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Roger Chapman - Hands Off
Roger Chapman - I’m A King Bee / That Same Thing / Face Of Stone
Roger Chapman - Jivin'
Roger Chapman - Keep A-Knockin’
Roger Chapman - Leader Of Men
Roger Chapman - Let Me Down
Roger Chapman - Los Dos Bailadores
Roger Chapman - Moth To A Flame
Roger Chapman - Never Love A Rolling Stone
Roger Chapman - Room Service
Roger Chapman - Run For Your Love
Roger Chapman - Step Up, Take A Bow
Roger Chapman - Sushi Rock
Roger Chapman - Talking About You
Roger Chapman - The Shape Of Things
Roger Chapman - Walking The Cat
Roger Chapman - Wild Again
Roger Chapman - Woman Of Destiny
Roger Cicero - Das Experiment
Roger Cicero - Die Liste
Roger Cicero - Ich atme ein
Roger Cicero - Ich Hab Das Gefühl Für Dich Verlor'n
Roger Cicero - Ich Idiot Ließ Dich Gehen
Roger Cicero - Mein Guter Stern Auf Allen Wegen
Roger Cicero - Murphys Gesetz
Roger Cicero - Schieß Mich Doch Zum Mond
Roger Cicero - Tausendmal Berührt
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Americano!
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Bottom Of The Bay
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Buffalo
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Easy
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - God Gave Me A Gun
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Green & Dumb
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Do
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Know You Know
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - I Speak Your Language
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Junebug In July
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Lemons
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Loco To Stay Sane
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Love Is The Road
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Never Thought
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Paper Airplanes
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Plenty
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sonoran Hope & Madness
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Sonoran Hope And Madness
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - State Of The Art
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - The Ballad Of Lupe Montosa
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Today Belongs To The Light
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Wake Up Call
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Winter In Your Heart
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Your Name On A Grain Of Rice
Roger Creager - Cowboys And Sailors
Roger Creager - Crying, Moaning
Roger Creager - Fun All Wrong
Roger Creager - Goodbye
Roger Creager - Having Fun All Wrong
Roger Creager - L.A. Freeway
Roger Creager - Late Night Case Of The Blues
Roger Creager - Long Way To Mexico
Roger Creager - Love Is Crazy
Roger Creager - The Man I Used To Be
Roger Creager - Until The Thought Of You
Roger Daltrey - After The Fire
Roger Daltrey - After The Fire (Live)
Roger Daltrey - Breaking Down Paradise
Roger Daltrey - Come And Get Your Love
Roger Daltrey - Doing It All Again
Roger Daltrey - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Roger Daltrey - Don't Wait On The Stairs
Roger Daltrey - Fallen Angel
Roger Daltrey - Free Me
Roger Daltrey - Giddy
Roger Daltrey - Going Strong
Roger Daltrey - Imagine A Man
Roger Daltrey - Is There Anybody Out There?
Roger Daltrey - It Don't Satisfy Me
Roger Daltrey - Just A Dream Away
Roger Daltrey - Leon
Roger Daltrey - Looking For You
Roger Daltrey - Love's Dream
Roger Daltrey - Martyers And Madmen
Roger Daltrey - Milk Train
Roger Daltrey - Mirror Mirror
Roger Daltrey - My Time Is Gonna Come
Roger Daltrey - One Day
Roger Daltrey - One Man Band
Roger Daltrey - One Of The Boys
Roger Daltrey - Orpheus Song
Roger Daltrey - Parade
Roger Daltrey - Proud
Roger Daltrey - Rebel
Roger Daltrey - Single Man's Dilemma
Roger Daltrey - Take Me Home
Roger Daltrey - The Price Of Love
Roger Daltrey - The Story So Far
Roger Daltrey - Treachery
Roger Daltrey - Waiting For A Friend
Roger Daltrey - When The Music Stops
Roger Daltrey - When The Thunder Comes
Roger Daltrey - White City Lights
Roger Daltrey - Would A Stranger Do?
