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Yonca Evcimik - Yalancı Bahar
Yonca Evcimik - Nefes Almak İstiyorum
Yonca Evcimik - Taksit Taksit
Yonca Evcimik - Abone
Yonca Evcimik - Cesaretim Yok
Yonca Evcimik - Sonbaharda Geleceğim
Icarus Witch - Mirror Mirror [Def Leppard Cover]
Icarus Witch - Afterlife
Seventh Wonder - Exhale
Seventh Wonder - Procession
Seventh Wonder - Damnation Below
Seventh Wonder - By The Light Of The Funeral Pyres
Seventh Wonder - The Truth
Seventh Wonder - Beyond Today (Farewell Pt. 3)
Seventh Wonder - Goodnight (Farewell Pt. 2)
Seventh Wonder - Tiara's Song (Farewell Pt. 1)
Seventh Wonder - Victorious
Seventh Wonder - Against The Grain
Seventh Wonder - Dream Machines
Seventh Wonder - The Everones
Göksel - Dudaklarında Arzu
Göksel - Senden Başka
The Chainsmokers - Beach House
Corneille - Tout Le Monde
We The Kings - sad song
Mark Knopfler - Nobody's Child
The Smashing Pumpkins - Solara
Hot Dad - My Tape
Watsky - Mean Ass Drunk
Gulben Ergen in duet with Oguzhan Koc - Giden Günlerim Oldu
MaWayy - Blame
Gossip - Ain't It The Truth
Jorn - Spirit Black
Jorn - Below
Barbara Helsingius - Introspection
Barbara Helsingius - A Chemical Poem
Watsky feat. Shockwave - An Open Letter [Interlude]
Sia feat. Miguel and Queen Latifah - Satisfied
!llmind - Take A Break
John Legend - History Has Its Eyes On You
The Roots - Who Tells Your Story
Lin-Manuel Miranda - Valley Forge
K'naan - Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)
Wiz Khalifa - Washingtons by Your Side
Usher - Wait for It
Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cabinet Battle 3
The Roots feat. Busta Rhymes, Nate Ruess and Joell Ortiz - My Shot [Rise up Remix]
Dessa - Congratulations
Kelly Clarkson - It's Quiet Uptown
Alicia Keys - That Would Be Enough
Chance The Rapper - Dear Theodosia [Reprise]
The Roots - No John Trumbull
Jill Scott - Say Yes To This
Ashanti feat. Ja Rule - Helpless
Regina Spektor feat. Ben Folds - Dear Theodosia
Barbara Helsingius - NÄR VINTERN RASAT UT
Gossip - Seems So Bad
Lin-Manuel Miranda - Wrote My Way Out [Remix]
Zion Y Lennox, De La Ghetto, Ivy Queen, PJ Sin Suela and Lucecita Benítez - A Forgotten Spot (Olvidado)
Lin-Manuel Miranda - First Burn
Andra Day - Burn
Ibeyi - Rise Up Wise Up Eyes Up
"Weird Al" Yankovic - The Hamilton Polka
Mobb Deep - Boom Goes the Cannon...
Sara Bareilles - Theodosia Reprise
Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda - Found/Tonight
The Decemberists - Ben Franklin's Song
Petter feat. David Jassy - Brevet
Mauno Blomqvist - Palaja Sorrentoon
Mauno Blomqvist - Mun Kanteleeni Kauniimmin
Mauno Blomqvist - Kertokaa Se Hänelle
Mauno Blomqvist - Heijastus
Mauno Blomqvist - Annina
Eino Grön - Tule Rauhan Henki
Eino Grön - Minun Tieni
Eino Grön - Illan Viimeinen Tango
Jacob Dinesen - Ordinary Guy
Jacob Dinesen - Search For You
Jacob Dinesen - Telephone
Jacob Dinesen - I Know For Certain
Jacob Dinesen - Take Her Away
Jacob Dinesen - Into Your Arms
Jacob Dinesen - Never Run
Jacob Dinesen - Beggar
Jacob Dinesen - Kneel In The Valley
Jacob Dinesen - Found It
Jorn - Night City
Jorn - The Inner Road
Jorn - Soul Of The Wind
Jorn - War Of The World
Jorn - Promises
Jorn - Lonely Are The Brave
Jorn - Man Of The Dark
Jorn - Shadow People
Jorn - Hellfire [Beyond Twilight Cover]
Eino Grön - Ääretön Aava Ympärilläin
Reisa L. Gerber - You Sing the Words (FU)
Sunflower Bean - The Stalker
Sunflower Bean - I Hear Voices
