Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 816:

Planet P Project - Behind The Barrier
Planet P Project - In The Zone
Planet P Project - King For A Day
Planet P Project - One Star Falling
Planet P Project - Only You And Me
Planet P Project - Pink World Coming Down
Planet P Project - Power Tools
Planet P Project - Ruby
Planet P Project - Send It In A Letter
Planet P Project - Static
Planet P Project - The Stranger
Planet P Project - This Perfect Place
Planet P Project - To Live Forever
Planet P Project - Top Of The World
Planet P Project - Tranquility Base
Planet P Project - What I See
Planet P Project - Why Me?
Pénélope - Face Au Silence Du Monde
St. Lunatics feat. Pénélope - Jang A Lang
Pénélope - La Débandade
Pénélope - Oup' A Laï Laï
Pénélope - Spleen
Pénélope - Sur La Rue Papineau
Picketts - Baba O'riley
Picketts - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Pilfers - Agua
Pilfers - Chawalaleng
Pilfers - Choose Life
Pilfers - Climbing
Pilfers - Lay
Pilfers - Legal Shot Pam Pam
Pilfers - Mr. Exploita
Pilfers - My Time Now
Pilfers - Skungle
Pilfers - What's New
Pilfers - Why
Pernice Brothers - 7 30
Pernice Brothers - All I Know
Pernice Brothers - Amazing Glow
Pernice Brothers - Baby in Two
Pernice Brothers - Blinded by the Stars
Pernice Brothers - Bryte Side
Pernice Brothers - Chicken Wire
Pernice Brothers - Clear Spot
Pernice Brothers - Crestfallen
Pernice Brothers - Cronulla Breakdown
Pernice Brothers - Cruelty To Animals
Pernice Brothers - Dimmest Star
Pernice Brothers - Dumb It Down
Pernice Brothers - Endless Supply
Pernice Brothers - Ferris Wheel
Pernice Brothers - Flaming Wreck
Pernice Brothers - How to Live Alone
Pernice Brothers - Judy
Pernice Brothers - Let That Show
Pernice Brothers - Monkey Suit
Pernice Brothers - Number Two
Pernice Brothers - One Foot in the Grave
Pernice Brothers - Our Time Has Passed
Pernice Brothers - Overcome by Happiness
Pernice Brothers - Shaken Baby
Pernice Brothers - She Heightened Everything
Pernice Brothers - Shoes and Clothes
Pernice Brothers - Sometimes I Remember
Pernice Brothers - The Ballad of Bjorn Borg
Pernice Brothers - The Weakest Shade of Blue
Pernice Brothers - There Goes the Sun
Pernice Brothers - Wait to Stop
Pernice Brothers - Waiting for the Universe
Pernice Brothers - Water Ban
Pernice Brothers - Wherein Obscurely
Pernice Brothers - Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)
Pia Toscano - This Time
Peter Allen - Fly Away
Peter Allen - I Go To Rio
Peter Allen - I Honestly Love You
Peter Allen - I Still Call Australia Home
Peter Allen - Paris At 21
Peter Allen - Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage
Peter Allen - Tenterfield Saddler
Peter Allen - The Lives Of Me
Peter Allen - The More I See You
Peter Allen - When I Get My Name In Lights
Phil Manzanera - Miss Shapiro
Phil Manzanera - Walking Through Heaven's Door
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Apartment Hall
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Chasing The Sun
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Coming Home
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Hope In Our Heart
Pete Kilpatrick Band - If I Wasn't Me?
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Searching
Pete Kilpatrick Band - September Leaves
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Stars
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Until I Find Love
The Pied Pipers - It's Only A Paper Moon
The Pied Pipers - Personality
Pigeonhed - Battle Flag
Pivitplex - End Of The Line
Pivitplex - Gone
Pivitplex - Overshaken
Pivitplex - You Know
Pearl - Aku Tak Bersalah
Pearl - Fashion Girl
Pearl - J'Ai Des Choses À Te Dire
Pearl - Jika Kau Merasa Sakitnya
Pearl - Like A Video Game
Pearl - Speechless
Peter Hammill - A Louse Is Not A Home
Peter Hammill - Accidents
Peter Hammill - Act Five
Peter Hammill - Act One
Peter Hammill - Act Six
Peter Hammill - Act Three
Peter Hammill - Again
Peter Hammill - Autumn
Peter Hammill - Birds
Peter Hammill - Breakthrough
Peter Hammill - Candle
Peter Hammill - Central Hotel
Peter Hammill - Child
Peter Hammill - Comfortable
Peter Hammill - Crying Wolf
Peter Hammill - Curtains
Peter Hammill - Description
Peter Hammill - Dont Tell Me
Peter Hammill - Easy To Slip Away
Peter Hammill - Empress's Clothes
Peter Hammill - Faint-Heart And The Sermon
Peter Hammill - Ferret And Featherbird
Peter Hammill - Film Noir
Peter Hammill - Fireships
Peter Hammill - Flight
Peter Hammill - Fogwalking
Peter Hammill - Forsaken Gardens
Peter Hammill - Four Pails
Peter Hammill - German Overalls
Peter Hammill - Given Time
Peter Hammill - Glue
Peter Hammill - Golden Promises
Peter Hammill - Happy
Peter Hammill - Hesitation
Peter Hammill - His Best Girl
Peter Hammill - I Once Wrote Some Poems
Peter Hammill - I Will Find You
Peter Hammill - If I Could
Peter Hammill - Imperial Zeppelin (Chris Judge Smith)
Peter Hammill - In Slow Time
Peter Hammill - In The Black Room
Peter Hammill - Incomplete Surrender
Peter Hammill - Jeunesse D'oree
Peter Hammill - Labour Of Love
Peter Hammill - Losing Faith In Words
Peter Hammill - Man-Erg
Peter Hammill - My Experience
Peter Hammill - No More (The Submariner)
Peter Hammill - Now More Than Ever
Peter Hammill - Oasis
Peter Hammill - Ophelia
Peter Hammill - Out Oyster
Peter Hammill - Paradox Drive
Peter Hammill - People You Were Going To
Peter Hammill - Porton Down
Peter Hammill - Re-Awakening
Peter Hammill - Red Shift
Peter Hammill - Reprise
Peter Hammill - Rock And Role
Peter Hammill - Rubicon
Peter Hammill - Sci-Finance
Peter Hammill - Seven Wonders (Bonus Track)
Peter Hammill - She Wraps It Up
Peter Hammill - Shingle Song
Peter Hammill - Sign
Peter Hammill - Sitting Targets
Peter Hammill - Slender Threads
Peter Hammill - Solitude
Peter Hammill - Still Life
Peter Hammill - Stranger Still
Peter Hammill - Stumbled
Peter Hammill - Sunshine
Peter Hammill - Tapeworm
Peter Hammill - The Future Now
Peter Hammill - The Institute Of Mental Health, Burning
Peter Hammill - The Jargon King
Peter Hammill - The Lie (Bernini's St Theresa)
Peter Hammill - The Spirit
Peter Hammill - The Unconscious Life
Peter Hammill - Thunder
Peter Hammill - Time Heals
Peter Hammill - Traintime
Peter Hammill - Viking
Peter Hammill - Vision
Peter Hammill - What's It Worth?
