Testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 1064:

The Bass Plays Wrong - Hey
The Bass Plays Wrong - It's Not Fair
The Bates - A Real Cool Time
The Bates - Baby i Got You
The Bates - Billie Jean
The Bates - Der Westen Ist Einsam
The Bates - Gonna Make It Through The Night
The Bates - I Can Handle It
The Bates - It's Getting Dark
The Bates - Leuchtturm
The Bates - Out Of My Mind
The Bates - Rock 'N' Roll Heart
The Bates - Runaway
The Bates - Running Forward
The Bates - She Won't Come Back
The Bates - She's Mine
The Bates - Still The Same
The Bates - Tonight
The Bats - North By North
The Bats - That's How You'll Find Me
The Bats - The Looming Past
The Battered Ornaments - My Love's Gone Far Away
The Battered Ornaments - Sunshades
The Battered Ornaments - The Crosswords And The Safety-Pins
The Battered Ornaments - Then I Must Go
The Battered Ornaments - Twisted Track
The Battle Of Me - Greatest Night
The Bazaar - Tea Party
The Bazooka - Bubble Gum Song
The Be Good Tanyas - A Little Blues
The Be Good Tanyas - A Thousand Tiny Pieces
The Be Good Tanyas - For The Turnstiles
The Be Good Tanyas - Junkie Song
The Be Good Tanyas - Little Blues
The Be Good Tanyas - Lonesome Blues
The Be Good Tanyas - Only In The Past
The Be Good Tanyas - Ootischenia
The Be Good Tanyas - Opal's Blues
The Be Good Tanyas - Out Of The Wilderness
The Be Good Tanyas - Rowdy Blues
The Be Good Tanyas - Ship Out On The Sea
The Be Good Tanyas - Sleep Dog Lullaby (Dogsong)
The Be Good Tanyas - The Coo Coo Bird
The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds
The Be Good Tanyas - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
The Be Good Tanyas - When Doves Cry
The Beach Boys - 409
The Beach Boys - A Day In The Life Of A Tree
The Beach Boys - Amusement Parks U.S.A.
The Beach Boys - At My Window
The Beach Boys - Auld Lang Syne
The Beach Boys - Barbara
The Beach Boys - Barnyard
The Beach Boys - Be Here In The Mornin'
The Beach Boys - Be Still
The Beach Boys - Be With Me
The Beach Boys - Beaches In Mind
The Beach Boys - Belles Of Paris
The Beach Boys - Bells Of Christmas
The Beach Boys - Blue Christmas
The Beach Boys - Blueberry Hill
The Beach Boys - Busy Doin' Nothin'
The Beach Boys - California Calling
The Beach Boys - California Dreamin'
The Beach Boys - California Dreaming
The Beach Boys - California Saga: California
The Beach Boys - Can't Wait Too Long
The Beach Boys - Caroline No
The Beach Boys - Cassius Love Vs. Sonny Wilson
The Beach Boys - Celebrate The News
The Beach Boys - Child Is Father Of The Man
The Beach Boys - Child Of Winter (Christmas Song)
The Beach Boys - Chug-A-Lug
The Beach Boys - Cindy oh Cindy
The Beach Boys - Concert Intro/Surfin' USA
The Beach Boys - Cotton Fields
The Beach Boys - Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)
The Beach Boys - Crack At Your Love
The Beach Boys - Cuddle Up
The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance
The Beach Boys - Disney Girls
The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby
The Beach Boys - Don't Back Down
The Beach Boys - Fairy Tale Music
The Beach Boys - Feel Flows
The Beach Boys - Finders Keepers
The Beach Boys - Forever
The Beach Boys - Friends
The Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun
The Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun (with Status Quo)
The Beach Boys - Games Two Can Play
The Beach Boys - Ganz Allein
The Beach Boys - Getcha Back
The Beach Boys - Girl Don't Tell Me
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (OST Love Actually)
The Beach Boys - Goin' South
The Beach Boys - Good Time
The Beach Boys - Good To My Baby
