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Slackers (The) - Don't You Want A Man
Slackers (The) - Who Knows
Sleepin Pillow - Drop the mask
Sleeping States - Contact Lunacy
Sleeping Years (The) - Nearly Got It Made
Sleeping Years (The) - Untroubled
Slim Twig - Dragged Down the Dirtpike
Slim Twig - Spirit Hunting
Sloan - C'Mon, C'Mon (We're Gonna Get It Started)
Sloan - It Is Never
Sloan - Where Are You Now?
Sly And The Family Stone - Somebody's Watching You
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Disco King
Smittens (The) - Baby, Don't You Know
Snow Machine - Marlborough Man
So Many Dynamos - Let's Move Mountains
Sole and The Skyrider Band - cutoffmoon
Solia tera - a flammarion woodcut
Solid Gold - Armoured Cars
Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run To?
Soltero - memorial drive
Soltero - songs of the season
Somebody You Used To Know - Someday We Will Sleep
Something Happens - What Now
Sonnets for the Songless - Forever's Lullaby
Sonoak - Always Lover
Sophia - Heartache
Sore Eros - And I You Am
Sore Eros - Death Before Me
Sore Eros - The Things You Said (Depeche Mode Cover)
Sore Eros - Weed
Soul Whirling Somewhere - Balanced in Perfect Amber
Soul Whirling Somewhere - Happy Valley
Soul Whirling Somewhere - The Safety in Overglorifying the Past
Soul Whirling Somewhere - You'll Tear Me Away From You
Sound (The) - Hothouse (BBC Recording)
Southern Front - Amnesia
Southern Front - Refugee
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Can You Light A Flame
Southern Tenant Folk Union - Mesopotamia
Spanish Prisoners - Where God Does His Laundry
Sparkadia - Our Own Way
Spectacular - Everything Can Change
Spectres (The) - Bloodsuckin' Cowboy
Sphyr - Together Apart
Spirit and Dust - April 11th
Spirit and Dust - On the Road (Thinking of You)
Spirit Spine - Are You Ready?
Spirit Spine - Ghost Suspension
Spirit Spine - So Cool
Splitbelly - An Act
Splitbelly - You (Radiohead cover)
Spy Vs Spy - Iron Curtain
St. Lola In The Fields - Happy
St. Thomas - Lullaby From a Wannabe Popstar
Stabilizers - Found Rome
Stairway - Sweetest Song
Standing Upright - Victory
Stardeath & White Dwarfs - New Heat
Stars & Crosses - Got Me
Steeple Chaser - I Don't Know Why
Stef Bos - Wodka
Step Zero - Consumed
Stephanie Schneiderman - Twenty Slivers
Stephen Barnes - Staring Is Impolite
Stephen Duffy - Autopsy
Stephen Duffy and the Lilac Time - Bank Holiday Monday
Steve Goodman - Eight Ball Blues
Steven Fiore And The Good People - You Can Always Come Home
Still Life Still - Neon Blue
Stjepan Jimmy Stanić - Moja Kobila Suzi
Stop Making Friends - Fear
Strange Fruit Project - Good Times
Stress Factor 9 - Home Sweet Grow
Strong Waves Kill Weak Swimmers - Let The Right One In
Study Band (The) - Margery's Off-Key Temperament
Suicide Commando - Bleed For Us
Summer Hymns - Fear The Law
Sun Kil Moon - Four Fingered Fisherman
Sun Red Sun - Lock Me Up
Sundance Kids (The) - Safe & Sound
Sundial (The) - The Spirits Of The Dead
Sunny Intervals - Art and Design
Sunny Intervals - Hollyoaks
Sunny Intervals - Sidewalk Cafe
Sunny Intervals - Two Thousand Plus Five
Superdrag - Deathblow to your Pride
Surrogate - The Devil Gets What He Wants (Sometimes)
Sweet Trip - Acting
Sweet Water - Head Down
Swell Season (The) - High Horses
Swell Season (The) - The Verb
Swift - Placebo
Swift - To Phoenix by Foot
Sydonia - 3 Tongues
Symbion Project - Pawn to King 4
Systems Officer - Sand I
Baby Bird - Lemonade Baby
Balance And Composure - What's Wrong With Everything
Beatles, The - I Got a Woman (Ray Charles cover)
Better Off Dad - Lucky
Bloodgroup - My Arms
Blunderfuls (The) - Oh, Emily!
Brandon Saller - Find the Time to Breathe
Breathing Process (The) - Pantheon Unravelling
Brian Bonz and the Dot Hongs - Intervale
Brooke Waggoner - Find Her Floods
Bubblegum Lemonade - I'll Never Be Yours
Burning Mona Lisa - Reject The Programming
Christina Milian - Keep That