
Phil Ochs - No Christmas In Kentucky
Phil Ochs - No More Songs
Phil Ochs - On My Way
Phil Ochs - One Way Ticket Home
Phil Ochs - Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
Phil Ochs - Pleasures Of The Harbor
Phil Ochs - Power And Glory
Phil Ochs - Pretty Smart On My Part
Phil Ochs - Rehearsals For Retirement
Phil Ochs - Remember Me
Phil Ochs - Ringing Of Revolution
Phil Ochs - Rivers Of The Blood
Phil Ochs - Santo Domingo
Phil Ochs - Song Of My Returning
Phil Ochs - Spaceman
Phil Ochs - Spanish Civil War Song
Phil Ochs - Talking Birmingham Jam
Phil Ochs - Talking Cuban Crisis
Phil Ochs - Talking Vietnam Blues
Phil Ochs - Tape From California
Phil Ochs - Ten Cents A Coup
Phil Ochs - That Was The President
Phil Ochs - That's The Way It's Gonna Be
Phil Ochs - The A.M.A. Song
Phil Ochs - The Ballad Of William Worthy
Phil Ochs - The Bells
Phil Ochs - The Crucifixion
Phil Ochs - The Doll House
Phil Ochs - The Marines Have Landed On The Shores Of Santo Domingo
Phil Ochs - The Party
Phil Ochs - The Passing of My Life
Phil Ochs - The War Is Over
Phil Ochs - The World Began In Eden And Ended In Los Angeles
Phil Ochs - There But For Fortune
Phil Ochs - Thresher
Phil Ochs - What Are You Fighting For?
Phil Ochs - When I'm Gone
Phil Ochs - White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land
Phil Ochs - William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park And Escapes Unscathed
Phil Ochs - William Moore
Pepe Alva - Adoro Yo
Pepe Alva - Cada Vez
Pepe Alva - Comprometida
Pepe Alva - Matarina
Pelican - Final Breath
Phil Carmen - Reason Return
Palla & Lana - Applausi
Palla & Lana - Chiedo A Te
Palla & Lana - Cuore Nero
Palla & Lana - Da Bootsleg
Palla & Lana - E' Tutto Qua
Palla & Lana - Hater Vs. Hater
Palla & Lana - Il Mio Fuoco
Palla & Lana - Interludio - Dj S.I.D.
Palla & Lana - Intoccabili (Trailer)
Palla & Lana - Intro
Palla & Lana - La Vita Non Paga
Palla & Lana - Ne Sento Il Bisogno
Palla & Lana - Non Basta Mai
Palla & Lana - Non Si Vedono
Palla & Lana - Note Di Strada
Palla & Lana - Stupendo
Palla & Lana - Tell Me
Palla & Lana - Tour De Force
Peter Maffay - Angela
Peter Maffay - Auf Dem Weg Zu Mir
Peter Maffay - Dann Komm Zu Mir
Peter Maffay - Die Zeit Hält Nur In Träumen An
Peter Maffay - Du
Peter Maffay - Eiszeit
23 feat. Peter Maffay - Erwachsen Sein
Peter Maffay - Ich Such Meinen Stern
Peter Maffay - Josie
Peter Maffay - Karneval Der Nacht
Peter Maffay - Lieber Gott
Peter Maffay - Moustahil
Peter Maffay - Nessaja
Peter Maffay - Tiefer
Peter Maffay - Tyrion
Peter Maffay - Und Es War Sommer
Peter Maffay - Verlier Sie Nicht
Peter Maffay - Von Mann Zu Mann
Peter Maffay - Weil Es Dich Gibt
Peter Maffay - Wo Steht Das Geschrieben?
Peter Maffay - Zwei In Einem Boot
Phil Marshall - A Love
Phil Marshall - A Shake of the Head
Phil Marshall - Anna Lea
Phil Marshall - Blues Myself
Phil Marshall - Crawl
Phil Marshall - December Girl
Phil Marshall - Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like a Bee
Phil Marshall - Free
Phil Marshall - Go It Alone
Phil Marshall - Gravity
Phil Marshall - Happy Go Lucky Guy
Phil Marshall - Hijacked
Phil Marshall - How Long?
