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Aaron Goodvin - Lonely Drum
Aaron Goodvin - Woman In Love
Aaron Goodvin - I Know A Place
Aaron Goodvin - Knock On Wood
Reisa L. Gerber - Brothers of the Spirit
Charice - Louder
Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts
David Cook - The Last Goodbye
Aaron Fresh and Ray J F. - Turnin' Me On
Plain White T's - Boomerang
Dev feat. Flo Rida - In The Dark
Breathe Carolina - Blackout
Katy Perry feat. Missy Elliott - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
Linkin Park - Iridescent
Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had
Goo Goo Dolls - All That You Are
Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You
Joe Jonas feat. Chris Brown - See No More
Jason Aldean feat. Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay
Runner Runner - I Can't Wait
Mike Posner - Cheated
Mark Ballas - Hotwire
Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
Britney Spears - I Wanna Go
Tino Coury - Diary
Usher feat. - OMG
Aaron Fresh - Spending All My Time
Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake and T.I. - Winner
Owl City - Hello Seattle
LIGHTS - Saviour
Mayday Parade - Kids In Love
Kesha - Your Love Is My Drug
Justin Bieber feat. Usher - Somebody To Love
Kat DeLuna - Push Push
Rob Thomas - Mockingbird
Emii - Magic
VV Brown feat. Vanessa Brown - Shark In The Water
One Eskimo - Kandi
Hot Chelle Rae - Bleed
Rooney - I Can't Get Enough
Ludacris feat. Nicki Minaj - My Chick Bad
Paramore - The Only Exception
Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight [Clean Version]
Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign
Aaron Cole feat. tobyMac - Right On Time
Aaron Cole feat. Derek Minor - Do What I Gotta Do
Aaron Cole feat. Kaleb Mitchell and Alic Walls - Got No Choice
Aaron Cole feat. Th3 Saga - Cole [Intro]
Adam Prairie - Tennis Shoes
Adam Prairie - Different
Adam Prairie - More Than A Friend
Red Fang - DOEN
Red Fang - Every Little Twist
Adam Prairie - Honesty
Adam Prairie - My Lunchbox
Adam Prairie - Dean's Discards
Adam Rickitt - Hold On Love
Adam Rickitt - Dreaming
Adam Robison - Whisper In The Valley
Adam Robison - I'm Going To Have SEX With These People
Adam Robison - Shut My Mouth
Adam Robison - Geocivic
Adam Watts - I Wanna Be Like You
Adam Watts - Would Be A Loser
Adam Watts - Meaningless Things
Adam Watts - Critical Condition
Adam Watts - You Won't Ever Let Me Down
Adam Watts - God Of Grace
Adam Watts - Rescue Me
Adam Watts - Forgiven Now
Adam Watts - Beautiful Fall
Adam Wilson - The D-l
Adam Wilson - Bull
Adam Wilson - Katies
Adam Wilson - Block Me Out
Adam'S Attic - Superman
Adam'S Attic - Fade Away
Adam'S Attic - Ode To Maria
Adam'S Attic - Not Enough
Adam'S Attic - You
Adam'S Attic - Torn
Adam'S Attic - Autumn
Across Five Aprils - I Will Love Again
Across Five Aprils - A Year From Now
Acrid Semblance - Acrid Arts
Acrid Semblance - Running For Eternity
Acrid Semblance - Burning The Ashes
Acrid Semblance - From The Oblivion
Acrid Semblance - Genesis
Acrid Semblance - The Desecrator
Acrid Semblance - A Perfect Pseudocrity
Christina Aguilera - America
2nd Chapter of Acts - Well, Haven't You Heard
The Acorn - Spring Thaw
The Acorn - Sent (Awake The Kraken)
The Acorn - Plates & Saucers
The Acorn - Maplebees
The Acorn - Heirlooms
The Acorn - Feral Chile
The Acorn - Dents (Glory, Pt. 1)
The Acorn - Dents
The Acorn - Books
The Acorn - Brokered Heart
The Acorn - Blankets
The Acorn - Misplaced
The Acorn - Bobcat Goldwraith
The Acorn - On The Line
The Acorn - No Ghost
The Acorn - I Made The Law
The Acorn - Almanac
The Acorn - Restoration
The Acorn - Kindling To Cremation
The Acorn - Crossed Wires
The Acorn - Slippery When Wet [Lake Remix]
The Acorn - Cobbled From Dust [Snailhouse Remix]
The Acorn - Restoration [Four Tet Remix]
The Acorn - Darcy
The Acorn - How the West Quebec Was Won
The Acorn - For the Sake of My Pride
The Acorn - Blue Light
The Acorn - Bell
The Acorn - Evidence
The Acorn - Flood Pt.1
The Acorn - Even While You're Sleeping
The Acorn - Low Gravity
The Acorn - Flood Pt.2
The Acorn - Plateau Ramble
The Acorn - Glory
Acorn - Brokered Heart
Acorn - Blankets
Acolla - Atm Esteril
Matrix - Fallen
Acidman - Yureru Kyuutai
Red Fang - Voices of the Dead
Red Fang - 1516
Red Fang - Blood Like Cream
Red Fang - No Hope
Red Fang - Failure
Red Fang - Dawn Rising
Red Fang - This Animal
Red Fang - Behind the Light
Red Fang - Crows in Swine
Red Fang - No Air
Red Fang - The Deep
Red Fang - Shadows
Red Fang - Living in Lye
Red Fang - The Smell of the Sound
Red Fang - I Am a Ghost
Red Fang - Flies
Red Fang - Cut It Short
Red Fang - Not For You
Acidman - Human Traffic
Acidman - Hibikari
Acidman - Furu Aki
Acidman - Dried Out
Acidman - Background
Acidman - Akatsuki O Nokoshite
Acidman - Kouro (Second line)
Acidman - Spaced Out (Second line)
Acidman - Freak Out (Second line)
