Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 295:

David Lee Murphy - I Could Believe Anything
David Lee Murphy - Pirates Cove
Point Of Grace - On God's Green Earth
Fall Back Romance - Its Not A Summer Until I Have Played With Fire
Firework Splints - Square Faces
Foxy Shazam! - NO! Don't Shoot
Free Design (The) - Bubbles
Friendship Lounge, The - Patience And Admiration
Futureheads, The - Boring The Children
Gavin Rossdale - Can't Stop The World
George Dorn Screams - 69 Moles
Ghost Frequency (The) - Lips Stitched Tight
Giant Sand - Shiver
Girugamesh - Ame To Fukousha [english]
Glands (The) - I Can See My House From Here
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - Fiction (Before It's Too Late)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Happiness
Gravenhurst - Grand Union Canal
H and Claire - All Out Of Love
Hana Pestle - Red Death Ball
Harvey Danger - Defrocked
Hated (The) - Words Come Back
Hawksley Workman - Sad House Daddy
Heart Strings, The - General Sherman
Heartless (The) - If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now
Helalyn Flowers - E Race Generation
Hello Goodbye - Stuck To You
Help She Can't Swim - Pass The Hat Around
Herman Dune - Nickel Chrome
Hi Im Polaroid! - I'm Under Construction Call Me A Liar Now
High Court (The) - Heaven On The Horizon
High Strung (The) - There Was No One Before You, There Was No One Before Me
Hives, The - Giddy Up
Hives, The - Well Alright!
Hypecriticle Bliss - Hurt
Iconcrash - Concordia
Iconcrash - The Lovers
If All Else Fails - Heathen Karaoke Mix
If All Else Fails - The Discerned
Immaculate Machine - C'mon Sea Legs
Inhabited - One More Night
Iona - Inside My Heart
Iron & Wine - Homeward, These Shoes
Ivete Sangalo - Não Precisa Mudar
James Reid - Fallen King
Jason Webley - Back To You Again
Jason Webley - Ways To Love
Jens Lekman - Are Birthdays Happy?
Jens Lekman - Shirin
Jim Brickman - Simple Things (Christmas Version)
John Cougar Mellencamp - Cherry Bomb
John Waite - Downtown
Jon Foreman - Equally Skilled
Jonathan Coulton - Chiron Beta Prime
Josh Rouse - Straight To Hell (The Clash)
Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance - I Am A Spy
Lyle Lovett - Ballad Of The Snow Leopard And The Tanqueray Cowboy
Lyle Lovett - If I Needed You
Lyle Lovett - Working Too Hard
Ken Burke - Ransom
Kevin Devine - It's Only Your Life (Demo)
Irving Berlin - Change Partners
Kilians - Dizzy
Kindred Spirits - You've Got A Friend
Kinks (The) - Got My Feet On The Ground
Kinks (The) - Sweet Lady Genevieve
Klaus Pyro - Hell Is In New Jersey
Lackluster Life - Devolution
Lapko - Funerals And Parties
Lesley Gore - My Town, My Guy And Me
Less - Flightline
Less - Right Cross
Less, The - Say
Lily Frost - Black Narcissus