Phil Marshall - I See You Calling
Phil Marshall - In A Little While
Phil Marshall - It's Not My Fault
Phil Marshall - My Medicine Me
Phil Marshall - Recognise
Phil Marshall - Satday Morning and Lemonheads
Phil Marshall - She Had to Leave
Phil Marshall - Start A New
Phil Marshall - Sunshine
Phil Marshall - Touched
Phil Marshall - Trippy
Pete Murray - Always A Winner
Pete Murray - Bail Me Out
Pete Murray - Better Days
Pete Murray - Blue Sky Blue
Pete Murray - Broken
Pete Murray - Fall Your Way
Pete Murray - Feeler
Pete Murray - Freedom
Pete Murray - H.O.L.L.A.N.D
Pete Murray - Hold It All For Love
Pete Murray - Hurricane Coming
Pete Murray - Led
Pete Murray - Let You Go
Pete Murray - Lines
Pete Murray - My Time
Pete Murray - No More
Pete Murray - Opportunity
Pete Murray - Please
Pete Murray - Saving Grace
Pete Murray - Tattoo Stained
Pete Murray - Ten Ft Tall
Pete Murray - To A Friend
Pete Murray - Tonic
Pete Murray - You Pick Me Up
Peter Tosh - (earth's) Rightful Ruler
Peter Tosh - 400 years - outtake
Peter Tosh - African
Peter Tosh - Amen
Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand
Peter Tosh - Burial
Peter Tosh - Bush Doctor
Peter Tosh - Can't Blame The Youth
Peter Tosh - Come Together
Peter Tosh - Coming In Hot
Peter Tosh - Downpresser Man
Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
Peter Tosh - Fight On
Peter Tosh - Fools Die
Peter Tosh - Get Up Stand Up
Peter Tosh - Glasshouse
Peter Tosh - Go, Tell It On The Mountain
Peter Tosh - Guide Me From My Friends
Peter Tosh - Here Comes The Sun
Peter Tosh - I Am As I Am
Peter Tosh - In My Song
Peter Tosh - Jah Guide
Peter Tosh - Jah Say No
Peter Tosh - Johnny B. Goode
Peter Tosh - Leave My Business
Peter Tosh - Legalize It
Peter Tosh - Lesson in My Life
Peter Tosh - Little Green Apples
Peter Tosh - Maga Dog
Peter Tosh - Mark Of The Beast
Peter Tosh - Nah Goa Jail
Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War
Peter Tosh - Nothing But Love
Peter Tosh - Oh Bumbo Klaat
Peter Tosh - Pick Myself Up
Peter Tosh - Reggae Mylitis
Peter Tosh - Sinner Man
Peter Tosh - Steppin Razor
Peter Tosh - Stop That Train
Peter Tosh - The Toughest
Peter Tosh - Till Your Well Runs Dry
Peter Tosh - Vampire
Peter Tosh - Wanted Dread Or Alive
Peter Tosh - What'cha Gonna Do?
Peter Tosh - Where You Gonna Run
Peter McCann - Broken White Line
Peter McCann - Do You Wanna Make Love
Peter McCann - Everybody's Got To Hold On To Something
Peter McCann - I Can't Live Without You
Peter McCann - If You Can't Find Love
Peter McCann - It's Easy
Peter McCann - Right Time Of The Night
Peter McCann - Save Me Your Love
Peter McCann - Suicide And Vine
Peter McCann - The Things You Left Behind
Phil Danyew - Beautiful King
Phil Danyew - Close Your Eyes
Phil Danyew - Nothing Without You
Phil Danyew - Silver Lining
Phil Danyew - Streetlight
Phil Danyew - The Closer We Are
Phil Danyew - Turnstile
Phil Danyew - Wake Up
Pete and Wayne - The Rectum Of Ella Fitzgerald
Pastora - Lola
Pastora - Lunes
Pass The Peace - 3 Step Program
Pass The Peace - Hourglass
Pass The Peace - Summer 101
Pass The Peace - Tables, They Turn Sometimes
Pass The Peace - Take My Hand
Peter, Sue and Marc - Djambo Djambo
Peter, Sue and Marc - Ich Ohne Dich
Peter, Sue and Marc - Keiner Hat Gesagt
Peter, Sue and Marc - Me Without You
Peter, Sue and Marc - Second Hand Company
Peppalottii - Pursuit Of Happyness
Pascale Bussières - Le Petit Chien De Laine
Pete Astudillo - Como Te Extraño
Pete Astudillo - Porque Le Gusta Bailar Cumbia
Philadelphia - Sit And Stare
Peter Mayer - A Is For Angel
Peter Mayer - Blueprints
Peter Mayer - Ever Walk With Me Lord
Peter Mayer - Funny
Peter Mayer - In The Meantime
Peter Mayer - Light My Way
Peter Mayer - Loose In The World
Peter Mayer - Michaelangelo
Peter Mayer - Might Is Love
Peter Mayer - One And One Makes Three
Peter Mayer - Only You
Peter Mayer - Pass It On
Peter Mayer - Send Me The Love
Peter Mayer - Stirrin' The Water
Peter Mayer - We Are Changed
Peter Mayer - Wind On The Water
Peter Mayer - Yes I Will
Pas Band - Aku
Patricia Carli - J'ai Besoin De Toi
Patricia Carli - Je Suis À Toi (Non Ho L'Età Per Amarti)
Patricia Carli - La Découverte
Patricia Carli - La Vie N'est Pas Facile
Patricia Carli - Que Vois-Tu, Gitan ?
