SWV testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

SWV - Give It To Me
SWV - You're Always On My Mind (Radio Version With Piano)
SWV - Use Me
SWV - Weak - Bam Jams Jeep Mix
SWV - All About You
SWV - Watcha Need
SWV - When This Feeling
SWV - Love Unconditionally 3
SWV - Soul Intact
SWV - New Beginning
SWV - Anything
SWV - The Christmas Song
SWV - Keep You Home
SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Mix)
SWV - O' Holy Night
SWV - You're The One
SWV - All Night Long
SWV - Think You're Gonna Like It
SWV - Someone
SWV - Mystery
SWV - If Only You Knew
SWV - What's It Gonna Be
SWV - Rain
SWV - Anything(Old Skool Radio Version F/wu-Tang)
SWV - Do Ya
SWV - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
SWV - Tell Me How You Want It
SWV - She Ain't You Remix
SWV - Don't Waste Your Time
SWV - Come And Get Some
SWV - Here For You
SWV - Use Your Heart
SWV - It's About Time
SWV - Blak Pudd'n
SWV - My Favorite Things
SWV - Lose My Cool
SWV - I Wanna Be Where You Are
SWV - I'm So In Love
SWV - Better Than I
SWV - Slow Jams
SWV - It's All About You
SWV - Release Some Tension
SWV - I Missed Us
SWV - Gettin' Funky
SWV - Soul Intact (Interlude)
SWV - Silent Night
SWV - Love Is So Amazing
SWV - Weak
SWV - Coming Home
SWV - Time To Go
SWV - Christmas Ain't Christmas
SWV - Right Here/Human Nature
SWV - You're The One For Me (Puff Daddy Remix)
SWV - That's What I'm Here For
SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)
SWV - The Best Years
SWV - Silver Bells
SWV - You're Always On My Mind
SWV - Downtown
SWV - Weak (A Capella) [Acappella]
SWV - You Are My Love
SWV - Where Is The Love (Interlude)
SWV - Ohh Starry Night
SWV - Hey Az (Lp Version)
SWV - Give It To Me
SWV - Swv (In The House)
SWV - Love Like This
SWV - Fine Time
SWV - On And On
SWV - Weak (Remix)
SWV - When U Cry
SWV - Co-Sign
SWV - Everything I Love
SWV - Hes Mine
SWV - Give It Up
SWV - Give Love On Christmas Day
SWV - I'm So Into You
SWV - Lose Myself
SWV - New Beginning (Interlude)
SWV - Right Here
SWV - Show Off
SWV - Surprise Me
SWV - That's What I Need
SWV - Ain't No Man
SWV - Miss You
SWV - Leaving You Alone
SWV - MCE (Man Crush Everyday)