Sunflower Bean - Ok Mr. Man
Sunflower Bean - Bread
Sunflower Bean - Tame Impala
Smith & Thell - Forgive Me Friend
Mumford & Sons - Wild Heart [Acoustic - Live]
Mumford & Sons - Woman [Acoustic - Live]
Mumford & Sons - Guiding Light [Acoustic - Live]
Jorn - My Own Way
Jorn - Gonna Find The Sun
Jorn - Hourglass
Jorn - Where The Winds Blow
Jorn - Big
Corey Smith - Honky Tonkin' In My Blood
Jorn - Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth [Black Sabbath Cover]
Jorn - Kill The King [Rainbow Cover]
Jorn - Fool For Your Loving [Whitesnake Cover]
Jorn - On And On [Michael Schenker Group Cover]
Jorn - Naked City [Kiss Cover]
Jorn - Cold Sweat [Thin Lizzy Cover]
Jorn - Perfect Strangers [Deep Purple Cover]
Jorn - Feel Like Making Love [Bad Company Cover]
Göksel - Baksana Tâlihe
ZAYN feat. Nicki Minaj - No Candle No Light
Göksel - Sevil Neşelen
Kellee Maize - Mad Humans [Remix]
Kellee Maize - I Insist [Remix]
Kellee Maize - In Tune [Remix]
Smurfarna - SOS (Den hajen var så dum mot mig) (SOS (The tiger took my family))
Missy M - Galaxy
Jorn - Shame On The Night
Jorn - Lord Of The Last Day
Jorn - Push
Jorn - Stand Up And Shout
Jorn - Song For Ronnie James
Jorn - Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth [2010 Version]
Jorn - Kill The King
Jorn - Night People
Jorn - Sunset Superman
Jorn - Don't Talk To Strangers
Jorn - Sacred Heart
Jorn - Invisible
Jorn - Straight Through the Heart
Ric Ocasek - A Quick One
Ric Ocasek - Time Bomb
Ric Ocasek - Connect Up To Me
Ric Ocasek - Prove
Ric Ocasek - Sneak Attack
Ric Ocasek - Take A Walk
Iisa - Syntymäpäivä
Iisa - Polulta Harhaan
Iisa - Perjantai
Iisa - Jos Se Sattuu
Iisa - Kun Olit Nuori
Elias Gould - Huvilakatu
half•alive - Still Feel.
half•alive - The Fall
half•alive - Tip Toes
half•alive - Aawake at Night
Eleganzia - Doctor, Doctor!
Eldis - Sun Kaa
Eldis - Enää
Eldis - Ei Eldis Vaan Eetu
Eldis - Demonit
Coma Cinema - Tether
Coma Cinema - Window
Coma Cinema - Burden
Coma Cinema - Ambrosia in the Bitter World
Coma Cinema - Running Wide Open
Coma Cinema - Phillip
Coma Cinema - Thunder
Coma Cinema - Sad World
Coma Cinema - Eventually
Coma Cinema - Loss Memory
Eldis - Anteeksi
Eldis feat. KV - Ikuisesti
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ministry of Alienation
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Many Zeros
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Major League Chemicals
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - The Internet of Love (That Way)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - If You're Going to Break Yourself
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - This Doomsday
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Chronos Feasts on His Children
Elastinen feat. Robin - Vahva
Elastinen feat. Lauri Mikkola - Uus
Elastinen - Mikään Muu Ei Merkkaa
Burcu Gunes - Sen Kaybı
Elastinen - Kulkurin Tie
Elastinen - Kerrankin
Eki Westeri - Sydämen ääni
Eino Leinio - Hautalaulu
Eino Leinio - Tuijotin Tulehen Kauan
Eino Leinio - Elegia
Eino Leinio - Mökit Nukkuu Lumiset
Eino Leinio - Nocturne
Oguzhan Koc - Yaradana Yalvartma
Jorn - Out to Every Nation [New Version]
Jorn - Young Forever [New Version]
LuxDeluxe - I Know
Jorn - My Road
B*Witched - We've Forgotten How
B*Witched - Waiting All This Time
B*Witched - Fighting For The Drop
B*Witched - Champagne or Guinesss
B*Witched - The Stars Are Ours Tonight
B*Witched - Love and Money
Smurfarna - Blåa mål! (Mera mål!)
