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The Broadside Band - When that I was and a little tiny boy
The Broadways - Corner Of The Sky
The Broadways - Every Story Is A Love Story
The Broadways - Honey Bun -South Pcific
The Broadways - Into The Woods - Any Moment
The Broadways - Into The Woods - Hello Little Girl
The Broadways - Into The Woods - I Know Things Now
The Broadways - Into The Woods - It Takes Two
The Broadways - Into The Woods - No More
The Broadways - Into The Woods - No One Is Alone
The Broadways - Into The Woods - Witche's Lament
The Broadways - It Was Pancho Villa
The Broadways - Lake Michigan
The Broadways - One Song Glory
The Broadways - Ragtime-He Wanted To Say
The Broadways - Ragtime-Make Them Hear You
The Broadways - Ragtime-Our Children
The Broadways - Red Line
The Broadways - The Nautical Mile
The Broadways - What You Own - Rent
The Brobecks - A Letter
The Brobecks - Boring (Too Fast Too Furious Version)
The Brobecks - Cowboy Song
The Brobecks - Creep You Out
The Brobecks - Didn't Mean To
The Brobecks - Everyone's A Jerk But Me
The Brobecks - File Code
The Brobecks - File Code Number 1459
The Brobecks - John Barnes
The Brobecks - Monday Morning
The Brobecks - She's A Robot
The Brobecks - Small Cuts
The Brobecks - The Nerve
The Brobecks - Why I Don't Smile
The Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
The Broken Family Band - Alone In The Make-Out Room
The Broken Family Band - At The Back Of The Chapel
The Broken Family Band - Dancing On The 4th Floor
The Broken Family Band - I'm Thirsty
The Broken Family Band - It's All Over
The Broken Family Band - It's All Over(OST Skins)
The Broken Family Band - It's All Over
The Broken Family Band - John Belushi
The Broken Family Band - Leaps
The Broken Family Band - Living In Sin
The Broken Family Band - Nights In The Tractorbeam
The Broken Family Band - Poor Little Thing
The Broken Family Band - The Mardi Gras Rescue Mission
The Broken Family Band - The Perfect Gentleman
The Broken Family Band - Trouble
The Broken Family Band - Twisted
The Broken Family Band - Walking Back To Jesus Part Three
The Broken Family Band - When We're Dry
The Broken Family Band - Where The Hell Is My Baby?
The Broken Family Band - Wherever You Go
The Broken Result - Massacre Of The 9th Hell
The Broken West - Back In Your Head (t&s cover)
The Broken West - Down In The Valley
The Broken West - Hale Sunrise
The Broken West - Slow
The Broken West - You Can Build An Island
The Bronx - Minutes In Night
The Bronx - Past Lives
The Bronx - Pleasure Seekers
The Bronx - Quinceneira
The Bronx - Ship High In Transit
The Bronx - Sleepwalking
The Bronx Casket Co. - Free Bird
The Bronze Medal - Ithica
The Brook Lee Catastrophe - A Devil's Truth
The Brook Lee Catastrophe - Jump In
The Brook Lee Catastrophe - Shades Of Grey
The Brook Lee Catastrophe - Walking Backwards
The Brother Kite - Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight
The Brotherhood Of Dae Han - Whiskey Shaped Bullets
The Brotherhood Of Man - United We Stand
The Brothers Chaffey - Come Back To Me
The Brothers Four - Am I That Easy To Forget
The Brothers Four - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
The Brothers Four - Blue Christmas
The Brothers Four - Don't Think Twice It's Alright
The Brothers Four - Eternally
The Brothers Four - Girl
The Brothers Four - Go, Tell It On The Mountain
The Brothers Four - Hard Travelin'
The Brothers Four - Hootenanny Saturday Night
The Brothers Four - My Little John Henry
The Brothers Four - Seasons In The Sun
The Brothers Four - Sweet Rosyanne
The Brothers Four - The Honey Wind Blows
The Brothers Four - With You Fair Maid
The Brothers Martin - Communication
The Brothers Martin - Fears To Remember
The Brothers Martin - Get The Money
The Brothers Martin - Life On Strings
The Brothers Martin - The Behaviour Explains
The Brothers Martin - The Deaf, They Will Hear
The Brothers Martin - The Harsh Effects Of Time
The Brothers Martin - The Missionary
The Brothers Martin - The Plot That Weaves
The Browns - All I Had To Do
The Browns - Am I That Easy To Forget
