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Hurt Process, The - This Piece
Hush Hush, Commotion - Yours Till Niagara
Hush Sound, The - Don't Wake Me Up
Hush Sound, The - Eileen
Hush Sound, The - The Market
Hush Sound, The - We Intertwined
Immigrants And Navigators - The Picture
Impossibles, The - Ben
Impossibles, The - Descriptive Essay, 100 Words
In Tenebris - Havoc
India.Arie - I See God In You
India.Arie - The Heart Of The Matter
Indio - Hard Sun
Ismo Alanko - Kun Rakkaus On Rikki
Jelly Jam, The - No Remedy
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - Secret Made Of Dreams
Jet Black - Tanzen
Jim Croce - Big Wheel
Jim Croce - Dreamin' Again
Jim Croce - One Less Set Of Footsteps
Jim Croce - Stone Walls
Jimmy Bad Boy - Bailando
Joey Cape - On The Outside
Johnstones, The - No Time For The Moment
Jonbenet, The - Devils
Jose Vanders - Holes [letting Go]
Jose Vanders - Painting By Numbers
Joseph And The Melodic Whale - This Isn't Rivalry, This Is Rivalry!
Josh Mcdermott - Hell's Mountains
Joshua James - FM Radio
Juice Leskinen - Myrkytyksen Oireet
June Spirit, The - 15th And So Long
June Spirit, The - If Kenneth Could Speak
June Spirit, The - Prologue
June Spirit, The - Subject To Change (correct Lyrics)
June Spirit, The - Treat Me Like Someone Else
Justin Hines - Wish You Well
Kid Creole And The Coconuts - If You Want To Be Happy
Kidcrash, The - Talking Underwater
Killers, The - All These Things That I've Done
Killers, The - Everything Will Be Alright
Killers, The - On Top
Killers, The - Uncle Jonny
Killing Moon, The - A Book Of Love Stories
Killing Tree, The - Them's Fightin' Words
Kills, The - No Wow
Kills, The - Ticket Man
Kinison, The - New Way To Dance
Last Goodnight, The - One Trust
Lawrence Arms, The - All The Week
Lawrence Arms, The - Criminal
Lawrence Arms, The - Intransit
Lawrence Arms, The - Right As Rain Part 2
Le Petit Protest - I Ain't Gonna Lie
Lennie Gallant - Part Of Me
Letters Organize, The - Matador
Libertines, The - Begging
Libertines, The - Mockingbird
Libertines, The - The Boy Looked At Johnny
Libertines, The - Up The Bracket
Like, The - Bridge To Nowhere
Like, The - What I Say And What I Mean
Little Ones, The - Heavy Hearts Brigade
Little Rock Nine, The - Untitled (song Five)
Lives Of Famous Men, The - You're Everyone I Know Right Now
Living End, The - Do What I Do
Living End, The - Growing Up (Falling Down)
Living End, The - Monday
Living End, The - Pictures In The Mirror
Living End, The - Rising Up From The Ashes
Living End, The - Til The End
Long Blondes, The - Appropriation (By Any Other Name)
Long Winters, The - It's A Departure
Long Winters, The - Government Loans
Lost In The Trees - Tall Trees
Love Machine, The - Green Tea & Honey
Loveandreverie - Tell Me It Wasn't Worth It
Loved Ones, The - Living Will (Get You Dead)
Lovely Feathers, The - Frantic
Lovely Feathers, The - Ooh You Shocked Me
Lovers Electric - Closer
Lovers Electric - Start Again
Low Pop Suicide - Crush
Low Pop Suicide - Kiss Your Lips
Low Pop Suicide - Your God Can't Feel My Pain
Luba - Everytime I See Your Picture
Lucky Twice - Lucky
Fanya - Stare Bene A Metà
Maccabees, The - Happy Faces
Maccabees, The - The Real Thing
Maccabees, The - Toothpaste Kisses
Machina - This Goodbye
Mae Shi (The) - Spoils Of Injury
Magic Numbers, The - Long Legs
Magic Numbers, The - Try
Mariee Sioux - Ghosts In My Heart
Matches, The - More Than Local Boys
Melt-banana - A Hunter In The Rain To Cut The Neck Up In The Present Stage
Melt-banana - Ether Twisted
Melt-banana - F.D.C. For Short
Mercy Mercedes - Spanish Mackerel
Mestre Ambrósio - Gavião
Mestre Ambrósio - Pé-de-Calçada
Mission, The - Dancing Barefoot
Mission, The - The Last Beat Of Your Heart
Moke - Here Comes The Summer
More Assured, The - Shhh
Morning Of, The - Turquoise And Lavender