Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 283:

Demonthor - Bloody Slaughter And Reap
Despair - Rage In The Eyes
Desperados - Earp's Vendetta
Destruction - Under Surveillance
Diabolical Masquerade - A Bad Case Of Nerves
Dies Ater - Death To Last
Dies Ater - Dethrone The Weak Mortality (2004)
Dog Fashion Disco - Hypnotic Techno Underwater Encounter
Dokken - Prisoner
Dokken - Standing In The Shadows
Dokken - Lesser Of Two Evils
Dokken - Long Way Home
Dokken - From The Beginning
Dokken - Here I Stand
Dokken - You
Dokken - Letter To Home
Dorsal Atlantica - Gathered Prisoners
VanVelzen - I'll Stand Tall
Dr. Skull - Başlama Yine
Draconian - On Sunday They Will Kill The World
Dragonland - Antimatter
Dream Theater - Constant Motion
Dreamland - Die Slowly
Dreamtale - Lost Souls
Dying Wish - Forgotten Dead
Eisblut - Wenn Der Konig Stirbt
Eisenherz - Schweig
Eluveitie - Uis Elveti
Emerald Sun - High In The Sky
Empyrium - The Shepherd And The Maiden Ghost
Eternal (the) - Crimson Sacrifice
Exciter - Burn At The Stake
Exciter - Martial Law
Exumer - Sorrows Of The Judgment
Exxplorer - Rock The Nation
F.K.U. - Beware! (Of The Evil Ünderwear)
Fairyland - The Walls of Laemnil
Falkenbach - Heathen Foray
Farmakon - Helpless
Firewind - Kill To Live
Firewind - Ready To Strike
Firewind - Dreamchaser
Firewind - Life Foreclosed
Fleshless - The Final Cut
Forsaken (The) - Creeping Death
Fragile Vastness - Somewhere
Fragile Vastness - Heart Of A Lion
Fragile Vastness - I Want To Do Something That Matters
Freak Kitchen - Heal Me
Freedom Call - Innocent World
From A Second Story Window - Oracles And Doorsteps
Furia Animal - Enseñando A Matar
Furze (The) - Whilst The Trident Spawn And Spectre
German Montero - Me He Quedado Solo
German Montero - Llevale Esta Carta A Esther
Milly Quezada - Si Te Olvidara
Milly Quezada - Solo Faltas Tu
Classic Crime (The) - The End
Classic Crime (The) - The Way That You Are
Classic Crime (The) - God & Drugs
Offsides - Ongoing Story
Lower Definition - If We Speak Quietly
Galneryus - In The Delight
Galneryus - The Scenery
Rick Springfield - Comic Book Heroes
Rick Springfield - Bad Boy
Rick Springfield - Million Dollar Face
Rick Springfield - Everybody's Girl
Rick Springfield - Daddy's Pearl
Rick Springfield - Tiger By The Tail
Rick Springfield - Stand Up
Rick Springfield - Bruce
Rick Springfield - The Power Of Love (The Tao Of Love)
Rick Springfield - Rovianne
Patric Scott - Beautiful Soul
Geist - Winters Schwingenschlag
General Surgery - Necrodecontamination
Ghoul (Italy) - Goetic Invocation
Girlschool - Play Around
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Amazed
Vanessa Hudgens - Don't Leave
Robert O'Connor - How Many Times (Can We Say Goodbye)
Alanis Morissette - 20/20
Notch - Más De Ti
Ashley Tisdale - Never Gonna Give You Up
Kady Malloy - Wish You The Worst
Ida Maria - Drive Away My Heart
Brenn Hill - Last Of The Red Rock Riders
Brenn Hill - Canadians
Brenn Hill - Little John
Lori McKenna - God Will Thank You
Lori McKenna - Unfinished Song N57
Lori McKenna - Silver Buss
Ultimo Controllo - Use Your Fear
Doro Pesch - I Had Too Much To Dream
Doro Pesch - I'll Be Holding On
Doro Pesch - Last Day Of My Life
Doro Pesch - Heaven With You
Doro Pesch - In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz
Doro Pesch - Long Way Home
Andrae Crouch - Tell Them
Tierra Cali - El Malquerido
Tickle Me Pink - The Answer
Marisela - El Amor De Mi Vida
Gloomy Grim - Bloody Grim
Go:Audio - Woodchuck's Revenge
Rosario Miraggio - Vivi Per Lui
Banky W. - I Adore U
Jennifer Hanson - It Isn't Just Raining
God Forbid - Weather The Storm
God Forbid - The Century Fades