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Dave Dudley - Don't Want To Live Without Honey
Dave Dudley - Geisha Girl
Dave Dudley - Going Back (To My Baby)
Dave Dudley - I'm Not So Easy Anymore
Dave Dudley - It's Such A Pretty World Today
Dave Dudley - Journey To The Corner Of Your Heart
Dave Dudley - Old Fashioned Love
Dave Dudley - Soldier's Last Letter
Dave Dudley - Subject To Change
Dave Dudley - Talk Of The Town
Dave Dudley - Then I'll Come Home Again
Dave Brubeck - Because All Men Are Brothers
Dave Brubeck - I Never Knew (I Could Love Anyone Like I'm Loving You)
Dave Brubeck - My Favorite Things
Dave Brubeck - River, Stay 'way From My Door
Dave Brubeck - Shine On Harvest Moon
Dave Brubeck - You Go To My Head
Dave D.j. - Stand By Me (Radio Edit)
Daughter Farmer's - Lonely Gypsy Wind
Daughter Farmer's - Milk Rap
Dave Days - 8 Years Apart
Dave Days - Burnin' Up Miley
Dave Days - Don't Let Go
Dave Days - Down
Dave Days - East To West
Dave Days - From East To West
Dave Days - Love Story
Dave Days - Out Of The Box
Rebecca Black and Dave Days - Saturday
Dave Days - Stuck In A Furniture Store
Dave Days - We're Just Kids
Dave Days feat. Jake Broido - Your Melody
Dave Davies - Death Of A Clown
Dave Davies - Flowers In The Rain
Dave Davies - Is This The Only Way
Dave Davies - Where Do You Come From
Dave Barnes - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Dave Barnes - All She Wants Is You
Dave Barnes - All That Noise
Dave Barnes - Believe
Dave Barnes - Carry Me Through
Dave Barnes - Darlin'
Dave Barnes - Find Your Way Home
Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You
Dave Barnes - Good Day for Marrying You
Dave Barnes - Grace's Amazing Hands
Dave Barnes - Headlights
Dave Barnes - Heaven Help Me
Dave Barnes - I Have And Always Will
Dave Barnes - Jackson
Dave Barnes - Little Lies
Dave Barnes - Looks So Easy
Dave Barnes - Loving You, Loving Me
Dave Barnes - My Love, My Enemy
Dave Barnes - One Of Us
Dave Barnes - Prayers Of The Saints
Dave Barnes - Seventeen
Dave Barnes - Somehow Saving You
Dave Barnes - Someone's Somebody
Dave Barnes - Something Beautiful To Say (Right Where You Belong
Dave Barnes - Stories To Tell
Dave Barnes - Tell Her You Do
Dave Barnes - The L.A. Song
Dave Barnes - The Little I Know
Dave Barnes - Warm Heart In A Cold World
Dave Barnes - What We Want, Want We Get
Dave Barnes - You Do The Same For Me
Dave Barnes - You're Love Will Never Change
Edith Massey - Big Girls Don't Cry
Patience And Prudence - Tonight You Belong To Me
Dave Dobbyn - Lament For The Numb
Dave Dobbyn - Language
Dave Dobbyn - Loyal (The Unofficial Team New Zealand Song)
Dave Dobbyn - Outlok For Thursday
Dave Dobbyn - Stay
Dave Dobbyn - The Lap Of The Gods
Dave & Ansel Collins - Double Barrel
Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl - Cut Me Some Slack
Dave Grohl - If I Were Me
Dave Gahan - 21 Days
Dave Gahan - A Little Lie
Dave Gahan - Closer
Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors
Dave Gahan - Goodbye
Dave Gahan - Hidden Houses
Dave Gahan - I Need You
Dave Gahan - Kingdom
Dave Gahan - Miracles
Dave Gahan - Stand Up
Dave Gahan - Use You
The Dave Clark Five - A Little Bit Now
The Dave Clark Five - Anytime You Want Love
The Dave Clark Five - At the Place
The Dave Clark Five - Crying Over You
The Dave Clark Five - Don't Be Taken In
The Dave Clark Five - I Knew It All The Time
The Dave Clark Five - I Like It Like That
The Dave Clark Five - I Miss You
The Dave Clark Five - I'll Be Yours My Love
The Dave Clark Five - Little Bitty Pretty One
The Dave Clark Five - Red And Blue
The Dave Clark Five - Stay
The Dave Clark Five - Whenever You're Around
The Dave Clark Five - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
The Dave Clark Five - Your Turn To Cry
Databoy - Dreams Are Gold
Databoy - Lotion
Dave Loggins - Please Come To Boston
Dave Loggins - Someday
Dave Crossland - Hard To Say
Dave Crossland - Jennifer
Dave Matthews Band - Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
Dave Matthews Band - Angel From Montgomery
Dave Matthews Band - Captain
Dave Matthews Band - Crazy-Free (New Song #1)
Dave Matthews Band - Crush (Short/music Video Version)
Dave Matthews Band - Definately Maybe
Dave Matthews Band - Getting Over
Dave Matthews Band - Great Escape
Dave Matthews Band - Grey Blue Eyes
Dave Matthews Band - Hani, Hani (Honey, Honey,)
Dave Matthews Band - Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors
Dave Matthews Band - Hold Me Up
Dave Matthews Band - How Many More
Dave Matthews Band - I'm Over You
Dave Matthews Band - In My Life
Dave Matthews Band - It's Not Easy To Be Me
Dave Matthews Band - Jimi Thing (Under The Table & Dreaming Version)
Dave Matthews Band - Joy Ride (9/12/04)
Dave Matthews Band - Jtr (John The Revalator)
Dave Matthews Band - Mother's Night
Dave Matthews Band - No.40
Dave Matthews Band - People, People
Dave Matthews Band - Police
Dave Matthews Band - Reconcile Our Differences
Dave Matthews Band - Route Two
Dave Matthews Band - Seek Up - Live At Red Rocks
Dave Matthews Band - Seven
Dave Matthews Band - Sister
Dave Matthews Band - So Right
Dave Matthews Band - Southern Man / The Watermelon Song
Dave Matthews Band - Sugar Will
Dave Matthews Band - The Beauty Of Wynona
Dave Matthews Band - The Fly
Jimmy Fallon feat. Dave Matthews Band - Walk Of Shame
Dave Matthews Band - Walking In Memphis
Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse (Lalc Version)
Datarock - Dance!
