Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 249:

Alquimia - Justo Aquí, Justo Ahora
Mathieu Edward - C'est Auch
Colmillo Norteño - El Chapo
Colmillo Norteño - El Aguila
U2 - Fez - Being Born
Alvacast - Holocausto Nuclear
Amaseffer - Burning Bush
Amatris - The Last Walk
Ambehr - Holy Ecstasy
Amederia - My Soul
Riverdales (The) - Make Way
Dario Baldan Bembo - Autostrada
Mike Francis - Understanding
Mike Francis - Misteria
Amok (Nor) - Ebola To The People
Santana - En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
VersaEmerge - Whisperer
Koffin Kats - Our Faded Funeral
Conjunto Primavera - Pobre De Mi Corazon
Los Temerarios - Una Lagrima No Basta
Flex - El Burrito Sabanero
Damita - No Looking Back [pop Gospel Mix]
Ancestral Curse - Hypnotic Dreams
And Harmony Dies - Hurts
Andeavor - Heaven's Gate
Gérard Darmon - Gena And John
Marco Carta - Dentro Ad Ogni Brivido
Marco Carta - Resta Con Me
Silvia Aprile - L'amore Di Sempre
Denison Witmer - Say You'll Stick Around
Denison Witmer - 24 Turned 25
Propagandhi - Without Love
Willie Nelson - Hesitation Blues
Thyrfing - Becoming The Eye
Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls
Reflexion - Black Is The Colour Of Your Life
Becoming The Archetype - Ransom
Angel Witch - Angel Of Death
Dark Tranquillity - A Closer End
Conchita - Cuéntale
Angelus Apatrida - Never Forget
Fangoria - Amanecer Dorado
Fangoria - Ensayo Para Una Despedida
India Arie - Yellow
A Decade To Die For - Lying Awake Dreaming
School Boy Humor - When Everything Stops
Tankard - Zodiac Man
Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing
Tearstained - The Coffin
Hibria - Devoted To Your Fear
James Fortune & Fiya - There Ain't Nothing
Skiantos - Io Sono Un Perdente
Skiantos - Odio Il Brodo
Gianni Fiorellino - Non Avere Piu' Paura
Lola & Angiolina Project - Father
Charlie Winston - Every Step
Nevio - Ich Selbst Zu Sein
Annie Lennox - Hush, Hush, Hush
División Minúscula - Cansado De Pedir Perdón
División Minúscula - Cursi
Deathstars - White Wedding
Bronx Casket Co. (The) - Creeperia
Saint - The Perfect Life
Saint - The Reaper
Saint - When
Chris Cornell - Never Far Away
Thornley - Your Song
Brad Paisley - Find Yourself
Anima (Ger) - Raveged By Disease
Francesco Tricarico - Tre
Chris Isaak - Breaking Apart
C.U.B.A. Cabbal & Dj Dsastro - Bimbo Bang
Darin - Runaway
Superbus - London Town
Action 13 (The) - More Bread To The People
Ascetic Junkies (The) - Whoa Oh Oh Oh Oh
Backseat LoveStory - Hey Janie
Barely Legal (The) - Candle Light Electricity
Barely Legal (The) - Chocolate Lingerie
Barely Legal (The) - In a Good Way
Barely Legal (The) - To Die For
Sleeping (The) - Friday Night
Lionel Richie - Forever
Cristiano Saleri - Un Secondo (1')
Cristiano Saleri - Stop Me Baby
Mal dei Primitives - Raggio Di Sole
Mal dei Primitives - Come Sei Tu
Povia - Emozione
Povia - Meglio Averci Dato Un Taglio
Fireworks - Detroit
Sergio Vega - Cosas Raras
Sergio Vega - Maniaco Y Loco
Los Caminantes - El Puente Roto
Los Caminantes - Sueño De Amor
Pee Wee Gaskins - Tatiana
Made Out Of Babies - The Major
Ginuwine - Used To Be The One
Valentina Giovagnini - L'amore Non Ha Fine
Kim Walker - Here Is My Heart
Jakarta Flames - Fall
Marilyn Manson - Running To The Edge Of The World
Jordin Sparks - Walking On Snow
Linger - This Narrow Path
Dead By April - Carry Me
Seventh Wonder - Destiny Calls
Seventh Wonder - The Black Parade
Daniel Merriweather - Chainsaw