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Lou Bonnevie - I'm Every Girl
Lou Bonnevie - Love Me Tonight
Lou Bonnevie - Rockin' The Beat
Lou Christie - The Gypsy Cried
Lou Gramm - Arrow Thru Your Heart
Lou Gramm - Chain Of Love
Lou Gramm - I'll Come Running
Lou Gramm - If I Don't Have You
Lou Gramm - Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys)
Lou Johnson - A Time To Love - A Time To Cry (Petite Fleur)
Lou Johnson - The Last One To Be Loved
Lou Monte - Babaluci
Lou Monte - Dominick The Donkey
Lou Monte - Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)
Lou Monte - Silver Bells
Lou Rawls - Be Anything, But Be Mine
Lou Rawls - Chains Of Love
Lou Rawls - Christmas Is
Lou Rawls - Christmas Is The Time
Lou Rawls - Fine Brown Frame
Lou Rawls - For What It's Worth
Lou Rawls - Georgia On My Mind
Lou Rawls - God Bless The Child
Lou Rawls - Goin' To Chicago Blues
Lou Rawls - I Can't Make It Alone
Lou Rawls - I Just Want To Make Love To You
Lou Rawls - If
Lou Rawls - Lady Love
Lou Rawls - Let Me Be Good To You
Lou Rawls - Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
Lou Rawls - One For My Baby One More For The Road
Lou Rawls - Pure Imagination
Lou Rawls - Silver Bells
Lou Rawls - That's Where It's At
Lou Rawls - The Girl From Ipanema
Lou Rawls - Three O'Clock In The Morning
Lou Rawls - Trouble Down Here Below
Lou Rawls - Wind Beneath My Wings
Lou Rawls - You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches
Lou Rawls - You've Made Me So Very Happy (2005 Digital Remaster)
Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find
Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love
Lou Rawls - Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
Lou Rawls And Diana Krall - At Last
Lou Reed - A Sheltered Life
Lou Reed - Adventurer
Lou Reed - All Tomorrow's Parties
Lou Reed - Animal Language
Lou Reed - Baby Face
Lou Reed - Berlin
Lou Reed - Berlin (In Album Berlin)
Lou Reed - Billy
Lou Reed - Blind Rage
Lou Reed - Bottoming Out
Lou Reed - Burning Embers
Lou Reed - Call On Me
Lou Reed - Carolin Says II
Lou Reed - Claim To Fame
Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby
Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling
Lou Reed - Dime Store Mystery
Lou Reed - Down At The Arcade
Lou Reed - Downtown Dirt
Lou Reed - Dreamin'
Lou Reed - Dreamin' - Escape
Lou Reed - Empty Bottles
Lou Reed - Endlessly Jealous
Lou Reed - Faces & Names
Lou Reed - Faces And Names
Lou Reed - Families
Lou Reed - Finish Line
Lou Reed - Fly Into The Sun
Lou Reed - Foggy Notion
Lou Reed - Follow The Leader
Lou Reed - Foot Of Pride
Lou Reed - Gassed And Stoked - Loss
Lou Reed - Goodby Mass
Lou Reed - Goodby Mass - In A Chapel Bodily Termination
Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public
Lou Reed - Guardian Angel
Lou Reed - Hang On To Your Emotions
Lou Reed - Heavenly Arms
Lou Reed - Hello It's Me
Lou Reed - Here Comes The Bride
Lou Reed - Heroin
Lou Reed - Hop Frog
Lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels
Lou Reed - I Believe
Lou Reed - I Believe In Love