Datarock - Maybelline
Dave Patten - Beautiful
Dave Patten - Strength
Dave Patten - Too Close, Too Far
Dave Edmunds - Here Comes The Weekend
Dave Edmunds - I Got The Will
Dave Edmunds - I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock & Roll)
Dave Edmunds - I'm Ready
Dave Edmunds - Something Happens
Dave Melillo - Sam's Song
Dave Koz - Let Me Count The Ways
Dave Koz - Nothing But The Radio On
Dave Koz - Only Tomorrow Knows
Dave Koz - Saxman
Dave Koz - Sound Of The Underground
Dave Koz - Tender Is The Night
Dave Koz - These Foolish Things
Dave Berry - This Strange Effect
Dave Meniketti - No Lies
Dave Grusin - Maria
Dave Grusin - There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York
Dasein - Ego
Within Temptation feat. Dave Pirner - Whole World Is Watching
Dave Mattew - Crush
Dave Mattew - Don't Drink The Water
Dave Mattew - Dreaming Tree
Dave Mattew - Last Stop
Dave Mattew - Lie In Our Graves
Dave Mattew - Pig
Dave Mattew - Proudest Monkey
Dave Mattew - Rapunzel
Dave Mattew - Say Goodbye
Dave Mattew - Spoon
Dave Mattew - Tripping Billies
Dave Potts - In My Backyard
Dave Reachill - No Time Like The Present
Dave Mason - Breakaway
Dave Mason - Head Keeper
Dave Mason - How Do I Get To Heaven
Dave Mason - Look At You Look At Me
Dave Mason - Mystic Traveler
Dave Mason - One Day
Dave Mason - So High (rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away)
Dave Mason - What Do We Got Here?
Dave Mason - World In Changes
Dave Mason - You Can All Join In
Dave Mason - You Can Lose It
Dave Mason - You Just Have To Wait Now
Dave Dee - Tonight Today
Dave James - Happy Endings
Dave Navarro - Avoiding The Angel
Dave Navarro - Everything
Dave Navarro - Not For Nothing
Dave Navarro - Slow Motion Sickness
Kris Kristofferson feat. Dave Dudley - Vietnam Blues
Dave Dudley - What We're Fighting For
Dave Dudley - Whose Arms Did You Fall Out Of Now
Dave Van Ronk - (i'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
Dave Van Ronk - Alabama Song
Dave Van Ronk - Both Sides Now
Dave Van Ronk - Bye Bye Blackbird
Dave Van Ronk - Candy Man
Dave Van Ronk - Careless Love
Dave Van Ronk - Casey Jones
Dave Van Ronk - Fair And Tender Ladies
Dave Van Ronk - Four Strong Winds
Dave Van Ronk - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
Dave Van Ronk - He Was A Friend Of Mine
Dave Van Ronk - House Of The Rising Sun
Dave Van Ronk - I'm Just A Lucky So And So
Dave Van Ronk - John Henry
Dave Van Ronk - Mack The Knife
Dave Van Ronk - Makin' Whoopee
Dave Van Ronk - Motherless Child
Dave Van Ronk - One Meatball
Dave Van Ronk - Song To Woody
Dave Moore - Half My Life
Dave Stewart - (i Know) I'm Losing You
Dave Stewart - Cheaper Than Free
Dave Stewart - Damien Save Me
Dave Stewart - Heart Of Stone
Dave Stewart - Jealousy
Dave Stewart - Oh No, Not You Again
Dave Stewart - St. Valentine's Day
Dave Weckl - Rainy Day
Dave Frishberg - Blizzard Of Lies
Dave Hollister - Cheaterlude
Dave Hollister - Keep Forgettin'
Dave Hollister - Real Talk
Dave Hollister - Striving
Dave Hollister - Take Me Back
Dave (Nl) - Mon Cœur Est Malade (Banana Rock)
Davey Langit - Thinking Of You
Dave Lubben - Who You Are
David & Jonathan - Est-Ce Que Tu Viens Pour Les Vacances ?
David & The Citizens - 4th Of July
David & The Citizens - Belly Full Of Butterflies
David & The Citizens - Daydream With Dan & Mum
David & The Citizens - Hangin' In The Air
David & The Citizens - I've Been Floating Upstream Since We Parted
David & The Citizens - Never A Bottom
David & The Citizens - New Direction
David & The Citizens - Pink Evening
David & The Citizens - Silverjacketgirl
David Allen Coe - A Sad Country Song
David Allen Coe - Divers Do It Deeper
David Allen Coe - Face To Face
David Allen Coe - Heaven Only Knows
David Allen Coe - Jack Daniels If You Please
David Allen Coe - Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
David Allen Coe - Please Come To Boston
David Allen Coe - She Used To Love Me A Lot
David Allen Coe - Tennessee Whiskey
Dave Pearce - A Little Less Conversation
Dave Pearce - Beautiful
Dave Pearce - Castles In The Sky
Dave Pearce - Drifting Away
Dave Pearce - I'll Be Your Angel
Dave Pearce - Just The Way You Are
Dave Pearce - Make The World Go Round [Deep Dish Vocal Mix]
Dave Pearce - Reason
Dave Pearce - The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)
Dave Young - Believe In Us
David Arnold - Another Way To Die
David + David - A Rock For The Forgotten
David + David - Ain't So Easy
David + David - All Alone In The Big City
David + David - Being Alone Together
David + David - Heroes
David + David - Swimming In The Ocean
David "Fathead" Newman - Lonely Avenue
David Arn - I'm Leaving You
Dave Sheriff - Red Hot Salsa
David Arthur Brown - Palm Springs
David Arthur Brown - Teenage Summer Days
David Bisbal - 24 Horas
David Bisbal - Almería Tierra Noble
David Bisbal feat. Jessica Simpson - Angels
David Bisbal - Apiádate De Mi
David Bisbal - Burbuja
David Bisbal - Closer Tonight [Freixenet 2014]
David Bisbal - Corazón Latino
David Bisbal - Cry for me
Juan Gabriel feat. David Bisbal - Dios Te Bendiga Mi Amor
David Bisbal - Doy La Vida
David Bisbal - En Un Rincon Del Alma
David Bisbal - Escondidoz /david I Chenoa
David Bisbal - Hombre de tu vida (feat. Sandy)
David Bisbal - Mienteme
David Bisbal - Miénteme(Dueto Con Elena Gadel)
David Civera feat. David Bisbal - Rosa Y Espinas
David Bisbal - Solo Otra Vez
David Bisbal - Te Miro A Ti (When I Look At You)
David Bisbal - Vida Loca
David Bisbal in duet with Rosa López - Vivir Lo Nuestro
David Bartholome - In The Middle Of
David & Jonathan [UK] - Softly Whispering I Love You
David Benoit - Land Of The Loving
David Berkeley - Straw Man
David Bazan - Fewer Broken Pieces
David Bazan - Strange Negotiations
David Carreira - Boom
David Carreira - Havera Sempre Uma Musica
David Carreira feat. Snoop Dogg - Viser Le K.O.