Acidman - Second Line & Acoustic Collection
Acidman - SAI
Acidman - Allegro
Acidman - Mawaru, Meguru, Sono Kaku He
Acidman - Swayed
Acidman - O - v1
Acidman - Type-A
Acidman - Shizukanaru Uso To Chouwa
Acidman - Aru Shoumei
Acidman - Equal
Acidman - Sekitou
Acidman - Kisetsu No Akari
Acidman - Ima, Toumei Ka
Acidman - Repeat
Acidman - Migration 1064
Linkin Park - Halfway Right
Linkin Park - Sharp Edges
Marc Morlock - ça c'est bien
Lil Baby - Large
Lil Baby feat. Young Thug - Pink Slip
Lil Baby - Survive Da Motion
Theory - All The Time
Kodak Black - There He Go
Kodak Black - Why They Call You Kodak
Kodak Black feat. (Young) Jeezy - Feeling Like
Kodak Black feat. Young Thug - Top Off Benz
Kodak Black - Off The Land
Kodak Black - Side Nigga
Kodak Black feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Reminiscing
Kodak Black - Save You
Kodak Black - Twenty 8
Kodak Black - U Ain't Never
Drinkers Acid - Konsument [live]
Drinkers Acid - Del Rocca [demo]
Drinkers Acid - I Mean Acid / Do Ya Like It? [demo]
Kodak Black - Up In Here
Kodak Black feat. Bun B - Candy Paint
Kodak Black - Coolin And Booted
Kodak Black - Day For Day
M.O, Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi - Bad Vibe
Ad Astra Per Aspera - Everybody Lets Me Down
Ad Astra Per Aspera - Glosbos Illuminados
Ad Astra Per Aspera - Flannery's Coming Home
Acvila - Nu Vreau
Acvila - Doar Un Vis
Acvila - Dulci Cuvinte
Acvila - Cine Iubeste Si Lasa
Acvila - Tu Nu Stii
Acvila - Noi Facem Legi
La Sera - Too Little Too Late
Acvila - Eu Sunt Aceea
Acvila - Timpul
Acvila - Vad Cu Ochii Tai
Acutor - Remember The Fallen
Acutor - El Gran Anhelo
Acutor - Por Encima Del Temor
Acutor - Una Oportunidad De Ser
Acutor - Menos Que Nada
Acutor - Muerte En Vida
Acutor - Infernal
Acutor - Dios Ha Muerto
Acutor - Brutal Existencia
Acústico Reggae - Quem Ilumina Enxerga
Acústico Reggae - Tempos Próximos
Acústico Reggae - Lagrimas
Acústico Reggae - Perdao
Acústico Reggae - Eu Ja Nao Lembro Mais
Acústico Reggae - Ganancia
Acústico Reggae - Aquilo que é bom
Acústico Reggae - Pra Ella
Acústico Reggae - Mensagem
Acústico Reggae - Forte Como Uma Rocha
Acústico Reggae - Chamada Paz
Acústico Reggae - All Right
Acústico Reggae - identidade
Acústico Reggae - A Semente
Acústico Reggae - Quando a tristeza vem
Acústico Reggae - As coisas vão dar certo
Acústico Reggae - Ja Sei
Acústico Reggae - O Julgamento
Acústico Reggae - Via Ao Maximo
Acústico Reggae - O Dia
Acústico Reggae - Televisao
Acústico Reggae - Seu Doutor
Acústico Reggae - Amor Rima Com Dor
Acústico Reggae - Voce Me Viu Chorar
Acústico Reggae - Florianópolis
Acústico Reggae - Verdade
Acústico Reggae - O Que Te Faz Penar
Acustic feat. Expresiv - Te Astept Sa Revii
Acustic - Oriunde Ai Fi-akustic
Acustic - Iubeste-ma
Acumen Nation - Unkind [Oscillator Mix]
Acumen Nation - Unkind [Eye Am God Mix]
Acumen Nation - Semester Of Hate
Lil Baby feat. Rylo Rodriguez - Stick On Me
Lil Baby - Dive In
Lil Baby feat. LavishTheMdk - Vision Clear
Acumen Nation - If You Were [Radio Edit]
Lil Baby - Freestyle
Lil Baby feat. Rylo Rodriguez - Eat Or Starve
Lil Baby - Trap Star
Lil Baby - Slow Mo
Lil Baby - Going For It
Lil Baby feat. Gunna - Money Forever
Lil Baby - Hurry
Lil Baby - Ride My Wave
Lil Baby - Best Of Me
Lia Clark - Tipo de Garota
Acumen Nation - Bleed For You [Verbal Mix]
Acumen Nation - Bleed For You [Radio Edit]
Acumen Nation - The Downshined
Acumen Nation - Cowboy God
Acumen Nation - Ready To Die
Acumen Nation - Metard
Acumen Nation - Never The Bride
Acumen Nation - Bandroid
Acumen Nation - Remasculated
Acumen Nation - The Paralysis Is Real
Acumen Nation - Coming Down
Acumen Nation - Recaster [Ceoxime Remix]
Acumen Nation - Just A Bastard [16 Volt Beatdown Mix]
Acumen Nation - Parasite Mine [Leechbitch Remix]
Acumen Nation - Liquid Hater [DJ? Acucrack Remix Edit]
Acumen Nation - Revelations Per Minute [Fun Blast Mix]
Acumen Nation - No Arms No Legs
Acumen Nation - Revelations Per Minute [Revolution Pollution Mix]
Acumen Nation - Candy Prowled
Acumen Nation - Mike
Acumen Nation - Fuckface
Acumen Nation - Queener [Remix]
Acumen Nation - Stone Farm
Acumen Nation - DJEntrify [Copy & Mix]
Acumen Nation - Nothing Changes
Acumen Nation - You Deal With This
Acumen Nation - Crazy Stalked Eyes
Acumen Nation - Mister Sandman I Am
Acumen Nation - Gun Lover [Remix]
Acumen Nation - Father In The Wall
Acumen Nation - Matador
Acumen Nation - Chameleon Skin
Acumen Nation - F.W.M.
Acumen Nation - The Words
Acumen Nation - Eville
Acumen Nation - Sutures
Acumen Nation - Anchorite
Lil Baby - To The Top
Lil Baby - Narcs
Acumen Nation - If You Were
Acumen Nation - Ventilator
Lil Baby feat. Marlo and Bite Da Don - Ride Or Die
Lil Baby feat. 4PF DT - Stendo
Active Slaughter - Section 60
Ludmilla - Solta a Batida
Active Slaughter - Camden Town
Active Slaughter - Bin Laden
Active Slaughter - Smash H.L.S.
Active Slaughter - Fuck Off M.O.D.
