Nuovi testi e traduzioni di canzoni - Pagina 223:

Erin Hay - Runnin' Down The Road
Craig Morgan - Show Me Your Tattoo
Brandon Jenkins - Austin
Brandon Jenkins - This Ol' Life
Brandon Jenkins - Sad But True
Brandon Jenkins - Painted On Smile
Damon Albarn - Apple Carts
Damon Albarn - Cathedrals
Damon Albarn - The Dancing King
Esperanza Spalding - Hold On Me
Coy Taylor - Fall For You
David Bradley - Hard Time Movin' On
Lucky Hodnett - Losin' Game
Gringo - Necesito Tu Compañia
John Berry - I Never Lost You
John Berry - Time To Be A Man
Phil Hamilton - You Can Have Me
Caravan Palace - Panic
Hélène - La Route De San Francisco
Craig Bickhardt - The Ransom
Jimmie Driftwood - You Can't Keep From Lovin' The Buffalo
Kyle Park - I Love Her For A Million Reasons
Casey James - Done Made Up My Mind
Fabio Concato - L'Altro Di Me
VioladiMarte - Lacrime Di Vetro Blu
VioladiMarte - Madeleine
VioladiMarte - Trollmors
Dikers - Absurda Realidad
Dikers - Que Desastre
Fabienne Rothe - Jungle Drum
Julia Holter - Boy In The Moon
Good Old War - Amazing Eyes
Good Old War - Touch The Clouds (taste The Ground)
Todd Agnew - God Undefeatable
Now Now Every Children - Thread
Rascal Flatts - Changed
Steinkind - Weil Wir Fressen
Die Ärzte - Das Finde Ich Gut
PA Sports - Kickdown
Little Jinder - Eat My Fear
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Fritz Kalkbrenner - Ruby Lee
Nino De Angelo - Niemals Zu Alt, Um Jung Zu Sein
Nino De Angelo - Die Antwort Ist
Gazpacho - Hell Freezes Over II
Curtis Stigers - Goodbye
Pastora Soler - Me Despido De Ti
Merwan Rim - Un Nouveau Jour
Merwan Rim - Mots D'ivresse
Domlebo - Que Le Strict Minimum
Ulrik Munther - Moments Ago
Ultra Vomit - Je Ne T'es Jamait Autans Aimer
Unsraw - Holy Sink
Unsraw - Under The Skin
Unswabbed - Paranoiaque
Bass Odyssey - Going Back To My Roots
OK Go - The Lovecats
Oliver Boyd And The Remembralls - Open At The Close
Olivia Lufkin - Ballerina
Olivia Lufkin - Trinka Trinka
Opus Dai - Live Is Life
Overtake - Renaissance
Zineb - Si Tu Jouais De Mon Film
Demon Hunter - My Destiny
Yahia Dikès - Cousine
Yannick Noha - C'est Pour Toi
Yannick Noha - Destination Ailleurs
Yannick Noha - J'aime Les Gosses
Yannick Noha - La Vie Nous Donne
Yannick Noha - Ose
We Yes You No - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Ysa Ferrer - La Nouba Des Mythos (feat Thierry Gali)
Mikelangelo Loconte - Le Carnivore
Yves Montand - Actualités
Yves Montand - Casses-tetes
Yves Montand - Thé à L'amante
Yves Montand - Vanessa
Yusuf Guney - Canımdın Sen
Rasmus (The) - End Of The Story
Walt Disney - Ce Reve Bleu
Walt Disney - Humains Pour La Vie
Walt Disney - La Nouvelle-Orélans
Walt Disney - Le Gospel Pur II
Walt Disney - Les Poissons