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Betontod - Schrei Es Raus
Betontod - Schwarzes Blut
Betontod - Selbstmord
Betontod - Stich ins Herz
Betontod - Tanz Der Teufel
Betontod - Virus
Betontod - Zweifel
Betray The Passenger - Deprivation
Betrayal - Assassins In The Midst
Betrayal - Fallen Deceived
Betrayal - Human Nature
Betrayal - Plead The Blood
Betrayal - Worth It All
Betrayed - I'M Not Afraid
Betrayed - Self Doubt
Betrayed - Substance
Betrayed - Time Won't Wait
Betrayer - Descendants Of Death
Betraying The Matyrs - The Rigtheous With The Wicked
Betta Half - What You On
Bette Midler - As Dreams go by
Bette Midler - Big Spender
Bette Midler - Buckets of Rain
Bette Midler - Buckets Of Rain (with Bob Dylan)
Bette Midler - Come Back, Jimmy Dean
Bette Midler - Coping
Bette Midler - Do You Want to Dance?
Bette Midler - Drinking Again
Bette Midler - Fried Eggs/hello In There
Bette Midler - Friends -Alternate
Bette Midler - He Was Too Good To Me/since You Stayed Here
Bette Midler - He's A Tramp
Bette Midler - Heart Over Head
Bette Midler - Hurry on Down
Bette Midler - I Know This Town
Bette Midler - I Never Talk to Strangers
Bette Midler - I put a spell on you (From "Hocus-pokus")
Bette Midler - I Think Going To Rain Today
Bette Midler - In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
Bette Midler - In This Life
Bette Midler - Just My Imagination
Bette Midler - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Bette Midler - May We Entertain You
Bette Midler - Mr. Wonderful
Bette Midler - My Mother's Eyes
Bette Midler - Nanette
Bette Midler - Night And Day
Bette Midler - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Bette Midler - Old Cape Cod
Bette Midler - On A Slow Boat To China
Bette Midler - One For My Baby (And One For The Road)
Bette Midler - One For my Baby (and One More For The Road)
Bette Midler - Only in Miami
Bette Midler - Red
Bette Midler - Something Your Heart Has Been Telling Me
Bette Midler - Somewhere In My Memory
Bette Midler - Spring Can Really Hang You up The Most
Bette Midler - Surabaya Johnny
Bette Midler - That's How Heartaches Are Made
Bette Midler - The Rose (soundtrack)
Bette Midler - The Wind Beneath my Wings
Bette Midler - Up! Up! Up!
Bette Midler - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Bette Midler - Wind Beneath my Wings
Bette Midler - You Don't Know me
Bette Midler - You Don't Own Me (First Wives' Club)
Bette Midler - You'll Never Know
Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton - You don't own me
Better Dead Than Red - In Defense Of Our Home
Better Dead Than Red - Our Hearts Belong To Our Land
Better Dead Than Red - The Heart That Never Lies
Better Dead Than Red - The Watchmen
Better Dead Than Red - The World Needs A Hero
Better Left Alone - Echoes And Still Whispers
Better Left Alone - January 1st
Better Luck Next Time - Motionless
Better Luck Next Time - Moving On
Better Luck Next Time - One More Time
Better Luck Next Time - Shoebox Memories
Better Luck Next Time - Shoebox Memories (Acoustic)
Better Luck Next Time - T.K.O.
Better Luck Next Time - Tomorrow, Maybe
Better Luck Next Time - Trapped Inside Me
Better Luck Next Time - Truth For Two
Better Off Dad - Angels
Better Off Dad - Fall Away
Better Off Dreaming - Not Everyone Can Be Like Callie
Better Off Dreaming - Only You
Better Off Dreaming - Requiem
Better Off Dreaming - Scars
Better Stuff - Demo
Better Than A Thousand - Is It Education ...
Better Than A Thousand - Once Again
Better Than A Thousand - We Must Believe
Better Than A Thousand - You Were There
Better Than Ezra - All In
Better Than Ezra - And We're Fine
Better Than Ezra - At The Stars (acoustic)
Better Than Ezra - Breathless
Better Than Ezra - Burned
Better Than Ezra - Burning The Maps
Better Than Ezra - Circle Of Friends
Better Than Ezra - Close
Better Than Ezra - Closer
Better Than Ezra - Everything in 2s
Better Than Ezra - Fit
Better Than Ezra - Get You in
Better Than Ezra - Happy Day Mãmã
Better Than Ezra - Happy Endings
Better Than Ezra - Hung The Moon
Better Than Ezra - I Just Knew
Better Than Ezra - In The Blood
Better Than Ezra - Je ne M'en Souviens Pas
Better Than Ezra - Juarez
Better Than Ezra - King Of New Orleans (Live)
Better Than Ezra - Know You Better
Better Than Ezra - Long Lost
Better Than Ezra - Mercy
Better Than Ezra - Misunderstood
Better Than Ezra - Mr. Greaves
Better Than Ezra - New Kind Of Low: Low/Coma
Better Than Ezra - Porcelain
Better Than Ezra - Re-Arranging The Bones
Better Than Ezra - Rolling
Better Than Ezra - Scared, Are You
Better Than Ezra - Southern Girl
Better Than Ezra - The Killer Inside
Better Than Ezra - Wintercoats
Better Than Ezra - Wounded
Better Than Ezra - Wwoz
Better Than Toast - All For You
Better Than Toast - Every Time You Look At Me
Better Than Toast - Fading
Better Than Toast - Move Away
Better Than Toast - Slipping Away
Better Than Toast - Try
Bettie Serveert - Balentine
Bettie Serveert - Co-Coward
Bettie Serveert - Cut 'N Dried
Bettie Serveert - De Diva
Bettie Serveert - Dreamaniacs
Bettie Serveert - Dust Bunny
Bettie Serveert - Get The Bird
Bettie Serveert - Healthy Sick
Bettie Serveert - Leg
Bettie Serveert - Lover I Don't Have To Love
Bettie Serveert - Maggot
Bettie Serveert - Sower And Seeds
Bettie Serveert - Sundazed To The Core
Bettie Serveert - Versace
Bettie Serveert - Wide Eyed Fools
Betty - In Crowd
Betty - In Harmony
Betty - Such A Fool
Betty Boo - Where Are You Baby?
