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Brian Hyland - Scaled With A Kiss
Brian Hyland - So Long, Marianne
Brian Hyland - The Thrill Is Gone
Brian Hyrand - Sealed With A Kiss
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night
Brian Ice - Walking Away
Brian Johnson - God You're Beautiful
Brian Jonestown Massacre - All Around You (Intro)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Ashtray
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Ballad Of Jim Jones
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Be Song
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bittersweet Irony
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Crushed
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Dawn
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Down
Brian Jonestown Massacre - End Of The Day
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Evergreen
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Everyone Says
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Feelers
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fire Song
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Free And Easy, Take 2
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Geezers
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Going To Hell
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Got My Eye On You
Brian Jonestown Massacre - In India You
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Just Like Kicking Jesus
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Kid's Garden
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Love
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Malela
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mary Please
Brian Jonestown Massacre - New Low In Getting High
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Prozac Vs. Heroin
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Short Wave
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Shortwave
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Spanish Bee
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Be Song
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Clouds Are Lies
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Devil May Care (My Mom And Dad Don't)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The One
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request (Enrique's
Brian Jonestown Massacre - This Is The One Thing We Did Not Want To Have Happen
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Those Memories
Brian Jonestown Massacre - True Love
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Tschusse
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Vaccuum Boots
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Vacuum Boots
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Waking Up To Hand Grenades
Brian Jonestown Massacre - When I Was Yesterday
Brian Jonestown Massacre - When Jokers Attack
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Cares Why
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Yeah-Yeah
Brian Kahanek - Falling
Brian Kahanek - Fire In My Hand
Brian Kahanek - Goodbye
Brian Kahanek - Light My Way
Brian Kahanek - So Far Away
Brian Kahanek - White Lies
Brian Kelly - She Is Dancing
Brian Kennedy - A Case Of You
Brian Kennedy - A Prayer To St Valentine
Brian Kennedy - Anniversary (Everyday Will Be)
Brian Kennedy - Before The Night Is Through
Brian Kennedy - Call Me Old Fashioned
Brian Kennedy - Carrickfergus
Brian Kennedy - Crazy Love
Brian Kennedy - Danny Boy
Brian Kennedy - Fear Is The Enemy Of Love
Brian Kennedy - For One Kiss
Brian Kennedy - Goodbye To Songtown
Brian Kennedy - Half Way Home
Brian Kennedy - I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
Brian Kennedy - Intuition
Brian Kennedy - Keep A Firm Grip
Brian Kennedy - Premonitions
Brian Kennedy - Raglan Road
Brian Kennedy - See Line Woman
Brian Kennedy - Street Spirit
Brian Kennedy - The Curragh Of Kildare
Brian Kennedy - The Reason We Are Here
Brian Kennedy - These Days
Brian Kennedy - Town
Brian Kennedy - Up On The Roof
Brian Kennedy - Whiskey In The Jar
Brian Kennedy - Will You Go Lassie Go
Brian Kennedy - You Take My Breath Away
Brian Kirk And The Jirks - Witness
Brian Littrell - Angels And Heroes
Brian Littrell - In Christ Alone
Brian Littrell - Keep Givin' Me
Brian Littrell - Mary did you know
Brian Littrell - We Lift You Up