Pearl River - Cast Iron Heart
People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops
People Under The Stairs - Eat Street
People Under The Stairs - Keepin' It Live
People Under The Stairs - Mid-City Fiesta
People Under The Stairs - Montego Slay
People Under The Stairs - San Francisco Knights
People Under The Stairs - Ten Tough Guys
People Under The Stairs - The Hang Loose
People Under The Stairs - The L.A. Song
People Under The Stairs - The Suite For Beaver Part 1
People Under The Stairs - The Turndown
People Under The Stairs - The Turndown [Featuring Assault]
People Under The Stairs - Time To Rock Our Shit
People Under The Stairs - Zignaflyinblow
Pharoahe Monch - Agent Orange
Pharoahe Monch - Assassins
Pharoahe Monch - Bad M.F.
Pharoahe Monch - Behind Closed Doors
Pharoahe Monch - Black Hand Side
Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby
Pharoahe Monch - Calculated Amalgamation
Pharoahe Monch - Clap [One Day]
Pharoahe Monch - D.R.E.A.M.
Pharoahe Monch feat. Talib Kweli - D.R.E.A.M.
Pharoahe Monch - Damage
Pharoahe Monch - Desire
Pharoahe Monch feat. The Stepkids - Eht Dnarg Noisulli
Pharoahe Monch - Free
Pharoahe Monch - Fuck You
Pharoahe Monch - God Send
Pharoahe Monch - Gun Draws
Pharoahe Monch - Hell
Pharoahe Monch - Heroin Addict
Pharoahe Monch - Hold On
Pharoahe Monch - Intro (Rap)
Pharoahe Monch - Let My People Go
Pharoahe Monch - Let's Go
Pharoahe Monch - Livin It Up
Pharoahe Monch - Madden 2002
Pharoahe Monch - Mayor
Pharoahe Monch - No Mercy
Pharoahe Monch - Official
Pharoahe Monch - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pharoahe Monch - Push
Pharoahe Monch - Queens
Pharoahe Monch - Rape
Pharoahe Monch - Right Here
Pharoahe Monch - Scream
Pharoahe Monch - Shine
Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says
Pharoahe Monch - So Good
Pharoahe Monch feat. Vernon Reid - Stand Your Grand
Pharoahe Monch - Still Standing
Pharoahe Monch - The Ass
Pharoahe Monch - The Grand Illusion (Circa 1973)
Pharoahe Monch - The Hitman
Pharoahe Monch - The Jungle
Pharoahe Monch - The Light
Pharoahe Monch - The Next Shit
Pharoahe Monch - The Truth
Pharoahe Monch - The Warning
Pharoahe Monch - Time2
Pharoahe Monch - Trilogy
Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R.
Pharoahe Monch - Welcome To The Terrordrome
Pharoahe Monch - What It Is
Peggy Scott-Adams - Bill
Peggy Scott-Adams - Help Yourself
Peggy Lejonhjärta - Framåt Är Bakåt Och Bakåt Är Fel (stopp!)
