Testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 999:

SOLUS - Песнь о Каре
SOLUS - Я вернусь
Soluzione - Gene
Soluzione - Quasi Dimenticavo
Soluzione - Tutto & Nulla
Solveig Slettahjell - A Day
Solveig Slettahjell - December Song
Solveig Slettahjell - Right As Rain
Solveig Slettahjell - You Go I Go
Solvent - My Radio
Som Nosso De Cada Dia - A Outra Face
Som Nosso De Cada Dia - Bicho Do Mato
Som Nosso De Cada Dia - Dirección De Aquarius
Som Nosso De Cada Dia - Massavilha
Som Nosso De Cada Dia - O Som Nosso De Cada Dia
Soma - Totuus
Soma - Yksinäinen
Soma Sonic - Could It Be Real (Remix)
Soma Sonic - Life's Seasons
Soma Sonic - The Well (Remix)
Somastate - Juniper
Somato Sensory - Love Me Still
Somato Sensory - The Things We Never Would Have Found (If We Weren't Lost)
Sombre Nostalgie - Ma Terre Meurtrie
Sombre Nostalgie - Traquer LImmonde
Sombres For ts - Cold Forgotten Earth
Sombres Forêts - Cold Forgotten Earth
Sombres Forêts - L'oeil Nocturne
Some Assembly Required - Cigarettes And Coffee
Some Assembly Required - Lost Vegas
Some Assembly Required - Mirage
Some By Sea - A Steady Diet Of Stares
Some By Sea - An Introduction: You Can't Just Walk Away From Som
Some By Sea - An Introduction: You Can't Just Walk Away From Someone Who Is Leaning On You
Some By Sea - Fables (Kentucky Social)
Some By Sea - Paaale Wonder
Some By Sea - Paaale Wonder W/ Dark Eyes
Some By Sea - The Beginning Of The World Often Comes
Some By Sea - There's A Line In The Sand. Are You Afraid To Cros
Some By Sea - There's A Line In The Sand. Are You Afraid To Cross It?
Some By Sea - This Song Is Not About You, So Don't Ask
Some By Sea - This Spot Is Reserved
Some Daydream - Hey Daydreamer
Some Girls - All My Friends Are Going Death
Some Girls - Bone Metal
Some Girls - Ex Nuns / Dead Dogs
Some Girls - No Fun
Some Girls - Nofun
Some Girls - Now Only Memories Run On Railway Tracks
Some Like It Hot - Speak Too Soon
Some more breakdownZ - Track 1
Some more breakdownZ - Track 2
Some more breakdownZ - Track 3
Some more breakdownZ - Track 4
Some more breakdownZ - Track 5
some ost for cartoon - Let's all go to the lobby
Some say, the road is clear - Some say, confront your fears. Some say, but can you feel the love that do
Some Velvet Morning - Propaganda
Some Velvet Morning - The Madness Of Crowds
Some Velvet Morning - The Nightshift
Somebody - Между нами расстояние.
Someday - Michael Learns To Rock
Someday Dream - Hey Daydreamer
Someday I - Closer
Someday I - Concrete
Someday I - Crs Disease
Someday I - Opener
Someday I - The Sun Will Burn Out
Someday Never - Dear Regina
Someday Never - In The Absence Of Your Love
Someday Never - Note To Self
Someday Never - Stand Still At Seven
Someday Never - White Noise
Someday Providence - Summertime In Rhode Island
Somedaydream - Sing This Song
Somegirl - Average Day Bride
Somegirl - Clover
Somegirl - Feel Free
Somegirl - Morning
Somegirl - Never Be
Somegirl - Pink Dress
Somegirl - Save Me
Somegirl - Skeptic
Somegirl - Stone Angel
Somegirl - Yesno
Somehow Hollow - Beside You
Somehow Hollow - City's Sinking
Somehow Hollow - Plane Ticket Home
Somehow Hollow - The Meaning Of Me
Somehow Hollow - The Month That Never Ends
Someone Like You - Don't Count On Me
Someone Like You - Keep Your Friends Close
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Anna Lee
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Boring Fountain
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Let's Get Tired
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Not Worth Fighting
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Oceanographer
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Oregon Girl
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pangea
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Some Constellation
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Travel Song
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - You Could Write A Book
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Yr Broom
Someone's Diary - Daily Stories
Somerjoki Rauli Badding - Illan Varjoon Himmeaan (Kaipuuni Tango)