David Cassidy - A Song For You
David Cassidy - Ain't No Sunshine
David Cassidy - Be-Bop-A-Lula
David Cassidy - Cry
David Cassidy - Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
David Cassidy - I Am A Clown
David Cassidy - I Woke Up In Love This Morning
David Cassidy - I Write The Songs
David Cassidy - It's One Of Those Nights
David Cassidy - Rock Me Baby
David Cassidy - Romance ( Let Your Heart Go)
David Cassidy - Somebody Wants To Love You
David Cassidy - You Are Always On My Mind
David Cassidy - You Don't Have To Tell Me
David Ball - Faded Love
David Ball - Half As Much
David Ball - I'm Walking The Dog
David Ball - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
David Ball - Stop The World And Let Me Off
David Ball - Sweet Dreams
David Ball - There Stands The Glass
David Ball - What's Going On In Your World
David Banner - The Christmas Song
DaVe ToNy - You Aint Got To Like Me
David Bryan - In These Arms
David Bryan - This Time
David Byrne - Atronaut
David Byrne - Empire
David Byrne - Fuzzy Freaky
David Byrne - Ready for This World
David Byrne - Un Di Felice, Eterea
David Byrne - Under Heavy Manners
David Chumana - Mejia Canta Al Pueblo
David Chumana - Tus Labios
Dash Berlin - Feel U Here
Dash Berlin - Leave It All Behind
Dash Berlin feat. Shanokee - Surrender
Dash Berlin - This Is Who We Are
Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down
David Cook - All Right Now
David Cook - Always Be My Baby
David Cook - Billie Jean
David Cook - Day Tripper
David Cook - Dream Big
David Cook - Eleanor Rigby
David Cook - Happy Together
David Cook - Hello
David Cook - Hungry Like the Wolf
David Cook - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
David Cook - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
David Cook - I'm Alive
David Cook - Innocent
David Cook - Let Go
David Cook - Little Sparrow
David Cook - Searchlights
David Cook - Silver
David Cook - Straight Ahead
David Cook - The Music of the Night
David Cook - The World I Know
David Bowie - Absolute Beginners
David Bowie - Bang Bang
David Bowie - Bars Of The County Jail
David Bowie - Battle For Britain (The Letter)
David Bowie - Be My Wife
David Bowie - Boss Of Me
David Bowie - Ching-A-Ling Song
David Bowie - Come And Buy My Toys
David Bowie - David Bowie's Revolutionary Song
David Bowie - Don't Let Me Down And Down
David Bowie - Don't Look Down
David Bowie - Eight Line Poem
David Bowie - Goodbye Mr. Ed
David Bowie - I Can't Explain
David Bowie - I'll Take You There
David Bowie - Join The Gang
David Bowie - Julie
David Bowie - Life On Mars?
David Bowie - Move On
David Bowie - Never Let Me Down
David Bowie - No One Calls
David Bowie - Ricochet
David Bowie - Rosal Yn
David Bowie - Segue - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
David Bowie - Segue - Ramona A. Stone
David Bowie - So She
David Bowie - Something In The Air
David Bowie - Sorrow
David Bowie - Space Oddity
David Bowie - Space Oddity (& Kristen Wiig)
David Bowie - Starman (2012 - Remaster)
David Bowie - Teenage Wildlife
David Bowie - That's Motivation
David Bowie - The Hearts Filthy Lesson
David Bowie - The Last Thing You Should Do
David Bowie - The Secret Life Of Arabia
David Bowie - The Wedding Song
David Bowie and Pat Metheny - This Is Not America
David Bowie - Too Dizzy
David Bowie - Warszawa
David Bowie - Watch That Man
David Bowie - When The Wind Blows (Remastered)
David Bowie - Where Are We Now?
David Bowie - Without You
David Bowie - You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
David Archuleta - Angels
David Archuleta - Angels In The Alleyway
David Archuleta - Another Day In Paradise
David Archuleta - Apologize
David Archuleta - Crush
David Archuleta - Elevator
David Archuleta - Everybody Hurts
David Archuleta - Falling
David Archuleta - Fighting For You
David Archuleta - Imagine
David Archuleta - In This Moment
David Archuleta - Let Me Go
David Archuleta - Love Me Tender
David Archuleta - Maybe
David Archuleta - Nandito Ako
David Archuleta - Notice Me
David Archuleta - Shop Around
David Archuleta - Silent Night
David Archuleta - Stolen
David Archuleta - Tell Me
David Archuleta - Think Of Me
David Archuleta - When You Believe
David Archuleta - When You Say You Love
David Archuleta - With You
David Archuleta - You Are My Song
David Archuleta - You're The Voice
David Bromberg - As The Years Go Passing By
David Bromberg - Send Me To The 'lectric Chair
David Civera - Dimelo
David Civera - Jamas Dejaras De Sorprenderme
David Civera - Me Dejaste Plantao
David Civera - Sere
David Bustamante - Abrázame Muy Fuerte
David Bustamante - Así Soy Yo
David Bustamante - Castígame
David Bustamante - Chihuahua
David Bustamante - Devuélveme El Aire
David Bustamante - Feliz
David Bustamante - La Mitad De Nuestro Amor
David Bustamante - Los Amigos
David Bustamante - Me Arrepiento
David Bustamante - Mi Consentida
David Bustamante - Miento
David Bustamante - Más Que Una Mujer
David Bustamante - No Sé Vivir Sin Ti
David Bustamante - Se Acabó el Amor
David Bustamante - Vivir
David Bustamante - Vuelvo A Equivocarme
David Bustamante - Ya No Puedo Esperar
David Davidson - The Christmas Waltz
David Clayton-Thomas - Lucretia Macevil
David Bronson - The Turns
David DeMaría - Adiós
David DeMaría - Alas Al Viento
David DeMaría - Amo Sin Decir Te Quiero
David DeMaría - Ana Y Sergio
David DeMaría - Aprender A Sufrir
David DeMaría - Cuéntame El Secreto
David DeMaría - Diario De Gira
David DeMaría - Enamorada
David DeMaría - Enamorarme De Tí
David DeMaría - Entre La Piel Y El Alma
David DeMaría - Hoy Como Ayer
David DeMaría - Jugando Con Los Charcos
David DeMaría - La Sombra De Mi Sombra
David DeMaría - No Hay Excusas
David DeMaría - No Sé Que Darte Mas
David DeMaría - Palabras Vacias
David DeMaría - Perdidamente Enamorado
David DeMaría - Petalos Marchitos
David DeMaría - Sabes...