Peter Hammill - Wilhelmina
Plants and Animals - 2010
Plants and Animals - Before
Plants and Animals - Control Me
Plants and Animals - Crisis!
Plants and Animals - Lightshow
Plants and Animals - No Idea
Plants and Animals - Runaways
Plants and Animals - Song For Love
Plants and Animals - The End Of That
Pinback - 3x0
Pinback - A Request
Pinback - Afk
Pinback - Already Ivy
Pinback - Anti-Hu
Pinback - Avignon
Pinback - B
Pinback - Bbtone
Pinback - Bloods On Fire
Pinback - Boo
Pinback - Bouquet
Pinback - Cload "q"
Pinback - Concrete Seconds
Pinback - Denslow, You Idiot!
Pinback - Devil You Know
Pinback - Diminished
Pinback - Drawstring
Pinback - From Nothing To Nowhere
Pinback - Glide
Pinback - Good To Sea
Pinback - Grey Machine
Pinback - His Phase
Pinback - June
Pinback - Lyon
Pinback - Microtonic Wave
Pinback - Montaigne
Pinback - My One And Only - Jose Villanueva Iii
Pinback - Non Photo-Blue
Pinback - Offcell
Pinback - Penelope
Pinback - Proceed To Memory
Pinback - Rousseau
Pinback - Sediment
Pinback - sender
Pinback - Shag
Pinback - Sherman
Pinback - Sleep Bath
Pinback - Some Voices
Pinback - Syracuse
Pinback - The Yellow Ones
Pinback - This Red Book
Pinback - Torch
Pinback - Trainer
Pinback - Tripoli
Pinback - True North
Pinback - Victorious D
Pinback - Walters
Pinback - X.I.Y
Pete Jason - Wood Is Good
Pivit - Odessy
Pivit - Tell Me
Pigeon John - Cry
Pigeon John - Eviction Notice
Pigeon John - Hello Everybody
Pigeon John - Life Goes On
Pigeon John - Matter
Pigeon John - Matter 101
Pigeon John - Passion (F. Tapwater)
Pigeon John - Perfect Formality
Pigeon John - She Cooks Me Oatmeal!
Pigeon John - The Bomb
Pigeon John - Upside Down Rotten
Pierre Perret - A S'amie
Pierre Perret - Adam Et Ève
Pierre Perret - Alphonsine
Pierre Perret - Amour, Liberté, Vérité
Pierre Perret - Amélie
Pierre Perret - Anna
Pierre Perret - Au Café Du Canal
Pierre Perret - Au Nom De Dieu
Pierre Perret - Avant, On S'Écrivait
Pierre Perret - Ay ! Si Tu M'Avais Vu, Señor
Pierre Perret - Belle Rose
Pierre Perret - Bercy Madeleine
Pierre Perret - Blanche
Pierre Perret - Bri-Bri
Pierre Perret - C'Est Au Mois D'Août
Pierre Perret - C'Est Bon Pour La Santé
Pierre Perret - C'Est Bon, C'Est Bon
Pierre Perret - C'Est L'Printemps !
Pierre Perret - C'Est Pas La Vie Qu'J'Avais Rêvée
Pierre Perret - C'Était Elle Que J'Attendais
Pierre Perret - Celui D'Alice
Pierre Perret - Chanson Minable
Pierre Perret - Comment C'Est La Chine ?
Pierre Perret - Comment Papa
Pierre Perret - Coucher Avec Elle
Pierre Perret - Cuisse De Mouche
Pierre Perret - Demain Dès L'Aube
Pierre Perret - Des Poux Et Des Sous
Pierre Perret - Djamilla, La Fille Du Pacha
Pierre Perret - Docteur
Pierre Perret - Dodo Rémi
Pierre Perret - Donnez-Nous Des Jardins
Pierre Perret - Doux Avec Loulou
Pierre Perret - Dépêche-Toi Mon Amour
Pierre Perret - Electra
Pierre Perret - Elle Attend Son Petit
Pierre Perret - Elle Cherche Des Puces À Son Chat
Pierre Perret - Elle M'A Dit Non, T'Es Trop Moche
Pierre Perret - Elle M'A Dit Rendez-Vous À Cinq Heures
Pierre Perret - Emilia
Pierre Perret - Estelle
Pierre Perret - Et Vous ?
