SHeDAISY testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

SHeDAISY - Little Good - Byes
SHeDAISY - Who's Life Am I In
SHeDAISY - She Gets What I Deserve
SHeDAISY - God Bless The American Housewife
SHeDAISY - In Terms of Love
SHeDAISY - Hark! The Harald Angels Sing/ Carol of the Bells
SHeDAISY - Another Door Opens
SHeDAISY - Bring It On Back
SHeDAISY - How Can I Keep From Singing
SHeDAISY - That's What I Want for Christmas
SHeDAISY - Santa's Got a Brand New Bag
SHeDAISY - Come Home Soon
SHeDAISY - I'm Lit
SHeDAISY - I Dare You
SHeDAISY - Sleigh Ride
SHeDAISY - Knock On The Sky
SHeDAISY - He's a Hero
SHeDAISY - Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing
SHeDAISY - Love Goes On
SHeDAISY - Good Together (Bucket and Chicken)
SHeDAISY - All Over You
SHeDAISY - Keep Me
SHeDAISY - Healing Side
SHeDAISY - Jingle Bells
SHeDAISY - God Bless the Canadian Housewife
SHeDAISY - Whose Life Am I In
SHeDAISY - I'm Taking The Wheel
SHeDAISY - I Will...But
SHeDAISY - Without Your Love
SHeDAISY - Out Of My Mind
SHeDAISY - Battle Hymn of the Republic
SHeDAISY - Without a Sound
SHeDAISY - Something To Talk About
SHeDAISY - Turn Me On
SHeDAISY - The First to Let Go
SHeDAISY - Tinseltown
SHeDAISY - What Child Is This?
SHeDAISY - Get Over Yourself
SHeDAISY - Still Holding Out for You
SHeDAISY - Repent
SHeDAISY - Almost Always
SHeDAISY - Man Goin' Down
SHeDAISY - Dancing With Angels
SHeDAISY - Mine All Mine
SHeDAISY - Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)
SHeDAISY - This Woman Needs
SHeDAISY - 5 4 3 2 Run
SHeDAISY - Whatever It Takes
SHeDAISY - Borrowed Home
SHeDAISY - A Night to Remember
SHeDAISY - Before You and Me
SHeDAISY - Cause I Like It That Way
SHeDAISY - Kickin' In
SHeDAISY - Shame
SHeDAISY - Passenger Seat
SHeDAISY - Little Good-Byes
SHeDAISY - A Really, Really Merry Scary Intro
SHeDAISY - 360° of You
SHeDAISY - A Woman's Work
SHeDAISY - Brand New Year (My Revoulution)
SHeDAISY - Christmas Children
SHeDAISY - Deck the Halls
SHeDAISY - Everybody Wants You
SHeDAISY - I Wish I Were the Rain
SHeDAISY - Punishment
SHeDAISY - Twist of the Magi
SHeDAISY - What Do I Do Now