Brian Littrell - Welcome Home
Brian Littrell - Wish
Brian Littrell - You Keep Givin' Me
Brian Littrell(Backstreet Boys) - Angels And Heroes - We don't need wings to be angels, We don't need reasons to be right
Brian May - April Lady
Brian May - Back To The Light
Brian May - Blag
Brian May - Business (USA Radio Mix Uncut)
Brian May - China Belle
Brian May - Cyborg
Brian May - Headlong
Brian May - My Boy
Brian May - Nothin' But Blue
Brian May - Nothin' But Blue
Brian May - Now I'm Here
Brian May - One Rainy Wish
Brian May - Slow Down
Brian May - Space
Brian May - Tango: Cuesta Abjo
Brian May - The Dark
Brian May - Why Don't We Try Again
Brian May - Why We Try Again
Brian May And Friends - Let Me Out
Brian Mccomas - 99.9% Sure
Brian Mccomas - All Comes Floodin' Down
Brian Mccomas - Baby Let Me Be Your Man
Brian Mccomas - Come With Me
Brian Mccomas - Let Love Lead The Way
Brian Mccomas - Sixteen Again
Brian McDonnell - Always And Forever
Brian McDonnell - Happy Together
Brian McDonnell - How Deep Is Your Love (Acapella)
Brian McDonnell - Intro
Brian McDonnell - Lovato's Back
Brian McDonnell - Memories
Brian McDonnell - Proud Mary
Brian McDonnell - Young Hearts
Brian McFadden - Demons ( КЛЕВАЯ )
Brian McFadden - Demons(OST Lost)
Brian Mcfadden - Everything But You
Brian Mcfadden - Invisible
Brian McFadden - Mr. Alien
Brian Mcfadden - Real To Me
Brian McFadden - Sign Of The Times
Brian Mcfadden - Three Babies And A Man
Brian McFadden - When You Coming Home
Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem - Almost Here
Brian McFadden & Leann Rimes - Everybody's Someone
Brian McFadden (Set in stone) - Alice In Wonderland
Brian McKnight - Anytime
Brian McKnight - Been so Long
Brian McKnight - Christmas You And Me
Brian McKnight - Distant Lover
Brian McKnight - Don't Let Me Go
Brian McKnight - Every Beat of my Heart
Brian McKnight - Everything
Brian McKnight - Everytime we Say Goodbye
Brian McKnight - For The Rest of my Life
Brian McKnight - Holdin' On (Missin' U)
Brian Mcknight - Holdin' On (Missing You)
Brian McKnight - Home For The Holidays (There's No Place Like)
Brian Mcknight - I Believe
Brian McKnight - I Belong to You
Brian McKnight - I Can't Go For That
Brian McKnight - I Remember You
Brian McKnight - I Wish It Would Rain Down
Brian McKnight - Is The Feeling Gone
Brian McKnight - Let You Go
Brian McKnight - Love is
Brian McKnight - Love Me, Hold Me
Brian McKnight - Love of my Life
Brian Mcknight - Me & You
Brian Mcknight - Missing You
Brian Mcknight - Moody's Mood For Love
Brian McKnight - Next To You
Brian McKnight - Nikko's Lullaby
Brian McKnight - Send One Your Love
Brian McKnight - Silent Night-Interlude
Brian McKnight - Slow
Brian McKnight - Stay
Brian McKnight - Still
Brian Mcknight - Tell Me
Brian Mcknight - The Biggest Part Of Me
Brian McKnight - The Day The Earth Stood Still
Brian McKnight - The Rest Of My Life
Brian McKnight - Till i Get Over You
Brian McKnight - Till You Know
Brian Mcknight - You Could Be Mine
Brian McKnight - You Got The Bomb
Brian McKNIGHT & Diana King - When We Were Kings
Brian McKnight ft.Joe, Carl Thomas, Tyrese & Tank - Good Enough
Brian Melo - All I Ever Wanted
Brian Molko - Across The Universe (The Beatles cover)
Brian Molko - Requiem For A Jerk (Requiem Pour Un Con)
Brian Molko feat. "Losers" - Summertime Rolls (Janes Addiction’s cover)
Brian Molko feat. Alpinestars - Carbon Kid
Brian Molko feat. Francoise Hardy & Faultline - Requiem for a Jerk
Brian O'Halloran - A Bunch Of Muppets
Brian Peters - Good Companion
Brian Peters - Kemp Owyne
Brian Peters - Prospect, Providence
Brian Peters - Sir William Gower
Brian Peters - Ten Thousand Miles
Brian Peters - The Cotton Lords Of Preston
Brian Peters - Three Ravens
Brian Peters - Young Hunting
Brian Poole & The Tremoloes - The Three Bells
Brian Reilly - Sum Me Up
Brian Reilly - Your Life Over Mine
Brian Robbins - Marijuana
Brian Setzer - Americano
Brian Setzer - Boppin' The Blues
Brian Setzer - Brian Setzer Orchestra - Baby It's Cold Outside
Brian Setzer - Can’t Help Falling In Love
Brian Setzer - Cry, Baby
Brian Setzer - Don & t Trust a Woman (In a Black Cadillac)
Brian Setzer - Echo Park
Brian Setzer - Flatfoot Sam
Brian Setzer - Get 'Em On The Ropes
Brian Setzer - Gettin' In The Mood
Brian Setzer - I Fought The Law
Brian Setzer - If You Can't Rock Me
Brian Setzer - Ignition
Brian Setzer - Nosey Joe
Brian Setzer - Oh, Boy!