Pierre Perret - Femmes Seules
Pierre Perret - Ferdinand
Pierre Perret - Fillette, Le Bonheur, C'Est Toujours Pour Demain
Pierre Perret - Fleur De P'tit Pois
Pierre Perret - Françouèse
Pierre Perret - Ghislaine De La Bourboule
Pierre Perret - Gourrance
Pierre Perret - J'Ai Dîné À London
Pierre Perret - J'Ai Faim
Pierre Perret - J'Aime Quand Elle Est Contrariée
Pierre Perret - J'Peux Pas
Pierre Perret - Je Bande
Pierre Perret - Je N'Ai Jamais Aimé Que Vous
Pierre Perret - Je Ne L'entendais Pas
Pierre Perret - Je Ne Sais Plus Sur Quel Pied Danser
Pierre Perret - Je Suis De Castelsarrasin
Pierre Perret - Je Suis Le Vent
Pierre Perret - Je Suis Zou, Zou, Zou
Pierre Perret - Jeanine
Pierre Perret - Jeanne
Pierre Perret - L'Ami Fidèle
Pierre Perret - L'Amour Et La Tendresse
Pierre Perret - L'Amour Sans Amour
Pierre Perret - L'Eau De La Rivière
Pierre Perret - L'glise
Pierre Perret - L'Homme Facile
Pierre Perret - L'Hôpital
Pierre Perret - L'Idole Des Femmes
Pierre Perret - L'Infidèle
Pierre Perret - L'Oiseau Dans L'Allée
Pierre Perret - L'Orchestre Fou
Pierre Perret - L'église
Pierre Perret - La Belle Fermire
Pierre Perret - La Bibise D'Accord
Pierre Perret - La Bérésina
Pierre Perret - La Bête Est Revenue
Pierre Perret - La Cage Aux Oiseaux
Pierre Perret - La Corde
Pierre Perret - La Corinne
Pierre Perret - La Corrida
Pierre Perret - La Famille... Sauf Moi
Pierre Perret - La Grande Ourse
Pierre Perret - La Jeune Fille
Pierre Perret - La Mère Des Cons
Pierre Perret - La Petite
Pierre Perret - La Petite Kurde
Pierre Perret - La Photo
Pierre Perret - La Porte De Ta Douche Est Restée Entr'Ouverte
Pierre Perret - La Princesse Aux Pieds Nus
Pierre Perret - La Rue Perce-Oreille
Pierre Perret - La Sieste
Pierre Perret - La Tigresse
Pierre Perret - La Télé En Panne
Pierre Perret - La Veuve
Pierre Perret - Le Bonheur Conjugal
Pierre Perret - Le Bouillon D'Canard
Pierre Perret - Le Con
Pierre Perret - Le Cul De Lucette
Pierre Perret - Le Cœur Dans Mon Bérêt
Pierre Perret - Le Lit
Pierre Perret - Le Monde Change
Pierre Perret - Le Petit Potier
Pierre Perret - Le Phallo
Pierre Perret - Le Plombier
Pierre Perret - Le Poulet
Pierre Perret - Le Représentant En Confiture
Pierre Perret - Le Service Militaire
Pierre Perret - Le Temps Des Puces
Pierre Perret - Le Temps Des Tabliers Bleus
Pierre Perret - Le Tondeur D'Œufs
Pierre Perret - Le Tord-Boyaux
Pierre Perret - Le Vieux Marin
Pierre Perret - Le Vrai Bonheur
Pierre Perret - Le Zizi
Pierre Perret - Leila
Pierre Perret - Les Auverploums
Pierre Perret - Les Baisers
Pierre Perret - Les Coups Au Cœur
Pierre Perret - Les Coups De Foudre
Pierre Perret - Les Enfants, Foutez-Leur La Paix
Pierre Perret - Les Filles, Ça Me Tuera
Pierre Perret - Les Jolies Colonies De Vacances
Pierre Perret - Les Majorettes
Pierre Perret - Les Ours Heureux
Pierre Perret - Les Postières
Pierre Perret - Les Proverbes
Pierre Perret - Les Seins
Pierre Perret - Les Sœurs Jumelles
Pierre Perret - Les Voyages Organisés
Pierre Perret - Lily
Pierre Perret - Lisette
Pierre Perret - Lolita
Pierre Perret - Louise
Pierre Perret - Ma Femme
Pierre Perret - Ma Gosse
Pierre Perret - Ma Nouvelle Adresse
Pierre Perret - Ma P'tite Julia
Pierre Perret - Mad'moiselle Roselina
Pierre Perret - Malika
Pierre Perret - Marcel
Pierre Perret - Marie
Pierre Perret - Marie Et Moi
Pierre Perret - Marie Trompe-La-Mort
Pierre Perret - Marina
Pierre Perret - Mimi La Douce
Pierre Perret - Moi J'Attends Adèle
Pierre Perret - Moi, Je Sais Ça
Pierre Perret - Mon Chibre
Pierre Perret - Mon P'tit Loup
Pierre Perret - Mon Petit Amour
Pierre Perret - Mon Pierrot
Pierre Perret - Mon Père M'A Dit
Pierre Perret - Mon Père, Ce Satyre
Pierre Perret - Mon Épouse, Elle Est Jalouse
Pierre Perret - Monsieur Victor
Pierre Perret - Mère Noël
Pierre Perret - Napo Napiteau
Pierre Perret - Ne Partez Pas En Vacances !
Pierre Perret - Non, J'Irai Pas Chez Ma Tante
Pierre Perret - Nous Maigrirons Ensemble
Pierre Perret - Noël Avant Terme
Pierre Perret - Olga
Pierre Perret - Ouvre
Pierre Perret - Papa Maman
Pierre Perret - Parfois
Pierre Perret - Perrette, La Môme Lolo
Pierre Perret - Phyllis
Pierre Perret - Plein La Poire
Pierre Perret - Pour Les Beaux Yeux De Sylvie
Pierre Perret - Prune Des Bois
Pierre Perret - Pépé La Jactance
Pierre Perret - Qu'Est-Ce Qu'Elle Est Belle !
Pierre Perret - Quand Il L'A Connue
Pierre Perret - Quand Je Suis Malheureux
Pierre Perret - Quand L'Amour Vous Fait Signe
Pierre Perret - Quand Le Soleil Entre Dans Ma Maison
Pierre Perret - Quoi De Plus Sympa Qu'Un Œuf !
Pierre Perret - S'Il Vous Plaît, Merci Encore
Pierre Perret - Salut, Ami D'Aubervilliers
Pierre Perret - Samedi Chez L'Amiral
Pierre Perret - Savez-Vous Compter ?
Pierre Perret - Si Je T'Envoie Des Fraises
Pierre Perret - Solitude
Pierre Perret - Sonnet Biblique
Pierre Perret - Stances
Pierre Perret - Suzanne
Pierre Perret - T'as Pas La Couleur
Pierre Perret - Tonton Cristobal
Pierre Perret - Trop Contente
Pierre Perret - Un P'tit Clébard
Pierre Perret - Une Chanson De Toutes Les Couleurs
Pierre Perret - Vaisselle Cassée
Pierre Perret - Vert De Colère
Pierre Perret - Vieux Sidney (Les Oignons)
Pierre Perret - Vingt-Six Ans À Nous Deux
Pierre Perret - Vis Et Versa
Pierre Perret - Vive Le Quinze
Pierre Perret - Vous Dont Je Suis Fou
Pierre Perret - Y'A Cinquante Gosses Dans L'Escalier
Pierre Perret - Y'A Pas D'Malaise
Pierre Perret - Y'A Rien De Plus Beau
Pierre Perret - À Cause Du Gosse
Pierre Perret - À Poil
Pierre Perret - Ça La Fait Marrer
Pierre Perret - Ça Va T'Faire Du Bien
Pierre Perret - Ça Y Est, Les Mecs
Pist-On - Electra Complex
Pist-On - Grey Flap
Pist-On - Mix Me With Blood
Pist-On - Turbulent
Pet - Why
Pipe Calderon - Me Arriesgo
Pipe Calderon - Para Mi Nada Mas
Pipe Calderon - Te Gateo
Pipe Calderon - Tus Recuerdos Son Mi Dios
Pilate - Alright
Pilate - Ambulance
Pilate - Barely Listening
Pilate - Before Your Eyes
Pilate - Collide
Pilate - Don't Waste Your Breath
Pilate - Drowning Man
Pilate - Endgame
Pilate - Fall Down
Pilate - Hold The Line
Pilate - I Won't Blame You
Pilate - Into Your Hideout
Pilate - Knife-Grey Sea
Pilate - Long Gone
Pilate - Never Shed A Tear
Pilate - Out On My Feet
Pilate - Perfect Thrill
Play (español, Mexico) - Dias Que No Vuelven
Pitch Black - Good Times
Play & Win - Only
Play & Win - Slow Motion
Platinum Blonde - All Fall Down
Platinum Blonde - Animal
Platinum Blonde - Automatic Drive
Platinum Blonde - Cast A Shadow
Platinum Blonde - Chaperone Sally
Platinum Blonde - Connect Me
Platinum Blonde - Crying Over You
Platinum Blonde - Diamonds
Platinum Blonde - Doesn't Really Matter
Platinum Blonde - Fire
Platinum Blonde - Holy Water
Platinum Blonde - Hungry Eyes
Platinum Blonde - I Might Have You
Platinum Blonde - If You Go This Time
Platinum Blonde - It Ain't Love Anyway
Platinum Blonde - It Doesn't Really Matter
Platinum Blonde - Leaders In Danger
Platinum Blonde - Lost In Space
Platinum Blonde - Not In Love
Platinum Blonde - Red Light
Platinum Blonde - Sad Sad Rain
Platinum Blonde - Situation Critical
Platinum Blonde - Somebody Somewhere
Platinum Blonde - Standing In The Dark
Platinum Blonde - System
Platinum Blonde - Take It From Me
Platinum Blonde - Temple Of The Newborn
Platinum Blonde - Tough Enough
Platinum Blonde - Video Disease
Parsa Falahatgar - Alireza Is He!