Roger Daltrey - Written On The Wind
Roger Daltrey - You And Me
Roger Daltrey - You Can't Call It Love
Roger Daltrey - You Put Something Better Inside Me
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - Black Is The Color
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - Close To Your World
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - Gone For Long
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - Southern Wind
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - That's Where I'll Be
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - The Harvest
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters - Walk Together
Roger El Geo - Adios
Roger El Geo - Algo Nuevo
Roger El Geo - Alli Voy A Estar
Roger El Geo - Asi Soy Yo
Roger El Geo - Carrillo Puerto
Roger El Geo - De Ese Deseo Desesperado
Roger El Geo - De Repente
Roger El Geo - Despertar Feliz
Roger El Geo - Ecos En La Eternidad
Roger El Geo - El Atomo De Amor Que Me Diste Interlude
Roger El Geo - En La Ultima Pagina Del Libro
Roger El Geo - Envidias Que Alimentan
Roger El Geo - Espejo
Roger El Geo - Estereotipo
Roger El Geo - Gracias
Roger El Geo - Llegar A Ti
Roger El Geo - Lo Que Tu Buscas
Roger El Geo - Me Toca Llorar
Roger El Geo - Memorias
Roger El Geo - Mentiroso
Roger El Geo - Mi Error
Roger El Geo - My Brighter Day Will Come
Roger El Geo - No Llores
Roger El Geo - No Quedas Aqui
Roger El Geo - Nunca Otra Vez
Roger El Geo - Par De Tontos
Roger El Geo - Que Tanto Es Bastante Y Mucho
Roger El Geo - Quiereme
Roger El Geo - Sarcasmo
Roger El Geo - Si Puedo
Roger El Geo - Subire
Roger El Geo - Tertulia
Roger El Geo - Tu Mirada
Roger El Geo - Un Nuevo Dia
Roger El Geo - Verano De Verdad
Roger El Geo - Ya No Es Ella
Roger El Geo - Ya No Espero Nada
Roger El Geo - Yo Tambien
Roger Glover - Behind The Smile
Roger Glover - No Solution
Roger Hodgson - Don't You Want To Get High
Roger Hodgson - Give A Little Bit
Roger Hodgson - I'm Not Afraid
Roger Hodgson - Land Ho
Roger Hodgson - Melancholic
Roger Hodgson - No Colours
Roger Hodgson - Red Lake
Roger Hodgson - Smelly Feat
Roger Hodgson - Take The Long Way Home
Roger Hodgson - The Garden
Roger McGuinn - Beach Ball
Roger McGuinn - Eight Miles High
Roger McGuinn - Fireworks
Roger Mcguinn - Friend
Roger Mcguinn - I'm Not Lonely Anymore
Roger Mcguinn - I'm So Restless
Roger McGuinn - It's Alright, Ma
Roger Mcguinn - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Roger Mcguinn - Little Mama
Roger McGuinn - Molly Malone
Roger McGuinn - Mr. Spaceman
Roger McGuinn - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
Roger Mcguinn - Somebody Loves You
Roger Mcguinn - Stopping Traffic
Roger Mcguinn - Time Cube
Roger McGuinn - Wild Mountain Thyme
Roger McGuinn - You Showed Me
Roger Miller - Absence
Roger Miller - All I Love Is You
Roger Miller - Burning Bridges
Roger Miller - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Roger Miller - Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd
Roger Miller - Chug-A-Lug
Roger Miller - Colonel Maggie
Roger Miller - Country Girl
Roger Miller - Dad Blame Anything A Man Can't Quit
Roger Miller - Dark Side Of The Moon
Roger Miller - Dear Heart
Roger Miller - Disco Man
Roger Miller - Do You Wanna Go To Heaven
Roger Miller - Engine, Engine Number Nine
Roger Miller - Feel Of Me
Roger Miller - Half A Mind
Roger Miller - Heartbreak Hotel
Roger Miller - Hey Good Lookin'
Roger Miller - I Believe In The Sunshine
Roger Miller - I Catch Myself Crying
Roger Miller - I Know Who It Is (And I'm Gonna Tell On Them)
Roger Miller - I Love A Rodeo
Roger Miller - I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today
Roger Miller - I'd Come Back To Me
Roger Miller - I'll Pick Up My Heart & Go Home
Roger Miller - I'm Gonna Teach My Heart To Bend
Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin'
Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long
Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone) [Single Version]
Roger Miller - I've Gotten Used To The Cryin'