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys - Got To Know The Woman
The Beach Boys - Graduation Day
The Beach Boys - Had To Phone Ya
The Beach Boys - Hang On To Your Ego
The Beach Boys - He Gives Speeches
The Beach Boys - Help me Rhonda
The Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music
The Beach Boys - I Do
The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
The Beach Boys - I Love To Say Da Da
The Beach Boys - I Was Made To Love Her
The Beach Boys - I Went To Sleep
The Beach Boys - I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Beach Boys - I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man
The Beach Boys - I'm So Young
The Beach Boys - It's Gettin' Late
The Beach Boys - Its ok
The Beach Boys - Johnny B. Goode
The Beach Boys - Kokomo(this melody stuck in my mind )
The Beach Boys - Let Him Run Wild
The Beach Boys - Let Us Go On This Way
The Beach Boys - Little Pad
The Beach Boys - Long, Tall Texan
The Beach Boys - Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
The Beach Boys - Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane)
The Beach Boys - Love Surrounds Me
The Beach Boys - Make It Good
The Beach Boys - Mama Says
The Beach Boys - Match Point Of Our Love
The Beach Boys - Meant For You
The Beach Boys - Melekalikimaka
The Beach Boys - Mountain Of Love
The Beach Boys - Mt. Vernon And Fairway
The Beach Boys - My Diane
The Beach Boys - My Only Sunshine
The Beach Boys - No-Go Showboat
The Beach Boys - Oh Darlin'
The Beach Boys - Ol' Man River
The Beach Boys - Old Folks At Home/Ol' Man River
The Beach Boys - Our Car Club
The Beach Boys - Our Sweet Love
The Beach Boys - Papa Oom Mow Mow
The Beach Boys - Peggy Sue
The Beach Boys - Pitter Patter
The Beach Boys - Please Let Me Wonder
The Beach Boys - Radio King Dom
The Beach Boys - Radio Spot Number 1
The Beach Boys - Radio Station Jingles
The Beach Boys - San Miguel
The Beach Boys - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Beach Boys - Santa's Beard
The Beach Boys - Santa's Got An Airplane
The Beach Boys - Sea Cruise
The Beach Boys - She Knows Me Too Well
The Beach Boys - She's Goin' Bald
The Beach Boys - Shelter
The Beach Boys - Shortenin' Bread
The Beach Boys - Slip On Through
The Beach Boys - Some Of Your Love
The Beach Boys - Spring Vacation
The Beach Boys - Steamboat
The Beach Boys - Still Cruisin
The Beach Boys - Strange World
The Beach Boys - Student Demonstration Time
The Beach Boys - Summer In Paradise
The Beach Boys - Summer's Gone
The Beach Boys - Summertime Blues
The Beach Boys - Sunshine
The Beach Boys - Surf's Up
The Beach Boys - Surfers Rule
The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari
The Beach Boys - Surfin' Bird
The Beach Boys - Sweet Sunday Kind Of Love
The Beach Boys - T.M. Song
The Beach Boys - Take A Load Off Your Feet
The Beach Boys - Ten Little Indians
The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Medley
The Beach Boys - The Girl From New York City
The Beach Boys - The Letter
The Beach Boys - The Lord's Prayer
The Beach Boys - The Man With All The Toys
The Beach Boys - The Night Was So Young
The Beach Boys - The Private Life Of Bill And Sue
The Beach Boys - The Shift
The Beach Boys - The Surfer Moon
The Beach Boys - Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
The Beach Boys - Then I Kissed Her
The Beach Boys - This Car Of Mine
The Beach Boys - Toy Drive Public Service Announcement
The Beach Boys - Transcendental Meditation
The Beach Boys - Under The Boardwalk
The Beach Boys - Vegetables
The Beach Boys - Wake The World
The Beach Boys - We Three Kings Of Orient Are
The Beach Boys - We're Together Again
The Beach Boys - Wendy
