UB40 testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

UB40 - Don`t Slow Down
UB40 - I Think It`s Going To Rain Today
UB40 - I've Got Mine
UB40 - It's True
UB40 - Just Be Good (Bushman Dub)
UB40 - King Step
UB40 - Little By Little
UB40 - My Way Of Thinking
UB40 - Once Around
UB40 - Reckless
UB40 - Red Red Wine
UB40 - That Look In Your Eye
UB40 - The King Step (Pato Banton)
UB40 - The Pillow
UB40 - Where Did I Go Wrong
UB40 - Your Eyes Were Open
UB40 - Fools Rush In
UB40 - (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You
UB40 - Red, Red Wine
UB40 - I'm Not Fooled So Easily
UB40 - How Can Poor Men Stand Such Times And Live
UB40 - I'll Be On My Way
UB40 - Good Situation
UB40 - Everything is better now
UB40 - Legalize It
UB40 - I Won't Close My Eyes (Remix)
UB40 - Nothing Without You
UB40 - Stand Out
UB40 - Come Back Baby
UB40 - Something More Than This
UB40 - Many Rivers To Cross
UB40 - Hand That Rocks The Cradle
UB40 - Really
UB40 - If You Ever Have Forever In Mind
UB40 - Kiss An Say Goodbye
UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby
UB40 - Looking Down At My Reflection
UB40 - After Tonight
UB40 - I Want To Make You Sweat
UB40 - Don't Blame Me
UB40 - So Here I Am
UB40 - It's True
UB40 - Someone Like Me
UB40 - Light My Fire
UB40 - I've Got Mine
UB40 - Come Out to Play
UB40 - Dubmobile
UB40 - Dream A Lie
UB40 - D.U.B.
UB40 - All I Want To Do
UB40 - Strange Fruit
UB40 - Soul Rebel
UB40 - Just Another Girl
UB40 - Version Girl
UB40 - V's Version
UB40 - Sing Our Own Song
UB40 - Folitician (remix)
UB40 - Lambsbread
UB40 - Seasons
UB40 - Tyler
UB40 - Kingston Town
UB40 - The Earth Dies Screaming
UB40 - Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
UB40 - Sweet Cherrie
UB40 - Promises And Lies
UB40 - Smile For Me
UB40 - Magic Carpet
UB40 - Keep On Moving
UB40 - You're Not An Army
UB40 - Come Back Darling
UB40 - You're Always Pulling Me Down
UB40 - C'est La Vie
UB40 - Sweet Sensation
UB40 - The Buzz Feeling
UB40 - Blood And Fire
UB40 - Music So Nice
UB40 - Waw Waw Waw
UB40 - Now and Then
UB40 - Oracabessa Moonshine
UB40 - Higher Ground
UB40 - Superstition
UB40 - The Day I Broke The Law
UB40 - I Wanna Wake Up With You (In Spanish)
UB40 - The Pillow (Remix)
UB40 - It's My Delight
UB40 - War Poem
UB40 - The Elevator
UB40 - It's A Long Long Way
UB40 - Crying Over You
UB40 - Forget The Cost
UB40 - Red, Red Wine (Original Version)
UB40 - Swing Low
UB40 - You & Me
UB40 - The Prisoner
UB40 - Someone Like You
UB40 - Somethin' Stupid
UB40 - Walk On Me Land
UB40 - You Could Meet Somebody
UB40 - Guns In The Ghetto
UB40 - The Time Has Come