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Jester's Funeral - Hands Of Time
Jester's Funeral - Of Ocean And Sky
Panteon Rococo - Canciones De Amor Y Odio
Panteon Rococo - No Te Detengas
Panteon Rococo - Bajo Sombras
Motion City Soundtrack - So Long Farewell
Soulfallen - This World Is Bleeding Flies
Ella Es Tan Cargosa - Chica De Los Ojos Amarillos
Ella Es Tan Cargosa - Defensas De Bajas
Fito Páez - Si Disney Despertase
Fito Páez - Oh Nena
Destine - Where Are You Now
J Roddy Wlston & The Business - Rock & Roll The Second
J. Tillman - Though I Have Wronged You
Jabberwock - Faster
Jackie Castro - Untitled Song
Jagged Colour Collision - RoadKill / HouseGhost
Jakki Jelene - I Don't Know Why
James Bourne - Hoping for Disaster
James Husband - Gray Scale
James Shaw - Killing Time
Jamie Hutchings - Make Me No Sense
Janks (The) - Down For The Count
Janne da Arc - Dolls (english)
Jasna Benedek - Mali Vlak
Jason Anderson - Watch Your Step
Jay And The Lovebirds - Conscience For Confidence
Jeffrey Osborne - Stay With Me Tonight
Jennifers (The) - Nobody's Fool
Jenny Stigile - Wind's Nocturne
Jeremy Enigk - Saint Feliu de Guixols
Jeremy Snook - A Mutual Addiction
Jesse Clegg - Today
Jessica Harp - What We Don't Say
Jessie Evans - Black Sand
Jet Black Stare - I Wont't Let Go
Joe Perry Project - Ready On The Firing Line
Joe Pug - The Door Was Always Open
Joel Fernando Ibanez - wait for me
Johanna's High - I Always Cried At Endings
John Mark McMillan - Belly of the Lion
John Mark McMillan - Reckoning Day
John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen - Valiumsdansen
John Van Deusen - Forget My Name
John Vanderslice - Romanian Names
John-Krol, Louisa - The Windrow
Johnny Flynn - Trains (Rose, Mary & Time)
Jon and Roy - From the Ground Up
Jon Crocker - On Being A Human Being
Jonathan Coulton - Pizza Day!
Jonathan Jones - The Stills
Jonquil - Lions
Jordin Goff - You Might Be The Devil (But I Think I Like You)
Josh Kramon - Sister
Atlas Genius - Friends With Enemies
Grupo Bryndis - Por Qué Me Enamoré
Josh Woodward - Don't Close Your Eyes
Joshua Jesty - From Invincible to Invisible
Josipa Lisac - Jedna Kratka Vijest
Judd Starr - Give Me Something More
Judd Starr - Wide Awake And Dreaming
Judy Garland - I'm Nobody's Baby
Juli - Du nimmst mir die Sicht (Actual)
Julian Cope - I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
June Of 44 - Wear Two Eyes (Boom)
Jupiter One - Volcano
Just the Kid You Were Looking For - Shawty, keep it fun!
Justin Posey - Familiar
Justin Posey - We Tried We Failed
Justin Townes Earle - Mama's Eyes
justin tyler - Action! Action!
Juvenescent Beat! - For a Minute
Juvenescent Beat! - Rebellion is the New Black
Juvenescent Beat! - Yr Only as Perfect As Yr Knitting Needles
Jv Allstars - Death and Decay on Mikey's Birthday
Jv Allstars - I'm An Obtuse Man, So I'll Try To Be Oblique
Jv Allstars - The Christening
Diego Martín - Si Vienes O Si Vas
Diego Martín - Un Besito Más