The Overtones - All About You
The Overtones - Beggin
The Overtones - Come Back My Love
The Overtones - Gambling Man
The Overtones - Giving Me Soul
The Overtones - Hit The Road Jack
The Overtones - Loving The Sound
The Overtones - Only Girl
The Overtones - Perfect
The Overtones - Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Wanna Meet)
The Overtones feat. Sam Bailey - River Deep Mountain High
The Overtones - Rolling In The Deep
The Overtones - Saturday Night At The Movies
The Overtones - Second Last Chance
The Overtones - Shake A Tail Feather
The Overtones - Superstar
The Overtones - We Can Work It Out
The Overtones - When You Say My Name
The Overtones - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Peter Green - 32-20 Blues
Peter Green - A Fool No More
Peter Green - Baby When The Sun Goes Down
Peter Green - Black Magic Woman
Peter Green - Come On In My Kitchen
Peter Green - Cryin' Won't Bring You Back
Peter Green - Drifting
Peter Green - Give Me Back My Freedom
Peter Green - Got To See Her Tonight
Peter Green - Hellhound On My Trail
Peter Green - I Could Not Ask For More
Peter Green - I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
Peter Green - If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
Peter Green - In The Skies
Peter Green - Just For You
Peter Green - Last Train To San Antone
Peter Green - Little Dreamer
Peter Green - Long Grey Mare
Peter Green - Loser Two Times
Peter Green - Malted Milk
Peter Green - Man Of The World
Peter Green - Merry Go Round
Peter Green - Milkcow's Calf Blues
Peter Green - Momma Don'tcha Cry
Peter Green - Need Your Love So Bad
Peter Green - No Place To Go
Peter Green - One Woman Love
Peter Green - Ooh Baby
Peter Green - Promised Land
Peter Green - Rattlesnake Shake
Peter Green - Seven Stars
Peter Green - The Clown
Peter Green - To Break Your Heart
Peter Green - Walkin' The Road
Peter Green - When You Got A Good Friend
Plainsong - Christoforo'S Eyes
Plainsong - The Clearances
La Pistraca - Chapuceria A La Bufarreta
La Pistraca - Marchante
La Pistraca - Palabras Perdidas
La Pistraca - Rock Para Una Lagrima
The Pineapple Thief - Dead In The Water
The Pineapple Thief - Different World
The Pineapple Thief - Doppler
The Pineapple Thief - Every Last Moment (Acoustic Version)
The Pineapple Thief - From Where You're Standing
The Pineapple Thief - How Did We Find Our Way?
The Pineapple Thief - Lay On The Tracks
The Pineapple Thief - Md One
The Pineapple Thief - My Bleeding Hand
The Pineapple Thief - My Debt to You
The Pineapple Thief - Preserve
The Pineapple Thief - Private Paradise
The Pineapple Thief - PVS
The Pineapple Thief - Shoot First
The Pineapple Thief - Sinners
The Pineapple Thief - Sooner Or Later
The Pineapple Thief - Ster
The Pineapple Thief - The Sorry State
The Pineapple Thief - Too Much To Lose
The Pineapple Thief - Warm Me
Pj And Duncan - If I Give You My Number
Pj And Duncan - Stuck On You
Pj And Duncan - U Krazy Katz
Pj And Duncan - When I Fall In Love
The Treblemakers - Don't Stop The Music
The Treblemakers - Let It Whip
Skylar Astin - Since U Been Gone
Playgroup - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Playgroup - Number One
Os Azeitonas - Anda Comigo Ver Os Avioes
Os Azeitonas - Quem És Tu, Miúda?