Active Slaughter - Labour Lied, Barry Died
Active Slaughter - Macho Maggot
Active Slaughter - Phase
Active Slaughter - Fatal Deception
Active Slaughter - Active Slaughter
Active Slaughter - My Foot In Your Mouth
Active Slaughter - Rapist 666
Adam Green - Dance With Me [EP]
Adam Harness - The Pertion
La Sera - I Need An Angel
La Sera - Nineties
La Sera - A Thousand Ways
La Sera - Shadow Of Your Love
La Sera - One True Love
La Sera - Time To Go
La Sera - Begins To Rain
La Sera - Take My Heart
La Sera - Running Wild
La Sera - Fall In Place
La Sera - Losing To The Dark
La Sera - Hour Of The Dawn
La Sera - All My Love Is For You
La Sera - 10 Headed Goat Wizard
La Sera - Kiss This Town Away
La Sera - Summer Of Love
La Sera - Control
La Sera - High Notes
Rich Chigga feat. Offset - Attention
Activate - I Say What I Want
Activ - Timpul
Activ - Luni, Marti
Activ - In Inima Mea
Activ - Heaven
Activ - Dor
Activ - Zile Cu Tine
Activ - Dansam Impreuna
Actitud Maria Marta - Rudi
Actitud Maria Marta - La Angelita
Action Set - Don't Wait Up
Action Set - The Arrest
Action Set - Hide And Seek
The Dear Hunter - Beyond The Pale
The Dear Hunter - Blame Paradise
The Dear Hunter - Shake Me (Awake)
The Dear Hunter - All Is As All Should Be
The Dear Hunter - The Right Wrong
The Dear Hunter - Witness Me
Action Set - Please! Don't Go
Action Set - Prizefighter
Action Set - Weigh In
Action Set - Give Up
Action Set - London Bridges
Action Set - Floating Fortress
Action Set - Dimly Lit Shoreline
Action Set - Country Song
Action Bullet - Snake-eye
Action Bullet - Night At The Burning Hotel
Action Bullet - Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys
Action Bullet - Motorpsycho
Cloves - Bringing The House Down
Action Action - Won't Stop Screaming
Action Action - Won't Be A Victim
Action Action - Warzone
Action Action - Suicide Squad
Action Action - Submission
Action Action - Scared Into Silence
Action Action - Rise
Action Action - Nobody's Fodder
Action Action - No One Knows
Action Action - Man's Law
Action Action - Blame It On The Youth
Josylvio - Catch Up
Acrostichon - Dehumanized
Acrostichon - Walker Of Worlds
Kojo Funds feat. Raye - Check
Quinn XCII - Iron & Steel
Familjen - Rök och speglar
Michael Learns to Rock - Everything You Need
Red Velvet - Bad Boy
Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods
Across The Sky - The Agenda
Across The Sky - Cattle
Adão Negro - Sinto Assim
Iggy Azalea feat. Quavo - Savior
Trashcan Sinatras - I Can't Stand Tomorrow
Trashcan Sinatras - Wild Mountainside
Trashcan Sinatras - I Just Don't Know How
Trashcan Sinatras - Who's He
Casting Crowns - You Are the Fire
Casting Crowns - You Are the Life
Casting Crowns - Banner
Casting Crowns - The Wait
Casting Crowns - Blinded Eyes
Rita Ora - Like A Virgin
G Hannelius - Lighthouse
Ada Milea - Ninge Cu Noroi
Rouge [BR] - Bailando
Ada Milea - Era Vasile Om Frumos
Ada Milea - Sa Injectam Gaina Cu Slanina
Ida Hallquist - Hideout
Leon Lour feat. Victoria Duffield - All In
Ada Milea - Cand Din Crasma Ai Iesit
Ada Milea - Ada Milea-armata(rodica)
Ada Milea - Milionar
Ada Milea - Apolodor Cowboy
Ada Milea - Apolodor La Capul Nord
Ada Milea - Apolodor În Imn
Ada Milea - Apolodor Mai Departe
Ada Milea - Apolodor În Africa
Ada Milea - Di La Rasarit
Ada Milea - Rodica
Ada Milea - Ceaușescu N_a Murit
Ada Milea - Plai & Manea
Ada Milea - Search
Ada Milea - Din Roză A Rămas Doar Spinul
Ada Milea - Manea
Ada Milea - Ninge
Ada Milea - Academica
Ada Milea - Ra-ta-ta
Ada Milea - Grasa
Trevor Moran - Get Me Through The Night
Trevor Moran - Sinner
Ada Band - Bawalah Anganku
Ada Band - Bukan Saatnya
Ada Band - Ayoe Ku
Ada Band - Kaulah
Ada Band - Seberkas Kisah Lalu
Ad Litteram feat. Praetor - Pe Cerul Muzicii
Ad Litteram feat. Butch, Buk-sha and Jhivago - A Supravietui
Mary J. Blige feat. Puff Daddy, The Notorious B.I.G. and K-Ci Hailey - What's The 411? [Remix]
Mary J. Blige - My Love
Kodak Black - Project Baby
Miss Dominique - Puisque Tu Me Vois D'En Haut
Arielle Dombasle - C'Est Si Bon
Patrick Fiori - Je Ne Serai Jamais
Jonatan Cerrada - Ruban Noir
Anderson Freire - Mamãe, Não Sei Viver Sem Ti
Anggun - Garde-Moi
Natasha St-Pier - Tant Que J'Existerai
Tina Arena - Tu Aurais Dû Me Dire (Oser Parler D'Amour)
Emmanuel Moire - Le Sourire
Shy'm - Victoire
Anderson Freire feat. Gisele Nascimento - O Mapa Do Tesouro
Anderson Freire feat. Fernanda Brum - Não é Tarde
Anderson Freire - Medley
Garou - Quand Je Manque De Toi
Roch Voisine - Apothéose
Jeanne Cherhal - Voilà
Axelle Red - Si Tu Savais
Jean-Louis Aubert - On Vit D'Amour
Alain Souchon - Putain Ça Penche
Bénabar - Quatre Murs Et Un Toit
Laurent Voulzy - Santiano
Yannick Noah - Aux Arbres Citoyens
Anderson Freire feat. Bruna Karla - Te Amo
Anderson Freire feat. Banda Giom - Conflitos
Anderson Freire feat. Aline Barros - Primeira Essência
Anderson Freire - Coração Valente
Anderson Freire feat. Fernanda Brum - Avenida Santidade
Anderson Freire feat. Gisele Nascimento - Faz De Novo
Anderson Freire feat. Wilian Nascimento - Promessa
Anderson Freire feat. Léa Mendonça - O Retorno do Rei
Anderson Freire - Força e Sabedoria
Anderson Freire - Uma História Contigo
Anderson Freire - Meu Hospital
Anderson Freire - Ele Chegou
Anderson Freire - Atitude de Cristão
Anderson Freire feat. Arianne - Aliança de Sangue
Anderson Freire - Deus e Seus Milagres
Anderson Freire feat. Janderson & Anderson - Efésios 6
Anderson Freire - Acalma o Meu Coração
Anderson Freire feat. Ariely Bonatti - Um Novo Endereço
Anderson Freire - Raridade
Anderson Freire - A Igreja Vem
Anderson Freire - Adorador
Anderson Freire - Coração de Jó
Anderson Freire - Imensidão
Anderson Freire - A Senha
Anderson Freire - Remédio Sobrenatural
Anderson Freire - Imperfeito
Anderson Freire - Meu Carpinteiro
Anderson Freire - Colisão
Anderson Freire feat. Banda Giom - Primeira Essência (Jardim Particular)
Anderson Freire - Canção do Céu
Anderson Freire - Capacita-me
Anderson Freire feat. Bruna Karla - Identidade
Between the Buried & Me - Condemned to the Gallows
The Murder City Devils - Cruelty Abounds
Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous [Acoustic]
Breaking Benjamin - Until the End [Live Acoustic]
Breaking Benjamin - Breath [Live Acoustic]
Breaking Benjamin - Lie To Me
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow [Acoustic+Strings]
Green Day - C Yo Yus
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Space Queen
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Wounded
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Memories On The Road
Nu.Clear.Dawn - The Meeting
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Horses Of Steel
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Rebirth
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Revolution
Nu.Clear.Dawn - Falcon And Crow
Nu-Tra - U Bring Me Down
Nu-Tra - Soft World
Nu-Tra - Super Human
Nu-Tra - Dum
Katie Melua - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Nu Virgos - Kill My Girlfriend
Nu Virgos - Let Me Introduce My Mama
Nu Virgos - Where I'm Gonna Find My Love
Nu Virgos - Hold Me Closer
Nu Virgos - Thank You For The Summer
Nu Virgos - 'Til The Morning Light
Nu Virgos - Good Morning, Daddy!