The Browns - An Evening Prayer
The Browns - Blowin' In The Wind
The Browns - Born To Be With You
The Browns - Columbus Stockade Blues
The Browns - Cool Water
The Browns - Dream On (She'll Break Your Heart)
The Browns - Enchanted Sea
The Browns - Forty Shades Of Green
The Browns - Four Strong Winds
The Browns - Four Walls
The Browns - Funny How Time Slips Away
The Browns - Halfway To Heaven
The Browns - Have You Ever Been Lonely
The Browns - He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
The Browns - I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
The Browns - I Take The Chance
The Browns - I'll Hold You In My Heart
The Browns - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
The Browns - In The Garden
The Browns - In The Pines
The Browns - Lonely Little Robin
The Browns - Million Miles From Nowhere
The Browns - My Adobe Hacienda
The Browns - My Isle Of Golden Dreams
The Browns - My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast
The Browns - Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)
The Browns - Only The Lonely
The Browns - Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)
The Browns - Rhumba Boogie
The Browns - Rhythm Of The Rain
The Browns - Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
The Browns - Sky Princess
The Browns - Table Next To Me
The Browns - Teen-Ex
The Browns - That Little Boy Of Mine
The Browns - The Big Blizzard
The Browns - The Enchanted Sea
The Browns - The Night Watch
The Browns - The Old Lamplighter
The Browns - The Old Master Painter
The Browns - The Rhumba Boogie
The Browns - The Twelfth Of Never
The Browns - The Wayward Wind
The Browns - Then I'll Stop Loving You
The Browns - Tip Of My Fingers
The Browns - Tobacco Road
The Browns - True Love
The Browns - Waltz Of The Angels
The Browns - Wayfaring Stranger
The Browns - We Should Be Together
The Browns - When They Ring Those Golden Bells
The Browns - Where Does A Little Tear Come From
The Browns - Wondering
The Browns - You Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree
The Browns - You'll Always Be In My Heart
The Bruisers - Borrowed Time
The Bruisers - Eyes Of Fire
The Bruisers - Forty Miles Of Bad Road
The Bruisers - Gates Of Hell
The Bruisers - Lunatic
The Bruisers - Nation On Fire
The Bruisers - Never Fall
The Bruisers - Ollie Vee
The Bruisers - Police Oppression
The Bruisers - Tear It Up
The Bruisers - Trouble
The Brunettes - Best Friend Envy
The Brunettes - Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth
The Brunettes - Cotton Candy
The Brunettes - Credit Card Mail Order
The Brunettes - Dancefloor
The Brunettes - End Of The Runway
The Brunettes - Leonard Says
The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love
The Brunettes - No Regrets
The Brunettes - Obligatory Road Song
The Brunettes - Polyester Meets Acetate
The Brunettes - Super Eight
The Brunettes - Tell Her
The Brunettes - The Record Store
The Brunettes - These Things Take Time
The Brunettes - Too Big For Gidget
The Brunettes - Wall Poster Star
The Brunettes - Whale In The Sand
The Brunettes - You Beautiful Militant
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Above And Beyond
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Act Naturally
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - All I Want For Christmas Dear Is You
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Big In Vegas
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Blue Christmas Lights
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Christmas Time Is Near
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Cotton Fields
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Cryin' Time
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - I Got A Letter From Home
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Kansas City Song
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Love's Gonna Come A Knockin'
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Night Time Is Cry Time
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Pitty Pitty Pater
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Way That I Love You
