Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 305:

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Gemini
Charts - Divine Comédie
Every Time I Die - Leatherneck
Mando Diao - Not A Perfect Day
Mando Diao - Josephine
Robert Charlebois - La Fin Du Monde
Aterciopelados - La Estaca
Aterciopelados - Mi Vida Brilla
Martin Stenmarck - Ta Undulaten
Robert Charlebois - 13 Ans
Robert Charlebois - Punch CrÉole
Robert Charlebois - Mr. Plum
Better Luck Next Time - Without You
Far-Less - Surprise Funeral (For The Charmed)
Ajda Pekkan - Özletme Beni
Ajda Pekkan - Yalnızlığa Hüküm Giydim
Ardecore - L'eco Der Core
Brenton Brown - I Will Remember You
Carl Thomas - Late Night Rendezvous
Merche - Aqui Seguimos Los Dos
B-52's, The - Strobe Light
Bank Robbers, The - I Wish You Were My Girlfriend
Beatles, The - til There Was You
Beatles, The - All My Loving
Beatles, The - Another Girl
Beatles, The - Devil In Her Heart
Beatles, The - Drive My Car
Beatles, The - For No One
Beatles, The - Golden Slumbers
Beatles, The - Hello Little Girl
Beatles, The - Hippy Hippy Shake
Beatles, The - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Beatles, The - I Want To Tell You
Beatles, The - Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
Beatles, The - Live And Let Die
Beatles, The - Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles, The - Moonlight Bay
Beatles, The - Revolution 1
Beatles, The - She Loves You
Beatles, The - Some Other Guy
Beatles, The - You'll Be Mine
Beautiful Mistake, The - Cold Hearts (For Tired Souls)
Beautiful Mistake, The - This Is Who You Are
Beyoncé - Hey Goldmember
Beyoncé - Summertime (Feat. P. Diddy)
Biltmores, The - Emily Sleeps
Black Maria, The - Fool's Gold
Bled, The - House Of Suffering
Blood Arm, The - Suspicious Character
Blue Öyster Cult - Goin' Through The Motions
Boggs, The - Little Windows
Boggs, The - One Year On
Born Of Osiris - Open Arms To Damnation
Boro Boogie Pickers, The - BBP Rag
Boro Boogie Pickers, The - Highway
Boy Lacks Patience, The - Call Center Blues
Boyz, The - Please Come Back
Brave Optimistic, The - Perfect World
Bravery, The - Open Heart Surgery
Bravery, The - This Is Not The End
Breeders, The - Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Breeders, The - So Sad About Us
Breeders, The - Too Alive
Briggs, The - Dead Men (Don't Tell Tales)
Bright Channel - Ice Field
Broadways, The - It Was Pancho Villa
Bronx, The - False Alarm
Bronx, The - Safe Passage
Bruisers, The - 21 Years
Bruisers, The - Never Fall
Built For The Sea - Awake
Business, The - Anywhere But Here
Byrds, The - Hickory Wind
Byrds, The - Natural Harmony
Byrds, The - Why
Byrds, The - You're Still On My Mind
Call, The - Heavy Hand
Call, The - I Don't Wanna
Call, The - Let The Day Begin
Call, The - Oklahoma
Call, The - Scene Beyond Dreams
Call, The - The Walls Came Down
Callback - Clocks
Callback - Keep Moving
Car Crash Show, the - Carcrash
Car Crash Show, the - Catch The Moon (revisited)
Car Crash Show, the - Your Modern Love
Cardigans, The - Been It
Cardigans, The - Erase
Cardigans, The - For The Boys
Cardigans, The - Hold Me
Cars, The - Cruiser
Cars, The - Don't Cha Stop
Cars, The - Dont Tell Me No
Cars, The - Go Away
Cars, The - It's All I Can Do
Cars, The - Maybe Baby
Cars, The - Misfit Kid
Cars, The - Night Spots
Cars, The - Since You're Gone
Cars, The - Stranger Eyes
Casanatra - Depreciate
Casualties, The - On City Streets
Cat Empire, The - Lonely Moon
Cat Empire, The - Panama
Cat Empire, The - Song For The Day
Cathie Ryan - Home Sweet Home
Cathie Ryan - Rough And Rocky
Cause For Concern - 1000 Tears
Chariot, The - The Trumpet
Chariot, The - Yanni Depp
Charlotte Sometimes - How I Could Just Kill A Man
Chemical Brothers, The - Battle Scars
Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty - 25 Hours
Chords, The - Sh-Boom
Circle Jerks, The - Meet The Press
Circle Jerks, The - Stars & Stripes
City Drive, The - Behind Closed Doors
City Drive, The - Defeated
City Drive, The - Runner
Clarks, The - Blue
Clarks, The - Happy
Clarks, The - If Memory Serves
Clarks, The - Perfection Not Required
Clash, The - Clampdown