Nu Virgos - Every Day
The J. Geils Band - Floyd's Hotel
The J. Geils Band - I Don't Need You No More
The J. Geils Band - Cry One More Time
The J. Geils Band - Gonna Find Me A New Love
Twitching Tongues - Razor's Edge
Twitching Tongues - No Gold
NSYNC - Children Need A Helping Hand
Nu Pagadi - Moonlight Pogo
Adam F - Tak Tahu
Adam F - Ku Bertanya
Adam F - Jatuh
Adam Brand - Dirt Track Cowboys 08
Adam Arcuragi - The Song The Sinner Sings
Adam Arcuragi - Broken Throat
Adam Arcuragi - Part Of The Sky
Adam Arcuragi - All The Bells
Adam Arcuragi - 1981
Adam Arcuragi - Little Yellow Boat
Adam Arcuragi - The Screen
Adam Arcuragi - RSMPA
Adam Ant - Adam Lambert
Adam And Andrew - What I Like About Jews
The Kooks - Broken Vow
The Kooks - Naïve [The Him Remix]
Jgkid, Emcee L and Krazi Noyze feat. Vũ Bùi Thu Thủy, Linh Cáo and Mel G - Bài Ka Tuổi Trẻ
Adam Af2 - Tak Tahu
Adam - Yesterday, With Exultation
Ada Milea - Piraţii De Apă Sălcie
Ada Milea - Musca
Ada Milea - Moș Crăciun
Ada Milea - Mabogo
Ada Milea - Lena
Ada Milea - Fugim
Ada Milea - Fuga spre Sud
Twitching Tongues - Arrival
Twitching Tongues - Insatiable Sin
Twitching Tongues - Cruci-Fiction
Twitching Tongues - The End Of Love
Twitching Tongues - Sacrifice Me
Twitching Tongues - Disharmony
Twitching Tongues - Asylum Avenue
Twitching Tongues - Love Conquers None
Twitching Tongues - Cannibal
Twitching Tongues - Insincerely Yours (Tears & Blood)
Ada Milea feat. Bobo Burlăcianu, Anca Hanu and Cristi Rigman - Femeia ideală
Ada Milea - Fata Rea
Ada Milea - Dans
Twitching Tongues - Harakiri
Ada Milea - Bradu' a murit
Thåström - Över Sundet
Luis Fonsi feat. JJ Lin - Despacito [Mandarin Version]
Johanna Kurkela - Sydän paikallaan
Ted Gärdestad - Sommarlängtan
Maître Gims - Mi Gna
Sam Smith - Get Here
Carnage feat. Lil Pump - I Shyne
Soraya - Que Bonito
Lata Mangeshkar - Ab Main Kya Bolu
Frank Sinatra - Singing In The Rain
Jay-Z - Can I Get A... [Radio Version]
Pitbull - Bon Bon [English Version]
Final Fantasy - One-Winged Angel (Sephiroth Choir)
Kaptein Sabeltann - Bursdagsang
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Don Moen - Let Your Glory Fall
Lars Winnerbäck - Solen I Ögonen
Vineyard - Yet I Will Praise
Rajaton - Butterfly
Disney - A Whole New World [Spanish]
Musikatha - Ikaw Lang Aking Minamahal
Crabb Family - Child Of The King
Hercules - I won't say I'm in love
Lars Winnerbäck - Jag Är Hos Dig Igen
Taxpayer - Among Low Clouds
Taxpayer - Bottom Line
Taxpayer - In My Final Year
Taxpayer - Bottleneck
Taxpayer - Pace Yourself
Taxpayer - Make More Room For Us
Taxpayer - Safer Than You
Taxpayer - Gifts With Strings Attached
Taxpayer - Cut It Again
Taxpayer - Dial Zero For Assistance
Chas & Dave - Gertcha
Lil Peep - U Said
Lil Peep - Benz Truck
Lil Peep - Better Off (Dying)
Lil Peep - The Brightside
Lil Peep - Problems
Stellar Revival - Shattered
Stellar Revival - Hungover You
Stellar Revival - Edge of a Dream
Stellar Revival - Cross Your Heart (And Hope To Die)
Stellar Revival - The Bottom Line
Stellar Revival - Love, Lust, and Bad Company
Stellar Revival - England's Best
Stellar Revival - Saving Grace
Stellar Revival - Watch You Walk Away
Stellar Revival - Heart To Stone
The J. Geils Band - Dead Presidents
Mary J. Blige feat. Puff Daddy - Intro [My Life]
Nuclear Rabbit - Bowling For Midgets
Nuclear Rabbit - Molly Ringworm
Nuclear Rabbit - Parkay
Nuclear Rabbit - Realities And Misconceptions Of The Hair Club For Men
Nuclear Rabbit - Sad Boy
The J. Geils Band - Back To Get Ya
Nuclear Rabbit - A Little Squirrel And His Crack Pipe
Nuclear Rabbit - Cross-dress Crusade
Nuclear Rabbit - Gazelle
Nuclear Rabbit - Chernobyl Hamster
Nuclear Rabbit - Alone With My Clone
Nuclear Rabbit - Let's Dig Him Up And Shit On Him
Nuclear Rabbit - Champion Of The World
Nuclear Rabbit - 5th Grade Alchemy
White Sister - Whips
White Sister - Can't Say No
White Sister - Walk Away
White Sister - One More Night
White Sister - Promises
White Sister - Straight From The Heart
White Sister - Just For You
White Sister - Breakin' All The Rules
The Rankins - Down By The Sally Gardens
Journey - Turn Around Tokyo
Daughtry - Go Down
The J. Geils Band - Desire (Please Don't Turn Away)
The Rankins - The Braes Of Margaree
The Rankins - The Ballad Of Malcolm Murray
The Rankins - Breathe Dream Pray Love
The Rankins - My Only Wish
The Rankins - Nothing Like An Ocean
The J. Geils Band - I'm Falling
The J. Geils Band - I'm Not Rough
The Rankins - Never Alone
The Rankins - Way I Feel
The J. Geils Band - Givin' It All Up
The Rankins - Sunset
The Rankins - Straight Into Love
The Rankins - Sparrow
The Rankins - Roving Gypsy Boy [Remix]
The Rankins - Hush The Waves
The Rankins - Hopeville
The Rankins - Departing Song
The Rankins - Let It Go
The Rankins - Weddings, Wakes And Funerals
The Rankins - Eyes Of Margaret
The Rankins - Endless Seasons
The Rankins - Natives
The Rankins - As I Roved Out
The Rankins - Forty Days And Nights
The Rankins - Your Boat's Lost At Sea
