Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 228:

Demon Hunter - Crucifix
3 Inches Of Blood - Storming Juno
Espinoza Paz - Prohibido Perder
Espinoza Paz - Dime Porque
Espinoza Paz - Si Cortamos
One More Girl - Big Sky
Patti Smith - Tarkovsky (The Second Stop Is Jupiter)
Carmen Maria Vega - Le Soldat
Carmen Maria Vega - Singe Savant
Kayna Samet - Si Tu M'aimes
Wendy Nazaré - Mon Pays
A Common Year - A Little More
A Shoreline Dream - Dreamsong
A.L. Lloyd - The Foggy Dew
Aaron Neville - I'll Love You Anyway
Aaron Pritchett - Hard to Miss
Aaron Smith - Dancin'
AB Logic - The Hitman
Abbey Lincoln - Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Abbey Lincoln - Lucky to Be Me
Abigail - Let the Joy Rise [Thunder Dub]
Abracadabra - On & On & On [Almighty Anthem Mix][#]
AC-Rock - Runaway
Ace Enders - That's Not Your Real Name
Ace Frehley - Stranger in a Strange Land [#]
Across the Sun - Belay My Judgement
Adam Abraham - Hang Up
Adam Abraham - Sticky Situation
Adam Ant - Friend or Foe [Album Version]
Adam Ant - Horse You Rode In On
Adam Ant - Rip Down [Demo Recordings][#]
Adam Levine - Wild Horses
Adrian Belew - People
Aficionado - Falsified Inspiration
Afro Celt Sound System - When You're Falling
Afternoon Delights - General Hospi-Tale
Airbiscuit - Lately
Al Bowlly - You Have Taken My Heart
Al Green & the Soul Mates - Back Up Train
Al Jolson - Say It Isn't So
Al West - Open Off My Love
Alalie Lilt - Believe
Alana Davis - When You Became King
Alarm (The) - Sixty Eight Guns
Albert Collins - Stormy Monday
Albert Hammond - Brand New Day
Albert King - Match Box Blues
Alberto Y Roberto - Tu Forma de Ser [Cumbia]
Albita - Fiesta Pa'Los Rumberos
Alejandro Escovedo - Tula
Alex Van Halen - I'll Wait
Alex Winston - Benny
Alf Emil Eik - Sona
Alfred Apaka - Princess Poo-Poo-Ly Has Plenty Papaya
Alfredo Zitarrosa - Doña Soledad
Alfredo Zitarrosa - Zamba Para Vos
Ali Campbell - Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Better That We Break [Mix]
Alice Russell - To Know This [Live]
Alicia Bridges - We Are One
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Go Rest High on That Mountain [DVD]
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Rich Woman
Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Hills of Caroline
Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Little Girl
Alison Krauss & Union Station - You Will Be My Ain True Love [From Cold Mountain]
Alistair Griffin - You and Me (Tonight)
All About Eve - Freeze
All About Eve - Infrared
All About Eve - Lady Moonlight [B-Side]
All-4-One - Medley: I Can Love You Like That/I Swear
All-Star United - I Need You Now
All-Star United - If We Were Lovers
Allan Jones - Cosi Cosa
Ally & Jo - Holding You
Alma Cogan - That's Happiness
Almanac Singers - Away, Rio
Almanac Singers - House of the Rising Sun
Almir Sater - Tennessee Waltz
ALSO - Kingdom Gone
ALSO - Unloaded
Doldrums (The) - Funeral For Lightning
Doldrums (The) - My Friend Simjen
Brenna Whitaker - It's Not Easy Being Green