Toto testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Toto - 99
Toto - A Million Miles Away
Toto - A Secret Love
Toto - Afraid of Love
Toto - After You've Gone
Toto - After You'Ve Gone
Toto - All us Boys
Toto - Angel Don'T Cry
Toto - Angela
Toto - Anna
Toto - Baby He'S Your Man
Toto - Bag O'tales
Toto - Blackeye
Toto - Bodhisattva
Toto - Borrowed Time
Toto - Bottom Of Your Soul
Toto - Broken Machine
Toto - Caught In The Balance
Toto - Change Of Heart
Toto - Cruel
Toto - Don't Chain my Heart
Toto - Don't Hang Me On
Toto - Drag Him To The Roof
Toto - Dying On My Feet
Toto - Extinction Blues
Toto - Fall Into Velvet
Toto - Falling In Between
Toto - Georgy Porgy
Toto - Gift With a Golden Gun
Toto - Good For You
Toto - Goodbye Elenore
Toto - Gypsy Train
Toto - Hold The Line
Toto - Home of The Brave
Toto - House Of The Rising Sun
Toto - How Does It Feel
Toto - I Think i Could Stand You Forever
Toto - I Won't Hold Back
Toto - I'll Be Over You
Toto - I'll Supply The Love
Toto - If It's The Last Night
Toto - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Toto - It's a Feeling
Toto - King Of The World
Toto - Lion
Toto - Little Wing
Toto - Living For The City
Toto - Lovers in The Night
Toto - Mad About You
Toto - Manuela Run
Toto - Melanie
Toto - Mindfields
Toto - Miss Sun
Toto - Modern Eyes
Toto - Mrs. Johnson
Toto - Mushanga
Toto - No End In Sight
Toto - On The Run
Toto - One Road
Toto - Out of Love
Toto - Pamela
Toto - Reservations To Love
Toto - Right Part Of Me
Toto - Rockmaker
Toto - Rosanna
Toto - Selfish
Toto - She Knows The Devil
Toto - She Knows The Devil///Das Ist FUNK. Real Funk
Toto - Simple Life
Toto - Slipped Away
Toto - Spanish Steps
Toto - Stop Loving You
Toto - Stop Loving You (1988)
Toto - Straight For The Heart
Toto - Sunshine Of Your Love
Toto - Tale Of A Man
Toto - Tears Of My Own Shame
Toto - The Road Goes On
Toto - Till The End
Toto - Time Is The Enemy
Toto - Turn Back
Toto - Waiting For Your Love
Toto - We Made it
Toto - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Toto - Wings of Time
Toto - Without Your Love
Toto - Africa
Toto - Hold The Line
Toto - All The Tears That Shine
Toto - The Bomber
Toto - 21st Century Blues
Toto - Live For Today
Toto - The Little Things
Toto - Twist The Knife
Toto - It Looks Like Rain
Toto - Orphan
Toto - Bend
Toto - Spanish Steps Of Rome
Toto - Never Let Them See You Cry
Toto - Get My Way