Testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 193:

Caifanes - Mariana Y Luis
Caifanes - Metamorfeame
Caifanes - Para Que No Digas Que No Pienso En Ti
Caifanes - Pero Nunca Me Cai
Caifanes - Sombras En Tiempos Perdidos
Caifanes - Tortuga
Caifanes - Tú
Cain's Offering - Elegantly Broken
Cain's Offering - More Than Friends
Cain's Offering - My Queen Of Winter
Cain's Offering - Oceans Of Regret
Cain's Dinasty - Clarimonda
Cain's Dinasty - Devil May Cry
Cain's Dinasty - My Last Sunrise
Cain's Dinasty - Remember The Tragedy
Cain's Dinasty - Taking A Look
Cain's Dinasty - The Journey
Cain's Offering - Into The Blue
Caira - Promise
Cairo - Corridors
Cairo - Ruins At Avalon's Gate
Cairo - Then You Were Gone
Cairo - You Are The One
Cairo Capone - The Moon Is Down
Cairo Capone - Van Dale
Cait Agus Sean - Love Came Lightly
Cait Agus Sean - Rivers And Dreams
Cait Agus Sean - The Mist Of Years
Caitlin Cary And Thad Cockrell - Second Option
Caitlin Crosby - Love Love Love
Caitlin Crosby - The Same Inside
Caitlyn Bailey - So This Is Home
Caitlyn Busfield - Together
Caitlyn Smith - Glorious Dancing
Caitlyn Smith - I Can Fly
Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life
Cake - Ain't No Good
Cake - Alpha Beta Parking Lot
Cake - Bound Away
Cake - Cool Blue Reason
Cake - End Of The Movie
Cake - Friend is a Four Letter Word
Cake - Going The Distance
Cake - Haze of Love
Cake - I Will Survive
Cake - Italian Guy
Cake - Its Coming Down
Cake - Jesus Wrote a Blank Check
Cake - Jolene
Cake - Mexico
Cake - Never There
Cake - Open Book
Cake - Pretty Pink Ribbon
Cake - Race Car ya Yas
Cake - Rock'n'roll Lifestyle
Cake - Ruby Sees All
Cake - Sad Songs And Waltzes
Cake - She'll Come Back To Me
Cake - Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell
Cake - Short Skirt / Long Jacket
Cake - Subtract One Love (Multiply The Heartaches)
Cake - The Distance
Cake - The Guitar Man
Cake - Thrills
Cake - Tougher Than it is
Cake - Waiting
Cake - What's Now Is Now
Cake Bake Betty - Gigantomachy
Cake Bake Betty - Oklahoma City
Cake Bake Betty - Samo And Grace
Cake Bake Betty - The Charge (Knockturnul)
Cake Like - Abraham Lincoln
Cake Like - Cancer
Cake Like - Latin Lover
Cake Like - Miss You
Cake Like - Swell
Cake Like - The American Woman
Cake Like - The New Girl
Cal Smith - An Hour And A Six Pack
Cal Smith - An Hour And A Six-Pack
Cal Smith - At The Sight Of You
Cal Smith - Ballad Of Forty Dollars
Cal Smith - Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie
Cal Smith - Double Dutch Bus
Cal Smith - I Come Home A Drinkin'
Cal Smith - I Found Someone On My Own
Cal Smith - It Takes Me All Night Long
Calabrese - Come Alive
Calabrese - Death Eternal
Calabrese - Deep In The Red
Calabrese - Eyes Down
Calabrese - Inside This Coffin
Calabrese - Near Twilight
Calabrese - Resurrection
Calabrese - Saturday Night Of The Living Dead
Calabrese - Shrunken Head Kids
Calabrese - The Machine Of Instant Death
Calabrese - They Call Us Death
Calabrese - Vampires Don't Exist
Calabrese - Within The Abyss
Calabrese - Zombie I
Calaitos - A Vida O Muerte.
Calaitos - Ahora Es Igual.
Calaitos - Amantes.