Leela - YouTube Mine
Queen feat. Brian May - Too Much Love Will Kill You
Guns N' Roses - November Rain
Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Fruits Basket - Momiji
The Boppers - Why Did You Break My Heart
Ricky Skaggs - Black-Eyed Suzie
Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
Sam Redden - Say Something I'm Giving Up On You
Black Label Society - In This River
Soul Remnants - Symptoms of Death
Soul Remnants - The Antifaith
Soul Remnants - No Afterlife
Soul Remnants - Rape Casket
Soul Remnants - Chopwork II
Soul Remnants - Incinerator
Soul Remnants - Reanimation
Soul Remnants - Cauldron of Blood
Chelsea Lankes - Love Hate Pain Killer
Chelsea Lankes - Matches
Chelsea Lankes - Too Young to Fall in Love
Chelsea Lankes - Down for Whatever
Chelsea Lankes - Home
Chelsea Lankes - Paralyzed
Jorn - I Came To Rock - Symphonic
Wanessa Camargo - Te Amo Assim
Gustaf L - Helt Förälskad
Matrix And Futurebound feat. MC $pyda - Knight Riderz
Skillet - Would It Matter
Jose Nogueras, Ismael Miranda and Lourdes Robles - Navidad Es Amor
MercyMe - This Is The Air I Breathe
Svenska Julsånger - Tomtegubben Som Hade Snuva
Tommy Ellison - Lord I thank you
Roselle Nava - How Do I Live [Tagalog Version]
Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas?
Edna Tatum - Praise God
Jorn - Godless And Wicked [Beyond Twilight Cover] - Live
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Introduction
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Social Climb
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Absinthe
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Bleed Magic
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Choke
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Do It All the Time
Jorn - Window Maker
Jorn - Cancer Demon
Jorn - Monsoon
Jorn - The Man Who Was King
Jorn - Rev On
Jorn - Traveller
Jorn - Overload
Jorn - Legend Man
Jorn - Make Your Engine Scream
Jorn - Carry The Black
Reisa L. Gerber - The Easy Way Out (I Don't Care & Go Away)
Wanessa Camargo - O Nosso Amor
Reisa L. Gerber - The Holiday Cheer [Hideaway Song]
Gulben Ergen - Sade Ve Sadece
Panda Da Panda - Ljummen
Jessica Mauboy - Burn [Jason Nevins Remix]
Jorn - Lonely Is the Word / Letters from Earth [Black Sabbath Cover] - Live
Jorn - Whitesnake Medley: Come On / Sweet Talker / Crying in the Rain / Here
Jorn - Sacrificial Feelings - Live
Jorn - Something Real [Promo Edit]
Marc Broussard feat. Huey Lewis - These Arms of Mine
Marc Broussard - Fool for Your Love
Marc Broussard - Every Tear
Marc Broussard - Dyin' Man
PREACHERVAN - Fingers Crossed
Wizo - Adagio
Wizo - Wahlkrampf
Wizo - Verwesung
Blair St. Clair - Last Christmas
Jorn - Blacksong - Live
Jorn - Soulburn [Masterplan Cover] - Live
Jorn - Perfect Strangers [Deep Purple Cover] - Live
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land - Single
Jorn - Duke Of Love - Live
Jorn - Are You Ready [Thin Lizzy Cover] - Live
Jorn - Cold Sweat [Thin Lizzy Cover] - Live
Jorn - Living With Wolves [Radio Edit]
Jorn - We Brought The Angels Down - Live
Lostboycrow - remixed by HtPkt - Verona
Pabllo Vittar feat. Super Drags - Highlight
Pabllo Vittar - Miragem
Pabllo Vittar - No Hablo Español
Pabllo Vittar feat. Ludmilla - Vai Embora
Pabllo Vittar feat. Dilsinho - Trago Seu Amor de Volta
Pabllo Vittar feat. Urias - Ouro
Wanessa Camargo - Amor, Amor
Wanessa Camargo - Difícil é Controlar a Paixão
Wanessa Camargo - Sou Mais Eu
Gustaf L - Hello! [Detailed Version]
Gustaf L - Amivi Äter En Kiwi [Acoustic Version]
Wanessa Camargo - Me Engana Que Eu Gosto
Saucy Monky - Good Day Down
Saucy Monky - Everybody Wants Something More
Saucy Monky - Umbrellas
Saucy Monky - Change Your Mind
Saucy Monky - Speedball
Saucy Monky - Turbulence
Saucy Monky - Flicker
Saucy Monky - No-One's Here Anymore
Saucy Monky - The Acrobat
Saucy Monky - Superstar
Saucy Monky - All The Things Ya Know
Saucy Monky - F'n Love
Wanessa Camargo - My Sweet Someday
Conception - Grand Again
Saucy Monky - My Girlfriend Is Alcohol
Saucy Monky - Ghosts
Saucy Monky - Slow Lane
Saucy Monky - Awkward
Saucy Monky - Sleepwalking
Saucy Monky - Do I Have Your Attention?