Peggy Lejonhjärta - Förlorade
Philip Bailey - Back It Up
Philip Bailey - Because Of You
Philip Bailey - Children Of The Ghetto
Philip Bailey - Don't Leave Me Baby
Philip Bailey in duet with Phil Collins - Easy Lover
Philip Bailey - Echo My Heart
Philip Bailey - Go
Philip Bailey - I Go Crazy
Philip Bailey - Long Distance Love
Philip Bailey - Show You The Way To Love
Philip Bailey - Special Effect
Philip Bailey - State Of The Heart
Philip Bailey - Take This With You
Philip Bailey - The Day Will Come
Philip Bailey - Time Is A Woman
Philip Bailey - Welcome To The Club
Philip Bailey - Woman
Paquito Hechavarria feat. Rey Ruiz - Piano
Petek Dinçöz - Aklimi Bulamam
Petek Dinçöz - Allahin Belasi
Petek Dinçöz - Arkadasimin Askisin
Petek Dinçöz - Arkadaþýmýn AþKýsýn
Petek Dinçöz in duet with Özcan Deniz - Beyaz Cam
Petek Dinçöz - Bir Kez Ara
Petek Dinçöz - Foolish Casanova
Petek Dinçöz - Kismetsizim
Petek Dinçöz - Kurudum
Petek Dinçöz - Sari Mavi
Petek Dinçöz - Sen Dön Dünya
Petek Dinçöz - Yaz Deftere
Petek Dinçöz - Yine Yalnizim
Petek Dinçöz - Zevksiz
Petek Dinçöz - Çalkala
Shannon - Give Me Tonight
Scissor Sisters - It Can't Come Quickly Enough
Tomcraft - Overdose
Peasant - Hard Times
Peasant - Prescription
Peasant - Stars
Peasant - The Flask
Peterpan - 2dsd
Peterpan - Aku
Peterpan - Bebas
Peterpan - Bintang Di Surga
Peterpan - Cobalah Mengerti
Peterpan - Di Balik Awan
Peterpan - Di Belakangku
Peterpan - Distant Melody
Peterpan - Dunia Yang Terlupa
Peterpan - Dunia Yang Terlupad
Peterpan - Following The Leader
Peterpan - Hari Yang Cerah Untuk Jiwa Yang Sepi
Peterpan - Hook's Waltz
Peterpan - I Won't Grow Up
Peterpan - I'm Flying
Peterpan - I've Gotta Crow
Peterpan - Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi
Peterpan - Kisah Cintaku
Peterpan - Kota Mati
Peterpan - Kukatakan Dengan Indah
Peterpan - Langit Tak Mendengar
Peterpan - Menghapus Jejakmu
Peterpan - Menunggumu
Peterpan - Mimpi Yang Sempurna
Peterpan - Mungkin Nanti
Peterpan - Never Smile At A Crocodile
Peterpan - Sally Sendiri
Peterpan - Tak Ada Yang Abadi
Peterpan - Tak Bisakah
Peterpan - Tender Shepherd
Peterpan - Tentang Kita
Peterpan - The Second Star To The Right
Peterpan - Walau Habis Terang
Peterpan - When I Went Home
Peterpan - You Can Fly You Can Fly You Can Fly
Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye
Pez - Ain't Got Time (Automatik Remix)
Pez - Heavenly
360 feat. Pez - Just Got Started
360 feat. Pez - Live It Up
Pez - The Festival Song
Pez - The Game
Phil Stacey - 'round Here
Phil Stacey - If You Didn't Love Me
Phil Stacey - Inside Out
Phil Stacey - You're Not Shaken
Paula Sexsmith - Glory To The Lamb
Paula Sexsmith - Pour Me Out Lord
Paula Sexsmith - Sacrifice
Pela - Anytown Graffiti
Pela - Cavalry
Pela - Drop Me Off
Pela - Episodes (Diphenhydramine)
Pela - Lost To The Lonesome
Pela - Rooftops - (Moth Song Outro)
Pela - Song Writes Itself
Pela - Tenement Teeth
Pela - Trouble With River Cities, The
Pela - Waiting On The Stairs
Pela - Your Desert's Not A Desert At All
Peter Broderick - Not At Home
Paula Cole - 14
Paula Cole - 2 Lifetimes
Paula Cole - Amen
Paula Cole feat. T-boz - Be Somebody
Paula Cole - Bethlehem
Paula Cole - Betty-Oh-Beautiful
Paula Cole - Black Boots
Paula Cole - Carmen
Paula Cole - Chiaroscuro
Paula Cole - Chickadees (And Sipping Tea)
Paula Cole - Come On Inside
Paula Cole - Comin' Down
Paula Cole - Dear Gertrude
Paula Cole - El Greco
Paula Cole - Elegy
Paula Cole - Eloise
Paula Cole - Father
Paula Cole - Free
Paula Cole - Gloucester Harbor Shore
Paula Cole - Goodnight, Irene
Paula Cole - Happy Home
Paula Cole - Hard To Be Soft
Paula Cole - Hitler's Brothers
Paula Cole - Hush, Hush, Hush
Paula Cole - I Am So Ordinary
Paula Cole - I Wanna Kiss You
Paula Cole - In Our Dreams
Paula Cole - It's My Life
Paula Cole - Jolene
Paula Cole - La Tonya
Paula Cole - La Vie En Rose
Paula Cole - La Vie En Rose (English)
Paula Cole - Last November
Paula Cole - Lonelytown
Paula Cole - Love Light (Cardinal)
Paula Cole - Lovelight
Paula Cole - Me
Paula Cole - Mississippi
Paula Cole - Music In Me
Paula Cole - New York City
Paula Cole - Nietzsche's Eyes
Paula Cole - Oh John
Paula Cole - Our Revenge
Paula Cole - P.R.E.N.U.P.