Betty Buckley - No One Is Alone
Betty Buckley - The Wind Beneath My Wings
Betty Carter - Beware My Heart
Betty Curse - Black Flowers
Betty Curse - Come And Join The Darkside
Betty Curse - Rot In Heaven
Betty Curse - The Look On Tony's Face
Betty Curtis - Cantando Con Le Lacrime Agli Occhi
Betty Curtis - L'uccellino Della Radio
Betty Davis - Shut Off The Light
Betty Davis - This Is It!
Betty Davis - You And I
Betty Everet - It's In His
Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded
Betty Everett - I Can't Say No To You
Betty Everett - It's in his kiss (The shoop
Betty Everett - It's Been A Long Time
Betty Everett - June Night
Betty Everett - The Shoop Shoop Song
Betty Harris - Cry To Me
Betty Hutton - His Rocking Horse Ran Away
Betty Hutton - It's Oh So Quiet
Betty Hutton - My Fickle Eye
Betty Hutton - That's Loyalty
Betty Johnson - All The Things You Are
Betty Johnson - How Little We Know
Betty Ween - Comfortable Pain
Betty Ween - Lost Song
Betty's Trash - Fake It
Bettye LaVette - All My Love
Bettye LaVette - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Bettye LaVette - Down To Zero
Bettye LaVette - Isn't It A Pity
Bettye LaVette - Little Sparrow
Bettye LaVette - Love Reign O'er Me
Bettye LaVette - Maybe I'm Amazed
Bettye LaVette - Nights In White Satin
Bettye LaVette - You Don't Know Me At All
Bettye LaVette - Your Turn To Cry
Betul Demir - Yaz Geliyor
Between The Buried & Me - Colorblind
Between the Buried and Me - Ants Of The Sky
Between The Buried And Me - B) Anablephobia
Between The Buried And Me - Backwards Marathon
Between The Buried And Me - Cemetary Gates
Between the Buried and Me - Foam Born: (A) The Backtrack
Between The Buried And Me - Foam Born: The Backtrack
Between The Buried And Me - Goodbye To Everything
Between The Buried And Me - Mirrors
Between The Buried And Me - Mordecai
Between The Buried And Me - More Of Myself To Kill
Between the Buried and Me - Reaction (Shevanel Take 2)
Between the Buried and Me - Sun Of Nothing
Between The Buried And Me - The Day I Tried to Live [Soundgarden cover]
Between The Buried And Me - Us And Them
Between The Hell And Heaven - Menunggu Sebuah Tragedi
Between The Lines Of Fiction - Another Night For City Lights
Between The Trees - One Last Time (Darlin' II)
Between The Trees - One Thing
Between The Trees - She Is...
Between The Trees - The Way She Feels
Between The Trees - We Can Try
Between The Trees - Words
Between Thieves - Living God
Between Thieves - Water
Betwixt - Heart Attack
Betwixt - Letters
Betwixt - This One Is On Me
Beu Sisters - Anytime You Need A Friend
Beu Sisters - Catch Me If You Can
Beu Sisters - Decisions
Beu Sisters - He's A Tramp
Beu Sisters - On My Mind
Beu Sisters - Once Upon A Broken Heart
Beu Sisters - Someday Somehow
Beu Sisters - Stop! Stay Away From My Sister
Beu Sisters - Unbelievable You
Beu Sisters - What Do You Do In The Summer When It's Raining
Beu Sisters - Why Don't You Just Kiss Me
Beulah - I Love John, She
Beulah - Me And Jesus Don't Talk Anymore
Beulah - Slo-mo For The Masses
Beulah - The Rise And Fall Or Our Hero's Reward
Beulah - You're Only King Once
Bev Harrell - Back To The People
Beverley Craven - She Doesn't Need Saving
Beverley Knight - Ambition ( It All Comes To You)
Beverley Knight - Angels (Live With Guy Chambers On Radio 2)
Beverley Knight - First Time
Beverley Knight - Get Up!
Beverley Knight - Gold
Beverley Knight - Goodbye Innocence
Beverley Knight - Greatest Day
Beverley Knight - Keep This Fire Burning
Beverley Knight - Made It Back
Beverley Knight - Made It Back '99 (Good Times Mix)
Beverley Knight - Made It Back (Good Times 7'' Mix)
Beverley Knight - Moving On Up
Beverley Knight - Moving On Up (Album Version)
Beverley Knight - No Man's Land
Beverley Knight - No Man's Land
Beverley Knight - Piece Of My Heart
Beverley Knight - Rewind
Beverley Knight - Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Beverley Knight - Tomorrow
Beverley Knight - Under The Same Sun
Beverley Knight - Whatever's Clever
Beverley Knight - Who I Am
Beverley Mahood - Radio 101
Beverley Mitchell - If It Ain't True (True Love)