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Chris Ray - All About You
Chris Rea - All Night Long (disc 4 Version)
Chris Rea - Angellina
Chris Rea - Bajan Blue
Chris Rea - Ball & Chain
Chris Rea - Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Chris Rea - Blind Willie
Chris Rea - Bombollini
Chris Rea - Call On Me
Chris Rea - Dance All Night Long
Chris Rea - Diamonds
Chris Rea - Disco La Passione
Chris Rea - Do It For Your Love
Chris Rea - Dove Il Signore?
Chris Rea - Dove Il Signore? (Part Two)
Chris Rea - Easy Rider
Chris Rea - Espresso Logic
Chris Rea - Footprints In The Snow
Chris Rea - From Love To Love
Chris Rea - Good Morning
Chris Rea - Goodbye Little Colombus
Chris Rea - Got To Be Moving On
Chris Rea - Guitar Street
Chris Rea - Heading For The City
Chris Rea - Hired Gun
Chris Rea - I Ain't The Fool
Chris Rea - I'll Be There For You
Chris Rea - I'm Moving Up
Chris Rea - Immigration Blues
Chris Rea - Irish Blues
Chris Rea - It's All Gone
Chris Rea - It's All Gone
Chris Rea - Josephine
Chris Rea - Just In Case You Never Knew
Chris Rea - Just Passing Through
Chris Rea - King Of The Beach
Chris Rea - Last Drink
Chris Rea - Let It Loose
Chris Rea - Let Me In
Chris Rea - Lone Star Boogie
Chris Rea - Lucky Day
Chris Rea - Man Gone Missing
Chris Rea - Marvin
Chris Rea - Miss Your Kiss
Chris Rea - My Baby Told Me (Gospel)
Chris Rea - Never Tie Me Down
Chris Rea - New Way
Chris Rea - Nothing Seems To Matter No More
Chris Rea - On The Beach
Chris Rea - On The Beach (LP Version)
Chris Rea - On The Beach (The Road To Hell & Dack 2006)
Chris Rea - One Golden Rule
Chris Rea - Reasons
Chris Rea - Red
Chris Rea - Ruby Blue
Chris Rea - Rules Of Love
Chris Rea - Runaway
Chris Rea - September Blue
Chris Rea - Shadows Of The Big Man
Chris Rea - Shamrock Diaries
Chris Rea - Sierra, Sierra
Chris Rea - Since I Don't See You Anymore
Chris Rea - Sing Out The Devil
Chris Rea - Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49
Chris Rea - Still Trying To Clear My Name
Chris Rea - Sun Is Rising
Chris Rea - Tell Me There's a Heaven
Chris Rea - Tennis
Chris Rea - The American Way
Chris Rea - The Blue Caf
Chris Rea - The Bones Of Angels
Chris Rea - The Pain Of Loving You
Chris Rea - The Road to Hell (full)
Chris Rea - The Road To Hell (Part 2)
Chris Rea - Too Much Pride
Chris Rea - Truck Stop
Chris Rea - Weekend Down Mexico
Chris Rea - What Kind Of Love Is This
Chris Rea - What Made Me Love You
Chris Rea - White Man Coming
Chris Rea - Winning
Chris Rea - With Every Beat Of My Heart
Chris Rea - You Got Soul
Chris Rea - You Must Be Evil
Chris Rice - Away In A Manger
Chris Rice - Baby Take Your Bow
Chris Rice - Calling Out Your Name (From Awesome God: A Tribute To Rich Mullins)
Chris Rice - Clumsy
Chris Rice - Clumsy [Live]
Chris Rice - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Chris Rice - Hallelujah
Chris Rice - Hallelujahs
Chris Rice - Kids Again
Chris Rice - Magic Wand
Chris Rice - Me And Becky
Chris Rice - My Prayer
Chris Rice - My Tree
Chris Rice - Naive
Chris Rice - Nothin' (From Exodus)
Chris Rice - Nothing
Chris Rice - O Holy Night
Chris Rice - Punchlines And Ironies
Chris Rice - Sleepyhead Sun
Chris Rice - Smile (just want to be with You)
Chris Rice - Tell Me The Story Again
Chris Rice - The First Noel
Chris Rice - The Power Of A Moment
Chris Rice - Tick Tock
Chris Rice - Untitled Hymn
Chris Rice - What A Heart Is Beating For
Chris Rice - You Don't Have To Yell
Chris Richardson - In The Name Of Love
Chris Roberts - Eine Freude Vertreibt Hundert Sorgen
Chris Roberts - Hab Sonne Im Herzen
Chris Roberts - Hab' Ich Dir Heute Schon Gesagt
Chris Roberts - Mein Name Ist Hase
Chris Roberts - Pretty Belinda
Chris Robinson - Barefoot By The Cherry Tree
Chris Robinson - Better Than The Sun
Chris Robinson - Fables
Chris Robinson - Katie Dear
Chris Robinson - Safe In The Arms Of Love
Chris Rock - Odb-Words Of Wisdom Number 1
Chris Ryan - Change
Chris Ryan - Did You Know
Chris Ryan - I Won't Sleep
Chris Ryan - Into Your Arms
Chris Ryan - It's All The Same
Chris Ryan - Right In Front Of Me
Chris Ryan - The Other Side
Chris Seefried - More Or Less
Chris Singleton - Get Up
Chris Singleton - Gimme Something
Chris Singleton - Tonight
Chris Singleton - Twisted City
Chris Sligh - Empty Me
Chris Sligh - Vessel
Chris Smither - Drive You Home Again
Chris Smither - Hold On
Chris Smither - I Am The Ride
Chris Smither - Kind Woman
Chris Smither - Lola
Chris Smither - Outside In
Chris Smither - Slow Surprise
Chris Smither - Small Revelations
Chris Spedding - Mary Lou (Live)