Paula Cole - Pearl
Paula Cole - Postcards From East Oceanside
Paula Cole - Rhythm Of Life
Paula Cole - Road to Dead
Paula Cole - Safe In Your Arms
Paula Cole - Saturn Girl
Paula Cole - Scream
Paula Cole - Sex
Paula Cole - She Can't Feel Anything Anymore
Paula Cole - Suwannee Jo
Paula Cole - The Book of Dorothy
Paula Cole - The Hard Way
Paula Cole - The Ladder
Paula Cole - Throwing Stones
Paula Cole - Tiger
Paula Cole - Until I Met You
Paula Cole - Violet Eyes
Paula Cole - Waiting On A Miracle
Paula Cole - War
Paula Cole - Watch The Woman's Hands
Paula Cole - We Don't Know (Where We Are Going)
Paula Cole - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Paula Cole - Working Class Hero
Paula Cole - You Will Never Know
Phatfish - Castaway
Phatfish - Come To Me
Phatfish - Faint
Phatfish - For Me
Phatfish - God Made Man
Phatfish - Good To Me
Phatfish - Heavenbound
Phatfish - Here I Stand
Phatfish - I'll Wait For You
Phatfish - Soften My Heart
Phatfish - The Cross
Phatfish - There Is A Day
Phatfish - This Is What My God Is Like
Phatfish - To You King Jesus
Phatfish - Your Love
Phase Cuts - Are You Crying
Phase Cuts - Sanay Mapatawad Na
Philip Riley - Breton Drum
Philip Riley - Come Silver Moon
Philip Riley - Coventry Lullaby
Philip Riley - Slow Runs My Heart
Philip Riley - Spin The Circle Down
Phantoms - So Contagious
Phantoms - Take Cover
Pedro Fernández - Adíos
Pedro Fernández - Amiga Porfavor
Pedro Fernández - Amigo
Pedro Fernández - Amor Del Alma
Pedro Fernández - Amor Eterno
Pedro Fernández - Asi Es Un Mexicano
Pedro Fernández - Ay Corazon
Pedro Fernández - Besame Morenita, Pedro Fernandez
Pedro Fernández - Bonita
Pedro Fernández - Casa 24
Pedro Fernández - Celosa
Pedro Fernández - Como Te Extraño
Pedro Fernández - Corazón
Pedro Fernández - Corriente Y Canelo
Pedro Fernández - Costumbres
Pedro Fernández - Delincuente Juvenil
Pedro Fernández - Deseos Y Delirios(corazon0
Pedro Fernández - Diferentes
Pedro Fernández - Dile A Las Estrellas
Pedro Fernández - Déjenme Llorar
Pedro Fernández - El Aventurero
Pedro Fernández - El Jinete
Pedro Fernández - El Mejor
Pedro Fernández - El Que Mas Te Amo
Pedro Fernández - Enamorada
Pedro Fernández - Es Mi Compadre
Pedro Fernández - Esa Mujer
Pedro Fernández - Escúchame
Pedro Fernández - Estaba Escrito
Pedro Fernández - Fueron Tres Años
Pedro Fernández - Guadalajara
Pedro Fernández - Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe
Pedro Fernández - Herida Sobre Herida
Pedro Fernández - Hoy En Esta Noche
Pedro Fernández - La De La Mochila Azul
Pedro Fernández - La De Los Hoyitos
Pedro Fernández - La Estrella
Pedro Fernández - La Mugrosita
Pedro Fernández - La Mujer Que Amas
Pedro Fernández - La Otra
Pedro Fernández - La Paloma
Pedro Fernández - Laberintos De Pasion
Pedro Fernández - Lluvia De Plata
Pedro Fernández - Lo Que Me Gusta [Versión Banda]
Pedro Fernández - Loco
Pedro Fernández - Los Hombres No Deben Llorar
Pedro Fernández - Los Recuerdos de Tu Amor
Pedro Fernández - Mama Solita
Pedro Fernández - Me Encantas
Pedro Fernández - Me Quede Con Las Ganas