Roger Miller - I've Gotten Used To The Crying
Roger Miller - If I Ever Fall In Love
Roger Miller - In The Summertime
Roger Miller - In The Summertime (You Don't Want My Love)
Roger Miller - Indian Giver
Roger Miller - Invitation To The Blues
Roger Miller - It's A Miracle That You're Mine
Roger Miller - Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
Roger Miller - Jody And The Kid
Roger Miller - Kansas City Star
Roger Miller - Leavin's Not The Only Way To Go
Roger Miller - Less And Less
Roger Miller - Lou's Got The Flu
Roger Miller - Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do
Roger Miller - Loving You Is Always On My Mind
Roger Miller - Lucky Luke
Roger Miller - Me And Bobby Mcgee
Roger Miller - My Ears Should Burn
Roger Miller - My Elusive Dreams
Roger Miller - Nothing Can Stop My Love
Roger Miller - Oklahoma Woman
Roger Miller - Old Friends
Roger Miller - One Dying And A Burying
Roger Miller - Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
Roger Miller - Open Up Your Heart
Roger Miller - Our Hearts Will Play The Music
Roger Miller - Playboy
Roger Miller - Please Release Me
Roger Miller - Pleasing The Crowd
Roger Miller - Qua La Linta
Roger Miller - River In The Rain
Roger Miller - Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
Roger Miller - Shannon's Song
Roger Miller - Some Hearts Get All The Breaks
Roger Miller - Somewhere There's A Lady
Roger Miller - Sorry Willie
Roger Miller - South
Roger Miller - Squares Make The World Go Round
Roger Miller - That's The Way I Feel
Roger Miller - That's Why I Love You Like I Do
Roger Miller - The Animal Of Man
Roger Miller - The Man Who Stayed In Monterey
Roger Miller - The Moon Is High
Roger Miller - The Numbers Song
Roger Miller - The Tom Green Country Fair
Roger Miller - The Yester Waltz
Roger Miller - There's Nobody Like You
Roger Miller - Tolivar
Roger Miller - Trouble On The Turnpike
Roger Miller - Under Your Spell Again
Roger Miller - Vance
Roger Miller - Walkin' In The Sunshine
Roger Miller - Walking In The Sunshine
Roger Miller - Water Dog
Roger Miller - When Two Worlds Collide
Roger Miller - Where Have All The Average People Gone
Roger Miller - You Can't Do Me This Way
Roger Miller - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
Roger Miret And The Disasters - Gal Friend
Roger Pontare - När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn
Roger Pontare - When Spirits Are Calling My Name (English version)
Roger Pontare - When The Spirits Are Calling My Name
Roger Ridley, Grandpa Elliot, Clarence Bekker and other - Stand by Me
Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Original Mix)
Roger Sanchez - Another Chance full mix
Roger Sanchez - Another Change
Roger Sanchez - I & m Lost
Roger Sanchez - Lost
Roger Sanchez - Lost (Radio Edit)
Roger Sanchez - Nothing To Proove
Roger Sanchez - You Can't Change Me
Roger Shah - Don't Wake Me Up
Roger Shah & Chris Jones - To The Sky (Roger Shah Big Stage Mix) (!)
Roger Shah & Tenishia - You're So Cool (Big Stage Mix)
Roger Shah and Tenishia featuring Lorilee - You're So Cool (Tenishia Remix)
Roger Shah feat. Chris Jones - Put Your Hands Up
Roger Shah Feat. Chris Jones Pres. Open Minded - To The Sky (Club Mix)
Roger Taylor - Everybody Hurts Sometime
Roger Taylor - Final Destination
Roger Taylor - Future Management
Roger Taylor - I Cry For You
Roger Taylor - I Cry For You (Love Hope And Confusion)
Roger Taylor - I'm In Love With My Car
Roger Taylor - It's An Illusion
Roger Taylor - Keep A Knockin'
Roger Taylor - Killing Time
Roger Taylor - Laugh Or Cry
Roger Taylor - Let's Get Crazy
Roger Taylor - London Town C'mon Down
Roger Taylor - Loneliness
Roger Taylor - Magic Is Loose
Roger Taylor - Masters Of War
Roger Taylor - My Country I & Ii
Roger Taylor - One Night Stand
Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier
Roger Taylor - the unblinking eye 2009
Roger Taylor - The Whisperers
Roger Taylor & Freddie Mercury - A Dog With A Bone (a special fan club track 1988)