Chris Spedding - Road Runner
Chris Spedding - Shakin' All Over
Chris Spedding - Wild Wild Women
Chris Spheeris - Where The Angels Fly
Chris Squire - Hold Out Your Hand
Chris Squire - Lucky Seven
Chris Squire - Safe (Canon Song)
Chris Squire - Silently Falling
Chris Stills - Fool For Love
Chris Stills - Last Stop
Chris Syler - Amor Verdadero
Chris Temple - For Real
Chris Thile - I'm Yours If You Want Me
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Cry, Cry Darling
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - If I Should Wander Back Tonight
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - It Takes One To Know One
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Rabbit In The Log
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Rain And Snow
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - You're Running Wild
Chris Thompson - If You Remember Me
Chris Tomlin - Come Home Running
Chris Tomlin - Countless Wonders
Chris Tomlin - Crown Him (Majesty)
Chris Tomlin - Give Us Clean Hands
Chris Tomlin - Glory In The Highest
Chris Tomlin - How Can I Keep From Singing
Chris Tomlin - Joyous Light (Hail Gladdening Light - Revised)
Chris Tomlin - Kindness
Chris Tomlin - Lord, I'm Gonna Love You
Chris Tomlin - Lovely
Chris Tomlin - My Beloved
Chris Tomlin - O Holy Night
Chris Tomlin - O Worship The King
Chris Tomlin - Our God
Chris Tomlin - Overflow
Chris Tomlin - Romans 16:19
Chris Tomlin - Salvation
Chris Tomlin - Sing, Sing, Sing (live)
Chris Tomlin - With Me
Chris Tomlin - You Are My Treasure
Chris Tomlin - You Do All Things Well
Chris Tomlin - You're the One
Chris Townsend - Stay Positive
Chris Townsend - Sweet With Me
Chris Trapper - Better Half
Chris Trapper - Dinner And A Dream
Chris Trapper - Feelings Without Weight
Chris Trapper - Gone Again
Chris Trapper - Kiss You Where You Lay
Chris Trapper - Meant To Be
Chris Trapper - See Something Fly
Chris Trousdale - Turn It Up
Chris Ullery - And
Chris Ullery - And The Family Dies
Chris Valentine - Messing With My Head
Chris Velan - Shiver
Chris Volz - All My Life
Chris Volz - Don't Save Me
Chris Volz - Wrong
Chris Wall - Trashy Women
Chris Walla - Archer V. Light
Chris Walla - Connection
Chris Walla - Connection And C
Chris Walla - London's Favourite Son
Chris Walla - My Hands
Chris Walla - New Candles
Chris Walla - The Continuity Card
Chris Walla - The Score
Chris Watrin - What Is Love
Chris Whitley - Can't Get Off
Chris Whitley - Dust Radio
Chris Whitley - From One Island To Another
Chris Whitley - Kick The Stones
Chris Whitley - Know
Chris Whitley - Little Torch
Chris Whitley - Living With The Law
Chris Whitley - Narcotic Prayer
Chris Whitley - Poison Girl
Chris Whitley - Rocket House
Chris Whitley - Say Goodbye
Chris Whitley - Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Chris Whitley - Solid Iron Heart
Chris Whitley - Still Point
Chris Whitley - Weightless
Chris Willis/David Guetta/Sebastian Ingrosso/Steve Angello - Everytime We Touch
Chris Young - Flashlight
Chris Young - Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)
Chris Young - He's My Dad
Chris Young - I Wish I Was Lyin'
Chris Young - Lost
Chris Young - Love Don't Let Me Down
Chris Young - Rose In Paradise
Chris Young - Save Water, Drink Beer
Chris Young - Twenty-One Candles
Chris Young - Voices
Chris Young - What I Wish I'd Said
Chris Young - When She's On
Chris Young - White Lightning Hit The Family Tree
Chris Zabriskie - Behold! The New Design!
Chris Zabriskie - Deep Red (Demo)
Chris Zabriskie - Grandfather
Chris Zabriskie - I Can Be Your Love
Chris Zabriskie - I Can See The Future
Chris Zabriskie - I Will Take You Home
Chris Zabriskie - I'm On A Talk Show
Chris Zabriskie - Interactive (Demo)
Chris Zabriskie - It's All Around You
Chris Zabriskie - Jimmy Prefers To Freelance
Chris Zabriskie - Joss Whedon
Chris Zabriskie - Learn To Submit
Chris Zabriskie - Set This Thing On Fire
Chris Zabriskie - Silent Night, Bloody Night
Chris Zabriskie - The Script You Wrote Is Terrible
Chris Zabriskie - We Start The Cure In Paris
Chris Zabriskie - You've Got The Body I've Got The Brains
Chrisette Michele - Best Of Me
Chrisette Michele - Epiphany
Chrisette Michele - Epiphany (I'm Leaving)
Chrisette Michele - Forever Mine
Chrisette Michele - Like A Dream
Chrisette Michele - So In Love
Chrisette Michele - Unsaid
Chrisette Michele - Untitled
Chrisette Michele - What You Do
Chrishan - Devilish Things
Chrissy Depauw - Back
Chrissy Depauw - Somehow
Chrissy Sandman - Come Back
Chrissy Sandman - Seawater & Roses