Somerjoki Rauli Badding - Kauas Pilvet Karkaavat
Somerjoki Rauli Badding - Kuihtuu Kesainen Maa
Somerjoki Rauli Badding - Teinienkeli
Somersault - Break The Wave
Somersault - Breathe
Somersault - By Your Side
Somersault - Every Moment
Somersault - Freezing
Somersault - Frozen Tears
Somersault - Ghosts
Somersault - Lean On The Stars
Somersault - Like One
Somersault - Not In This World
Somersault - Passing By
Somersault - Secret Place
Somersault - Slow Motion Suicide
Somersault - Symphony
Somersault - White Flowers
Somerset - I Lied...There Is No Good News
Somethin' For The People - And It Don't Stop
Somethin' For The People - Can We Make Love
Somethin' For The People - I Apologize
Somethin' For The People - Last Call
Somethin' For The People - On My Mind
Somethin' Smith And The Redheads - Heartaches
Something Anything (Single) - Tail Of The Tiger
Something Anything (Singles) - Used To Belong
Something Beautiful - The Ending : A Statement Of Being
Something Beautiful - The Ending: Dancing In Rubble
Something Beautiful - The Ending: Some Kind Of Destiny
Something Beautiful - Where Dust Belongs
Something Corporate - Babies of The 80's
Something Corporate - Bad Days
Something Corporate - Fall
Something Corporate - Falling For You
Something Corporate - Forget December
Something Corporate - High & Dry
Something Corporate - I Woke Up In A Car
Something Corporate - I Won't Make You
Something Corporate - If i Were a Terrorist (i'd Bomb Your Graduation)
Something Corporate - Little
Something Corporate - Miss America
Something Corporate - Punk Rock Princess
Something Corporate - Rock 'n Roll Band
Something Corporate - Runaway
Something Corporate - Sell The Frame
Something Corporate - She Paints Me Blue
Something Corporate - Straw Dog
Something Corporate - Straw Dog (Live In London)
Something Corporate - This Broken Heart
Something Corporate - This Broken Heart [japanese Bonus Track]watch The Sky [uk Bonus Track]
Something Corporate - Wait
Something Corporate - Walking by
Something Corporate - Watch The Sky
Something Fierce - Happiness
Something For Heroes - Sing It Out Loud
Something For Kate - All The Things That Aren't Good About Scientology
Something For Kate - All The Things That Aren't Good About…
Something For Kate - Anarchitect
Something For Kate - Anchorman II
Something For Kate - Ashtray
Something For Kate - Asleep At The Wheel
Something For Kate - Before Butterfly's Wings
Something For Kate - Big Screen Television
Something For Kate - Blueprint Architecture
Something For Kate - By Numbers
Something For Kate - California
Something For Kate - Captain (Million Miles An Hour)
Something For Kate - Colored Chalk
Something For Kate - Deja Vu
Something For Kate - Dreamworld
Something For Kate - Electricity
Something For Kate - Feeding The Birds And Hoping For Something In Retu
Something For Kate - Feeding The Birds And Hoping For Something In Return
Something For Kate - Hawaiian Robots
Something For Kate - Higher Than You Think
Something For Kate - Impossible
Something For Kate - Like Bankrobbers
Something For Kate - Max Planck
Something For Kate - Max Plank
Something For Kate - Moving Right Along
Something For Kate - Old Pictures
Something For Kate - Photograph
Something For Kate - Picard's Lament
Something For Kate - Pinstripe
Something For Kate - Pinstripe (Acoustic)
Something For Kate - Reverse Soundtrack
Something For Kate - Roll Credit
Something For Kate - Sleep Is Worth The Wait
Something For Kate - Slow
Something For Kate - Slowdance
Something For Kate - Song For A Sleepwalker
Something For Kate - Soundczech
Something For Kate - Souvenir
Something For Kate - Statues
Something For Kate - Stunt Show
Something For Kate - Subject To Change
Something For Kate - Submarine
Something For Kate - Telescope
Something For Kate - The Amazing Machine That Does Not Work (Demo Version)
Something For Kate - The Astronaut
Something For Kate - The Green Line Is Us, The Red Line Is Them
Something For Kate - The Last Minute
Something For Kate - This Is The Life For Me
Something For Kate - Transparanoia
Something For Kate - Truly
Something For Kate - Twenty Years
Something For Kate - Washed Out To Sea