The Rankins - The River
The Rankins - Blue-Eyed Suzie
The Rankins - Padstow
The Rankins - Rise Again
The Rankins - Saved In The Arms
The Rankins - Oich U Agus H-Iuraibh Eile
The Rankins - Borders And Time
The Rankins - Lisa Brown
The Rankins - Turn That Boat Around
The Rankins - Leis An Lurgainn
The Rankins - Tramp Miner
The Rankins - Gillis Mountain
The Rankins - Fare Thee Well Love
The Rankins - Orangedale Whistle
The Rankins - Fisherman's Son
The Rankins - Gaelic Medley
The Rankins - An T-Each Ruadh
The Rankins - Tell My Ma
The Rankins - Fair And Tender Ladies
The Rankins - Lament Of The Irish Immigrant
The Rankins - Lonely Island
The Rankins - Mairi's Wedding
The Rankins - Roving Gypsy Boy
The Beth Edges - I Can't Believe It
Reverend And The Makers - Juliet Knows
The Beth Edges - For Hours
The Beth Edges - Paris
The Beth Edges - Lonesome Rider
Beware of Darkness - Holy Men
Beware of Darkness - Culture Bomb
Beware of Darkness - Present Past Future
Beware of Darkness - Medusa
The Rankins - North Country
The Rankins - Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach
The Rankins - Johnny Tulloch
The Rankins - Mull River Shuffle
The Rankins - You Feel The Same Way Too
Bastille - Thinkin' Ahead
Bastille - Oh Holy Night
Bastille - Walk to Oblivion (ft. Ralph Pelleymounter)
Bastille - Tuning In (ft. HUMS Contemporary Choir)
Bastille feat. Gabrielle Aplin - Dreams
Bastille - Sweet Pompeii
Bastille - Killer
Bastille - Basement
Bastille - Free
Beware of Darkness - Hummingbird
Beware of Darkness - Morning Tea
Beware of Darkness - Life on Earth?
Beware of Darkness - Howl
Beware of Darkness - My Planet Is Dead
Beware of Darkness - End of the World
Beware of Darkness - Heart Attack
Beware of Darkness - Salvation Is Here
Beware of Darkness - Sweet Girl
Beware of Darkness - Amen Amen
Beware of Darkness - Ghost Town
Beware of Darkness - Tell Me This Isn't Fate
Beware of Darkness - Muthafucka
Beware of Darkness - Delirium
Beware of Darkness - Beware
Beware of Darkness - Are You Real?
Beware of Darkness - Dope
Beware of Darkness - Angel
Beware of Darkness - Hieroglyphics
Beware of Darkness - Blood, Sex, Violence & Murder
Beware of Darkness - Surrender
Beware of Darkness - Sugar in the Raw
Beware of Darkness - Summer Daze
No Wyld - Confusion
No Wyld - Paranoid
Burton Cummings - Whatever Happened To Your Eyes
Burton Cummings - Niki Hoeky
Imagine Dragons - Believer [Live-Acoustic]
Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes [Live-Acoustic]
Burton Cummings - Nothin' Wrong With The Road
Burton Cummings - Firefly
Burton Cummings - Bad News
Burton Cummings - Sweet Sweet
Burton Cummings - Mother Keep Your Daughters In
Burton Cummings - Gettin' My Daddy's Car
Burton Cummings - Something Old, Something New
Burton Cummings - Real Good
Burton Cummings - Combustion
Burton Cummings - Love Dream
Burton Cummings - Will You Show Me
Burton Cummings - Creepin' Peepin' Baby Blues
Burton Cummings - Over You
Burton Cummings - Heart
Burton Cummings - Thrill A Minute
Burton Cummings - Not Too Appealing
Imagine Dragons - With or Without You [U2 cover]
Imagine Dragons - Hand In My Pocket [Alanis Morissette cover]
Imagine Dragons - Stand By Me [Ben E King cover]
Imagine Dragons - I Love You All The Time
Imagine Dragons - February
Imagine Dragons - Curtain Calls
Imagine Dragons - Off To War
Imagine Dragons - Volume Drops
Imagine Dragons - Unseen
Imagine Dragons - Bottle Of Coke
Burton Cummings - One Day Soon
Burton Cummings - I'd Love To Talk
Burton Cummings - Friend Of Inertia
Burton Cummings - Bridge In Time
Burton Cummings - The Rock's Steady
Burton Cummings - Cerebral World
Burton Cummings - Boring Dreams
Burton Cummings - The Workaday
Skillet - Set it Off
Skillet - You Get Me High
Skillet - Brave
Skillet - Stay Till the Daylight
Skillet - Breaking Free
Skillet - Always the Same
Skillet - Heaven in My Veins
Skillet - Shout to the Lord
Screaming Females - High
Screaming Females - Something Ugly
Screaming Females - Help Me
The Lemon Twigs - Why Didn't You Say That?
The Lemon Twigs - Light and Love
The Lemon Twigs - Night Song
The Lemon Twigs - Intro
Burton Cummings - Hand Me Down World
Burton Cummings - Runnin' Back To Saskatoon
Burton Cummings - Star Baby
Burton Cummings - No Time
Burton Cummings - These Eyes
Burton Cummings - Heavenly Blue
Burton Cummings - Feels All Wrong
Burton Cummings - Woman Love
Burton Cummings - Undun
Burton Cummings - Clap for the Wolfman
Burton Cummings - No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
Burton Cummings - Sour Suite
Burton Cummings - Share the Land
Burton Cummings - Ferry Cross the Mersey
Burton Cummings - Laughing
Burton Cummings - Framed
Burton Cummings - Lay It On The Line
Burton Cummings - I'm Scared [Demo Version]
Burton Cummings - Blossom [Demo Version]
Burton Cummings - Got To Find Another Way
Burton Cummings - Draggin' Em Down The Line
Burton Cummings - Richard
Burton Cummings - Up In The Canyon
Burton Cummings - Rollaway
Burton Cummings - T.P.O.S.