Kool & The Gang - Forever
The Warning - Our Mistakes
The Warning - Wild Fire
The Warning - The Sacrifice
The Warning - Sinister Smiles
The Warning - Queen of the Murder Scene
The Warning - Red Hands Never Fade
The Warning - Stalker
The Warning - Dull Knives (Cut Better)
Michel Bernholc - Darla Dirladada
Jorn - I Know There's Something Going On [Frida Cover]
Jorn - You're The Voice [John Farnham Cover]
Jorn - Hotel California [Eagles Cover]
Jorn - Stormbringer [Deep Purple Cover]
Jorn - Rev On The Red Line [Foreigner Cover]
Jorn - Killer Queen [Queen Cover]
Jorn - Rainbow In The Dark [Dio Cover]
Jorn - Running Up That Hill [Kate Bush Cover]
Jorn - Die Young [Black Sabbath Cover]
Jorn - The Final Frontier [Iron Maiden Cover]
Jorn - Live To Win [Paul Stanley Cover]
Jorn - Don't Stop Believin' [Journey Cover]
James Worthy - Blu
Lia Clark feat. Gloria Groove - Terremoto
Lexa feat. Gloria Groove - Provocar
Acid Witch - Mutilation Mansion
Lake Street Dive - Angioplast
Lake Street Dive - Young Boy
Lake Street Dive - Jameson
Time, the Valuator - Heritage
Time, the Valuator - Onryo
Time, the Valuator - Terminus
Time, the Valuator - Elusive Reasons
Time, the Valuator - How Fleeting
Time, the Valuator - Cloud City
Time, the Valuator feat. Nico Schiesewitz - In Control
Time, the Valuator - The Violent Sound
Time, the Valuator - Starseeker
Time, the Valuator feat. Mattéo Gelsomino - Fugitive
Time, the Valuator - When I Meet Death
Time, the Valuator - How Fragile
Monuments - Memoirs
Monuments - A.W.O.L.
Monuments - The Watch
Monuments - Celeste
Monuments - Stygian Blue
Monuments - Ivory
Monuments - Mirror Image
Monuments - Leviathan
Monuments - Regenerate
Monuments - Doxa
Monuments - 97% Static
Monuments - Admit Defeat
Monuments - Blue Sky Thinking
Monuments - The Uncollective
Monuments - Degenerate
Monuments feat. Spencer Sotelo - Denial
Monuments - Atlas
Monuments - Jinn
Monuments - Horcrux
Monuments - Garden of Sankhara
Monuments - Origin of Escape
Monuments - Saga City
Monuments - I, the Creator
Monuments - The Alchemist
Monuments - Samsara
Structures - Alien
Structures - Earth Gazing
Structures - Extinction
Structures - Nothing to Lose
Structures - My Conscience
Structures - Broken Telephone
Structures feat. Drew York - The Worst of Both Worlds
Structures feat. Adrian Fitipaldes - Follower
Structures - Buried
Structures - Requiem
Structures - Life Through a Window
Structures feat. Frankie Palmeri - Relapse, Signs.
Structures feat. Alex Erian and Kevin McCaughey - Clockwork
Structures - At Las[t]
Structures - I.N.T.E.N.T.