Calaitos - Amor De Papel.
Calaitos - Aun Le Sigues Queriendo.
Calaitos - Aunque Sangre Su Corazon.
Calaitos - Besos De Luna.
Calaitos - Ciegamente Enamorada.
Calaitos - Como Un Volcán.
Calaitos - Dos Segundos.
Calaitos - El Día De Reyes.
Calaitos - El Niño Del Portal.
Calaitos - En El Paraiso.
Calaitos - Era Tan Sólo Una Niña.
Calaitos - Es Como Un Sueño.
Calaitos - Eva.
Calaitos - Hay Otra Persona.
Calaitos - La Fuente Del Amor.
Calaitos - La Fuerza Del Amor.
Calaitos - La Quiero A Morir.
Calaitos - Llorando Por Tu Amor.
Calaitos - Los Abuelos.
Calaitos - Mas Y Mas Enamorada.
Calaitos - Me Duele Hasta El Alma.
Calaitos - Mi Dulce Veneno.
Calaitos - Petalos De Abril.
Calaitos - Pidele Perdon.
Calaitos - Por Volver.
Calaitos - Que Peligro Tienes.
Calaitos - Regalame Esta Noche.
Calaitos - Sentimientos Y Pasión.
Calaitos - Si Antes No Acabas Conmigo.
Calaitos - Siempre Hasta El Final.
Calaitos - Sin Tu Amor.
Calaitos - Tendrá Sus Ojos.
Calaitos - Tras El Cristal.
Calaitos - Villancicos Mix Ii.
Calamine - Sealab 2021 Theme (Extended Version)
Calathea - One Last Night
Calciatori - Cuore Azzurro (l’inno dei mondiali di calcio)
Calcinha Preta - Chorando Se Foi
Calculator - Memorial
Caldera - Break Me Even
Caldera - Good Things Come Of Tragedy
Caldera - Quit Foolin Yourself
Caldera - Requiem
Caldwell - Intermission
Caldwell - Rekindle
Caldwell Bobby - What You Won't Do For Love
Cale Hawkins - Rewind
Cale Jj - Carry on
Cale Jj - Changes
Cale Jj - City Girls
Cale Jj - Cocaine
Cale Jj - Crying
Cale Jj - Crying Eyes
Cale Jj - Deep Dark Dungeon
Cale Jj - I'll Kiss The World Goodbye
Cale Jj - I'll Make Love to You Anytime
Cale Jj - Lou-easy-ann
Cale Jj - Mojo
Cale Jj - People Lie
Cale Jj - Precious Memories
Cale Jj - Runaround
Cale Jj - Sensitive Kind
Cale Jj - She's in Love
Cale Jj - Soulin'
Cale Jj - Wish i Had Not Said That
Cale John - Adelaide
Cale John - Andalucia
Cale John - Antarctica Starts Here
Cale John - Cable Hogue
Cale John - Caribbean Sunset
Cale John - Child's Christmas in Whales
Cale John - Chinese Envoy
Cale John - Cleo
Cale John - Coyote
Cale John - Hanky Panky Nohow
Cale John - Heartbreak Hotel
Cale John - Here She Comes Now
Cale John - I Keep A Close Watch
Cale John - I'm Not The Loving Kind
Cale John - Macbeth
Cale John - Mr. Wilson
Cale John - Queen Victoria
Cale John - Riverbank
Cale John - Slip Away (A Warning)
Cale John - Song Of The Valley
Cale John - Streets Come Alive
Cale John - The Academy In Peril
Cale John - The Endless Plain Of Fortune
Cale John - There Was A Saviour
Caleb - If This River Runs Dry
Caleb Collins - Nobody Told Me
Caleb Engstrom - Available Driver
Caleb Engstrom - Colors
Caleb Engstrom - Katie's Song
Caleb Engstrom - Schreeching Bugs
Caleb Engstrom - Slowly Changing
Caleb Engstrom - Three Four
Caleb Engstrom - Want
Caleb Kane - Around The Sun
Caleb Kane - Once
Caleb Kuhl - That Day
Calee Reed - Give My Heart Your Peace
Calee Reed - Time For Love
Caleigh Peters - Feels Like Christmas
Caleigh Peters - I Won't Cry