Pedro Fernández - Mi forma de sentir (Solo tu)
Pedro Fernández - Morir De Amor
Pedro Fernández - Ni Con Otro Corazón [Versión Banda]
Pedro Fernández - No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar
Pedro Fernández - No Pasa Nada
Pedro Fernández - No Quiero Olvidar
Pedro Fernández - No Te Puedo Querer
Pedro Fernández - No Vale La Pena
Pedro Fernández - Novia Mia
Pedro Fernández - Novillero
Pedro Fernández - Para Bien O Para Mal
Pedro Fernández - Perdoname Mi Amor Por Ser Tan Guapo
Pedro Fernández - Puras Mentiras
Pedro Fernández - Que Esto Que Lo Otro
Pedro Fernández - Que Me Castigue El Cielo
Pedro Fernández - Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer
Pedro Fernández - Quien
Pedro Fernández - Sana Mi Herida
Pedro Fernández - Serenata Huasteca
Pedro Fernández - Si Te Vas
Pedro Fernández - Si Tu Supieras
Pedro Fernández - Siete Mares
Pedro Fernández - Sin Tu Amor
Pedro Fernández - Sin Verte
Pedro Fernández - Tres Regalos
Pedro Fernández - Tu Eres Para Mi
Pedro Fernández - Tu Que Fuiste
Pedro Fernández - Vamos A Platicar
Pedro Fernández - Vida Dividida
Pedro Fernández - Virgen India
Pedro Fernández - Yo No Fui
Pedro Fernández - Yo No Se Que Me Paso
Pedro Fernández - ¿adónde Se Nos Fue El Amor?
Pedro Fernández - ¿cómo Quieres Que Te Olvide?
Phil Lynott - Angel Of Death
Phil Lynott - Are You Ready [1983] [Live]
Phil Lynott - Cathleen (A Beautiful Irish Girl)
Phil Lynott - Cowboy Song
Phil Lynott - Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Phil Lynott - Dedication
Phil Lynott - Do Anything You Want To
Phil Lynott - Don't Talk About Me Baby
Phil Lynott - Fatalistic Attitude
Phil Lynott - Gino
Phil Lynott - Girls
Phil Lynott - Growing Up
Phil Lynott - Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
Phil Lynott - Jamaican Rum
Phil Lynott - Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
Phil Lynott - Killer On The Loose
Phil Lynott - Little Bit Of Water
Phil Lynott - Ode To A Black Man
Phil Lynott - Ode To Liberty - Protest Song
Phil Lynott - Old Town
Phil Lynott - Sarah
Phil Lynott - Showdown
Phil Lynott - Solo In Soho
Phil Lynott - Still In Love With You
Phil Lynott - Talk In 79
Phil Lynott - Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
Phil Lynott - The Boys Are Back In Town
Phil Lynott - The Man's A Fool
Phil Lynott - Thunder And Lightning
Phil Lynott - Together
Peter Sellers - Intelectual
Peter - Amazonas
Peter - Birds Of Paradise
Peter - Djambo Djambo
Peter - Falling Star
Peter - Hey Mama
Peter - In Den Strassen Von Belfast
Peter - Io Senza Te
Peter - Like A Seagull
Peter - Mexican Dream
Peter - Moby Dick
Peter - My Name Is Peter
Peter Wolf - Can't Get Started
Peter Wolf - Come As You Are
Peter Wolf - Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
Peter Wolf - Five O'clock Angel
Peter Wolf - Homework
Peter Wolf - I Need You Tonight
Peter Wolf - I'm Always Asking For You
Peter Wolf - It's Too Late For Me
Peter Wolf - Leaves Us All Behind
Peter Wolf - Light's Out
Peter Wolf - Lying Low
Peter Wolf - Mamma Said
Peter Wolf - Nothing But The Wheel
Peter Wolf - Oo-Ee-Diddley-Bop!