Lou Reed - I Love You
Lou Reed - I Remember You
Lou Reed - I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum)
Lou Reed - I Want To Boogie With You
Lou Reed - I'll Be Your Mirror
Lou Reed - I'm So Free
Lou Reed - I'm Waiting For The Man
Lou Reed - Images
Lou Reed - In Our Sleep
Lou Reed - Into The Divine
Lou Reed - Kill Your Sons
Lou Reed - Ladies Pay
Lou Reed - Lady Day
Lou Reed - Little Sister
Lou Reed - Love Is Here To Stay
Lou Reed - Love Makes You Feel
Lou Reed - Magician
Lou Reed - Magician - Internally
Lou Reed - Make Up
Lou Reed - Mama's Got A Lover
Lou Reed - Martial Law
Lou Reed - Men Of Good Fortune
Lou Reed - Mistrial
Lou Reed - My Old Man
Lou Reed - Mystic Child
Lou Reed - New Sensations
Lou Reed - New York Telephone Conversation
Lou Reed - No Chance - Regret
Lou Reed - Nobody's Business
Lou Reed - Ocean
Lou Reed - Oh Jim
Lou Reed - Old Poe
Lou Reed - Open House
Lou Reed - Outside
Lou Reed - Pale Blue Eyes
Lou Reed - Perfect Day (OST Trainspotting)
Lou Reed - Perfect Day (саунд к фильму "На игле")
Lou Reed - Power And Glory Part II
Lou Reed - Real Good Time Together
Lou Reed - Ride Into The Sun
Lou Reed - Ride Sally Ride
Lou Reed - Riptide
Lou Reed - Rock & Roll Heart
Lou Reed - Rock And Roll
Lou Reed - Rock And Roll Heart
Lou Reed - Sad Song
Lou Reed - Sally Can't Dance
Lou Reed - Sally Can't Dance
Lou Reed - Satalite Of Love
Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love
Lou Reed - Senselessly Cruel
Lou Reed - She's My Best Friend
Lou Reed - Slip Away
Lou Reed - Slip Away (A Warning)
Lou Reed - Smiles
Lou Reed - Some Kinda Love
Lou Reed - Soul Man
Lou Reed - Spit It Out
Lou Reed - Starlight
Lou Reed - Sunday Morning
Lou Reed - Sweet Jane (1969 Live Version)
Lou Reed - Take A Walk On The Wild Side
Lou Reed - Talking Book
Lou Reed - Tatters
Lou Reed - Tell It To Your Heart
Lou Reed - The Bed
Lou Reed - The Bells
Lou Reed - The City In The Sea / Shadow
Lou Reed - The Conqueror Worm
Lou Reed - The Great Defender
Lou Reed - The Great Defender (Down At The Arcade)
Lou Reed - The Heroine
Lou Reed - The Power Of The Heart
Lou Reed - Think It Over
Lou Reed - This Magic Moment
Lou Reed - Trouble With Classicists
Lou Reed - Turn Out The Light
Lou Reed - Turn To Me
Lou Reed - Vanishing Act
Lou Reed - Venus In Furs (From & Animal Serenade & Live & 04)
Lou Reed - Vicious Circle
Lou Reed - Wagon Wheel
Lou Reed - Wait
Lou Reed - Waiting For The Man
Lou Reed - Walk And Talk It
Lou Reed - Warrior King
Lou Reed - Warrior King - Revenge
Lou Reed - What's Good - The Thesis
Lou Reed - Why Can't I Be Good
Lou Reed - Work
Lou Reed - You'll Know You Were Loved
Lou Reed & John Cale - Slip Away (A Warning)
Lou Reed & John Cale - Songs for Drella - 02 - Open House
Lou Reed & Suzanne Vega - Walk on the Wild Side & Tom's Diner (Ben Liebrand Remix)
Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground - Walk On The Wild Side
Lou Reed '74 - Heroin
Lou Reed And John Cale - Style It Takes
Lou Reed, Bono, Dr. John, Elton John, D. Bowie, Duran Duran - Perfect Day
Lou Reed/John Cale - Faces And Names
Lou Reed/John Cale - Forever Changed