The Beach Boys - Whistle In
The Beach Boys - Winds Of Change
The Beach Boys - Winter Symphony
The Beach Boys - With Me Tonight
The Beach Boys - Wonderful
The Beach Boys - Wouldn & t It Be Nice ost & The Boat That Rocked &
The Beach Boys - You're So Good To Me
The Beach Boys - You're So Good To Me
The Beach Girl5 - One More Second Chance
The Beans - Il Marinaio / Un Marinaio
The Bear Quartet - A Hole Was Dug
The Bear Quartet - All Boxes
The Bear Quartet - All Your Life
The Bear Quartet - Ask Me Don't Axe Me
The Bear Quartet - At The Warehouse
The Bear Quartet - Bad On The Halo
The Bear Quartet - Battery
The Bear Quartet - Bear Quartet International Airport
The Bear Quartet - Big Stretch
The Bear Quartet - Bob
The Bear Quartet - Born With Teeth
The Bear Quartet - Boss Dawn
The Bear Quartet - Broken Heart
The Bear Quartet - Carry Your Weight
The Bear Quartet - Carsick
The Bear Quartet - Cold Death
The Bear Quartet - Count Me In
The Bear Quartet - Cross Yawn
The Bear Quartet - Dad's Rifle
The Bear Quartet - Dead Speedy
The Bear Quartet - Disappearing Act
The Bear Quartet - Dogs
The Bear Quartet - Eastbound
The Bear Quartet - Elvis Beach
The Bear Quartet - Everlaster
The Bear Quartet - Everybody Gets To Play
The Bear Quartet - Fat Skeleton
The Bear Quartet - For I Don't Know
The Bear Quartet - Friend Friend
The Bear Quartet - From The Well
The Bear Quartet - Ghosts For Laundry
The Bear Quartet - Guilt Jazz
The Bear Quartet - Halmet
The Bear Quartet - Headacher
The Bear Quartet - I Am Your Sister
The Bear Quartet - I Can Wait
The Bear Quartet - I Got The Door
The Bear Quartet - I Had A Job
The Bear Quartet - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
The Bear Quartet - I Never Saw The Ban
The Bear Quartet - I Want To Be Peaceful
The Bear Quartet - I Was A Weapon
The Bear Quartet - I Would Be Poor
The Bear Quartet - I'm Slow
The Bear Quartet - I'm Still Her
The Bear Quartet - I'm Still In The Grass
The Bear Quartet - If You Have A Heart
The Bear Quartet - Is He Dead Is He Dizzy
The Bear Quartet - It Only Takes A Flashlight To Create A Monster
The Bear Quartet - Kept Fine
The Bear Quartet - Last Verb
The Bear Quartet - Leaning Against A Parked Car
The Bear Quartet - Leave Me Alone
The Bear Quartet - Left On The Bank Of The River
The Bear Quartet - Let's Love
The Bear Quartet - Lips
The Bear Quartet - Little Ghost
The Bear Quartet - Loneliness Abandons The Lonely
The Bear Quartet - Machine Gun
The Bear Quartet - Memo
The Bear Quartet - Millions
The Bear Quartet - My Boxer
The Bear Quartet - Not All Sounds Are Vowels
The Bear Quartet - Number
The Bear Quartet - On The Map
The Bear Quartet - One Final, Sandi
The Bear Quartet - Outnumbered
The Bear Quartet - P.R. Guy
The Bear Quartet - Power Failure
The Bear Quartet - Prayer
The Bear Quartet - Private Sue
The Bear Quartet - Promille Hill
The Bear Quartet - Punks
The Bear Quartet - Pup
The Bear Quartet - Puppy Hours
The Bear Quartet - Put Me Back Together
The Bear Quartet - Revisited
The Bear Quartet - Roads Home
The Bear Quartet - Silent Film
The Bear Quartet - Slope Goings
The Bear Quartet - Someone
The Bear Quartet - Something Driven Through Me
The Bear Quartet - Speedy
The Bear Quartet - Spoon
The Bear Quartet - Stores And Stolen Parts
The Bear Quartet - Straw
The Bear Quartet - Suits On For Sandi
The Bear Quartet - Summer Dies
The Bear Quartet - The Dog In The Boat
The Bear Quartet - The Plain No
The Bear Quartet - The Supremes
The Bear Quartet - Tibet
The Bear Quartet - Today I Will Dress Up
The Bear Quartet - Two Losers
The Bear Quartet - Walking Out
The Bear Quartet - We're Not Gonna Make It
The Bear Quartet - What's Your Virtue?