Burton Cummings - Retribution
Burton Cummings - It All Comes Together
Burton Cummings - Wild Child
Burton Cummings - Shiny Stockings
Burton Cummings - Hold On! I'm Comin'
Burton Cummings - Wait By The Water
Burton Cummings - Guns, Guns, Guns
Burton Cummings - Takes A Fool To Love A Fool
Burton Cummings - When A Man Loves A Woman
Burton Cummings - Roll With The Punches
Burton Cummings - Sweet Nothin's
Burton Cummings - Come On By
Jellybean - Just A Mirage
Jellybean - The Mexican
I Declare War - Infinite Corruption
I Declare War - Predetermined Path
I Declare War - New Age Holocaust
I Declare War - Federal Death Alliance
I Declare War - Alea Iacta Est
I Declare War - Extermination Process
I Declare War - Fractions
I Declare War - Conformed to Fiction
I Declare War - Fuck Your Claim
I Declare War - Destroy the Weak
I Declare War - Asphyxiation
I Declare War - Nworb Ydoc
I Declare War - God Has No Place Within These Walls
I Declare War - Whoop Dat Trick
I Declare War - Not The End
I Declare War - My Choice My Pledge
I Declare War - As They Burn Alive
I Declare War - Love Is Dead Part 2
I Declare War - Unsung Beauty
I Declare War - Through The Eyes Of The Killer
I Declare War - Don't Give Up
I Declare War - Millions Will Burn
I Declare War - Slightly Blue
I Declare War - Drop Dead
I Declare War - Fat Fuck
I Declare War - Flower Child
I Declare War - Critical Moment
I Declare War - Tick
I Declare War - We Wait
I Declare War - Tomb Sleep
I Declare War - The Bad Man
I Declare War - Eternal I Sleep
I Declare War feat. Landon Tewers - A Dark Hole To Crawl Into
I Declare War - Black Heart
I Declare War - Blurred Vision
I Declare War - We Are Violent People By Nature
I Declare War - Noose
I Declare War - Quiet
I Declare War - Shadow Man
CMX - Konx om pax
CMX - Paratiisin Eeva
CMX - Neljäkymmentä päivää
CMX - Verenpuna
CMX - Puolikas hyvää
CMX - Elementa
CMX - Sulaneet muovisotilaat
CMX - Alkemisti
Brian Hughes (Country) - Why Me
Brian Hughes (Country) - Life Goes On
Mary J. Blige feat. Ahkim - Dance For Me
Brian Hughes (Country) - Absolute Decree
Reisa L. Gerber - My Song for Johnny
Fergie - Kleopatra
Fergie feat. Puff Daddy - Diddy Zone
RAiK - Pirate
The Script - Freedom Child
The Script - Deliverance
The Script - Wonders
The Script - Divided States Of America
The Script - Mad Love
The Script - Make Up
The Script - Eden
Dashboard Confessional - Catch You
2 Chainz - PROUD
A Perfect Circle - TalkTalk
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Du är så
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Hallå livet
Den Svenska Björnstammen - James
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Fågel 2
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Cederdalen
Den Svenska Björnstammen - En liten bit historia
Grace Carter - Silhouette
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Vinter
Den Svenska Björnstammen feat. The Very Best - Evig Lycka
Dashboard Confessional - Be Alright
The Wombats - White Eyes
Dashboard Confessional - About Us
Dashboard Confessional feat. Chrissy Costanza - Just What To Say
Brian Fallon - Sleepwalkers
Brian Fallon - Proof Of Life
Franz Ferdinand - Huck And Jim
Brian Fallon - Her Majesty's Service
Brian Fallon - Come Wander With Me
Franz Ferdinand - Slow Don't Kill Me Slow
Franz Ferdinand - The Academy Award
Franz Ferdinand - Finally
Brian Fallon - Etta James
Franz Ferdinand - Glimpse Of Love
Brian Fallon - Neptune
Franz Ferdinand - Lois Lane
Brian Fallon - Watson
Brian Fallon - Little Nightmares
Celestal - Old School Romance [Remix]
Plàsi - Free
Miike Snow - Change Your Mind
Toni Braxton - Long As I Live
Jay Sean - Emergency
James Bay - Wild Love
We Are Scientists - One in One Out
Kensington - Slicer
Calvin Harris feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Nuh Ready Nuh Ready
Amery - Blame
The Aces - Volcanic Love
St. Vincent - Consideration
Ne-Yo - Good Man
The Wombats - Black Flamingo
Franz Ferdinand - Paper Cages
Felix Jaehn feat. Marc E. Bassy and Gucci Mane - Cool
Noah Cyrus - We Are...
Marshmello and Anne-Marie - FRIENDS
Reptile Youth - Two Hearts
Reptile Youth - Arab Spring Break, Pt. 1
Familjen - Tokyo
Familjen - Slicka mej ren
Familjen - Vårt hem, vår borg
The Beth Edges - I Guess
No Age - Stuck In The Changer
No Age - Tidal
No Age - Drippy
Lucius feat. Nels Cline - Million Dollar Secret
Lucius - Neighbors
MercyMe - It's All Right
Mt. Joy - Silver Lining
Mumford & Sons - England
Mumford & Sons - Lover of the Light [Live]
Mumford & Sons - Roll Away Your Stone [Live]
Mumford & Sons - Below My Feet [Live]
Mary J. Blige feat. K'naan - Each Tear [Canadian Version]
Mary J. Blige feat. Vanessa Amorosi - Each Tear [Australian Version]
Mary J. Blige feat. Tiziano Ferro - Each Tear [Italy Version]
Mary J. Blige feat. Jay Sean - Each Tear
Mary J. Blige feat. Rea Garvey - Each Tear [German Version]
Taryn Southern - Break Free
Mary J. Blige feat. Lil Mama - Just Fine [Remix]
Mary J. Blige - Out My Head
Mary J. Blige - Don't Go [Love & Life]
Chloe - Dejándonos Llevar
David Lindgren - Shout It Out
Migos feat. 21 Savage - BBO (Bad Bitches Only)
Migos feat. Post Malone - Notice Me
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Quintino, Boef, Ronnie Flex and Ali B - Slow Down
Mississippi Mass Choir - Holding On (And I Won't Let Go My Faith)
David Bowie - Life On Mars?