Phone Calls From Home - Coming Back to the World
Phone Calls From Home - Keep This Dream Alive
Phone Calls From Home - Light The Fuse
Phone Calls From Home - Photos Of You
Phone Calls From Home - Tonight I'm Over You
Phone Calls From Home - Wait to See This
Petra Haden - 05. Yellow
Petra Haden - Armenia City In The Sky
Petra Haden - Odorono
Petra Haden - Our Love Was
Petra Haden - Rael
Pierre Bokma - A Friend Like Me (Dutch)
Pixinguinha - Carinhoso
Pixinguinha - Rosa
Pito Perez - 506
Pito Perez - Adios
Pito Perez - ahí
Pito Perez - Balas
Pito Perez - Gandul
Pito Perez - Globo
Pito Perez - Huarache Skate
Pito Perez - Locamente
Pito Perez - Mi Lupita
Pito Perez - Pito Perez
Pito Perez - Sábado
Pito Perez - Tal Y Cual
Pito Perez - Todo Lo Que Soy
Piltrafas - Vueltas
Peter Katz - Carried Away
Peter Katz - Jackson's Song
Peter Katz - The Fence - Matthew Shepard's Song
Place 2 Go - Save It For Somebody Else
Place Of Skulls - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Pilot Speed - Alright
Pilot Speed - Bluff
Pistvakt - 2, 4, 6, 8 Bäverhojt
Pistvakt - Du ä I Svartlien
Pistvakt - Jan-E Ä Bra
Pistvakt - Klädd För Å Rädd
Pistvakt - Om Jag Kund Vrid Baks Tidn
Pistvakt - Pistvakt - Ockelbo 300
Pistvakt - Skoterled
Pistvakt - Snörök På Fjälle
Pistvakt - Vad är De Ni Vill
Platypus - Bye Bye
Platypus - Cry
Platypus - Gone
Platypus - I Need You
Platypus - Nothing To Say
Platypus - Oh God
Platypus - Platt Opus
Platypus - Standing In Line
Platypus - The Tower
Platypus - Willie Brown
Playroom Chemistry - Niki With An I Love You
Planetshakers - All I Want Is You
Planetshakers - All I'm Living For
Planetshakers - All Of My Days
Planetshakers - All That I Want
Planetshakers - All That Matters
Planetshakers - Amazing Grace
Planetshakers - Angel's Cry Holy
Planetshakers - Beautiful Saviour
Planetshakers - Big
Planetshakers - Burn
Planetshakers - Call Your Name
Planetshakers - Closer To You
Planetshakers - Come Breathe
Planetshakers - Come To Praise
Planetshakers - Could I Ever
Planetshakers - Cry Holy
Planetshakers - Devoted To You
Planetshakers - Don't Pass Me By
Planetshakers - Enter In
Planetshakers - Evermore
Planetshakers - Everything To Me
Planetshakers - Everything's Changed
Planetshakers - Follow
Planetshakers - Free
Planetshakers - Give You Praise
Planetshakers - God Is Moving
Planetshakers - Great And Mighty
Planetshakers - Here I Am
Planetshakers - Here I Stand
Planetshakers - Hero
Planetshakers - Holy Is The Lord
Planetshakers - Holy Spirit
Planetshakers - How I Love You
Planetshakers - I Just Want You
Planetshakers - I Want To See Jesus
Planetshakers - I'm Living For
Planetshakers - It's All About Jesus
Planetshakers - Lift Up Your Eyes
Planetshakers - Live For You
Planetshakers - Majesty
Planetshakers - My Passion
Planetshakers - Need You In My Life
Planetshakers - Never Stop
Planetshakers - No One Else Like You
Planetshakers - Not Ashamed
Planetshakers - Nothing Is Impossible
Planetshakers - One For Me
Planetshakers - Open Up The Gates
Planetshakers - Out Of Me
Planetshakers - Overwhelmed
Planetshakers - Perfect Day
Planetshakers - Phenomena
Planetshakers - Pick It Up
Planetshakers - Praise Him
Planetshakers - Praise You
Planetshakers - Rain Down
Planetshakers - Reason I Live
Planetshakers - Redeemer
Planetshakers - Reflector
Planetshakers - Rescue Me
Planetshakers - Running After You
Planetshakers - Saviour Of The World
Planetshakers - Send Me
Planetshakers - Shake The Planet
Planetshakers - Shout It Out
Planetshakers - Shout Your Name
Planetshakers - Sing
Planetshakers - Sing Of Your Love
Planetshakers - So In Love With You
Planetshakers - Stand
Planetshakers - The Anthem
Planetshakers - The Way
Planetshakers - This Is How We Overcome
Planetshakers - To You I Sing
Planetshakers - Unto You
Planetshakers - Weight Of The World
Planetshakers - What You've Done For Me
Planetshakers - With All My Heart
Planetshakers - Worship Forevermore
Planetshakers - Worship The King
Planetshakers - Worthy To Be Praised
Planetshakers - You're Everything
Planetshakers - Your Glory
Plàsi - More Than Ever
Plàsi - Who Are We
Playaz Circle - All The Way Turnt Up
Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boy
Playaz Circle - Look What I Got
Playaz Circle - Loved
Playaz Circle - Why You Hate Hoe?
Pitch Perfect - Bellas Finals
Pitch Perfect - Blame It On The Boogie
Pitch Perfect - Please Don't Stop The Music
Pitch Perfect - Pool Mashup: Just The Way You Are/just A Dream
Pitch Perfect - Pricetag / Don't You / Give Me Everything
Pascal Laurent - Jij Bent Niet Meer Van Mij
The Plan - Autumn
The Plan - Daybreak
The Plan - Embrace Me Beauty
The Plan - Emma
The Plan - Fell A Mile
The Plan - Foggy Days
The Plan - Let's Leave
The Plan - Mon Amour
The Plan - Skies Above
The Plan - Slow Fall
The Plan - Stay Right Here
The Plan - The Days Just Glide In
The Plan - We Stopped Running
The Plan - Young & Armed
Pilar Montenegro - 'ta candente
Pilar Montenegro - Adicta [Reggaeton]
Pilar Montenegro - Algo Especial
Pilar Montenegro - Cuando Quieras
Pilar Montenegro - De Amate [Club Mix]
Pilar Montenegro - Deshójame
Pilar Montenegro - Despertar
Pilar Montenegro - Duende
Pilar Montenegro - Instinto Animal
Pilar Montenegro - La Bruja
Pilar Montenegro - La Puerta Del Amor
Pilar Montenegro - Lo voy a dividir
Pilar Montenegro - Muéveme
Pilar Montenegro - Necio Corazón
Pilar Montenegro - Noche De Adrenalina ft Don Omar
Pilar Montenegro - Para Siempre Te Amaré
Pilar Montenegro - Prisionera
Pilar Montenegro - Que Lastima
Pilar Montenegro - Se me hizo fácil
Pilar Montenegro - Soledad
Pilar Montenegro - Son Del Corazón
Pilar Montenegro - South Beach
Pilar Montenegro - Sé Sincero
Pilar Montenegro - Te sigo amando igual
Pilar Montenegro - Temerosa-Pilar Montenegro
Pilar Montenegro - Tira, Tira
Pilar Montenegro - Tomalo Suave [Reggaeton Version]
Pilar Montenegro - Vamos a darnos tiempo
Pilar Montenegro - Y Volveré
Pilar Montenegro - Yo Se Que Te Amo
Peter White - Don't Want To Be A Fool
Peter White - Nostradamus
Peter White - Time Passages
Peter White - Year Of The Cat
Plastic Flowers - Dead Promises
Plastic Flowers - Populists
Pinball - I Try
Pinball - Make It Happen
La Plebe - Been Drinkin
La Plebe - Bella Ciao
La Plebe - Campesino
La Plebe - Cerdos Al Marchar
La Plebe - Conquista 21
La Plebe - Dirty Old Town
La Plebe - Drink
La Plebe - El Certificate
La Plebe - El Infeliz
La Plebe - Emoción
La Plebe - En El Infierno
La Plebe - Enfadada
La Plebe - Exploited People
La Plebe - Fuck You Too
La Plebe - Guerra Sucia
La Plebe - Hijo Mio
La Plebe - Jaulas
La Plebe - La Esquina
La Plebe - La Juventud
La Plebe - La Posta
La Plebe - La Soledad
La Plebe - Lárgate Lucrecia
La Plebe - Mi Tierra
La Plebe - Mirrored Floors
La Plebe - Opresión
La Plebe - Pinches Fronteras
La Plebe - Plebe Por Vida
La Plebe - Que Barbaridad
La Plebe - Reject/refuse
La Plebe - Run Joe
La Plebe - Runnin
La Plebe - S.O.B.
