Manowar testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Manowar - Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy in Eight Parts
Manowar - An American Trilogy
Manowar - Apa (Father - Hungarian Version)
Manowar - Baba (Father - Turkish Version)
Manowar - Black List
Manowar - Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Manowar - Brothers Of Metal Part 1
Manowar - Brothers of Metal, Pt.1
Manowar - Courage
Manowar - Hector's Final Hour
Manowar - Let The Gods Decide
Manowar - Metal Warriors
Manowar - Silent Night (Christmas Carol)
Manowar - Sword in the wind
Manowar - The Ascension
Manowar - The Crown And The Ring
Manowar - The Fight For Freedom
Manowar - The Glory Of Achilles
Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Manowar - Thor (the Powerhead)
Manowar - Thunder In The Sky
Manowar - Warriors of The World United
Manowar - Woman Be My Slave
Manowar - Glory, Majesty, Unity
Manowar - Die With Honor
Manowar - Kill With Power
Manowar - Gods Of War
Manowar - Odin
Manowar - Crown And The Ring [Outro Version]
Manowar - Army Of The Dead, Part II
Manowar - Warrior Prayer
Manowar - Blood Brother
Manowar - The Dawn Of Battle
Manowar - Annihilation
Manowar - Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
Manowar - Number 1
Manowar - Die For Metal
Manowar - Loki God Of Fire
Manowar - Righteous Glory
Manowar - Voulez Vous (Lady Marmelade Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi)
Manowar - Nessun Dorma
Manowar - Hail, Kill And Die
Manowar - Call To Arms
Manowar - Brothers Of Metal Pt.1
Manowar - Hatred
Manowar - Father (Turkish Version)
Manowar - Fighting The World
Manowar - The Demon's Whip
Manowar - House Of Death
Manowar - Expendable
Manowar - The Warriors Prayer
Manowar - Gloves Of Metal
Manowar - Hand Of Doom
Manowar - Courage
Manowar - The Lord Of Steel
Manowar - Touch The Sky
Manowar - An American Trilogy
Manowar - Burning
Manowar - Outlaw
Manowar - Revelation (Death's Angel)
Manowar - Hail And Kill
Manowar - Violence And Bloodshed
Manowar - The Last Winged Unicorn
Manowar - King Of Kings
Manowar - Master Of The Wind
Manowar - Blow Your Speakers
Manowar - Warlord
Manowar - Secret Of Steel
Manowar - Gates Of Valhalla
Manowar - Animals
Manowar - The Glory Of Achilles
Manowar - El Gringo
Manowar - March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)
Manowar - Shell Shock
Manowar - Manowar
Manowar - Born In A Grave
Manowar - Holy War
Manowar - Fast Taker
Manowar - Metal Warriors
Manowar - Warriors Of The World (United)
Manowar - Death Hector's Reward
Manowar - Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Manowar - Bridge Of Death
Manowar - Battle Hymns
Manowar - Defender
Manowar - Achiles, Agony And Ecstasy (In Eight Parts)
Manowar - The Power Of Thy Sword
Manowar - Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy
Manowar - Blood Of The Kings
Manowar - Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part 2)
Manowar - Carry On
Manowar - Manowarriors
Manowar - Each Dawn I Die
Manowar - Herz Aus Stahl
Manowar - Kingdom Come
Manowar - Mountains
Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Manowar - The Blood Of Odin
Manowar - King
Manowar - The Oath