Pendragon testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Pendragon - 2 Am
Pendragon - As Good As Gold
Pendragon - Circus
Pendragon - Comatose I - View From The Seashore
Pendragon - Dark Summer's Day
Pendragon - Elephants Never Grow Old
Pendragon - Eraserhead
Pendragon - Fly High Fall Far
Pendragon - I Walk The Rope
Pendragon - It's Just A Matter Of Not Getting Caught
Pendragon - Lady Luck
Pendragon - Nostradamus (stargazing)
Pendragon - Nostrodamus (Stargazing)
Pendragon - Not Of This World: Green Eyed Angel
Pendragon - Oh Divineo
Pendragon - Queen Of Hearts, Part I: Queen Of Hearts
Pendragon - Saved By You
Pendragon - Schizo
Pendragon - Solid Heart
Pendragon - The Black Knight
Pendragon - The Freak Show
Pendragon - The Mask
Pendragon - The Pleasure Of Hope
Pendragon - The Walls of Babylon
Pendragon - The Wishing Well: III.We Talked
Pendragon - The Wishing Well: Iv. Two Roads
Pendragon - Time For A Change
Pendragon - Total Recall
Pendragon - Victims Of Life
Pendragon - The Pursuit Of Excellence
Pendragon - Dune
Pendragon - Schizo
Pendragon - I Walk The Rope
Pendragon - Total Recall
Pendragon - Queen Of Hearts
Pendragon - Sister Bluebird
Pendragon - Eraserhead
Pendragon - Back In The Spotlight
Pendragon - Empathy
Pendragon - Shane
Pendragon - Prayer
Pendragon - The Voyager
Pendragon - Fallen Dreams And Angels
Pendragon - Edge Of The World
Pendragon - Circus
Pendragon - Nostradamus (Stargazing)
Pendragon - Am I Really Losing You?
Pendragon - The Third World In The Uk
Pendragon - Victims Of Life