David DeMaría - Se Fué Contigo
David DeMaría - Sentí
David DeMaría - Si Faltas Tú
David DeMaría - Todo Me Sabe A Ti
David DeMaría - Tu Sexto Sentido
David - Nature Boy
David - Smile
David Angel - Regalame
David Blue - Marianne
David Allan Coe - (don't Take Her) She's All I Got
David Allan Coe - 33rd Of August
David Allan Coe - A Satisfied Mind
David Allan Coe - Ain't It Funny The Way Love Can Do Ya
David Allan Coe - Atlanta Song
David Allan Coe - Ball And Chain
David Allan Coe - Bossier City
David Allan Coe - Call Me The Breeze
David Allan Coe - Cheap Thrills
David Allan Coe - D-R-U-N-K
David Allan Coe - Follow Me
David Allan Coe - For Lovers Only (Part III)
David Allan Coe - Gone (Like)
David Allan Coe - Headed For The Country
David Allan Coe - Hey Porter
David Allan Coe - House Of The Rising Sun
David Allan Coe - Houston Dallas Or San Antone
David Allan Coe - Human Emotions
David Allan Coe - I Wanta Know I'm Goin' Home
David Allan Coe - I've Got To Have You
David Allan Coe - If I Knew
David Allan Coe - If This Is Just A Game
David Allan Coe - If You Ever Think Of Me At All
David Allan Coe - It's Great To Be Single Again
David Allan Coe - Jack Daniels If You Please
David Allan Coe - Just To Prove My Love To You
David Allan Coe - Laid Back And Wasted
David Allan Coe - Little Orphan Annie
David Allan Coe - Living On The Run
David Allan Coe - Long Haired Red Neck
David Allan Coe - Looking In The Mirror
David Allan Coe - Love Is A Never Ending War
David Allan Coe - Love Is Just A Porpoise (Playing In The Tropical Sun)
David Allan Coe - Love's Cheatin' Line, (She Finally Crossed Over)
David Allan Coe - Lyin' Comes So Easy To Your Lips
David Allan Coe - Maria Is A Mystery
David Allan Coe - Million Dollar Memories
David Allan Coe - Old Grey Goose Is Dead
David Allan Coe - Old Man Tell Me
David Allan Coe - Punkin Center Barn Dance
David Allan Coe - Ring Of Fire
David Allan Coe - San Francisco Mabel Joy
David Allan Coe - Shackles And Chains
David Allan Coe - Shenandoah
David Allan Coe - Skip To My Lou
David Allan Coe - Take It Easy Rider
David Allan Coe - Tanya Montana
David Allan Coe - That Old Time Feeling
David Allan Coe - This Bottle (In My Hand)
David Allan Coe - Three Time Loser
David Allan Coe - Tomorrow Is Another Day
David Allan Coe - Whiskey And Woman
David Allan Coe - White Line Fever
David Allan Coe - Would Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
David Allan Coe - X's And O's (Kisses And Hugs)
David Allan Coe - You Can Count On Me
David Baerwald - The Crash
David Coverdale - Waiting On You
David Crosby - Find A Heart
David Crosby - One For Every Moment
David Crosby - Radio
David Crosby - Set That Baggage Down
David Crosby - Slice Of Time
David Crosby - Wooden Ships
David Antunes & Vanessa Silva - Es O Meu Final Feliz
David Essex - A Winters Tale
David Essex - Myfanwy
David Essex - Pretty Thing
David Essex - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
David Campbell - Alexander's Ragtime Band
David Fonseca - A cry 4 love
David Fonseca - Do You Really Believe That Love (...) Hurt?
David Fonseca - Haunted Home
David Fonseca - In Love With Yourself
David Fonseca - Open My Legs Wide
David Fonseca - Revolution Edit
David Fonseca - So You Want To Save The World
David Fonseca - Someone That Cannot Love
David Fonseca - The Beating Of The Drums
David Garza - Drone
David Garza - Lost
David Garza - Sadness
David Gates - Ann
David Gates - Aubrey
David Gates - Dismal Day
David Gates - Down On My Knees
David Gates - He Don't Know How To Love You
David Gates - If
David Gates - Lady Valentine
David Gates - Lorilee
David Gates - Mystery Of Love
David Gates - Overnight Sensation
David Gates - Playin' On My Guitar
David Gates - Save This Dance For Me
David Gates - Strangers
David Fanning - Drink You Away
David Gilmour - A Boat Lies Waiting
David Gilmour - A Great Day For Freedom
David Gilmour - Cruise
David Gilmour - Dancing Right In Front of Me
David Gilmour - David Gilmour
David Gilmour - Don't
David Gilmour - Echoes
David Gilmour - Faces of Stone
David Gilmour - High Hopes
David Gilmour - In Any Tongue
David Gilmour - Je Crois Entendre Encore
David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-8
David Gilmour - Today
David Gray - All The Love
David Gray - As the Crow Flies
David Gray - Beautiful Agony
David Gray - Birds of the High Arctic
David Gray - Destroyer
David Gray - Fixative
David Gray - Gulls
David Gray - It's Not Easy To Be Me
David Gray - Lorelei
David Gray - Lucky Bags
David Gray - More To Me Now
David Gray - Tell Me More Lies
David Gray - The Dark Hills
David Gray - The Dotted Line
David Gray - This Year's Love
David Gray - When I'm Gone
David Crowder Band - All Around Me
David Crowder Band - Do Not Move
David Crowder Band - Foreverandever Etc...