Lou Reed/John Cale - Images
Lou Reed/John Cale - It Wasn't Me
Lou Reed/John Cale - Nobody But You
Lou Reed/John Cale - Open House
Lou Reed/John Cale - Slip Away (A Warning)
Lou Reed/John Cale - Starlight
Lou Reed/John Cale - Style It Takes
Lou Reed/John Cale - Trouble With Classicists
Lou Reed|John Cale - slip away (a warning). from: Songs for Drella
Lou Rhodes - All We Are
Lou Rhodes - Baby
Lou Rhodes - Each Moment New
Lou Rhodes - Each Moment New (Original)
Lou Rhodes - Gabriel [Acoustic]
Lou Rhodes - Greatness In A Speck Of Dust
Lou Rhodes - Save Me
Lou Rhodes - Sister Moon
Lou Rhodes - The More I Run
Lou Rhodes - They Say
Lou Rhodes - Tremble
Loud Family - Baby Hard-To-Be-Around
Loud Family - Better Nature
Loud Family - Businessmen Are Okay
Loud Family - Controlled Burn
Loud Family - Crypto-Sicko
Loud Family - For Beginners Only
Loud Family - Good, There Are No Lions In The Street
Loud Family - Last Honest Face
Loud Family - Marcia And Etrusca
Loud Family - Sword Swallower
Loud Family - Take Me Down (Too Halloo)
Loud Family - The Softest Tip Of Her Baby Tongue
Loud Family - Where They Sell Antique Food
Loud Family - Where They Walk Over Sainte Therese
Loud Family - Years Of Wrong Impressions
Loudblast - Steering For Paradise
Loudblast - Wisdom (Farther On)
Loudermilk - Anthema
Loudermilk - Goldie Ella
Loudermilk - Kreates A Presence To Blush
Loudermilk John - 97 Ways To Kill A Superhero
Loudermilk John - Anthema
Loudermilk John - Darling Jane
Loudermilk John - Everyone Knows
Loudermilk John - Juin
Loudermilk John - Kreates A Presence To Blush
Loudermilk John - Mister Jones
Loudermilk John - The Little Wind-up Doll
Loudly Fernando & Dom - Entering Dennis
Loudness - Ace In The Hole
Loudness - After Illusion
Loudness - Ares' Lament
Loudness - Bloody Doom
Loudness - Clockwork Toy
Loudness - Coming Home
Loudness - Crazy Nights
Loudness - Danger Of Love
Loudness - Deadly Player
Loudness - Down 'N Dirty
Loudness - Like Hell
Loudness - Live For The Moment
Loudness - Love Kills
Loudness - Loving Maid
Loudness - Never Change Your Mind
Loudness - Open Your Eyes
Loudness - Playing Games
Loudness - Real Man
Loudness - Rock The Nation
Loudness - Run For Your Life
Loudness - Running For Cover
Loudness - Snake Venom
Loudness - The Pandemonium
Loudness - Tomorrow Is Not Promised
Loudness - Twenty-Five Days
Loudness - Twisted
Loudness - Who Knows
Loudness - Wonder Man
Loudog - Best Days
Loudog - Coming Home
Loudog - Go To Hell
Loudog - Gone
Loudog - Innocent
Loudog - Just A Killer
Loudog - Music Takes Over
Loudog - New Friends
Loudog - Politicians
Loudog - Sometimes
Loudog - Time
Loudog - Walking
Loudon Wainwright III - A Hard Day On The Planet
Loudon Wainwright III - After You've Gone
Loudon Wainwright III - Breakfast In Bed
Loudon Wainwright III - Capt. Spalding's Song About The Nurses
Loudon Wainwright Iii - East Indian Princess
Loudon Wainwright III - Expatriate
Loudon Wainwright III - Fear With Flying
Loudon Wainwright III - Final Frontier
Loudon Wainwright III - Four Mirrors
Loudon Wainwright III - Grey In L.A.