Something For Kate - Whatever You Want
Something For Kate - Working Against Me
Something For Kate - You Only Hide (Live Acoustic)
Something For Rockets - Dancefloor
Something For Rockets - Might As Well
Something For Rockets - Neighbors
Something For Rockets - Red In The Face
Something For Rockets - The Line
Something For Rockets - Tragic City
Something Happens - Esmerelda
Something Happens - Good Time Coming
Something Happens - Kill The Roses
Something Happens - Momentary Thing
Something Happens - The Patience Business
Something Inside - Decisions Define Us
Something Inside - Get Wise
Something Inside - No End In Sight
Something Left To Learn - Aspire
Something Left To Learn - I Become Shattered
Something Left To Learn - Tomorrow
Something Like Silas - Air I Breathe
Something Like Silas - Anchor Of My Soul
Something Like Silas - As You Lead Me
Something Like Silas - Creation's Call
Something Like Silas - Number 5
Something Like Silas - When I Search
Something Like Silence - Everyone Will Hear About It
Something Like Silence - I'm Sticking My Fork In The Road
Something Like Silence - In Between The Black And White
Something Like Silence - The Cover Story
Something Like Silence - The Lie, The Motive
Something Really Dirty - Daniel
Something Really Dirty - Ninjas And Pirates
Something With Numbers - Against The Wind
Something With Numbers - Apple Of The Eye
Something With Numbers - Barnicles And Stripes
Something With Numbers - Diamonds
Something With Numbers - Falling Out Of Touch
Something With Numbers - Goodbye Mickey Finn
Something With Numbers - It's All Gonna Happen Again
Something With Numbers - Pants On Fire
Something With Numbers - Seventeen Places
Something With Numbers - Stay With Me Bright Eyes
Something With Numbers - Wednesday
Something With Numbers - What Is This?
Something You Should Know - Michael Learns To Rock
Sometimes Never - Appreciate
Sometimes Never - Disappearing Act
Sometimes Never - In My Dreams
Sometimes Never - Never Beg
Sometimes Never - Social Butterfly
Sometimes Never - Stasis
Sometimes Never - What Hurts The Most
Sometree - Moduin
Sometree - Nosebleed
Sometree - The Funeral
Somewhat Average - Alyssa
Somewhat Average - Anti-Social
Somewhat Average - Chance
Somewhat Average - Com
Somewhat Average - Don't Look Back
Somewhat Average - Moonmen
Somewhat Average - Your Sister Is Hot
Sommerset - Starbled
Somnus Corporation - Expo 86
Somos Tu Y Yo - Asi Somos Tu Y Yo.
Somos Tu Y Yo - El Celular!.
Somos Tu Y Yo - El Rock De Aran.
Somos Tu Y Yo - En La Radio.
Somos Tu Y Yo - Rock & Roll De Aran.
Somos Tu Y Yo - Salga Sapo, Salga Rana.
Somos Tu Y Yo - Somos Tu Y Yo (Victor Drija).
Somos Tu Y Yo - Voy A Ganar.
Son - Song Of Solitude
Son by Four - A Puro Dolor (bachata)
Son By Four - Can Someone Tell me
Son By Four - D nde Est Tu Amor
Son By Four - Donde Esta Tu Amor
Son By Four - Hard to Say
Son By Four - Lunatica
Son By Four - Me Estoy Muriendo
Son By Four - Muevelo
Son By Four - Pero Eres tu
Son By Four - Poca Mujer
Son By Four - Sofia (bogaloo Version)
Son By Four - Sofia (remix)
Son By Four - Sofia (Spanish Version)
Son By Four - Two to Tango
Son By Four - Vida Mía (you're my Life)
Son By Four - Vida Mía
Son By Four - You Are So Beautiful
Son Dambi - Michyeosseo (Remix)
Son De Cali - La Sospecha
Son De Sol - Brujería
Son Goku - Alle Für Jeden
Son Goku - Leicht
Son Goku - OM
Son Goku - Space
Son Goku - Tut Mir Leid
Son Goku - Wessen Schicksal
Son House - Preachin' Blues
Son House - Preachin' Blues, Part 2(1930)
Son Lux - Claws
Son Lux - Raise
Son Lux - Stand
Son Lux - Wither
Son Miserables - Adorado Tormento
Son Miserables - Angel
Son Miserables - Cancion De Cuna
Son Miserables - Cenizas Y Una Cruz
Son Miserables - Desde La Oscuridad
Son Miserables - El Chabon
Son Miserables - En La Tormenta
Son Miserables - Ganas De Verte
Son Miserables - Grande
Son Miserables - Madagascar
Son Miserables - Marchita La Flor
Son Miserables - Mi Ciudad
Son Miserables - Miguel
Son Miserables - Mujer De Piedra
Son Miserables - No Entra Luz
Son Miserables - Oro Y Cristal
Son Miserables - Palabras De Amor
Son Miserables - Quien Soy?
