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Epoxies, The - Cross My Heart
Epoxies, The - Please Please
Even Heroes Fall - Raw Romantics
Evens, The - Cache Is Empty
Evens, The - Pushed Against The Wall
Evenstar - Drive
Exies, The - A Fear Of Being Alone
Exies, The - Creeper Kamikaze
Exies, The - My Opinion
Exies, The - Stray
Exit, The - Defacto
Exit, The - Susan
Expendables, The - Ryan Song
Exploders, The - Stepping Out
Exploited, The - Don't Really Care
Exploited, The - Police Informer
Explosion, The - Bullet 15
Explosion, The - I Know
Explosion, The - Sick Of Modern Art
Eyeliners, The - Secret Spy
F-Ups, The - I Don't Know
Fact Not Fiction - Chandler's Ferry
Fact Not Fiction - Here At Hartmin
Fact Not Fiction - The Ballad Of Jack And Amy
Falcon, The - The La-z-boy 500
Fall of Troy, The - Cut Down All The Trees And Name The Streets After Them
Fall of Troy, The - Ghostship Pt V
Fallout Theory, The - Dont Show Up Perfect
Farm League, The - Leaving You Out
Feeling, The - Anyone
Feeling, The - I Love It When You Call
Feeling, The - Never Be Lonely
Fiery Furnaces, The - Asthma Attack
Fiery Furnaces, The - Bright Blue Tie
Fiery Furnaces, The - Inca Rag/Name Game
Fiery Furnaces, The - The Old Hag Is Sleeping
Films, The - I'm Not Gonna Call You
Films, The - Sunshine Superman
Finals, The - An Illusion Called Circumstance
Finals, The - It's Always Something
Fire Theft, The - Carry You
Fire Tongue Radio - Save Me Tom Cruise
First To Leave - Drag The Lake
Fold, The - Revisited
Fold, The - With You, I Sink
Format, The - A Mess To Be Made
Format, The - Dead End
Format, The - Pick Me Up
Format, The - Time Bomb
Fragile Disaster - Scrapped Knees Into Heart Attacks
Frankmusik - Confusion Girl (Shame Shame Shame)
Friendship Lounge, The - Rose Dawson Is A Cheater
Frisk, The - Nervous
Fully Down, The - Best Of Me
Future Sound of London, The - We Have Explosive
Futureheads, The - Dorian Grey
Futureheads, The - Man Ray
Futureheads, The - Yes/No
Gaslight Anthem, The - I Coulda Been A Contender
Gepe - El Gran Mal
Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - All The Way Down
Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - If You Want Me
Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - This Low
Golden Rainbow Kid - Chicle De Menta
Good Life, The - The Beaten Path
Good Life, The - Waiting On Wild Horses
Grates, The - I Am Siam
Grates, The - Trampoline
Great Escape, The - In A Dream
Great Escape, The - The Climb
Gufs, The - Fear Me Now
Hee Haw Gospel Quartet - The Old Country Church
Higher, The - Circle Of Death
Higher, The - Histrionics
Higher, The - Pace Yourself
Hint, The - Eyes Wide Open
Hint, The - Kiss Kiss
Hint, The - You Say
Hives, The - Antidote
Hives, The - Introduce The Metric System In Time
Hold Steady, The - Sketchy Metal
Holiday Plan, The - Everyday Is Winter
Hollies, The - Bus Stop
Hollies, The - Hillsborough
Hollies, The - Like Everytime Before
Hollies, The - Pay You Back With Interest
Honorary Title, The - Anything Else But The Truth
Honorary Title, The - Everything I Once Had (EP Version)
Hope Conspiracy, The - Departed
Hope Conspiracy, The - Hang Your Cross
Human Abstract, The - Harbinger
Hurt Process, The - The Beast Sails In