Structures - Hydroplaning
Structures - /
Structures - Paralyzed___
Structures - Tunnel Vision
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Modern Day Cain
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Nobody Likes the Opening Band
Kinder - Something More
Mike Posner - Stuck In The Middle
Weezer - Zombie Bastards
Chase & Status feat. Burro Banton - Delete
James Arthur and Anne-Marie - Rewrite The Stars
Reisa L. Gerber - Some Folks Know (It Did)
Jason Morant - I Love You, Lord
Tex Ritter - Rye Whiskey
Ge Korsten - Jerusalem (Afrikaans)
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Peggy Seeger - London Bridge
Back number - Hanataba
Lifehouse - Runaways
Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street
Bring It On - U.G.L.Y
The New London Chorale - Wings Of Gold
Erä-Koira - Samassa Lasissa
Erä-Koira - Käärmeet
Epelit - Flippaa & Kriippaa
Enni - Red Bul Antaa Siivet
Enni Haavisto - Kerro, Kerro
Eneyetee feat. Kahikko and Jespr - Mitä Mietit
Eneyetee - Paha Ämmä
Emppe & Jonttu - Älä Jätä Mua
Emppe & Jonttu - Ikävä
Reisa L. Gerber - A Million Bucks
Emmi Uusitalo - Yhdessä
Emmi Uusitalo - Palaa
Emmi Uusitalo - Olemme
Emmi Uusitalo - Kuulen
Emmi Uusitalo - Kuten Tiedät
Emmi Uusitalo - Huomaatko Nyt
Emmi Uusitalo - Helmikuun Valo
Emmi Uusitalo - Ei Se Mitään Muuta
Emmi Uusitalo - Aaltoina
Emma (FI) - Sulla On Toinen
Emma Salokoski - Veden Alla
Gulben Ergen - İnfilâk
Emily Frost - To Hell With It
Emily Frost - Echoes
Emily Frost - COOL
Elviira (FI) - Yksin
Elviira (FI) - Uudet Vaatteet
Elviira (FI) - Tyttö
Elviira (FI) - Tarinani
Elviira (FI) - Sanaton
Elviira (FI) - Päivät
Elviira (FI) - Enkeli
Elviira (FI) - Pelko
Elviira (FI) - Mikään Ei Riitä
Elviira (FI) - Huomenna Nukun Pitkään
Elviira (FI) - Hiipuu Pois
Elviira (FI) - Uskonut En
Elviira & Rake - Hyvästi James Bond
Elviira & Rake - Aurinkotuulessa
Else Johanna - Jotain Uutta
Elsa Vitikainen - On Liiton Pyhän Solmineet Nää Ihmislapset Maan
Lauri Tähkä - Mä En Pelkää
Elokuu - Soutaa Huopaa - v2
Ellinoora - Sininen Hetki
Ellinoora - Sellainen Mies
Ellinoora - Nartut
Ellinoora - Autiosaari
Ghost (B.C.) - Dance Macabre [Carpenter Brut Remix]
Ghost (B.C.) - Death Knell [Demo]
Ellinoora - Minä Elän
Ellinoora - Tytöille
Ellinoora - Ei Hävittävää (AEIOUAO)
Ellinoora - Yölaulu
Ellinoora - Rakkauden Kesä
Ellinoora - Pidän Sinusta Juuri Sellaisena Kuin Olet
Ellinoora - Kahleet
Ella Lymi - Mulle Käy
Ella Lymi - Poikii On
Ella Lahtinen - Paimenen Yösoitto
Ævangelist - The Sonance Of Eternal Discord
Ævangelist - Ascending Into The Pantheon
Ævangelist - Omen Of The Barren Womb
Ævangelist - Serpentine As Lustful Nightmare
Ævangelist - Æon Death Knell
Conception - Feather Moves
Esa Pakarinen - Lentävä Kalakukko
Elina Salo - Kolme Iloista Rosvoa (Rosvolaulu)
Elina Arlin - Poser
Elina Arlin - He's Not My Man
Elias Samuel Palomäki - Doris
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Tauti
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Sano Se Mulle
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Rakasta Vielä Kun Voit
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Puumaja
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Pelkään Koskea Kadulla
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Milloin Sä Eroat
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Kesä Yhdessä
Elias Kaskinen - Kauemmas Kuin Kaupunkiin