La Plebe - Siempre Unidos
La Plebe - U.S.D.A
La Plebe - Vahos Del Ayer
La Plebe - Vaquero Feo
La Plebe - Venas Abiertas
Peggy Lee - "joey
Peggy Lee - 'S Wonderful
Peggy Lee - (ah, The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young
Peggy Lee - (what Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry
Peggy Lee - (When I Dance With You) I Get Ideas
Peggy Lee - A Brown Bird Singing
Peggy Lee - A Doodlin' Song
Peggy Lee - A Hundred Years From Today
Peggy Lee - Ain't That Love
Peggy Lee - Ain't We Got Fun?
Peggy Lee - Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back
Peggy Lee - All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart
Peggy Lee - Alright, Okay, You Win
Peggy Lee - Always Something There To Remind Me
Peggy Lee - Baby (Is What He Calls Me)
Peggy Lee - Baby, Don't Be Mad At Me
Peggy Lee - Bella Notte
Peggy Lee - Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
Peggy Lee - Big Spender
Peggy Lee - Black Coffee
Peggy Lee - Boston Beans
Peggy Lee - Bouquet Of Blues
Peggy Lee - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
Peggy Lee - Can I Change My Mind?
Peggy Lee - Caramba! It's The Samba
Peggy Lee - Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep)
Society Of Singers feat. Peggy Lee - Christmas Carousel
Peggy Lee - Close Your Eyes
Peggy Lee - Come Dance With Me
Peggy Lee - Dear Heart
Peggy Lee - Didn't Want To Have To Do It
Peggy Lee - Don't Smoke In Bed
Peggy Lee - Easy Does It
Peggy Lee - Everything's Movin' Too Fast
Peggy Lee - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
Peggy Lee - Goin' To Chicago Blues
Peggy Lee - Golden Earrings
Peggy Lee - Gone With The Wind
Peggy Lee - Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
Peggy Lee - Happy Feet (Theme From Walk, Don't Run)
Peggy Lee - He's A Tramp (lady And The Tramp)
Peggy Lee - Hey There [From The Pajama Game]
Peggy Lee - Hey, Look Me Over!
Peggy Lee - How Deep Is The Ocean? [Alternate Take]
Peggy Lee - How Long Has This Been Going On
Peggy Lee - I Don't Know Enough About You
Peggy Lee - I Enjoy Being A Girl
Peggy Lee - I Hear Music
Peggy Lee - I See A Million People But All I Can See Is You
Peggy Lee - I Wish I Didn't Love You So
Peggy Lee - I Won't Dance
Peggy Lee - I'm A Woman
Peggy Lee - I'm Just Wild About Harry
Peggy Lee - I've Got The World On A String
Peggy Lee - If I Should Lose You
Peggy Lee - It's A Good Day
Peggy Lee - It's All Over Now
Peggy Lee - Johnny Guitar
Peggy Lee - Laroo, Laroo, Lilli Bolero
Peggy Lee - Let Me Go Lover
Peggy Lee - Life Is So Peculiar
Peggy Lee - Love And Marriage
Peggy Lee - Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me
Peggy Lee - Lover
Peggy Lee - Lullaby Of Broadway
Peggy Lee - Mack The Knife
Peggy Lee - Makin' Whoopee
Peggy Lee - Manana
Peggy Lee - Mohair Sam
Peggy Lee - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Peggy Lee - My Sugar Is So Refined
Peggy Lee - My Sweet Lord
Peggy Lee - Non Dimenticar
Peggy Lee - Not A Care In The World
Peggy Lee - Oh! No! (Please Don't Go)
Peggy Lee - Oh, Didn't He Ramble
Peggy Lee - Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
Peggy Lee - Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
Peggy Lee - Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)
Peggy Lee - Riding High
Peggy Lee - Rockin' Chair
Peggy Lee - San Francisco Blues
Peggy Lee - Shady Lady Bird
Peggy Lee - Sisters
Peggy Lee - Someday, Sweetheart
Peggy Lee - Someone Who Cares
Peggy Lee - Something
Peggy Lee - Sugar
Peggy Lee - Supper Time
Peggy Lee - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Peggy Lee - Tango
Peggy Lee - The Christmas Waltz
Tito "El Bambino" feat. Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Agárrala
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Amiga
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Buscando Calor
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Charmaine
Peggy Lee - The Siamese Cat Song
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Darkest Place
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Dj Goldy 4 - El Desorden
Peggy Lee - The Surrey with the Fringe on Top
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Dos Gatas
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Fatal Fantasy 3
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Frikitona
Peggy Lee - Them There Eyes
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Guatauba
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Hey You Girl
Peggy Lee - There Won't Be A Shortage Of Love
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - I Don't Hate You
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Karel Y Voltio Ft. Plan B
Peggy Lee - They Can't Take That Away from Me
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Kidz
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - La Danza Bella
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Lento, muévete
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Los Matadores Del Genero
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - me la explota
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Mencionando Tu Nombre
Peggy Lee - Through The Eyes Of Love
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - More Is Enough (ft. Epic Man)
Peggy Lee - Too Close For Comfort
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - No Good
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - No Puedo Estar Sin Ti
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Nos Fuimos Discoteca
Peggy Lee - Waitin' For The Train To Come In
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Outro
Peggy Lee - Walking Happy
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Perreandote
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Plan B
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Plan C
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Que Sabia Yo
Peggy Lee - What Is This Thing Called Love
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Solo Te Llame (Warrior 4)
Peggy Lee - Whatever Lola Wants
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Stay Too Long
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Temprano Abre Su Closet
Peggy Lee - When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Tu Sabes
Peggy Lee - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Ya Regrese
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Yo La Tuve
Peggy Lee - Where Are You?
Peggy Lee - Where Do I Go From Here?
Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right
Peggy Lee - You And The Night And The Music
Peggy Lee - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
Peggy Lee - You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
Peggy Lee - You're My Thrill
Phora - A Letter To Her
Phora - A Song For Her
Phora - Angels With Broken Wings
Phora - As The Wind Blows
Phora - As Time Goes By
Phora - Before It's Over (Thank You)
Phora - Before It's Over Pt. 2
Phora - Breathing Room
Phora - Catharsis
Phora - Deeper Than Blood
Phora - Despair
Phora - Donuts
Phora - Dragonflies
Phora - Father
Phora - Forgive Me Mother
Phora - Girl
Phora - Gods Plan
Phora - Gotta Move On
Phora - Halos & Devil Horns
Phora - Home
Phora - Hope
Phora - I Think I Love You
Phora - If I Gave You My Heart
Phora - Just Another Day
Phora - Kid On The Block
Phora - Late Nights In The City
Phora - Like Me
Phora - Living Proof
Phora - My Story
Phora - Night Owls
Phora - No Matter What
Phora - No Other Way
Phora - Nothing Like
Phora - Open Letter
Phora - Pain
Phora - People
Phora - Real?