David Crowder Band - He Is The Love
David Crowder Band - Never Let Go
David Crowder Band - Our Happy Home
David Crowder Band - Shadows
David Crowder Band - Sms
David Crowder Band - You Alone
David Gans - Tear My Stillhouse Down
David Gahan - A Little Piece
David Gahan - Hold On
David Gahan - Insoluble
David Christie - Babeth
David Christie - Saddle Up
David Frizzell - I Just Came Here To Dance
David Frizzell - Saginaw, Michigan
David Ford - Train
David Hasselhoff - (i've Had) The Time Of My Life
David Hasselhoff - After Manana Mi Ciello
David Hasselhoff - Always On My Mind
David Hasselhoff - Amazing Graze
David Hasselhoff - Amore Amore
David Hasselhoff - Back In The Ussr
David Hasselhoff - Beach Baby
David Hasselhoff - Bless A Brand New Angel
David Hasselhoff - Close To Heaven
David Hasselhoff - Country Roads
David Hasselhoff - Dangerous Game
David Hasselhoff - Dark Side Of My Heart
David Hasselhoff - Darling I Love You
David Hasselhoff - Days Of Our Love
David Hasselhoff - Do You Believe In Love
David Hasselhoff - Fallin' In Love
David Hasselhoff - Gimme Your Love
David Hasselhoff - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
David Hasselhoff - Hands Up For Rock'n Roll
David Hasselhoff - Heyla Heyla
David Hasselhoff - Hold On My Love
David Hasselhoff - How Am I Suppoed To Live Without You
David Hasselhoff - I Must Go On
David Hasselhoff - I'll Be The One
David Hasselhoff - I'm Your Lover
David Hasselhoff - I've Been Looking For Freedom
David Hasselhoff - If I Had One Wish
David Hasselhoff - In Stereo
David Hasselhoff - Is Everybody Happy
David Hasselhoff - Jean
David Hasselhoff - Live Untill I Die
David Hasselhoff - Lovin' Arms
David Hasselhoff - More Than Words Can Say
David Hasselhoff - Never My Love
David Hasselhoff - Now There Is No Choice
David Hasselhoff - Our First Night Together
David Hasselhoff - Por Ti
David Hasselhoff - Queen Of Rain
David Hasselhoff - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
David Hasselhoff - Rhinestone Cowboy
David Hasselhoff - Rockin' The Night Away
David Hasselhoff - Room In Your Heart
David Hasselhoff - Silent Night
David Hasselhoff - Slow Night In The City
David Hasselhoff - Somewhere In A Dream
David Hasselhoff - Stand By Me
David Hasselhoff - Stay
David Hasselhoff - Summer Of Love
David Hasselhoff - Take Me As I Am
David Hasselhoff - The Christmas Song
David Hasselhoff - The Girl Forever
David Hasselhoff - The Way Back
David Hasselhoff - The Young & The Restless
David Hasselhoff - These Boots Are Made For Walking
David Hasselhoff - These Lovin' Eyes
David Hasselhoff - Time For Lovin'
David Hasselhoff - True Love Always
David Hasselhoff - Untill The Last Teardrop Falls
David Hasselhoff - White Christmas
David Hasselhoff - You
David Hasselhoff - You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
David J - I'll Be Your Chauffeur
David Hodges - Ancient Of Days
David Hodges - Angel
David Hodges - Better Is One Day
David Hodges - Everything That Has Breath
David Hodges - Falling Out Of Love
David Hodges - Fly
David Hodges - For You Only
David Hodges - Glory To God
David Hodges - I Exalt Thee / Your Name
David Hodges - Lost In December
David Hodges - Make This Church Your Home (Intro)
David Hodges - Make Us Whole
David Hodges - Need Me Now
David Hodges - Thursday
David Hodges - World On Fire
David Hodges - You Are The Light
Scott Barnes, David Friedman, Gordon Stanley and Guy Stroman - Welcome to the Forty Thieves
David Jalbert - Nécrophile
David Holmes - I Heard Wonders
David Dee - Hold Tight
David Johansen - Bohemian Love Pad
David Johansen - Is This What I Get For Loving You?