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - Woman Truck Driving Fool
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - You Bring Out The Best In Me
The Buck Owen's Buckaroos - You'll Never Miss The Water
The Buckinghams - Are You There (With Another Boy)
The Buckinghams - Back In Love Again
The Buckinghams - Difference Of Opinion
The Buckinghams - I Call Your Name
The Buckinghams - I'll Go Crazy
The Buckinghams - I've Been Wrong
The Buckinghams - Laudy Miss Claudy
The Buckinghams - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
The Buckinghams - Mercy Mercy Mercy
The Buckinghams - Where Did You Come From
The Buddist Monks - My Spirit Flies to You
The Buffalo Club - The Funny Thing Is
The Bug - Poison Dart ft.Warrior Queen
The Buggles - Beatnik
The Buggles - Blue Nylon
The Buggles - Elstree
The Buggles - I Am A Camera
The Buggles - I Am A Camera (12" Mix)
The Buggles - Inner City
The Buggles - Kid Dynamo
The Buggles - Rainbow Warrior
The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
The Buggles - We Can Fly From Here (pt. 1)
The Builders And The Butchers - Devil Town
The Builders And The Butchers - Down In This Hole
The Builders And The Butchers - Hands Like Roots
The Bunburys - Fight (No Matter How Long)
The Bunny The Bear - A Real Place For Real People
The Burning Hell - I Love The Things That People Make
The Burning Leaves - You Only Wanna Dance
The Burning Season - The Broadcast
The Bus Boys - New Shoes
The Busdrivers - Pennies
The Busdrivers - Thank You
The Business - Anywhere But Here
The Business - Belmarsh
The Business - Belmarsh Prison
The Business - Blood Ties
The Business - Drinking And Driving
The Business - England 5:1 Germany
The Business - Get Out While You Can
The Business - Guttersnipe
The Business - Mortgage Mentality
The Business - Mouth An' Trousers
The Business - Never Say Never
The Business - Oi The Poet
The Business - Saturday's Heroes
The Business - Takers & Users
The Business - Ten Years
The Business - Terrace Lost It's Soul
The Business - Terrace Lost Its Soul
The Business - The Employers Blacklist
The Business - Viva Bobby Moore
The Business - What's The Story
The Business - Winners & Losers
The Busters - Angels
The Busters - Apple
The Busters - Beautiful Girl
The Busters - Boogie With The Bartender
The Busters - Breathe
The Busters - Buena Sera
The Busters - Crazy
The Busters - Danger Freak
The Busters - Do What Yo Want
The Busters - Don't Worry, Be Happy
The Busters - Easy Come, Easy Go
The Busters - Ernst
The Busters - Every Night
The Busters - Far Away
The Busters - Gangster Of Love
The Busters - Having A Good Time
The Busters - I Don't Like Your Music
The Busters - Is This The Way
The Busters - Joe King
The Busters - Lady Painkiller
The Busters - Lavaman
The Busters - Legalize Love
The Busters - Love Revolution
The Busters - Luana
The Busters - Make Up My Mind
The Busters - Maybe It's All Over
The Busters - Memories
The Busters - No Doubt
The Busters - Peace, Love And The Rest
The Busters - Rosita
The Busters - Rude Girl
The Busters - Rude Up Your Life
The Busters - Sharp Dressed Girl
The Busters - She's Public
The Busters - Six Beers And Rocksteady Music
The Busters - Sleep Away The Rainy Days
The Busters - Smile
The Busters - Still Watchin' You
The Busters - Stupidocracy
The Busters - Switch On Your Brain
The Busters - Take Your Soul Back Home
The Busters - The Good Go To Heaven
The Busters - The Other Day
The Busters - The Piper
The Busters - The Wrong Song
The Busters - They Rule The World
The Busters - Thinkin' Of You
The Busters - Three Minutes
The Busters - Too Much Stimulation
The Busters - Two Million Ways
The Busters - Undercover
The Busters - Waiting For The Sun
The Busters - Waking The Dead
The Busters - Whisky Til I Drop
The Busters - You Were Too Blind
The Butchies - Everythig + Everywhere
The Butchies - Everything + Everywhere
The Butchies - Lydia
The Butchies - Second Guess
The Butchies - Trouble
The Butchies - Your Love
The Butterfield Blues Band - All These Blues
The Butterfield Blues Band - Losing Hand
The Butterfly Effect - A.D.
