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Ariel Rot - Los Pactos
Cinema Bizarre - In Your Cage
Eric Carter - Unification
Depressed Mode - The Scent
Nelson Velásquez - Soy De Ti
Nelson Velásquez - Ámame Ahora
Tom McRae - Still Love You
Los Sultanes - La Bombacha (remix)
Bernie Bonvoisin - Frenchie Lamar
Los Planetas - Señora De Las Alturas
Tara Oram - Fly Girl
Oomph! - Ready Or Not (I'm Coming)
Sadie - Mousou Higyakuseiheki
Sailing In The Clouds - The Devil's Last Dance
Sam King - Insight You Might Have While Driving In The Midwes
Sammy Davis, Jr. - You Do Something to Me
Sarah Blasko - Is My Baby Yours
Sarah Blasko - Seems Like Old Times
Sarah Dooley - Firefly
Sarah Jaffe - Before You Go
Sarah Jaffe - Swelling
Save September - Lonely For Me
Saw Doctors (The) - All the one
Say It Twice - Room On Fire
Scarnella - Snowy
Scene Aesthetic, The - If You're A Bird
Schiano - Radiohead Lyrics
Schoolhouse Rock - Elbow Room
Schoolhouse Rock - I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College
Schoolhouse Rock - Presidential Minute
Schoolhouse Rock - The Energy Blues
Schoolhouse Rock - Them Not-So-Dry Bones
Schvendes - Oh, Marlon
Scissors For Lefty - Inevitable Thieves
Scotty Don't - Back Porch
Scotty Don't - Refugee
Scout Niblett - Fishes And Honey
Scud Mountain Boys - Cigarette Sandwich
Seabird - Sometimes
Seals & Crofts - Advance Guards
Sean Hayes - Sally Ann
Searchlight - Heartless
Seasons Lost - To Hell And Back
Sebadoh - Soul and Fire (Acoustic Demo)
Second-hand Furniture - Think You Should Know At This Point
Secret Handshake, The - All for You
Secret Life of Sofia (The) - Fifty Fourteeners
Secret Meeting (The) - Deep Freeze
Secret Secret Dino Club - Doin' My Own Thing, And Doin' It Sooo Well
Seduced By Suicide - Hurt Me Plenty
Seedy Seeds (The) - Asleep In My Dreams
Selena Gomez & The Scene - I Promise You
Shady Bard - Torch Song
Shannon Curtis - Get Outta Town
Sharif - Do I Want You Enough
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Sheena Easton - Almost Over You
Sholi - Contortionist
Shop Assistants - Seems to Be
Show Me Action - If The Continets Could Drift
Showdown, The - Medea-One Foot in Hell
Sic Alps - When You Tell It
Sierra Montana - Lois
A Silent Escape - Promises and Forget Me Nots
Silverline - Wake the Nations
Simple Day - Big Saturday
Simpsons (The) - Cool
SINaesthetics - Sloth
Siren Six! (The) - This Can't Be What You Meant
Sister City - Another Testament
Sister City - Hit Too Hard
Sister City - Playing Peter
Sister City - The Last Song
Sister Suvi - Longlegs
Sivert Høyem - Moon Landing
Six Going On Seven - Good On Paper
Sixteen Cities - Sing Along
Skarp - Souless
Skinny Cheeks - Perfect Picture
Skint and Demoralised - The Charismatic Mister McGahan
Skold Vs KMFDM - Love is Like