David Johansen - Justine
David Johansen - Melody
David Grisman - Banks Of The Ohio
David Grisman - Close By
David Grisman - Dark Hollow
David Grisman - Foggy Mountain Top
David Grisman - Home Is Where The Heart Is
David Grisman - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
David Grisman - I'm My Own Grandpaw
David Grisman - Nine Pound Hammer
David Grisman - Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
David Grisman - The Prisoner's Song
David Dam - Let's Get It On
David Corey - Party Revolution
David Corey - Proud
David Corey - What You Want
David Corey - Where Did It Go
David Henrie - Bieber Fever (Extended Version)
David Koechner - Whammy Chicken
David Houston - Back In Baby's Arms
David Houston - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
David Houston - Cabin In The Corner Of Gloryland
David Houston - Cowpoke
David Houston - Day That Love Walked In
David Houston - Four Strong Winds
David Houston - From A Jack To A King
David Houston - I Don't Love You Anymore
David Houston - I Told Them All About You
David Houston - I Walk Alone
David Houston - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
David Houston - King Of The Road
David Houston - Kiss Away
David Houston - Let's Build A World Together
David Houston - Lullaby To A Little Girl
David Houston - Memories Are Made Of This
David Houston - Milky White Way
David Houston - Misty Blue
David Houston - Move A Little Farther Along
David Houston - My Elusive Dreams
David Houston - My Woman's Good To Me
David Houston - Old Time Religion
David Houston - Release Me (and Let Me Love Again)
David Houston - Saginaw Michigan
David Houston - That's All I Want From You
David Kane - Club Sound
David Foster - Dream Weaver
David Foster - Glory Of Love
David Foster - Home
David Foster - Just For A Moment
David Foster - Say You Remember It
David Foster - The Best Of Me
David Knopfler - A Clear Day (St Swithun's Day) Unplugged
David Knopfler - All My Life
David Guetta feat. GLOWINTHEDARK and Harrison - Ain't A Party
David Guetta feat. Sia - Bang My Head
David Guetta feat. Sia - Beautiful People Say
David Guetta feat. Sam Martin - Dangerous [Extended]
David Guetta feat. The Script - Goodbye Friend
David Guetta - How Soon Is Now
David Guetta - I Gotta Feeling (David Guetta FMIF Remix Edit)
David Guetta feat. - I Wanna Go Crazy
David Guetta feat. Novel - Missing You Anymore
David Guetta feat. - On The Dancefloor
David Guetta feat. Mikky Ekko - One Voice
David Guetta - Open Your Eyes
Ludacris feat. David Guetta and Usher - Rest Of My Life
David Guetta feat. Sia - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)
David Guetta feat. Skylar Grey - Shot Me Down
David Guetta and Showtek feat. MAGIC! and Sonny Wilson - Sun Goes Down
David Guetta feat. JD Davis - Winner of The Game
David Guetta feat. Tara McDonald - You're Not Alone
David Langston - Lovin' All Night Long
David Garrick - I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
David Lasley - I Don't Go Shopping
David Lasley - There's A Star For Everyone
David Lasley - Where Does That Boy Hang Out
David Lasley - You Bring Me Joy
David Lee Murphy - 100 Years Too Late
David Lee Murphy - All Lit Up In Love
David Lee Murphy - Born That Way
David Lee Murphy - Bringin' Her Back
David Lee Murphy - Can't Turn It Off
David Lee Murphy - Every Time I Get Around You
David Lee Murphy - Fish Ain't Bitin'
David Lee Murphy - Gettin' Out The Good Stuff
David Lee Murphy - Greatest Show On Earth
David Lee Murphy - I Could Believe Anything
David Lee Murphy - I've Been A Rebel (And It Don't Pay)
David Lee Murphy - Just Don't Wait Around 'til She's Leavin'
David Lee Murphy - Kentucky Girl
David Lee Murphy - Mama 'n Them
David Lee Murphy - Own Little World
David Lee Murphy - Pirates Cove
David Lee Murphy - She Always Said
David Lee Murphy - She Don't Try (To Make Me Love Her)
David Lee Murphy - She's Not Mine
David James - Dwell
David James - Holy Is The Lord
David James - In The Presence Of The Lord
David James - Jesus Christ
David James - John The Baptist
David James - Mustard Seed
David Laflamme - White Bird
David Lynch - Noah S Ark
David Jahson - Jah Rastafari
David Hollister - One Woman Man
David Haas - Song of the Body of Christ
David Mead - Everyone Knows It But You
David Mead - Nashville
David Mead - Only A Dream
David Mead - Only Living Boy In New York
David Mead - Ordinary Life
David Olney - Flesh And Blood
David Olney - Love's Been Linked To The Blues
David Olney - Roses
David Osborne - Ships
David Osborne - Weekend In New England
David Parmley - Fit for a King
David Pack - I Just Can't Let Go
David Pack - That Girl Is Gone
David Pack - You're The Only Woman
David Melillo - Knights of the Island Counter
David Melillo - Think Big
David Melillo - Wait For It
David Lorduy - Conocerte
David Choi - Always Hurt
David Choi - Don't Fade Away
David Pomeranz - I Still Believe In You
David Pomeranz - It's in Everyone of Us
David Pomeranz - Tell Me
David Nail - Broke My Heart
David Nail - Clouds
David Nail - Countin' Cars
David Nail - Easy Love
David Nail in duet with Lee Ann Womack - Galveston
David Nail - I Thought You Knew
David Nail - I'm A Fire
David Nail - Mississippi
David Nail - Strangers On A Train
David Nail - The Secret
David Nail - This Time Around
David Nail feat. Little Big Town - When They're Gone
David Kitt - House With Trains
David Lamotte - Bicycle Man
David Lamotte - Spirit
David M. Bailey - Have You Ever
David M. Bailey - I Love You
David M. Bailey - Letting Go
It Lives, It Breathes feat. David Escamilla - We Come In Numbers
David Lindley - Bye Bye Love
David Lindley - She Took Off My Romeos
David Lindley - Twist And Shout
David Sanborn - The Water Is Wide
Marvin Hamlisch feat. David Sanborn - Try a Little Tenderness
David Sanborn - You Must Believe In Spring
David Rovics - Mudslide
David Rovics - Song For Oscar Grant
David Ryan Harris - Do What You Want
David Ryan Harris - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
David Ryan Harris - Usedtothis
David Morales - Golden Era Ft Roisin Murphy
David Morales feat. Lea-Lorien - How Would U Feel?
David Morales - Planet Called Love
David Moore - Heaven Bound
David Moore - Soldier
David Ruffin - Common Man
David Ruffin - Never Change
David Ruffin - What You Gave Me
David Soul - I Wish I Was
David Soul - Let's Have A Quiet Night In
David Mccallum - Five O'clock World
David Olivarez - Me Estoy Enamorando
David Hallyday - Hold On Blue Eyes
David Hallyday - Repenses-Y Si Tu Veux
David Hallyday - Tu Ne M'As Pas Laissé Le Temps
David Poe - The Devil
David Phelps - Behold The Lamb
David Phelps - Love Goes On
David Phelps - One King
David Phelps - You Are My All In All
David Pfeffer - I'm Here
David Slater - Exchange Of Hearts
David Slater - Martini Man
David Tavare - Call Me Baby (If You Don't Know My Name)
David Sneddon - On The Bed
David Sneddon - She Needs To Know
David Sneddon - The Longest Time
David M. Quinlan - Yo Soy Libre
David Lindgren - Shout It Out
David Tomlinson - The Life I Lead
David Werner - What's Right
David Sylvian - Snow White In Appalachia
David Sylvian - Wonderful World
David Saw - Someone's Gonna Love You
David McMurray - Searching
Davide Arneodo - Le Realtà Della Pioggia
David Usher - Blue
David Usher - Carry On
David Usher - Everything Is All Right By Me Now
David Usher - Faithless
David Usher - Going Home
David Usher - I'm Coming Down
David Usher - If You Tolerate This, Your Children Will Be Next
David Usher - In This Light
David Usher - Mood Song
David Usher - Science
David Usher - So Far Down
David Usher - Ugly Is Beautiful
David Usher - White Flag
David Thorne Scott - The Alley Cat Song
Davide De Marinis - Ahi Ahi
Davide De Marinis - Gino
Davide De Marinis - Gioia E Pianto
Davide De Marinis - Lasciati Andare
Davide De Marinis - Valvola Di Sfogo
David Readman Band - Here I Go Again
David Readman Band - Livin La Vida Loca
Davion Farris - No Tears Left
David Meece - Going Home
David Meece - Over You
David Meece - Seventy Times Seven
David Meece - There Once Lived A Man
David Meece - When I Was Seventeen
David Tao - Dao Gao Liang Chen Ge
David Tao - Liu Sha
David Tao - One Last Cry
David Tao - Our Secret
David Summers - El Beso Y El Perfume
Davide Mogavero - Balliamo Sul Mondo
Davo - I Don't Wanna Be A Playa
Davo - Vs. Dima Richman [HR 4tel-Finale VBT 2015]
Davo - When I see you
Davy Jones - Daydream Believer
Davido - Aye
Dawn Of Winter - The Peaceful Dead
David Tetard - Eleonore
David Lee Roth - Baby's On Fire
David Lee Roth - Big Train
David Lee Roth - Bottom Line
David Lee Roth - Coconut Grove
David Lee Roth - Counter-Blast
David Lee Roth - Drop In The Bucket
David Lee Roth - Easy Street
David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy!