The Bear Quartet - Who's Knocking
The Bear Quartet - World War III
The Bear Quartet - You You You You You You
The Bear Romantic - Sparoows
The Bear Romantic - The Shed
The Bears - As You Are
The Bears - Caveman
The Bears - Girl With Clouds
The Bears - Life In A Nutshell
The Bears - Meet Me In The Dark
The Bears - Not Worlds Apart
The Bears - Robobo's Beef
The Bears - Safe In Hell
The Bears - Save Me
The Bears - Success
The Bears - Under The Volcano
The Bears - Waiting Room
The Beast Within - I'm Going to Tell You a Secret
The Beat Goes On - Без названия
The Beatels - Let It Be
The Beatels - Rock 'n' Roll Music
The Beatles - 12 Polythene Pam
The Beatles - 1970 - let it be
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles - A Little Rhyme (Speech)
The BEATLES - ABBEY ROAD medley (Golden slumbers / Carry that weight / The end)
The Beatles - Across The Universe (Wildlife Version)
The Beatles - Across The Universe [Let It Be, 1970]
The Beatles - Ain't She Sweet
The Beatles - All I've Got To Do (1963)
The Beatles - All my Loving
The Beatles - All My Loving (Original Mono)
The Beatles - All Things must pass
The Beatles - All You Need Is Love Instrumental
The Beatles - And i Love Her
The Beatles - Anna (go to Him)
The Beatles - Another Beatles Christmas Record
The Beatles - Any Time at All
The Beatles - Baby You're A Rich Man
The Beatles - Baby's In Black (Stereo)
The Beatles - Bad To Me
The Beatles - Because (2006)
The Beatles - Because (Elliott Smith Remix)
The Beatles - Because (from summer time mix)
The Beatles - Because (Love)
The Beatles - Because (The Zap Rmx)
The Beatles - Because (акапелло)
The Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (Take 7)
The Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (Takes 1 & 2)
The Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter
The Beatles - besame mucho
The Beatles - Blackbird (1968)
The Beatles - Blackbird/Yesterday
The Beatles - Blue Jay Way
The Beatles - Blue Moon Of Kentucky
The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (Hey Jude 1970)
The Beatles - Can't Buy me Love
The Beatles - Chains
The Beatles - Christmas time
The Beatles - Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
The Beatles - Cry For A Shadow
The Beatles - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
The Beatles - Day Tripper
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
The Beatles - Dear Wack! (Speech)
The Beatles - Devil in Her Heart
The Beatles - Do You Want to Know a Secret
The Beatles - Do your want to know a secret
The Beatles - Don't Bother Me
The Beatles - Don't Ever Change
The Beatles - Don't Let Me Вown
The Beatles - Eight Days A Week (False Starts)
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (All The Lonely People)
The Beatles - Every Little Thing
The Beatles - Everybody's god something to hide except Me and My Monkey
The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
The Beatles - Fixing a Hole
The Beatles - Free As A Bird - & Anthology1 &
The Beatles - From Fluff To You (Speech)
The Beatles - Get Back (1969/70)
The Beatles - Get back (With Billy Preston)
The Beatles - Get Back(Let It Be(1970
The Beatles - Getting Better (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
The Beatles - Glass Onion
The Beatles - Golden slumbers Carry that weight The end
The Beatles - Happines is a warm gun
The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun
The Beatles - I & ll Follow The Sun
The Beatles - I & m Down
The Beatles - I & m The Walrus
The Beatles - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
The Beatles - I forgot to remember to forget unreleased
The Beatles - I Got A Woman
The Beatles - I Got A Woman (Live At The BBC - CD1)
The Beatles - I Got To Find My baby
The Beatles - I Just Don't Understand
The Beatles - I Me Mine 2009 Digital Remaster
The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There And the way she looked was way beyond compare!!!!!!!
The Beatles - I Wanna be Your Man
The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (1963)
The Beatles - I'll Be Back
The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping (Take 1)
The Beatles - I'll be Back
The Beatles - I'll Be Back (Demo)
The Beatles - I'll Be On My Way
The Beatles - I'll Cry Instead
The Beatles - I'll Get You
The Beatles - I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
The Beatles - I'm so Tired
The Beatles - I've Just Seen A Face
The Beatles - If i Fell
The Beatles - If I Needed Someone
The Beatles - If You've Got Trouble
The Beatles - In Spite of All the Danger
The Beatles - It Won't be Long
The Beatles - It’s Been A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles - Johnny B Goode
The Beatles - Junk
The Beatles - Kansas City
The Beatles - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
The Beatles - Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
The Beatles - Little Child
The Beatles - Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
The Beatles - Long Tall Sally
The Beatles - Long, Long, Long
The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (remastered)
The Beatles - Martha my Dear
The Beatles - Memphis, Tennessee
The Beatles - Michelle
The Beatles - Misery
The Beatles - Money (That's What I Want)
The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son
The Beatles - No Reply (Anthology)
The Beatles - Norvegian Wood
The Beatles - Norwegian Wood This Bird Has Flown
The Beatles - Not a Second Time
The Beatles - Nowhere Man (This Bird Has Flown)
The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La
The Beatles - Old Brown Shoe (Hey Jude 1970)
The Beatles - P.S. I Love You (1962)
The Beatles - Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas
The Beatles - Please Mr Postman
The Beatles - Pritty woman
The Beatles - Revolution 1
The Beatles - September In The Rain
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Cl
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
The Beatles - She Said, She Said
The Beatles - Slow Down
The Beatles - So Happy Together
The Beatles - So How Come (No One Loves Me)
The Beatles - Something/Blue Jay Way
The Beatles - Sour Milk Sea
The Beatles - Stand By Me
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (demo)
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (John Lennon)
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 1) (Anthology 2 CD2)
The Beatles - Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
The Beatles - Sweet Georgia Brown