Roger Waters - 4.30Am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
Roger Waters - 4.47Am (The Remains Of Our Love)
Roger Waters - 5.11 AM (The Moment of Clarity)
Roger Waters - 5.11Am (The Moment Of Clarity)
Roger Waters - A Garden In Vienna 1765
Roger Waters - Another Brick In The Wall
Roger Waters - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
Roger Waters - Body Transport
Roger Waters - Breathe
Roger Waters - Breathe (in album 'In The Flesh Live')
Roger Waters - Bring the Boys Back Home
Roger Waters - Chain of Life
Roger Waters - Comfortably Numb (Live in Berlin)
Roger Waters - Dances And Marches
Roger Waters - Don't Leave Me Now
Roger Waters - Each Small Candle
Roger Waters - Eclipse
Roger Waters - Empty Spaces
Roger Waters - Flushed with wine
Roger Waters - Folded Flags (Waters)
Roger Waters - For The First Time Today, Part 1
Roger Waters - Four Minutes
Roger Waters - France In Disarray
Roger Waters - Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
Roger Waters - Give Birth To A Smile
Roger Waters - Goobye Blue Sky
Roger Waters - Goodbye Cruel World
Roger Waters - Happiest Days of Our Lives
Roger Waters - Hello (The last Mimzy soundtrack)
Roger Waters - Hilda's Dream
Roger Waters - Incarceration Of A Flower Child
Roger Waters - Kings, Sticks And Birds
Roger Waters - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
Roger Waters - Late Home Tonight (Part Two)
Roger Waters - Late Home Tonight, Part I
Roger Waters - Late Home Tonight, Part II
Roger Waters - Late Home Tonight,Part 2
Roger Waters - Lost Boys Calling
Roger Waters - Mother
Roger Waters - Oh My God - What A Fabulous Room
Roger Waters - One Of My Turns
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense (Part One)
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense, Part I
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense, Part Two
Roger Waters - Powers That Be
Roger Waters - Run Like Hell
Roger Waters - Sea Shell an Stone
Roger Waters - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Roger Waters - Silver, Sugar And Indigo
Roger Waters - Slavers, Landlords, Bigots At Your Door
Roger Waters - Stop
Roger Waters - Sunset Strip
Roger Waters - The Anderson Shelter
Roger Waters - The Attack (Waters)
Roger Waters - The Echoes Never Fade From That Fusillade
Roger Waters - The Execution Of Louis Capet
Roger Waters - The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Roger Waters - The Letter
Roger Waters - The Moment Of Clarity
Roger Waters - The Papal Edict
Roger Waters - The Ship Of State Is All At Sea
Roger Waters - The Thin Ice
Roger Waters - Three Wishes
Roger Waters - Three Wishes (in album 'Flickering Flame')
Roger Waters - Time
Roger Waters - To Freeze In The Dead Of Night
Roger Waters - To Laugh Is To Know How To Live
Roger Waters - To The Windward Isles
Roger Waters - Towers Of Faith
Roger Waters - Towers Of Faith (Waters)
Roger Waters - Vera
Roger Waters - Welcome to the Machine
Roger Waters - What God Wants (Part Two)
Roger Waters - What God Wants, Part II
Roger Waters - What Shall We Do Now? (Film Version)
Roger Waters/Ennio Morricone (The Legend of 1900 OST) - Lost Boys Calling
Roger Whittaker - A Time For Peace
Roger Whittaker - Beauty And The Beast Lyrics
Roger Whittaker - Born Free
Roger Whittaker - Carnival
Roger Whittaker - Darcy The Dragon
Roger Whittaker - Das Alte Schiff
Roger Whittaker - Evergreen
Roger Whittaker - Fernweh
Roger Whittaker - I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You)
Roger Whittaker - If Ever I Would Leave You (From "Camelot")
Roger Whittaker - Into The Silence
Roger Whittaker - It Rains In The Heat Of The Night
Roger Whittaker - It’s So Easy
Roger Whittaker - Keep On Chasing Rainbows
Roger Whittaker - Kilgary Mountain
Roger Whittaker - Leavin' on a jet plane
Roger Whittaker - Leaving On A Jet Plane
Roger Whittaker - Leben Mit Dir
Roger Whittaker - Make Believe
Roger Whittaker - Making Believe
Roger Whittaker - Mehr Als Alles Auf Der Welt
Roger Whittaker - Memory