Brian Setzer - Rain Washed Everything Away
Brian Setzer - Real Wild Child
Brian Setzer - Rockability
Brian Setzer - Route 66
Brian Setzer - Sammy Davis City
Brian Setzer - Santa Rosa Rita
Brian Setzer - She Thinks I'm Trash
Brian Setzer - Slow Down
Brian Setzer - Smokin' 'n' Burnin'
Brian Setzer - Stairway To Nowhere
Brian Setzer - Summertime Blues
Brian Setzer - Switchblade 327
Brian Setzer - That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes
Brian Setzer - The House Is Rockin'
Brian Setzer - This Old House
Brian Setzer - To Be Loved
Brian Setzer - Waitin' For Desiree
Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special - Dreamsville
Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special - Santa Rosa Rita
Brian Setzer Orchestra - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Breath Of Life
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Chains Around Your Heart
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Good Rockin' Daddy
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Haunted River
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Hey, Louis Prima
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Honey Man
Brian Setzer Orchestra - If You Can't Rock Me
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Johnny Kool
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jukebox
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jump Jive 'n' Wail
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jump Jive An Wail
Brian Setzer Orchestra - One More Night With You
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Pennsylvania 6-5000
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Rebelene
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Rock This Town
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Route 66
Brian Setzer Orchestra - September Skies
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Since I Don't Have You
Brian Spence - Brothers
Brian Spence - Ghandi (We Will Write)
Brian Stokes Mitchell - Through Heaven's Eyes
Brian Storming - Trip To The Moon
Brian Tice - All It Takes
Brian Vander Ark - And Then We Fell
Brian Vander Ark - I Went With The Road
Brian Vander Ark - Lily White Way
Brian Vander Ark - Little Man
Brian Vander Ark - Monday Morning Girl
Brian Vander Ark - Written And Erased
Brian Webb - Bigger Than I Am
Brian Webb - Country Song
Brian Webb - Hallelujah
Brian Webb - I'm Afraid Of White People
Brian Webb - Isabel
Brian Webb - Joshua
Brian Webb - Perfect Lil' Imperfection
Brian Webb - Tobias Live
Brian Webb - Wrestle The Ground
Brian Wilson - All Summer Long
Brian Wilson - Child Is Father Of The Man
Brian Wilson - Cinco De Mayo
Brian Wilson - Country Feelin'
Brian Wilson - Cry
Brian Wilson - Darlin'
Brian Wilson - Do You Have Any Regrets (aka 'I Do')
Brian Wilson - Don't Talk
Brian Wilson - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Brian Wilson - Fairy Tale
Brian Wilson - Forever My Surfer Girl
Brian Wilson - Gettin' In Over My Head
Brian Wilson - God Only Knows
Brian Wilson - Going Home
Brian Wilson - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Brian Wilson - Heroes And Villains
Brian Wilson - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Brian Wilson - I'm In Great Shape / I Wanna Be Around /…
Brian Wilson - I'm Waiting For The Day
Brian Wilson - In Blue Hawaii
Brian Wilson - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Brian Wilson - Keep An Eye On Summer
Brian Wilson - Kiss Me Baby
Brian Wilson - Lay Down Burden
Brian Wilson - Let Him Run Wild
Brian Wilson - Let's Do It Again
Brian Wilson - Little Saint Nick
Brian Wilson - Midnight's Another Day
Brian Wilson - Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
Brian Wilson - On A Holiday
Brian Wilson - On Christmas Day
Brian Wilson - Pet Sounds
Brian Wilson - Silent Night
Brian Wilson - Spirit Of Rock'n'roll
Brian Wilson - Summertime
Brian Wilson - Sunshine
Brian Wilson - Thank You (Aka Brian)
Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun
Brian Wilson - The Like In I Love You
Brian Wilson - The Little Girl I Once Knew
Brian Wilson - The Man With All The Toys
Brian Wilson - The Warmth Of The Sun
Brian Wilson - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Brian Wilson - Vega-Tables
Brian Wilson - Venice Beach
Brian Wilson - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Brian Wilson - Where Has Love Been?
Brian Wilson - Wind Chimes
Brian Wilson - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Brian Wilson - You Still Believe In Me
Brian Wright - Morning Cigarettes
Brian Wright - Neighborhood
Brian'S Boppers - I Wonder Why
Brian's Boppers - Who Put The Bomp
Brian's Curse - Another Day
Briana Scott - O Holy Night
Brianna Henderson - My Boyfriend
Brianna Presley - Scream
Brianna Rieffel - Get Into My Picture
Brianna Rieffel - The Promise
BriBry - Mira
Brice Lee - All About The Girl
Brice Lee - Beautiful You
Brice Lee - Sumter County Friday Night
Brice Lee - These Last Few Days
Brick & Lace - Heartbreaker