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Elämä Lupaa Mulle
Elias Kaskinen and Päivän Sankarit - Aina Minä Jään
Elias Gould - Loistava
Elias Gould feat. Iisa - Ikuinen Heinäkuu
Elias Gould - Tänään
Elias Gould, JVG and MGI - Revolveri
Elastinen - Nuku Vaan
Eddie Meduza - Runke Ball
Eyal Golan - Kshe At Ito - כשאת איתו
Hank Williams Jr. - Everything Comes Down To Money And Love
Todd Terry - Can You Feel It [The In House Dub]
The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York
Betty Wright - Thank You For The Many Things You've Done
Andrea Turk - Nothing About You
Muriel Dacq - Je Craque
Boyce Avenue - Hero
Jorn - Life On Death Road
Jorn - Dreamwalker
Jorn - Man Of The 80's
Jorn - Love Is The Remedy
Jorn - The Optimist
Jorn - Devil You Can Drive
Jorn - Blackbirds
Jorn - Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
Kim Wilde - Everyone's Sweetheart
Muriel Dacq - Ni Pourquoi, Ni Comment
Muriel Dacq - L'Enfer À L'Envers
Wanessa Camargo - Relaxa
Persefone - Spirals Within Thy Being
Persefone - An Infinitesimal Spark
Persefone - Aathma Part II. Spiritual Bliss
Persefone - Living Waves
Persefone - Aathma Part I. Universal Oneness
Persefone - Aathma Part III. One With The Light
Persefone - No Faced Mindless
Persefone - Aathma Part IV. ...Many Of One
J Sutta - Boss Bih
Persefone - Stillness Is Timeless
Persefone - Prison Skin
Persefone - In Lak'Ech
J Sutta - Inches Away
J Sutta feat. Hopsin - Feel Nothing
J Sutta - Sunday Island
Petter feat. Parham - Ändå
ZAYN - Rainberry
Alessia Cara - Out of Love
Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart
Nicky Romero feat. Alice Berg - My Way
Nina Nesbitt - Colder
Kelly Rowland - Kelly
Kenny B - Sranan Mi No Gwe
Kerli - Savages
Chance The Rapper - My Own Thing
Alan Walker feat. CORSAK - Different World
Syml - God I Hope This Year Is Better Than The Last
Syml - Girl
Syml - Fear Of The Water
Joe Janiak - The Best You Ever Had
Syml - Harvest Moon
Syml - Body
Syml - The War
Syml - Rising Upside Down
Syml - Leave Like That
Syml - Hurt for Me
Syml - Better
Prospekt - Hunting Poseidon
Prospekt - Visions
Prospekt - The Colourless Sunrise
Prospekt - A Desolate Kingdom
Prospekt - The Great Awakening
Jane Birkin - 18-39
Deathray - The Only One
Black Sabbath - Cry All Night
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?
Black Sabbath - Under the Sun
Black Sabbath - Take Me Home
Black Sabbath - End Of The Beginning
Black Sabbath - Isolated Man
Black Sabbath - Season Of The Dead
Jorn - Road Of The Cross - Live In Black
Marie Wilson - Never Going That Way Again
Nero - remixed by Culture Shock - Guilt [Remix]
Nero - remixed by Dirtyphonics - Me And You [Remix]
Esa Saarinen - Poikarakkaus
Prince Royce and CNCO - Llegaste Tú
Esa Eloranta - Viiniä Ja Ruusuja
Esa Eloranta - Vapaana Syntynyt
Esa Eloranta - Suomalainen Unelma
Esa Eloranta - Routa Sulaa
Esa Eloranta - Pysäkki
Esa Eloranta - Poika Julman Maan
Esa Eloranta - Pilvenpiirtäjä
Esa Eloranta - Pieni Mies
Esa Eloranta - Lady Huhtikuu
Esa Eloranta - Kaveri
Esa Eloranta - Joskus Tie On Vaan Tie
Esa Eloranta - Joet
Esa Eloranta - Jäit
Esa Eloranta - Ikuisesti Sun
Esa Eloranta - Pidetään Kiinni
Esa Eloranta - Myötätuuli
Esa Eloranta - Jack Kerouac
Esa Eloranta - Kipu Ja Kaipuu
Esa Eloranta - Sateenkaaren Päässä
Esa Eloranta - Hiljainen Taivas
Esa Eloranta - Ethän Jätä Pimeään
Esa Eloranta - Sydänyö
Esa Eloranta - Myyty Mies