Phora - Reflections
Phora - Secrets
Phora - Sincerely Yours
Phora - Sinner
Phora - Small Circle
Phora - Stay
Phora - Stay True
Phora - Still A Kid
Phora - Sunny California
Phora - Tears Of An Angel
Phora - Tell Me
Phora - Thankful
Phora - The Beauty Inside
Phora - The Breeze
Phora - The Old Days
Phora - The One For You
Phora - The Pressure
Phora - The Root Of All Evil
Phora feat. Versailles the Everything - The Way We Are
Phora - The White Owl
Phora - Time Will Tell
Phora - To Each Is Own
Phora - Unconditional
Phora - What If
Phora - What It's Like
Phora - When The Sun Goes Down
Phora feat. Wolvang - Wish You Knew
Phora - Written Words
Plazma - 607
Plazma - Jump In My Car
Plazma - Take My Love
Plazma - The Sweetest Surrender
Planet Funk - All Man's Land
Planet Funk - Another Sunrise
Planet Funk - Come Alive
Planet Funk - Everyday
Planet Funk - Inside All The People
Planet Funk - It's Your Time
Planet Funk - Late
Planet Funk - Lemonade
Planet Funk - One Step Closer
Planet Funk - Paraffin
Planet Funk - Peak
Planet Funk - Static
Planet Funk - Stop Me
Planet Funk - These Boots Are Made For Walkin
Planet Funk - Too Much Tv
Planet Funk - Ultraviolet Days
Phantogram - 10,000 Claps
Phantogram - 16 Years
Phantogram - A Dark Tunnel
Phantogram - All Dried Up
Phantogram - Black Out Days
Phantogram - Don't Move
Phantogram - Let Me Go
Phantogram - Make A Fist
Phantogram - My Only Friend
Phantogram - Nightlife
Phantogram - Turning To Stone
Phantogram - You Don't Get Me High Anymore
The Pigeon Detectives - Caught In Your Trap
The Pigeon Detectives - Dick'ead
The Pigeon Detectives - Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
The Pigeon Detectives - Done In Secret
The Pigeon Detectives - Draw the Curtain
The Pigeon Detectives - I Can't Control Myself
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Always Right
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Gonna Take This
The Pigeon Detectives - Left Alone
The Pigeon Detectives - Let Go
The Pigeon Detectives - Making Up Numbers
The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type
The Pigeon Detectives - Say It Like You Mean It
The Pigeon Detectives - Take Her Back
The Pigeon Detectives - This Is An Emergency
The Pigeon Detectives - You Know I Love You
Petri Nygård - Jatkoille
Petri Nygård - Kippis Kulaus
Petri Nygård - Mitä Vittuu vaan (Tuska)
Petri Nygård - Mä Oon Hevari
Petri Nygård - Märkää
Petri Nygård - Onko Sulla Pokkaa?
Petri Nygård - Pannaan Suomi Kuntoon
Petri Nygård - Paska Maailma
Petri Nygård - Sanon Suoraan
Petri Nygård - Sarvet Esiin
Petri Nygård - Selvä Päivä
Petri Nygård - Seopetriii
Petri Nygård - Tuska
Petri Nygård - Työtön
Petri Nygård - Villi Ja Vitun Vapaa
The Pink Pony Punishers - Klub Klaus
Piasek - 2 Long
Piasek - Jednym Tchem
Piasek - Jeszcze Blizej
Piasek - Z Glebi Duszy
Pictures And Sound - It's You
Pictures And Sound - The Last Ocean
Plain Sunset - Checking Email
Plain Sunset - Find A Way
Plain Sunset - Girl On Queen Street
Plain Sunset - Immature
Plain Sunset - Julia
Plain Sunset - Lovesong for the Emotionally Wounded
Plain Sunset - Plain Sunset
Plain Sunset - Priorities
Plain Sunset - Regina
Plain Sunset - We're Not In
Pig - Black Mambo
Pig - Blades (Slash Mix)
Pig - Broken English
Pig - Contempt
Pig - Death Rattle And Roll
Pig - Disrupt Degrade & Devastate
Pig - Everything (Pig Remix)
Pig - Fetid Air
Pig - Find It Fuck It Forget It (Regret It Mix)
Pig - Flesh Fest
Pig - Fuck Me I'm Sick
Pig - Ham Strung On The Highway
Pig - Hello Hooray (Extra Large)
Pig - High Protien
Pig - Hog Love
Pig - Infinate Shame
Pig - Infinite Power
Pig - It Tolls For Thee
Pig - Jump The Gun
Pig - My Favourite Car
Pig - No One Gets Out Of Her Alive
Pig - Ojo Por Ojo
Pig - Painiac
Pig - Peoria
Pig - Prime Evil
Pig - Riot Religion & Righteousness
Pig - Sanctuary (Spent Sperm Mix)
Pig - Satanic Panic
Pig - Scumsberg
Pig - Secret Skin
Pig - Serial Killer Thriller
Pig - Shit For Brains
Pig - Slice
Pig - Sweet Child
Pig - Symphony For The Devil
Pig - The Fountain Of Miracles
Pig - The Only Good One's A Dead One
Pig - Visual Cortex
Pig - Volcano
Pig - War Pigs
Pig - World Is My Oyster
Pig - Wrecked (Ken Ishii Remx)
Pig - ¡toxico!
Pimpinela - (Hermanos ) En Lo Bueno Y En Lo Malo
Pimpinela - A Esa
Pimpinela - Aguante Campeón
Pimpinela - Ahora Decide
Pimpinela - Ahora Estoy Con El
Pimpinela - Ahora Me Toca A Mi
Pimpinela - Amigo
Pimpinela - Aqui Estoy Yo
Pimpinela - Artista
Pimpinela - Buena Onda
Pimpinela - Con Un Nudo En La Garganta
Pimpinela - Corazón Gitano
Pimpinela - Cuéntale Al Mundo
Pimpinela - Dimelo Delante De Ella
Pimpinela - Dos Buenos Amigos
Pimpinela - Duena De La Noche
Pimpinela - El Amor No Se Puede Olvidar
Pimpinela - Entre La Espada Y La Pared
Pimpinela - Ese Estúpido Que Llama
Pimpinela - Ese Hombre
Pimpinela - Estoy Sola De Nuevo
Pimpinela - Fin De Semana
Pimpinela - Hay Amores
Pimpinela - Heroina Solitaria
Pimpinela - Igual Que Los Demás
Pimpinela - La Familia
Pimpinela - La Histerica
Pimpinela - La Historia De Mi Vida
Pimpinela - Las Cosas Simples
Pimpinela - Marido Y Mujer
Pimpinela - Mañana
Pimpinela - Me Hace Falta Una Flor
Pimpinela - Me Muero
Pimpinela - Mentia
Pimpinela - Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti
Pimpinela - Nunca Mas
Pimpinela - Ojos Que No Ven
Pimpinela - Olvidame Y Pega La Vuelta
Pimpinela - Para Mi Primer Amor
Pimpinela - Perro Que Ladra
Pimpinela - Porqué No Puedo Ser Feliz?