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Guru
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Hank And Fred
Loudon Wainwright Iii - High Wide & Handsome
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Homeless
Loudon Wainwright III - I Am The Way (New York Town)
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Ode To A Pittsburgh
Loudon Wainwright Iii - OGM (Out Going Message)
Loudon Wainwright III - One Man Guy
Loudon Wainwright III - Passion Play
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Plane Too
Loudon Wainwright III - Red Guitar
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Rowena
Loudon Wainwright III - Something For Nothing
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Sometimes I Forget
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Sweet Sunny South
Loudon Wainwright Iii - Westchester County
Loudon Wainwright III - When You Leave
Loudon Wainwright Iii - White Winos
Loudspeaker Alliance - Singularity
Loudspeaker Alliance - Storm
Loudspeaker Alliance - Time
Louie Vega & Jay - Diamond Life
Louie Vega & Jay Sinnester Sealee - Diamond Life
Louis - Joue Contre Joue
Louis - LAvoir Ce Soir
Louis - Mademoiselle Joue Avec Son Revolver
Louis - Sve se osim tuge deli
Louis Amstrong - Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On
Louis Armstrong - Ain't Misbehavin'
Louis Armstrong - As Time Goes By
Louis Armstrong - As Time Goes By (A Kiss Is Just A Kiss)
Louis Armstrong - Aunt Hagar's Blues
Louis Armstrong - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Louis Armstrong - Beale Street Blues
Louis Armstrong - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Louis Armstrong - Big Butter & Egg Man
Louis Armstrong - Blue Again
Louis Armstrong - Blue Turning Grey Over You
Louis Armstrong - Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me)
Louis Armstrong - Bye Bye Blues
Louis Armstrong - C'est si bon
Louis Armstrong - Cold, Cold Heart
Louis Armstrong - Cucarrracha
Louis Armstrong - Didn't He Ramble
Louis Armstrong - Fantastic, That's You
Louis Armstrong - Fine And Dandy
Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses (Let my people go)
Louis Armstrong - Go down, Moises
Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly
Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly [1964]
Louis Armstrong - Hellzapoppin'
Louis Armstrong - High Society Calypso
Louis Armstrong - I Ain't Got Nobody (Version 1)
Louis Armstrong - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Louis Armstrong - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
Louis Armstrong - I Only Have Eyes For You
Louis Armstrong - I Still Get Jealous
Louis Armstrong - I Still Get Jealous, Dolly
Louis Armstrong - I Was Doing All Right
Louis Armstrong - I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
Louis Armstrong - I'm just a gigolo
Louis Armstrong - I'm Shooting High
Louis Armstrong - I'll See You In My Dreams
Louis Armstrong - I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas)
Louis Armstrong - I'm Confessin' That I Love You
Louis Armstrong - I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
Louis Armstrong - If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
Louis Armstrong - Just A Gigolo
Louis Armstrong - Just One Of Those Things
Louis Armstrong - La Cucaracha
Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose
Louis Armstrong - La vie en rose (OST
Louis Armstrong - Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me
Louis Armstrong - Learnin' The Blues
Louis Armstrong - Let my people go - Go down, Moses
Louis Armstrong - Let's Fall In Love
Louis Armstrong - Long Gone
Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong / La Vie En Rose
Louis Armstrong - Moon River
Louis Armstrong - Moon Song
Louis Armstrong - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Louis Armstrong - Only You (And You Alone)
Louis Armstrong - Saint James Infirmary
Louis Armstrong - Saint Louis Blues
Louis Armstrong - So Little Time (So Much To Do)
Louis Armstrong - Stardust
Louis Armstrong - Stars Fell On Alabama
Louis Armstrong - Stormy Weather
Louis Armstrong - Sun Showers
Louis Armstrong - Sweet Georgia Brown
Louis Armstrong - Sweet Lorraine
Louis Armstrong - That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
Louis Armstrong - That old feeling (он же
Louis Armstrong - That's My Desire
Louis Armstrong - The Home Fire
Louis Armstrong - The Lucky Old Sun
Louis Armstrong - There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For NEW YORK (1958)
Louis Armstrong - Tomorrow Night
Louis Armstrong - Trouble In Mind
Louis Armstrong - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Louis Armstrong - We Have All The Time In The World
Louis Armstrong - We Have All The Time In The World (from On Her Majesty's Secret Service) - 1969
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (ДВ)
Louis Armstrong - When It's Sleepy Time Down South
Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In
Louis Armstrong - When you & re smiling
Louis Armstrong - Whispering
Louis Armstrong - White Christmas
Louis Armstrong - You Are My Lucky Star
Louis Armstrong - You Can't Lose A Broken Heart
Louis Armstrong - You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato
Louis Armstrong - Your Cheatin' Heart
Louis Armstrong - Yours And Mine
Louis Armstrong - Как прекрасен мир What a Wonderfull World
Louis Armstrong - Надеюсь, в твоих снах найдётся место для меня (Dream A Little Dream Of Me)
Louis Armstrong & Billie Holliday - Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - A foggy day
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - A Foggy Day in LONDON Town
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Cheek to Cheek
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Dream a Little Dream of Me
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Moonlight in Vermont
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Our Love Is Here To Stay
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Summer time
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fizger - Summertime
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fizgerald - Summertime
Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers - The song is ended
Louis Armstrong feat. Ella Fitzgerald - Stars fell on Alabama