David Haas - My song will be for you forever
Ulf Lundell - Jag Saknar Dej
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends - Life's Railway To Heaven
Björn Afzelius - Señor Martinez Mondragon's Bekännelse
Religious Music - I Come to the Garden Alone
Mamma Mia - Kan Man Ha En Solkatt I En Bur
Fonky Fresh feat. Cherry - Du Var Mitt Allt
Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Donald Lawrence feat. Sheri Jones-Moffett - Encourage Yourself
Eros Ramazzotti in duet with Anastacia - I Belong to You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)
År&dar - Du Ligger Med Andra Nu
Lil Snupe and Retro - Rap Battle
ABBA - Take A Chance On Me
FIDLAR - Wait For The Man
FIDLAR - White on White
Climax Blues Band - Listen to the Night
Climax Blues Band - Friends in High Places
Pope Troy - Jungle
Climax Blues Band - Summer Rain
Climax Blues Band - Children of the Nightime
Climax Blues Band - Mole On The Dole
Climax Blues Band - Spoonful
Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah - Snow Queen
FIDLAR - Sabotage
FIDLAR - Shitty Jobz
FIDLAR - I'm Going Nowhere
FIDLAR - Got No Money
FIDLAR - Gimmie Something
FIDLAR - No Waves
FIDLAR - Blackout Stout
FIDLAR - 5 to 9
FIDLAR - Stoked and Broke
FIDLAR - Max Can't Surf
FIDLAR - Paycheck
FIDLAR - Wake Bake Skate
FIDLAR - Whore
Charlie Sexton - Dillingham Lane
Charlie Sexton - Once In A While
Charlie Sexton - Cruel And Gentle Things
Charlie Sexton - Just Like Love
Charlie Sexton - Everyone Will Crawl
Charlie Sexton - Dark
Charlie Sexton - Ugly All Day
Charlie Sexton - Blowing up Detroit
Charlie Sexton - Restless
Charlie Sexton - Pictures for Pleasure
Charlie Sexton - Space
Aron Wright - Build It Better
Reisa L. Gerber - A Pizza With Cheese
Courtney Swain - Snow Globe
Courtney Swain - Prickly Thorn
Courtney Swain - Glitter Bomb
Courtney Swain - Wish Bone
Reisa L. Gerber - They Could Come and Cry (Eskimo Time)
Toto - Struck by Lightning
Toto - Alone
Echo & The Bunnymen - Heads Will Roll [Summer Version]
Echo & The Bunnymen - Gods Will Be Gods [Alternate Version]
Echo & The Bunnymen - Lover I Love You
Echo & The Bunnymen - Bedbugs and Ballyhoo [Single Version]
Echo & The Bunnymen - Crocodiles (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Fuel
Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar [Single Mix]
Echo & The Bunnymen - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Angels and Devils (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Hurricane
Echo & The Bunnymen - People Are Strange [Full-Length Version]
Echo & The Bunnymen - Action Woman (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Heroin (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Paint It Black (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Rollercoaster
The Killers - Human [remix]
Math and Physics Club - I'll Tell You Anything
Math and Physics Club - Trying to Say I Love You
Math and Physics Club - We're So DIY
Math and Physics Club - Love or Loneliness
Math and Physics Club - We Make a Pair
Math and Physics Club - Will You Still Love Me?
Math and Physics Club - Jimmy Had a Polaroid
Math and Physics Club - Everybody Loves a Showtune
Math and Physics Club - I've Been That Boy
Math and Physics Club - The Internationale
Math and Physics Club - In This Together
Math and Physics Club - Baby I'm Yours
Math and Physics Club - Do You Keep a Diary?
Math and Physics Club - Nothing Really Happened
Math and Physics Club - La La La Lisa
Math and Physics Club - April Showers
Math and Physics Club - Look at Us Now
Math and Physics Club - Cold As Minnesota
Math and Physics Club - I Know What I Want
Math and Physics Club - Last Dance
Math and Physics Club - You'll Miss Me
Math and Physics Club - Holidays and Saturdays
Math and Physics Club - Such a Simple Plan
Math and Physics Club - Darling, Please Come Home
Math and Physics Club - White and Grey
Math and Physics Club - You're So Good to Me
Math and Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance
Math and Physics Club - Graduation Day
Math and Physics Club - When We Get Famous
Math and Physics Club - Love, Again
Math and Physics Club - Sixteen and Pretty
Math and Physics Club - All the Mains Are Down
Math and Physics Club - Threadbare
Math and Physics Club - The Pull of the Tides
Math and Physics Club - Broadcasting Waves
Math and Physics Club - Dear Madeline
Math and Physics Club - Marblemouth
Math and Physics Club - My Crooked Arms
Math and Physics Club - Tied to a Stone
Math and Physics Club - Long Drag
Math and Physics Club - Thank God I Met You
Math and Physics Club - We Didn't Run from Anyone
Math and Physics Club - We're Not Lost
Math and Physics Club - We Won't Keep Secrets
Math and Physics Club - That's What Love Is
Math and Physics Club - Road Carry Me Home
Math and Physics Club - I Know It's Over
Kosine feat. JoJo - Your World
ODESZA - Without You
ODESZA - How Did I Get Here
ODESZA - Intro (Summer's Gone)
Nujabes - Think Different
NX Zero - Perto de Você (Roots)
NX Zero - Como Se Fosse Ontem
NX Zero - Confidencial
NX Zero - Mais Além
NX Zero - Zerar e Recomeçar
NX Zero - Insubstituível
NX Zero - Espero a Minha Vez
Saint Raymond - The River
Saint Raymond - Don't Fail Me Now
Saint Raymond - Thread
Saint Raymond - Nightcrawling
Saint Raymond - Last Time
Cask Mouse - Broke or Broken
Cask Mouse - Time to Breathe
Cask Mouse - Radio
Cask Mouse - Brick on Brick
Cask Mouse - Astronaut
Cask Mouse - Smokin'
Cask Mouse - The Saint Of Killers
Cask Mouse - Dumb
Cask Mouse - 55 / 67
Cask Mouse - Good Morning Sweetheart
Cask Mouse - Vultures
Cask Mouse - Daybreak In The East
Cask Mouse - Mist Of The Pines
Darius - Falling In Love
NX Zero - Apenas Mais Uma de Amor
NX Zero - Diferenças
Baboon - Alright
NX Zero - Inimigo Invisível
NX Zero - A Melhor Parte de Mim
NX Zero - Nunca Mais
NX Zero - Tudo Bem
NX Zero - Cartas Pra Você
NX Zero - Segunda Chance
NX Zero - Silêncio
NX Zero feat. Túlio Dek - Além das Palavras
NX Zero feat. Túlio Dek - Bem Ou Mal
NX Zero - Entre Nós Dois
NX Zero - Daqui Pra Frente