Pimpinela - Sarna Con Gusto
Pimpinela - Se Va,Se Va
Pimpinela - Si Cada Uno De Nosotros
Pimpinela - Solo Hay Un Ganador
Pimpinela - Un Poco De Amor
Pimpinela - Una Estupida Mas
Pimpinela - Valiente
Pimpinela - Vivir Sin Ti No Puedo
Pimpinela - Yo Que Soy
Players Association - Turn the Music Up!
Playalitical - Fade Away
Playalitical - Headstones
Playalitical - Operation Takeover
Playalitical - You Dont Want It
Pia Zadora - It's Wrong For Me To Love You
Pia Zadora - Let's Dance Tonight
Pia Zadora - Real Love
Pia Zadora - The Clapping Song
Peter Griffin - A Peter Griffin Christmas
Peter Griffin - Can't Touch Me!
Peter Griffin - Ding! Fries Are Done
Peter Griffin - Hurricane
Peter Griffin - I Need A Jew
Peter Griffin - I've Lost My Way
Peter Griffin - Inside Out
Peter Griffin - Time Machine
Phillip Sandifer - Crying For A Saviour
Phillip Sandifer - Easy Money
Phillip Sandifer - I'll Never Make It Without You
Phillip Sandifer - Keep It Constant
Phillip Sandifer - New Life
Phillip Sandifer - Night After Night
Phillip Sandifer - Quiet Time
Phillip Sandifer - Where Do We Go From Here
Phillip Sandifer - Who Loves The Lonely Hearts
feat. Pia Mia - Boys & Girls
Pia Mia - Fill Me In
Pia Mia - Touch
The Pleasure of Making Love - Amor A 2da Vista
The Pleasure of Making Love - Let's Go ( Naughty Mix )
The Pleasure of Making Love - My Body
The Pleasure of Making Love - Touchin' My Body
Plebe Rude - Até Quando Esperar
Plebe Rude - Johnny Vai A Guerra
Plebe Rude - Luzes
Plebe Rude - Proteção
Pestilence - Changing Perspectives
Pestilence - Chronic Infection
Pestilence - De Pelicula (Conejo)
Pestilence - Dehydrated
Pestilence - Deify Thy Master
Pestilence - Demise Of Time
Pestilence - Echoes Of Death
Pestilence - Land Of Tears
Pestilence - Lost Souls
Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum / Anthropomorphia
Pestilence - Mind Reflections
Pestilence - Multiple Beings
Pestilence - Out Of The Body
Pestilence - Personal Energy
Pestilence - Presence Of The Dead
Pestilence - Prophetic Revelations
Pestilence - Reduce To Ashes
Pestilence - Soul Search
Pestilence - Spheres
Pestilence - Stigmatized
Pestilence - Suspended Animation
Pestilence - Testimony
Pestilence - The Level Of Perception
Pestilence - The Process Of Suffocation
Pestilence - The Secrecies Of Horror
Pestilence - The Trauma
Pestilence - Twisted Truth
Planningtorock - The One
Pebaluna - All Falling Down
Pebaluna - Baby, What's Wrong?
Pebaluna - Carny Life
Pebaluna - Hindsight (Lonely Girl)
Pebaluna - Honey
Pebaluna - Hopeless
Pebaluna - No, I Can't
Pebaluna - Penguin Island
Pebaluna - Please Me
Pebaluna - Siren Song
Pebaluna - Sister Sara
Pebaluna - Sunshine Lullaby
Pebaluna - Tickle Train
Pebaluna - Timeshare Romance
Pebaluna - Waking Nightmares
The Playmates - Don't Go Home
The Playmates - Jo Ann
The Playmates - What Is Love?
Pissing Razors - Away
Pissing Razors - Broken Trust
Pissing Razors - Burning Bridges
Pissing Razors - Cast Down The Plague
Pissing Razors - Choices
Pissing Razors - Cursed
Pissing Razors - Desperado
Pissing Razors - Fields Of Disbelief
Pissing Razors - Fork Tongue
Pissing Razors - Mass Corruption
Pissing Razors - Out Of Control
Pissing Razors - Permanent
Pissing Razors - Reality Of War
Pissing Razors - Ruin
Pissing Razors - Season To Die
Pissing Razors - Selfish
Pissing Razors - Sever The Ties
Pissing Razors - Survival Of Time
Pissing Razors - Sympathy
Pissing Razors - The Other Side
Pissing Razors - Three
Pissing Razors - Train Of Thought
Pissing Razors - Truth In Disguise
Pissing Razors - Understand
Pissing Razors - Vexed
Pissing Razors - Voice Of Reason
Pissing Razors - You Never Know
Patrick Sébastien - Ah... Si Tu Pouvais Fermer Ta Gueule...
Patrick Sébastien - Caoutchouc Raymond
Patrick Sébastien - Collés Tout Collés
Patrick Sébastien - Hit Parade 81
Patrick Sébastien - La Femme Du Petit Bonhomme
Patrick Sébastien - Le Gambadou (I'm Into Folk)
Patrick Sébastien - On A Gagne Ce Soir
Patrick Sébastien - On Est Venu Te Dire Qu'On T'Aime Bien
Patrick Sébastien - Pipo Le Iench
Patrick Sébastien - Pourvu Que Ça Dure
Patrick Sébastien - Ty Hamo (Jeu Thème)
Phono - Downhill
Phono - Going Up
Phono - Inspired Song
Phil Woods - Deed I Do
PJ Harvey - 50ft. Queenie
PJ Harvey - A Line In The Sand
PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise
PJ Harvey - A Place Called Home
PJ Harvey - A Woman A Man Walked By / The Crow Knows Where All The Little Children
PJ Harvey - All And Everyone
PJ Harvey - Angel
PJ Harvey - Angelene
PJ Harvey - Beautiful Feeling
PJ Harvey - Bitter Branches
PJ Harvey - Bonnie Clyde
PJ Harvey - Broken Homes
PJ Harvey - C'mon Billy