X testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

X - 4th Of July
X - Crystal Ship
X - The Crystal Ship
X - Wild Thing (Major League OST)
X - Wild Thing (Single Edit)
X - Year 1
X - Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not
X - 4th Of July [Demo Version]
X - Burning House Of Love
X - I See Red
X - Cyrano De Berger's Back
X - Revolution
X - Los Angeles
X - Around My Heart
X - Nausea
X - Wild Thing
X - True Love
X - Blue Spark
X - White Girl
X - The New World
X - I'll Stand Up For You
X - Love Shack
X - Surprise Surprise
X - Make The Music Go Bang
X - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
X - What's Wrong With Me?
X - It's Who You Know
X - Your Phone's Off The Hook
X - Little Honey
X - Breathless
X - Goodbye
X - Motel Room In My Bed
X - Painting The Town Blue
X - The Unheard Music
X - IHustle
X - She's So Fine
X - In This House That I Call Home
X - Runaway
X - Crystal Ship
X - I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
X - How I (Learned My Lesson)
X - Some Other Time
X - Real Child Of Hell
X - Under The Big Black Sun
X - The Once Over Twice
X - Supercharged
X - Waiting
X - Poor Girl
X - The Hungry Wolf
X - Year One
X - I'm Coming Over
X - My Soul Cries Your Name
X - 4th Of July
X - Into The Light
X - The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss
X - Sugarlight
X - The Have Nots
X - Beyond And Back
X - We're Desperate
X - Back 2 The Base
X - Riding With Mary
X - Devil Doll
X - When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch
X - Johnny Hit And Run Paulene
X - Criticize
X - Drunk In My Past
X - Soul Kitchen
X - We're Having Much More Fun
X - My Goodness
X - 0 To 100 (Remix)
X - My Whip
X - Adult Books
X - Because I Do
X - Come Back To Me
X - Hot House
X - Mother
X - See How We Are
X - Sex And Dying In High Society
X - True Love, Pt. 2
X - Universal Corner
X - Watch The Sun Go Down
X - Temperature's Rising
X - Hey You
X - I Don't Wanna Go Out
X - You