The Butterfly Effect - A.DOutro
The Butterfly Effect - Aisles Of White
The Butterfly Effect - And The Promise Of The Truth
The Butterfly Effect - Circus
The Butterfly Effect - Consequence
The Butterfly Effect - Crave
The Butterfly Effect - Everybody Runs
The Butterfly Effect - Overwhelmed
The Butterfly Effect - Perception Twin
The Butterfly Effect - Phoenix
The Butterfly Effect - Rain
The Butterfly Effect - Sweet & Low
The Butterfly Effect - Take It Away
The Butterfly Effect - The Cell
The Butterfly Effect - The End
The Butterfly Effect - The Way
The Butterfly Effect - Window And The Watcher
The Butterfly Effect - Windows and the Watcher
The Butterfly Effect - Worlds Of Fire
The Buzoteurs - Чёрный человек
The Buzzcocks - Boredom
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn & t Have) 1978
The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone)
The Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head
The Buzzcocks - Love Is Lies
The Buzzcocks - Love You More
The Buzzcocks - Mad Mad Judy
The Byrds - All I Really Want To Do
The Byrds - All The Things
The Byrds - Antique Sandy
The Byrds - Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins
The Byrds - Artificial Energy
The Byrds - Ballad Of Easy Rider
The Byrds - Born To Rock 'N' Roll
The Byrds - Borrowing Time
The Byrds - Boston
The Byrds - Bugler
The Byrds - C.T.A- 102
The Byrds - Candy
The Byrds - Changing Heart
The Byrds - Chestnut Mare
The Byrds - Chimes Of Freedom
The Byrds - Citizen Kane
The Byrds - Day Walk (Never Before)
The Byrds - Daytime Just Makes Me Feel Lonely
The Byrds - Deportee
The Byrds - Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
The Byrds - Everybody has Been Burned
The Byrds - Everybody's Been Burned
The Byrds - Farther Along
The Byrds - Fido
The Byrds - Fifth Dimension
The Byrds - For Free
The Byrds - For Me Again
The Byrds - Full Circle
The Byrds - Get Down Your Line
The Byrds - Get To You
The Byrds - Girl With No Name
The Byrds - Goin' Back
The Byrds - Goin' Back
The Byrds - He Was A Friend Of Mine
The Byrds - Here Without You
The Byrds - Hickory Wind
The Byrds - I Come and Stand at Every Door (1966)
The Byrds - I Knew I'd Want You
The Byrds - I Know My Rider
The Byrds - I See You
The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (When You Gone) (1965)
The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
The Byrds - If You're Gone
The Byrds - It Happens Each Day
The Byrds - It Won't Be Wrong
The Byrds - It Won't Be Wrong
The Byrds - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
The Byrds - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Version One
The Byrds - Jesus Is Just Alright
The Byrds - John Riley
The Byrds - Just A Season
The Byrds - Just Like A Woman
The Byrds - Kathleen's Song
The Byrds - King Apathy III
The Byrds - Lady Friend
The Byrds - Laughing
The Byrds - Lazy Waters
The Byrds - Life In Prison
The Byrds - Long Live The King
The Byrds - Lost My Drivin' Wheel
The Byrds - Love That Never Dies
The Byrds - Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
The Byrds - Mind Gardens
The Byrds - My Destiny
The Byrds - Natural Harmony
The Byrds - Nothing Was Delivered
The Byrds - Oh! Susannah
The Byrds - One Hundred Years From Now
The Byrds - Pale Blue
The Byrds - Paths Of Victory
The Byrds - Please Let Me Love You
The Byrds - Precious Kate
The Byrds - Pretty Boy Floyd
The Byrds - Psychodrama City
The Byrds - Renaissance Fair
The Byrds - Satisfied Mind
The Byrds - See The Sky About To Rain
The Byrds - Set You Free This Time
The Byrds - She Don't Care About Time
The Byrds - She Has A Way Columbia Version
The Byrds - So Fine
The Byrds - Space Odyssey
The Byrds - Spanish Harlem Incident
The Byrds - Sweet Mary
The Byrds - The Airport Song
The Byrds - The Bells Of Rhymney
The Byrds - The Day Walk (Never Before)
The Byrds - The Only Girl I Adore
The Byrds - The Reason Why
The Byrds - The Times They Are A-Changin'
The Byrds - The Times They Are A-Changin'
The Byrds - The World Turns All Around Her
The Byrds - There Must Be Someone (I Can Turn To)
The Byrds - Things Will Be Better
The Byrds - Think I'm Gonna Feel Better
The Byrds - Thoughts and Words
The Byrds - Tiffany Queen
The Byrds - Time Between
The Byrds - Times They Are A-Changin'
The Byrds - Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
The Byrds - Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away Acoustic Version
The Byrds - Triad
The Byrds - Tulsa County
The Byrds - Tunnel Of Love
The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn