Melt-Banana testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Melt-Banana - Excess
Melt-Banana - Free The Bee
Melt-Banana - If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There
Melt-Banana - Giggle On The Stretcher
Melt-Banana - Shield For Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well On Your Hand
Melt-Banana - Drug Store
Melt-Banana - F.D.C. For Short
Melt-Banana - Chain-Shot To Have Some Fun
Melt-Banana - A Hunter In The Rain To Cut The Neck Up In The Present Stage
Melt-Banana - Key Is A Fact That A Cat Brings
Melt-Banana - Stimulus For Revolting Virus
Melt-Banana - Zero
Melt-Banana - My Missing Link
Melt-Banana - Vertigo Game
Melt-Banana - Schemes Of The Tails
Melt-Banana - Ketchup-Mess
Melt-Banana - Excess
Melt-Banana - Candy Gun
Melt-Banana - Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
Melt-Banana - Lie Lied Lies
Melt-Banana - Cannot
Melt-Banana - Lefty Dog (Run, Caper, Run)
Melt-Banana - Introduction For Charlie
Melt-Banana - Red Data, Red Stage
Melt-Banana - Circle-Jack (Chase The Magic Words, Lego Lego)
Melt-Banana - Then Red Eyed
Melt-Banana - Free The Bee
Melt-Banana - Infection Defective
Melt-Banana - The Hive
Melt-Banana - Iguana In Trouble
Melt-Banana - Section Eight
Melt-Banana - Spathic!
Melt-Banana - Tapir's Flown Away
Melt-Banana - Dead Spex
Melt-Banana - It's In The Pillcase
Melt-Banana - Like A White Bat In A Box, Dead Matters Go On
Melt-Banana - Ether Twisted
Melt-Banana - A Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up To
Melt-Banana - Area 877 [Phoenix Mix]
Melt-Banana - Chipped Zoo On The Wall, Wastes In The Sky................