David Lee Roth - Hina
David Lee Roth - Hot Dog And A Shake
David Lee Roth - It's Showtime!
David Lee Roth - King Of The Hill
David Lee Roth - Last Call
David Lee Roth - Noche De Ronda En La Ciudad (Ladies Night...
David Lee Roth - Relentless
David Lee Roth - Sensible Shoes
David Lee Roth - Shoo Bop
David Lee Roth - Shy Boy
David Lee Roth - Stand Up
David Lee Roth - Sunburn
David Lee Roth - Tell The Truth
David Lee Roth - That's Life
David Lee Roth - Tomorrow Never Knows
David Lee Roth - Wa Wa Zat!!
David Seville And The Chipmunks - I Am The Mimic Man
David Seville And The Chipmunks - Jingle Bell Rock
David Seville And The Chipmunks - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Dawn Of Relic - Dormant From Kiasmagoria
Dawn Of Relic - Just A River
Dawn Of Relic - Phantasm And Evenfall
Dawn Of Relic - Snowfall
Dawn Of Relic - The Awakening
Dawn Of Relic - The Wail Of The Tartarean Wells
Dawn Of Relic - Watchtower Son (Lemurian Guard)
Dawn Of The Dude - Blast Off
Dax Riders - People
Dax Riders - Set Me Free
Dawn Landes - Heel Toe
Dawn Landes - Love
Dawn Landes - Twilight
Davide Papasidero - We Are Your Friends
Dawn Richard - Black Lipstick
Dawn Richard - Love Won't Lose
Dawn Richard - Pretty Wicked Things
Dawn Richard - Train Wreck
Dawn Richard - Whiteout
Dawn Sears - Nothin' But Good
Dawn Sears - That's Where I Wanna Take Our Love
Dawn Of Dreams - A Piece Of Life
Dawn Of Dreams - Eve
Dawn Of Dreams - IV
Dawn Of Dreams - Passion
Dawin feat. Silentó - Dessert
Dawn Of Azazel - Conflagration Of The Mortal Soul
Dawn Tallman - I Am Free (Original Mix)
Dayang Nurfaizah - Di Pintu Syurga
Day in the Life, A - Apparently, Hoverboards Don't Work On Water
Day in the Life, A - Audrey In Sacramento
Day in the Life, A - Candycanes and Cola
Day in the Life, A - Do You Have A Map Because I'm Lost In Your Eyes
Day in the Life, A - Flux Capacitor
Day in the Life, A - I'm Not Crying, My Eyeballs Are Sweating
Day in the Life, A - Photograph
Day in the Life, A - Skyline Fever
Day in the Life, A - The Girl That Destroyed Me
Day in the Life, A - Until Her Heart Stops
Days Difference - Better Skies
Days Difference - Blindfold
Days Difference - End Of The Line
Days Difference - Imperfections
Days Difference - Last Night
Days Difference - Love Is Enough
Days Difference - Magnetized
Days Difference - Parallels
Days Difference - Sidewalks
Days Difference - Speakers
Days Difference - Stay
Days Difference - Sunrise
Days Difference - Tonight
Days Difference - Unaware
Daylight West - Circles
Daylight West - Let It Rain
Adam Cohen - Cry Ophelia
The Dawn [PH] - Dreams
David Wilcox - ALMOST TIME
David Wilcox - Apple A Day
David Wilcox - Bad Reputation
David Wilcox - BLOCK DOG
David Wilcox - Circle Driveway
David Wilcox - Deeper Still
David Wilcox - Do The Bearcat
David Wilcox - Down Here
David Wilcox - Falling For It
David Wilcox - Fearless Love
David Wilcox - Forever Now
David Wilcox - Hometown
David Wilcox - Human Cannonball
David Wilcox - In The Broken Places
David Wilcox - In This Stream
David Wilcox - Invisible Shield
David Wilcox - Jesus' Mom
David Wilcox - Last One Gone
David Wilcox - Lay Down In Your Arms
David Wilcox - LONG ROAD
David Wilcox - MAKE IT LOOK EASY
David Wilcox - Native Tongue
David Wilcox - No Telling Where
David Wilcox - On To The Next
David Wilcox - Out Of The Question
David Wilcox - Perfect Storm
David Wilcox - Plain View
David Wilcox - Play On Your Harp
David Wilcox - PLEASE DON'T CALL
David Wilcox - Pop Out World
David Wilcox - Preachin' the Blues
David Wilcox - Prisoner Of War
David Wilcox - Push, Push, Push
David Wilcox - Rise
David Wilcox - Saw
David Wilcox - Secret Church
David Wilcox - September 12th
David Wilcox - Shake It Baby
David Wilcox - She's Just Dancing
David Wilcox - SHOW ME
David Wilcox - Silent Prayer
David Wilcox - Slipping Through My Fist
David Wilcox - So Far Gone
David Wilcox - Someday Soon
David Wilcox - Somethin's Shakin'
David Wilcox - Spin
David Wilcox - Spirit Wind
David Wilcox - State Of Grace
David Wilcox - Step Into Your Skin
David Wilcox - Strong Chemistry
David Wilcox - The Crossings
David Wilcox - The Final Fight
David Wilcox - The Natural Edge
David Wilcox - The Radio Men
David Wilcox - The Whisper Of The Wheels
David Wilcox - This Old Car
David Wilcox - This Tattoo