Son Miserables - Si Pudiera
Son Miserables - Siempre Estoy Contigo
Son Miserables - Sigo Asi
Son Miserables - Solo Las Estrellas Bastaran
Son Miserables - Souvenir
Son Miserables - Suficientemente Bella
Son Miserables - Tragico Desliz
Son Miserables - Tu Mejor Amiga
Son Miserables - Ven
Son Miserables - Vid Nueva
Son Norteno - Chan Chan
Son Norteno - Guantanamera
Son Of A Plumber - Hey Mr DJ (Won't You Play Another Love Song)
Son Of Alf - I Sleep In A Basement
Son Of Alf - Inappropriate Love Analogies
Son Of Alf - Phoenix Down
Son Of Aurelius - Mycordial Infarction
Son Of Aurelius - Olympus Is Forgotten
Son Of Aurelius - Slaughter The Immortals
Son Of Dave - Undertaker
Son of Dork - Two Princes (Spin Doctors cover)
Son Of Dork - Welcome To Loserville
Son Of Noise - Numb
Son Of Noise - Rein
Son Of Noise - Segmente
Son Of Noise - The Fading Star
Son Of Rust - Alien Taste
Son Of Rust - Goodbye
Son Of Rust - Just Like Me
Son Of Rust - Never
Son Of Rust - Sentimental Scar
Son Of Rust - Silicon Gene
Son Of Rust - Strange
Son Of Rust - Take Me Back
Son Of Rust - The Highest Cost
Son Of Rust - Welcome To Chaos
Son Of Sam - Evernight
Son Of Sam - Invocation
Son Of Sam - Michael
Son Of Sam - Of Power
Son Of The Mask - Puppy Love
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Everything's Calm
Son Of The Velvet Rat - In Your Mirror
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Leaving You
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Phantom Song
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Ready To Go
Son Of The Velvet Rat - The Sea So Blue
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Wait
Son Of The Velvet Rat - Your Sweetest Smile
Son Seals - Buzzard Luck
Son Seals - Dear Son
Son Volt - 6 String Belief
Son Volt - Action
Son Volt - Afterglow 61
Son Volt - Atmosphere
Son Volt - Back Into Your World
Son Volt - Bandages & Scars
Son Volt - Been Set Free
Son Volt - Bicycle Hotel
Son Volt - Carry You Down
Son Volt - Caryatid Easy
Son Volt - Catching On
Son Volt - Cemetery Savior
Son Volt - Chaos Streams
Son Volt - Circadian Rhythm
Son Volt - Circadian Rhythym
Son Volt - Cocaine And Ashes
Son Volt - Coltrane Free
Son Volt - Creosote
Son Volt - Dead Man's Clothes
Son Volt - Dust Of Daylight
Son Volt - Dynamite
Son Volt - Exurbia
Son Volt - Gramophone
Son Volt - Hanging Blue Side
Son Volt - Highways And Cigarettes
Son Volt - L Train
Son Volt - Left A Slide
Son Volt - Looking At The World Through A Windshield
Son Volt - Loose String
Son Volt - Medication
Son Volt - Medicine Hat
Son Volt - Medicine Hat (Complete)
Son Volt - Mystifies Me
Son Volt - No More Parades
Son Volt - No Turning Back
Son Volt - Picking Up The Signal
Son Volt - Right On Through
Son Volt - Roll On
Son Volt - Route
Son Volt - Six String Belief
Son Volt - Straightface
Son Volt - Streets That Time Walks
Son Volt - Strength And Doubt
Son Volt - Tear Stained Eye
Son Volt - Ten Second News
Son Volt - The Search
Son Volt - Tulsa County
Son Volt - When The Wheels Don't Move
Son Volt - World Waits For You
Son, Ambulance - A Book Laid On Its Binding
Son, Ambulance - An Instant Birth
Son, Ambulance - An Instant Death
Son, Ambulance - Brown Park
Son, Ambulance - C Minor Interlude
Son, Ambulance - Glitter Angel
