Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 230:

Goyko Schmidt - Brei
Method Man - St. Ides
Rakim - Man Above
Shanadoo - Passion Your Eyes
Honor Society - Cold Spell
Nessbeal - Ma Solitude
Ke$ha - Run Devil Run
Vinterriket - Gebirgshöhenstille
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Siphonaptera From Within
Mouthwash - N68
Racing Kites - Call It Sunrise
Aneurysm June - Fade Away
Blood Redemption - The Phoenix Will Rise
Vic Chesnutt - Sad Peter Pan
Frei.Wild - Wie Oft Soll'n Wir Dir's Noch Sagen?
OK Go - Before The Earth Was Round
Revenge Of The Living Dead - I Know The Ocean Speaks (The Fountain)
Roseway - The Promise
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Fels In Der Brandung
We Butter The Bread With Butter - Christmas Song
Egotronic - Verspult
Egotronic - XTC-Boy
Black Friday 29 - Kill This Dream
Take It Easy Hospital - Human Jungle
Limit - Hausbesuch
Roland Kaiser - Ein König Weint
Roland Kaiser - Lebenslänglich Du
Renate Kern - Kiss And Shake
Renate Kern - Morgen Früh, Da Lachst Du
Renate Kern - Die Welt Ist So Schön Wie Ein Traum
Renate Kern - Traurigsein Lohnt Sich Nicht
Ammoniaka - I Dischi Di Mio Padre
Luciole - Ombre
Zone D'Tambora - Entre La Luna Y La Marea
Eddy Mitchell - Sens Unique
Circle Of Contempt - Artifacts In Motion
Vitaa - Maintenant
Vitaa - Mes Actes Manqués
Pilot Speed - Put The Phone Down
Anabantha - Bruja
A City Scene Under Fire - Battle Scars
A Dead Motion - Departure
A Smile And A Ribbon - Asaars Magnificent Dreams.
A Thorn From Every Heart - June 11, 1980
AA Bondy - False River
AA Bondy - Mightiest of Guns
AA Bondy - To The Morning
Aaron Robinson - End of the Year
Abe Vigoda - All Night And Day
Abe Vigoda - The Garden
Abra Moore - After All These Years
Abra Moore - Kv'v Ome O Kahalvv
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - Nervous Hands
Action Item - The Farther The Distance
Adelade - 12 Angry Men
ADHLX - This is the only song you get
Adriana Calcanhoto - Mais Feliz
Advent - The Anger of Death
Aeroplane Pageant - And We Go
Aeroplane Pageant - Where To?
Aesthetic Perfection - A Quiet Anthem
Aesthetic Perfection - The Siren
Affirming Denial - Lost
After Forever - Live & Learn
After Midnight Project (The) - Fighting My Way Back
Against Grace - Fear of Falling
Agent - Clown College? You Can't Eat That
Ahimsa Theory - Bring In The Red
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Days of Wine and Poses
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - This Losing
AJ Rafael - I Just Want You
Akira Yamaoka - Elle Theme
Akron/Family - Total Destruction
Al Bowlly - Sweet and Lovely
Alan Yates Band - 16 Minutes
Alan Yates Band - Wasting Time
Alasdair Roberts - So Bored Was I (Dark Triad)
Alasdair Roberts - Where twines the path
Albert React - Incommunicado
Alec Ounsworth - Holy, Holy, Holy Moses
Alen Slavica - Maruška
Alessi's Ark - The Asteroids Collide
Alev Lenz - Guys With Guitars
Alexander Skip Spence - Keep Everything Under Your Hat
Alexander Skip Spence - You Know
Alexi Murdoch - The Ragged Sea
Alexis Taylor - Coming Up
Alison Krauss & Union Station - I've Got That Old Feeling
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Winter Of A Broken Heart