David Wilcox - Three Brothers
David Wilcox - Too Cool
David Wilcox - Top Of My Head
David Wilcox - Turning Point
David Wilcox - When You Mistreat Her
David Wilcox - Wild Child
David Wilcox - With The Little That I Know
Dawson - Crazy For This Girl
Dawson - Feel Like Flying
Daylight Dies - Everything That Belongs
Daylight Dies - Hallow Hands
Daylight Dies - In The Silence
Daylight Dies - Unending Waves
Dazaranha - DançA
Dazaranha - Eh PaíS
Day Of Contempt - Another Skin Shed
Day Of Contempt - From The Inside
Davor Popovic - Dvadeset Prvi Vijek
Daybreak - Fallen For You
Day 26 - I'm The Reason
Day 26 - If It Wasn't For You
Day 26 - Perfectly Blind
Sweet - Fox On The Run
Days Away - I Should Go
Days Away - It's Not Over
Days Away - Mirrors
Days Away - Raspberry Perfume
Days Away - Safe Games
Days Away - T. Kline's Decline
Day Six - Lost Identity
A Day Away - Black N' Blues
A Day Away - Her And Me
Daya - Back to Me
Daya - Legendary
Daya - Thirsty
David Rotheray - The Sparrow The Thrush & The Nightingale
Daysend - Beggars With Knives
Daysend - Born Is The Enemy
Daysend - Countdown
Daysend - End Of Days
Daysend - Ignorance Of Bliss
Daysend - Prism Of You
Daysend - September
Daysend - Severance Day
Daysend - The Blood Of Angels
Days Of The New - Best Of Life
Days Of The New - Days In Our Life
Days Of The New - Die Born
Days Of The New - Never Drown
Days Of The New - Where Are You?
Days Of The New - Words
Dc Cooper - Easy Livin'
Dc Cooper - Farewell For Love's Sake (Missa Mercuria)
Dc Cooper - Kill The King (Gary Hughes)
Dc Cooper - Over The Fire (Pink Cream 69)
Dayna Manning - Heather
Dayna Manning - I Want
Dayna Manning - Springtime
Daycare Swindlers - Rambo Cop
David Vermeulen - Moskou
David Vermeulen - Tell Me Your Song
David Vermeulen - Tot Elke Prijs
Dazzled Kid - Embrace
DD Smash - Magic (What She Do)
DD Smash - Outlook For Thursday
DD Smash - Whaling
DC Aka The LoverBoy - Forever
Telepopmusik feat. Angela McCluskey - Breathe
DDT - Lie Detector
DDT - Styrofoam
dc Talk - 2 Honks & a Negro
dc Talk - All You Got
dc Talk - Duel Madness
dc Talk - Hardway [remix]
dc Talk - He Knows My Name
dc Talk - It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Fee
dc Talk - Jesus Freak (Gotee Brothers' Freaked Out Remix)
dc Talk - Stamp Of Approval
dc Talk - Sugarcoat It
dc Talk - WDTC
De Dijk - Alles komt goed (met Thomas Acda)
De Dijk - Schaf de zon af
De Dijk - Stil In Mij
Daze - Tic Tac
Daze - Together Forever (The Cyber Pet Song)
De Fam - #supergirls
De Poema's - Meer Dan Ooit
De Poema's - Zo Ongeveer
Daylight - City Highlights
Daylight - Frame By Frame
Daylight - Sibling
De Rosa - Nocturne For An Absentee
Yolanda Be Cool feat. Dcup - Soul Makossa
Yolanda Be Cool and Dcup - Sugar Man
Dawes - From A Window Seat
Dawes - Just Beneath The Surface
Dawes - Things Happen
Day Of Fire - Adrianne
Day Of Fire - Cold Addiction
Day Of Fire - Light 'em Up
De Alpenzusjes - 'n Soldatenhart Is Vaak Vol Pijn
De Alpenzusjes - Jij Moest In Dienst
De Alpenzusjes - Korporaal Brigitte
De Alpenzusjes - Nooit Meer Dienstplicht
De Alpenzusjes - Oh Rosemary, Waarom Moest Dat Nu Zijn
De Alpenzusjes - Zijn Laatste Wens (Aan De Grens Van De Duitse Heuvels)
Dazz Band - Bad Girl
Dazz Band - Let It Whip
Dazz Band - On The One For Fun
Dazz Band - Party Right Here
De-Phazz - Looks
De-Phazz - Style
De-Phazz - True North
De-Phazz - Word In A Rhyme
De Palmas - Johnny & Joe
De Palmas - Laisse-Moi Te Dire
De Palmas - Rester Calme
De Palmas - Sur La Route
De Palmas feat. Matmatah - Toujours Un Coin Qui Me Rappelle (Always Something There To Remind Me)
De Sjonnies - Dans Je De Hele Nacht Met Mij
De Sjonnies - Roos In Je Blonde Haren
De Sjonnies - Sadelop Marie
De Sjonnies - Zwemmen Zonder Slip (Hip Hip)
De La Vega - Falling Into Place
De La Vega - Missing You
De La Vega - Sunset Sky
De/Vision - 6 Feet Underground
De/Vision - A Prayer
De/Vision - Addict
De/Vision - At Night
De/Vision - Back In My Life
De/Vision - Be A Light To Yourself
De/Vision - Beside You
De/Vision - Blue Moon
De/Vision - Daydreamin'
De/Vision - Deep Blue
De/Vision - Deliver Me
De/Vision - Dinner Without Grace
De/Vision - Dress Me When I Bleed
De/Vision - Drifter
De/Vision - Falling
De/Vision - Far Too Deep
De/Vision - Foreigner
De/Vision - Free From Cares