Peter Wolf - Overnight Lows
Peter Wolf - Run Silent, Run Deep
Peter Wolf - The Green Fields Of Summer
Peter Wolf - The Night Comes Down
Peter Wolf - Thick As Thieves
Peter Wolf - Tragedy
Peter Wolf - Watch Her Move
Peter Tork - Higher And Higher
Pernilla Andersson - Huvudet Högt
Pernilla Andersson - Judy
Pernilla Andersson - Som Steg På Månen
Pheobe - Holiday Song/Final Renidition
Pheobe - Mother's Ashes
Pheobe - Ode To Children
Pheobe - Shower Song
Pheobe - Smelly Cat
Pheobe - Songs From Season 2/At The Libary
Pheobe - Songs From Season 7/At Monica's Apartment
Pheobe - The Book Of Love
Pheobe - The Snowman
Pheobe - Truth About Grandma
Pheobe - Two Of Them Kissed (Last Night)
Paula Koivuniemi - Aikaan sinikellojen
Paula Koivuniemi - Aikuinen Nainen
Paula Koivuniemi - Elän
Paula Koivuniemi - En Antaa Muuta Voi (1968)
Paula Koivuniemi - En kadu mitään
Paula Koivuniemi - Fantasiaa
Paula Koivuniemi - Harharetki
Paula Koivuniemi - Ilman minua
Paula Koivuniemi - Jos helmiä kyyneleet ois
Paula Koivuniemi - Jos konduktöörin nait
Paula Koivuniemi - Jos Luoja suo
Paula Koivuniemi - Jäin Kiinni Elämään
Paula Koivuniemi - Kadotettujen Sielujen Maa
Paula Koivuniemi - Kapteeni aika
Paula Koivuniemi - Koneeseen kadonnut
Paula Koivuniemi - Kuka pelkää Paulaa?
Paula Koivuniemi - Kun joulu on
Paula Koivuniemi - Kun kuuntelen Tomppaa
Paula Koivuniemi - Kuuleeko yö
Paula Koivuniemi - Lady Like
Paula Koivuniemi - Lohduttaja
Paula Koivuniemi - Maria
Paula Koivuniemi - Miksi ei
Paula Koivuniemi - Mikä boogie
Paula Koivuniemi - Minä olen muistanut
Paula Koivuniemi - Mitä Meille Tapahtui?
Paula Koivuniemi - Moskova
Paula Koivuniemi - Musta Tango
Paula Koivuniemi - Mustalaisnainen
Paula Koivuniemi - Mä Tahdon Kaiken
Paula Koivuniemi - Nainen
Paula Koivuniemi - Pelkään
Paula Koivuniemi - Perhonen
Paula Koivuniemi - Pyhä toimitus
Paula Koivuniemi - Rakastuin Mä Looseriin
Paula Koivuniemi - Rock Halleluja
Paula Koivuniemi - Salaa
Paula Koivuniemi - Sata kesää, tuhat yötä
Paula Koivuniemi - Sata miestä
Paula Koivuniemi - Sataa
Paula Koivuniemi - Sydän Itkee Ikävää
Paula Koivuniemi - Taas tuuli soi
Paula Koivuniemi - Tahroja Paperilla
Paula Koivuniemi - Timantti
Paula Koivuniemi - Tummat silmät, ruskea tukka
Paula Koivuniemi - Tuulee
Paula Koivuniemi - Tähti
Paula Koivuniemi - Tähtivyö
Paula Koivuniemi - Varpunen jouluaamuna
Paula Koivuniemi - Viimeinen Rakkaus
Paula Koivuniemi - Virta
Paula Koivuniemi - Ystävyys
Paula Koivuniemi - Yö
Paula Koivuniemi - Yöperhonen
Pendragon - Am I Really Losing You?