Esa Eloranta - Muurinmurtajat
Esa Eloranta - Kevyesti Keskellä Päivää
Esa Eloranta - Yhteys
Esa Eloranta - Juonitar
Esa Eloranta - Nämä Toiveet
Esa Eloranta - Takkiaukimies
Esa Eloranta - Syvät Jäljet
Esa Eloranta - Talo
Esa Eloranta - Vedetään Lärvit
Esa Eloranta - Vajaa
Esa Eloranta - Onneen Tottuneet
Esa Eloranta - Isä Oppi Lentämään
Esa Eloranta - Se On Okei
Esa Eloranta - Mies Ilman Naista
Esa Eloranta - Tilkkutäkki
Esa Eloranta - Suuret Odotukset
Esa Eloranta - Angelina
Esa Eloranta - Nojaa Minuun
Esa Eloranta - Indigokuu
Esa Eloranta - Kuiskaukset
Esa Eloranta - Nyt Mä Kuuntelen
Esa Eloranta - Menit Edeltä Taivaaseen
Esa Eloranta - Aikakone
Esa Eloranta - Yö Kerrallaan
Esa Eloranta - Tanssin Koko Matkan
Esa Eloranta - Jotain Pysyvää
Ernest Lawson feat. Pikku G and Ansa Kynttilä - Me Ollaan Nuoriso
Erlendd & Wibe - Vihaajat Vihaa
Erkki Liikanen - Maali Se On Hunajata
Aarno Raninen - Odotan
Erkki Liikanen - Jokkantii
Erkki Kivelä - Soita Hiljaa Mun Kitaraani
Erkki Junkkarinen - Sinun Kanssasi Tähtisilmä
Erkki Junkkarinen - Nuoruusmuistoja
Erkki Junkkarinen - Kuusamoon Humppa
Erkki Junkkarinen - Hetken Pienen
Erkki Junkkarinen - Haaveilua
Icarus Witch - In The Dark
Icarus Witch - Rise
Icarus Witch - Last Call For Living
Icarus Witch - Nothing Is Forever
Icarus Witch - (We Are) The New Revolution
Icarus Witch - Break The Cycle
Icarus Witch - Tragedy
Icarus Witch - The End
Icarus Witch - Say When
Icarus Witch - Pray
Icarus Witch - Coming Of The Storm
American Pleasure Club - If It's Your Final Wish I'll Make It Happen
American Pleasure Club - Together in the Big Black Car
American Pleasure Club - The Way You Say My Name
American Pleasure Club - Smoking Rock With My Angel in Milwaukee
American Pleasure Club - Attitude Pt 2
American Pleasure Club - All I Ever Wanted
American Pleasure Club - Rivulet(s)
American Pleasure Club - You Call on Me
American Pleasure Club - But Not Enough to Sleep at Night
American Pleasure Club - (You) Know How I Like It
American Pleasure Club - Daniels
American Pleasure Club - Oranges
Erkki Junkkarinen - Elokuun Ilta
Eri Esittäjiä - Saimaanrannan Laulu
Eri Esittäjiä - Neuvostoliiton Kansallislaulu
Erakossa - Niin Kauheen Kaukana
Håkan Hellström - Vänta Tills Våren
Icarus Witch - Aquarius Rising
Icarus Witch - Draw Down The Moon
Icarus Witch - Serpent In The Garden
Icarus Witch - Haunting Visions
Icarus Witch - Dying Eyes
Icarus Witch - Funeral Wine
Icarus Witch - Reap What You Sow
Icarus Witch - Black Candles
Icarus Witch - The Ripper [Judas Priest Cover]
T.Latt - Timothy
Toronto - Ready to Make Up
Toronto - Those Eyes
Toronto - Break Down the Barricades
Toronto - Get It On Credit
Toronto - Start Tellin' the Truth
Seiko Matsuda - Anata ni Aitakute - Missing You [English Version]
Toronto - Someone Will Play the Blues
Toronto - Head On
Toronto - Gone in a Flash
Toronto - Lookin' for Trouble
Toronto - Even the Score
Wanessa - Me Pega de Jeito
Kelly Key - Me Pega de Jeito
Wanessa Camargo - Era Uma Vez
Wanessa Camargo - Festa na Floresta
Wanessa Camargo - Meu Menino
Reisa L. Gerber - On the Face of a Dime
Wanessa Camargo - Me Devorar
Wanessa Camargo - Te Quero Só Pra Mim
Wanessa Camargo - Eu Sou
Fish - Caledonia
Fish - The Seeker
Fish - TIme And A Word
Trans-X - Message On The Radio
Haruomi Hosono - Platonic
Haruomi Hosono - Luminescent / Hotaru
Evelina (FI) - Leijonakuningas
Evelina (FI) - Eloon!