NX Zero - Cedo Ou Tarde
NX Zero - Círculos
NX Zero - Incompleta
NX Zero - La Prision
NX Zero - Um Pouco Mais
NX Zero - Razões e Emoções
NX Zero - Conseqüência
NX Zero - Além de Mim
NX Zero - Gritos do Silêncio
NX Zero - Mudanças
NX Zero - Promessa
NX Zero - Mentiras e Fracassos
NX Zero - Ilusão
NX Zero - Ilegítima Defesa
NX Zero - Uma Chance
Visage - On We Go
Gorgon City feat. Anne-Marie - Try Me Out
Felix Jaehn feat. Rothchild - Don't Say Love
Majorleap - Stadium Portrait
The Neighbourhood - Void
Noble Rot - Kicked to the Curb
Ounce of Self - Drink Up
The Drums - Meet Me In Mexico
Don Diablo - Satellites
Muse - Thought Contagion
Against Me! - Crash
Against Me! - Haunting, Haunted, Haunts
Against Me! - 12:03
Against Me! - Delicate, Petite & Other Things I'll Never Be
Against Me! - Rebecca
Against Me! - Suicide Bomber
Against Me! - Norse Truth
Against Me! - Dead Rats
Against Me! - ProVision L-3
Against Me! - 333
Against Me! - Boyfriend
Against Me! - All This (And More)
Beach House - Lemon Glow
Joakim Lundell - Hazardous
Tyga - U Cry
Ryan Adams - Baby I Love You
Krewella - Alibi
Visage - Loving the Alien
Ellie Goulding - Vincent
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Thirteen
Khalid - Love Lies
Sean Paul - Mad Love
Diplo feat. D.R.A.M. - Look Back
The Chainsmokers - You Owe Me
Visage - Breathe Life
Visage - Dreamer I Know
Visage - Diaries Of A Madman
Visage - Never Enough
Visage - Lost In Static
Visage - She's Electric (Coming Around)
Visage - Hidden Sign
Visage - I Am Watching
Visage - Shameless Fashion
Human Sexual Response - Andy Fell
Blame Candy - Toxic Boy
Blame Candy - Hush
Blame Candy - When I Was Cool
Blame Candy - Life Like You
NX Zero - Free Your Mind
NX Zero - Uma Gota No Oceano
NX Zero - Tira Onda
NX Zero - Vamos Seguir
NX Zero - Modo Avião
NX Zero - Meu Bem
NX Zero - Mandela
NX Zero - Fração de Segundo
NX Zero - Por Amor
NX Zero - Personal Privê
NX Zero - Vibe
NX Zero - Pedra Murano
NX Zero - Breve Momento
NX Zero - Gole de Sorte
NX Zero - Milianos
NX Zero - Marcas de Expressão
NX Zero - Nada Mais é Como Era Antes
NX Zero - Estrada (Gonza)
NX Zero - Você Me Fez
NX Zero - Pedido
NX Zero - Guerra Por Paz
NX Zero - Em Comum
NX Zero - Espero Um Sinal
NX Zero - Sem Hora Pra Voltar
NX Zero - Subliminar
NX Zero - Sem Saída
NX Zero - Vício
Chas & Dave - I wish I could write a love song
Françoise Hardy - Le large
Reisa L. Gerber - He Gets Off on the Stink
Armin Van Buuren feat. Conrad Sewell - Sex, Love & Water
Commodores - Saturday Night
Samantha Gongol - Pearls
Sabrina Claudio - Cross Your Mind [Spanish Version]
Jessie J - I Got You (I Feel Good)
Julia Michaels - Are You
Kiana Ledé feat. Prince Charlez - Big Spender
Hailee Steinfeld and BloodPop® - Capital Letters
Samantha Gongol feat. Juliette Armanet - Ta Meilleure Ennemie (Pearls)
Bishop Briggs - Never Tear Us Apart
Julia Michaels - Heaven
Jacob Banks and Louis The Child - Diddy Bop
Whethan and Dua Lipa - High
Black Atlass feat. Jessie Reyez - Sacrifice
Jamie Dornan - Maybe I'm Amazed
Shungudzo - Come On Back
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
Sia - Deer in Headlights
Sabrina Claudio - Cross Your Mind
Anderson East - What Would It Take
Joseph Angel - Empty Pack of Cigarettes
José James - They Can't Take That Away from Me
Frances - What Is Love?
Toulouse - No Running From Me
The-Dream - Code Blue
Toulouse - Reach Out
Toulouse - So I Know You Care
Toulouse - Here & Now
Toulouse - Found
Toulouse - San Junipero
JRY feat. Rooty - Pray
MercyMe - More of You Less of Me
Mary J. Blige - You Want This
Mary J. Blige - This Love Is For You
Reisa L. Gerber - Shooting Stars For the Roses
Failure Anthem - I Won't Say Goodbye
Failure Anthem - Leap of Faith
Failure Anthem - One Step at a Time
Failure Anthem - First World Problems
Failure Anthem - Paralyzed
Failure Anthem - Savannah
Failure Anthem - The Ghost Inside
Failure Anthem - Just a Wasteland
Failure Anthem - Here for Good
Failure Anthem - Carousel
Failure Anthem - 3AM
Bob Seger - Blue Ridge
Bob Seger - Forward into the Past
Bob Seger - Glenn Song
Mary J. Blige - remixed by Dave Audé - I Am [Dave Audé Remix]
Mary J. Blige - Brand New
Pages - Let It Go
Pages - It's Alright
Pages - This Is For The Girls
Pages - Listen For The Love
Pages - I Get It From You
Pages - Room At The Top
Bloodrock - You Gotta Roll
Bloodrock - Dier Not a Lover
NX Zero feat. Kurupt, Marcelo D2, PMC and Mi - Inimigo Invisível 0.2
NX Zero - Razão de Ser Assim
Moptop - Uma Chance
Moptop - Tempos Depois
Moptop - O Rock Acabou
Moptop - 2046
NX Zero - Algo Que Não Sou
NX Zero - Mais e Mais
Forfun - Good Trip
Forfun - Hidropônica
Forfun - Gruvi Quântico
Forfun - Sigo o Som
Hateen - Sozinho a Dois
Hateen - Minha Melhor Invenção
Fresno - Onde Está
Fresno - Polo
Fresno - Contas Vencidas
Sugar Kane - Proibido Ser Feliz
Sugar Kane - Vinte e Cinco
Aditive - Velocidade
Sugar Kane - Velocidade
NX Zero - A Máquina
NX Zero - Incerto
NX Zero - Nada a Não Ser
Sugar Kane - Um Outro Caminho
Aditive - Respirar
Aditive - Perguntas Simples Sem Respostas
Aditive - Crescer e Aceitar
Aditive - Ganhar ou Perder
ScHoolboy Q feat. 2 Chainz - X
Daryle Singletary - Old Violin
Bi Rain - Rainism [English Version]
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Related Recordings) - Joseph's Coat
Leo Sayer - Sad Eyes
R. Kelly - Heaven Chose You
Dj Maurice - Hallo Allemaal -Juf Ank Luizenmoeders-
Easter Brothers - Wounded Soldiers
Susana Félix feat. Zeca Pagodinho and Emicida - Samba Da Matrafona
Chess feat. Idina Menzel, Josh Groban and Kerry Ellis - Endgame #3 / Chess Game #3
Adam & The Ants - Scorpios
Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean - Wolves
Maja Gullstrand - Alla Dessa Ord
Jimmy Fallon - Winter Olympics 2002 Tribute
Janet Paschal - God Rides On Wings of Love
The Singing Cookes - I Hope We Walk The Last Mile Together
The Pointer Sisters - Fire
Anne Mattila - Perutaan Häät
Amaia Romero in duet with Alfred Garcia - City Of Stars
Trace Adkins - I Ain't Never Had Too Much Fun
Journey - When You Love A Woman