Pendragon - Back In The Spotlight
Pendragon - Circus
Pendragon - Dune
Pendragon - Edge Of The World
Pendragon - Empathy
Pendragon - Eraserhead
Pendragon - Fallen Dreams And Angels
Pendragon - I Walk The Rope
Pendragon - Nostradamus (Stargazing)
Pendragon - Prayer
Pendragon - Queen Of Hearts
Pendragon - Schizo
Pendragon - Shane
Pendragon - Sister Bluebird
Pendragon - The Third World In The Uk
Pendragon - The Voyager
Pendragon - Total Recall
Pendragon - Victims Of Life
Petri Laaksonen - Aamuyö
Petri Laaksonen - Anna minun mennä
Petri Laaksonen - Aurinko laskee
Petri Laaksonen - Avoin ikkuna
Petri Laaksonen - Eläköön elämä
Petri Laaksonen - Erämaa
Petri Laaksonen - Gabriela
Petri Laaksonen - Hiljaisuuden virvoittava maa
Petri Laaksonen - Hyvää matkaa
Petri Laaksonen - Itse näin valitsin
Petri Laaksonen - Janoinen sydän
Petri Laaksonen - Jos olisit täällä
Petri Laaksonen - Jälkeenpäin
Petri Laaksonen - Jäähyväiset
Petri Laaksonen - Kaamoksen kansa vaeltaa
Petri Laaksonen - Kallioihin jälki jää
Petri Laaksonen - Katso, sinä elät
Petri Laaksonen - Kesä älä mee
Petri Laaksonen - Kesäyön tuuli
Petri Laaksonen - Kesäyössä
Petri Laaksonen - Kevään leikit
Petri Laaksonen - Kohta sä tuut
Petri Laaksonen - Kuin sade, kuin lumi
Petri Laaksonen - Kultareunapilvet
Petri Laaksonen - Kuuntelen, katselen
Petri Laaksonen - Kyynelsilmin
Petri Laaksonen - Köyhän ralli
Petri Laaksonen - Liekkien leikki
Petri Laaksonen - Me kohtaamme aamussa kaupungin
Petri Laaksonen - Me saimme viettää juhlaa elämän
Petri Laaksonen - Meren laulua kuuntelen
Petri Laaksonen - Minä en sinua unohda
Petri Laaksonen - Minä toivoisin niin
Petri Laaksonen - On lähde salainen
Petri Laaksonen - Oot kaikki mulle
Petri Laaksonen - Ota hänet vastaan
Petri Laaksonen - Rakastan tätä maata
Petri Laaksonen - Rakkauden liekki
Petri Laaksonen - Rakkautes jää
Petri Laaksonen - Riittääkö rakkaus?
Petri Laaksonen - Saavu valo
Petri Laaksonen - Sadetta
Petri Laaksonen - Salaa
Petri Laaksonen - Silloin kun en itse jaksa
Petri Laaksonen - Silloin kun en ole enää täällä
Petri Laaksonen - Sinne lapsuuden maisemiin
Petri Laaksonen - Sinun kanssasi
Petri Laaksonen - Sitä se lienee
Petri Laaksonen - Sydämessäni on taivas
Petri Laaksonen - Syvä hiljaisuus
Petri Laaksonen - Syöksytään
Petri Laaksonen - Takana taivaan ja tuulten
Petri Laaksonen - Tein lasinkuultavan laulun
Petri Laaksonen - Toivon sinulle, ystäväni
Petri Laaksonen - Tuleen jäin
Petri Laaksonen - Tuli syttyy sydämeen
Petri Laaksonen - Tuulisinfoniaa
Petri Laaksonen - Täällä Pohjantähden alla
Petri Laaksonen - Unen jälkeen
Petri Laaksonen - Uskon, vaikken näe
Petri Laaksonen - Vain rakkaus jää
Petri Laaksonen - Valon hymni
Petri Laaksonen - Vehnänjyvän tie
Petri Laaksonen - Vierailla mailla
Petri Laaksonen - Viimeinen ilta
Petri Laaksonen - Viimeinen talvi
Petri Laaksonen - Väsynyt rakkaus
Petri Laaksonen - Yhä uudelleen kanssasi lähtisin
Petri Laaksonen - Yön halki saapukaa
Petri Laaksonen - Älä elämää pelkää
Peter Combe - Cats
Peter Morén - Erik M. Nilsson
Peter Morén - Esther
Peter Morén - Everybody's Been Burned
Peter Morén - I Spåren Av Tåren
Peter Morén - Le Petit Cœur
Peter Morén - Missing Link
Peter Morén - Odyssén
Peter Morén - Old Love
Peter Morén - Reel To Real
Peter Morén - Say My Name
Peter Morén - Social Competence
Peter Morén - Säg Mitt Namn
Peter Morén - Tell Me In Time
Zacke feat. Peter Morén - Utomlands
Peter Morén - Var Den Du Är
Peter Morén - Vinstintressen
Pepper - 7 Weeks
Pepper - Ambition
Pepper - Are You Down?
Pepper - Ashes
Pepper - B.O.O.T
Pepper - Back Home