Calen - Angel
Calen - Contradicting Views
Cales - Autumn Return
Cales - Cross-Road
Cales - The Rule Of Darkness And Ice
Calexico - Alone Again Or
Calexico - Bend To The Road
Calexico - Better And Better
Calexico - Bisbee Blue
Calexico - Black Heart
Calexico - Chanel No. 5
Calexico - Close Behind
Calexico - Contention City
Calexico - Convict Pool
Calexico - Corona
Calexico - Crooked Road And The Briar
Calexico - Cruel
Calexico - Deep Down
Calexico - El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
Calexico - Epic
Calexico - Falling Rain
Calexico - Fortune Teller
Calexico - Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
Calexico - Ghostwriter
Calexico - Gift X
Calexico - Gift X-Change
Calexico - Grip-Tape
Calexico - Hush
Calexico - Letter To Bowie Knife
Calexico - Low Expectations
Calexico - Man Made Lake
Calexico - Maybe On Monday
Calexico - Missing
Calexico - No Te Vayas
Calexico - Nom De Plume
Calexico - Not Even Stevie Nicks
Calexico - Panic Open String
Calexico - Pepito
Calexico - Puerto
Calexico - Quattro
Calexico - Roka (Danza De La Muerte)
Calexico - Sanchez
Calexico - Service And Repair
Calexico - Si Tu Disais (If You Said)
Calexico - Singing Wind Ranch
Calexico - Sirena
Calexico - Slowness
Calexico - Sunken Waltz
Calexico - The Black Light
Calexico - The Crystal Frontier
Calexico - The Ride (Part 2)
Calexico - The Ride, Part Ii
Calexico - Trigger
Calexico - Two Silver Trees
Calexico - Victor Jara's Hands
Calexico - Wash
Calexico - Yours And Mine
Calexico & Iron And Wine - Prison On Route 41
Calexico & Jim James - Goin' To Acapulco
Calexico & Roger McGuinn - One More Cup Of Coffee
Calexico / Iron & Wine - He Lays In The Reins
Calexico And Iron & Wine - All Tomorrow's Parties
Calexico And Iron & Wine - Burn That Broken Bed
Calexico And Iron & Wine - Dead Man's Will
Calexico And Iron & Wine - Prison On Route 41
Caliban - A Piece Of My Life
Caliban - Always Following Life
Caliban - Certainty, Corpses Bleed Cold
Caliban - Detect your liberty
Caliban - Fire Of Night
Caliban - I Believe...
Caliban - I belive
Caliban - I Refuse To Keep On Lving
Caliban - I Will Never Let You Down
Caliban - I'll Show No Fear
Caliban - I've Sold Myself
Caliban - Let Go
Caliban - Nowhere to run, no place to hide
Caliban - One day
Caliban - Pollution
Caliban - Roots Of Pain
Caliban - Sycamore Dreams
Caliban - Tyranny Of Small Misery
Caliber For The Heroes - Memilih
Calibretto - American Psycho
Calibretto - Creep
Calibretto - Dear Beelzebubba
Calibretto - Get A Life
Calibretto - I'll Show The World
Calibretto - Sweet Little Grandma
Calibretto - The Ballroom Blitz
Calibretto - The Night They Took You
Calibretto - When I Think About You
Calibretto 13 - American Psycho
Calibretto 13 - Christian Hate Mail
Calibretto 13 - Don't Go In The Woods
Calibretto 13 - Fall Away
Calibretto 13 - High Five
Calibretto 13 - I'll Show The World
Calibretto 13 - I'll Talk To You Tomorrow
Calico System - Transforming The Amber
Calico System - Two Lovers And A Tower
Califa Thugs - Te Quiero