77s testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

77s - A Lifetime Without You
77s - Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba
77s - Born On Separate Days
77s - Deep End
77s - Earache
77s - Falling Down A Hole
77s - Flowers In The Sand (Alternate Mix)
77s - Go With God But Go (Live/Unreleased)
77s - God Sends Quails
77s - Gravy Chain
77s - I Can't Get Over It
77s - I'm Working On A Building
77s - I've Got
77s - Leaving
77s - One More Time
77s - Phony Eyes
77s - Shotgun Angel
77s - Stranger Won't You Change Your Sinful Ways
77s - Take Your Mind Off It
77s - The Rain Kept Falling In Love
77s - What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul
77s - You Don't Scare Me
77s - You're Gonna Be Sorry
77s - This Is The Way Love Is
77s - The Days To Come
77s - Love Without Dreams
77s - Woody
77s - Alone Together
77s - Nowhere Else
77s - Bottom Line
77s - Do It For A Love
77s - Mt
77s - Pearls Before Swine
77s - Don't This Way
77s - Deliverance
77s - You Still Love Me
77s - Gravy Chain
77s - Honesty
77s - Outskirts
77s - Rocks In Your Head
77s - The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes & The Pride Of Life
77s - Flowers In The Sand
77s - Don't Leave Me Long
77s - Earache
77s - Closer
77s - Under The Heat
77s - Unbalanced
77s - Nobody's Fault But Mine
77s - Mary And The Baby Elvis
77s - Snake
77s - The Jig Is Up
77s - You Pretty Baby
77s - Genuine
77s - Leaving
77s - There Forever
77s - Wild Blue
77s - Kites Without Strings
77s - Where It's At
77s - Cold Cold Night
77s - Dave's Blues
77s - Snowblind
77s - Indian Winter
77s - Deep End
77s - Something's Holding On
77s - The Rain Kept Falling In Love
77s - The Best I Have
77s - Holy Hold
77s - Someone New
77s - Phony Eyes
77s - For Crying Out Loud
77s - Mean Green Season
77s - Begin
77s - Nuts For You
77s - I've Got
77s - Don't Say Goodbye
77s - Sevens
77s - Caught In An Unguarded Moment
77s - Time Is Slipping Away
77s - Falling Down A Hole
77s - Film At 11
77s - Five In The Nave
77s - You Don't Scare Me
77s - I Could Laugh
77s - How Can You Love
77s - Pray Naked
77s - Mercy, Mercy
77s - It's So Sad
77s - Happy Roy
77s - Another Nail
77s - Rise
77s - Ping Pong Over The Abyss
77s - Denomination Blues (That's All)
77s - Blue Sky
77s - Make A Difference Tonight
77s - U R Trippin'
77s - Ba Ba Ba Ba
77s - Related
77s - Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba
77s - A Different Kind Of Light
77s - Down From You