Son, Ambulance - If I Should Fall Asleep
Son, Ambulance - Kaite Come True
Son, Ambulance - Like A Friend
Son, Ambulance - On The Concourse
Son, Ambulance - Paper Snowflakes
Son, Ambulance - Taxi-Cab Driver
Son, Ambulance - The Anonymous
Son, Ambulance - The Anonymous (The Mermaid Song)
Son, Ambulance - The Invention Of Beauty
Son, Ambulance - The Moral Of Rosa, Parolee
Son, Ambulance - Violet
Sona Fariq - Love You Crazy
Sona Fariq - We Be On Fire
Sonador - Against The Norm
Sonador - I Wanna Get Away From You
Sonador - Montezuma
Sonantes - Carimbó
Sonantes - Defenestrando
Sonantes - Miopia
Sonata Arctica - Abandonned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited
Sonata Arctica - Addict
Sonata Arctica - Blank File
Sonata Arctica - Breathing
Sonata Arctica - Broken
Sonata Arctica - Dead Skin
Sonata Arctica - Destruction Preventer
Sonata Arctica - Draw Me
Sonata Arctica - Fade To Black (Metallca cover)
Sonata Arctica - Fade To Black [Metallica Cover]
Sonata Arctica - For The Sake Of Revenge Lyrics
Sonata Arctica - Full Moon/Succesor 2000
Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon (Edit)
Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon / White Pearl, Black Oceans
Sonata Arctica - High And Low
Sonata Arctica - I Have A Right
Sonata Arctica - I Want Out
Sonata Arctica - In Black And White
Sonata Arctica - In My Eyes You're A Giant
Sonata Arctica - In The Dark
Sonata Arctica - Kingdom for a Heart/Ecliptica 1999
Sonata Arctica - Kingdon For A Heart
Sonata Arctica - Land of the Free/Silence 2001
Sonata Arctica - Letter To Dana
Sonata Arctica - Letter to Dana (Returned to Sender)
Sonata Arctica - Letter to Dana/Ecliptica 1999
Sonata Arctica - Mary-Lou (Acoustic Version)
Sonata Arctica - MisplacedReckoning Night 2004
Sonata Arctica - My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare
Sonata Arctica - My Land (2006)
Sonata Arctica - My Land (Live)
Sonata Arctica - My Selene/Reckoning Night 2004
Sonata Arctica - Nothing More
Sonata Arctica - Only The Broken Hearts
Sonata Arctica - Out In The Fields
Sonata Arctica - Out In The Fields [Japanese Bonus Track][Gary Moore Cover]
Sonata Arctica - Over the hills and far away
Sonata Arctica - Over the hills and far away (cover Nightwish)
Sonata Arctica - Paid In Full
Sonata Arctica - Replica
Sonata Arctica - Replica (2006)
Sonata Arctica - Replica/Ecliptica 1999
Sonata Arctica - Respect The Wilderness/Silence 2001
Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian
Sonata Arctica - San Sebastian (Original Version)
Sonata Arctica - ShamandalieReckoning Night 2004
Sonata Arctica - Shitload Of Money
Sonata Arctica - Shy (Metal Ballad)
Sonata Arctica - Shy Моє котенятко, моє зайченятко - ти моє щастячко!!!
Sonata Arctica - Silver Tounge
Sonata Arctica - Sing In SilenceSilence 2001
Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You
Sonata Arctica - Still Loving You (Scorpions)
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Sonata Arctica - The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet/Reckoning Night 2004
Sonata Arctica - The Dead Skin
Sonata Arctica - The Last Amazing Grays (Single Edit)
Sonata Arctica - The Ruins Of My Life
Sonata Arctica - The Vice
Sonata Arctica - The Wind Beneath My Wings