Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 292:

Scream Club - You Make Me Smile
Seabear - Drunk Song
Seabear - Midori Green
Seabear - You're Not Strange Enough (Hey Let's Make Some Mistakes)
Sebastian Bach - By Your Side
Secret Handshake, The - Everyone Knows Everyone
Secret Stars (The) - September
Seekers - Chase A Rainbow (Follow Your Dream)
Seekers - Georgy Girl
Seekers - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Seekers - You Can Tell The World
Shamen (The) - In Gorbachev We Trust
Shangri-las (The) - Heaven Only Knows
Shelma - Letting
Shocking Pinks (The) - This Aching Deal
Simon Joyner - Double Joe
Simon Joyner - Hotel Suite
Simon Joyner - The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is A Straight Line
Small Town Sleeper - Blue Skies Red
Smashing Pumpkins (The) - Doomsday Clock
Smolik - 50 Tysięcy 881
Soda Stereo - Genesis
Sound The Alarm - Count On Me
Sound (The) - Deep Breath
Spirit Of The West - Williamson's Garage
Spookshow (The) - Lord Take Away The Sorrow
Steppenwolf - Another's Lifetime
Steppenwolf - Life Is A Gamble
Steppenwolf - Straight Shootin' Woman
Stolen Babies - Lifeless
Streetlights - Silver Rose
Sundance Kids (The) - Taken By Storm
Suns Of The Tundra - Sandettie Light Automatic
Super Famicom - Relieved
Gal Costa - Objeto Sim, Objeto Não
Gal Costa - Milho Verde
La Toya Jackson - Ain't Nobody Loves You Like I Do
Passafist - Something In The Wind Makes Queenie Cry
Gal Costa - Faceira
Gal Costa - Luz Do Sol
Gal Costa - Bem Bom
Gal Costa - Creio
Gal Costa - Como Um Samba De Adeus
Gal Costa - A Luz De Tieta
Gal Costa - Chega De Saudade
Manu Tenorio - No Me Vayas A Engañar
Manu Tenorio - Tejados
Rosie Thomas - Sell All My Things
Rosie Thomas - All The Way To New York City
Los Verdaderos - Separar
Losing Streak - Writing Material
Skruigners - Soltanto Tombe
Ed Motta - Por Você Ser Mais
Vanessa Da Mata - Delírio
Mainstrike - Impression
Hush Sound (The) - Hospital Bed Crawl
Flogging Molly - Man With No Country
Matches (The) - Darkness Rising
Matches (The) - Clouds Crash
Memnoch - Killing Fields
Ron Pope - Seven English Girls
K.D. Lang - Hooked On Junk
K.D. Lang - Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray
K.D. Lang - Busy Being Blue
K.D. Lang - Outside Myself
Merauder - Time Ends
Miles Away - Affadavit
Syncope Threshold (The) - A Faceless Enemy
Marisa Monte - Bem Leve
James Marsters - Up On Me
White Light Riot - Charlatan