Evelina (FI) - Vuoristorataa
Evelina (FI) - 24K
Evelina (FI) - Shh
Evelina (FI) - Tanssin Sun Kaa
Evelina (FI) feat. Eevil Stöö - Rakkaudesta Lajiin
Evelina Roo - Tää ärsyttää
Evelina Roo - Moi
Evelina Roo - Kesä
Evelina Roo - Ja mää
Wanessa Camargo - Knock, Knock, Knock
Wanessa Camargo - Chamar Atenção
Wanessa Camargo - Louca
Wanessa Camargo - Eu Vou Sonhar
Eurooppa 3 - Tuulikannel
Eugen Malmsten - Vanha Merimies Muistelee
Haruomi Hosono - Sports Men
Etelän Vetelät feat. Rambo - Miks Ne Aina
Etelän Vetelät - Hirveissä Oloissa
Esko Rahkonen - Soita Minun Kitaraani
Esko Rahkonen - Pikku Syntinen
Esko Rahkonen - Liian Kauan Liian Vähän Aikaa
Esko Rahkonen - Kotiseutu
Esko Rahkonen - Hiljainen Elegia
Hot Dad - Sports Men
Anna Eriksson - Joet Tulvimaan Itke (Cry Me A River)
Hot Dad - Summer Girls
Christine And The Queens - Goya Soda
Katatonia - The Night Subscriber
Katatonia - Serac
Katatonia - Passer
Katatonia - Residual
Katatonia - Pale Flag
Katatonia - Shifts
Katatonia - Takeover
Katatonia - Decima
Katatonia - Sanction
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls
Katatonia - Last Song Before The Fade
Katatonia - Serein
Tom Rosenthal - The Only Time I'm Home
Wanessa Camargo - Culpada
Topi Sorsakoski - Paras Päivä
Topi Sorsakoski - Olet Kaikki
Wanessa Camargo - Minha Vida Gira em Torno de Você
Topi Sorsakoski - Vain Yksin Me Kaksi
Reijo Taipale - Niittykukkaset
Daniel & Lukas - Data Hop
Go Fish - It's About The Cross
Glasgow Rangers - I Was Born Under A Union Jack
Norman Hutchins - He Has Come
Lata Mangeshkar - Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hain
Graves feat. EZI - I'm Fine
Anthony Rios - El niño Jesus
Su Yunying (蘇運瑩) - 野子
Ronica and the Mighty Blazing Stars - Lord It's In Your Hands
Go Fish - Joy to the World [DJ Pray-Z Version]
Made In London - Dirty Water
Agnetha Fältskog - Mössens Julafton
Joey & Rory - Remember Me
Gölä - Dr Himu Brönnt
Stevie Wonder and Andra Day - Someday At Christmas
Nat King Cole feat. Dean Martin - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Josh Groban - When You Say You Love Me
Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis - I Don't Need Anything But You
Scandinavian Music Group - Hölmö rakkaus
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon
Bardot - Dirty Water
Def Leppard - Run Riot
Cliff Richard - Rise Up
Reisa L. Gerber - worrying about it
Wanessa - Eu Nasci Só Pra Você
Summer Peaks - Done With Love
Summer Peaks - Color in the Shade
Summer Peaks - Entwined
Summer Peaks - Lately Sometimes
Summer Peaks - Bad Dreams
Summer Peaks - Great Barriers
Summer Peaks - Hello Dear
Summer Peaks - Paint
Summer Peaks - Change
Summer Peaks - You're Alone
Summer Peaks - Easy Now
Summer Peaks - I Adorn The Night
Summer Peaks - Swim Out
Summer Peaks - To These Memories
Summer Peaks - Awake
Aerial View - The Art of Art
Aerial View - No Resentment
Aerial View - Family Catalogue
Aerial View - Silent Majority
Aerial View - Golconda
Aerial View - With Eyes Unseeing
Aerial View - I Run
Aerial View - Lost Empire
Aerial View - Desiderium
Aerial View - Heroes with Guns
Aerial View - Hypnotist
Aerial View - Infinite Eyes
Wanessa - Amuleto Protetor
Wanessa - Apareceu Você
Wanessa - Vivo Por Mim
Unearth - Spirit In Black [Slayer Cover]
Mr. Probz - Praying to a God
Marshmello - Project Dreams
Kaskade - On Your Mind
Hardwell feat. Conor Maynard and Snoop Dogg - How You Love Me
Don Diablo feat. Nate Dogg - I Got Love
Broken Bells - Shelter
American Authors feat. Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE - Neighborhood
Miss Li - Den Vintertid Nu Kommer
The Freeze - The Band's Waiting
The Freeze - In Their Dreams
Rage - Time Will Tell
Rage - All We Know Is Not
Rage - Serpents In Disguise
Rage - Blackened Karma
Rage - The Tragedy Of Man (Part 4: Farewell)
Rage - Septic Bite
Rage - The Tragedy Of Man (Part 2: Justify)
Rage - Southcross Union
Rage - Sword Made Of Steel
Rage - Walk Among The Dead
Rage - Faster Than Hell
Rage - The Tragedy Of Man (Part 3: Bloodshed In Paradise)
Rage - Assorted By Satan
Rage - The Tragedy Of Man (Part 1: Gaia)
Rage - Down To The Bone
Rage - Season Of The Black
Rage - Adoration
The Freeze - New Poison
Wanessa - Eu Voltei
Wanessa - Independente (Ladies Night)
Bahari - Fucked Up
Bahari - Get Together
Bahari - Wild Ones
Bahari - Reasons
Bahari - Altar of the Sun
Bahari - California
Bahari - Summer Forever
The Freshies - Wrap Up the Rockets
Air Miami - Special Angel
Air Miami - The Event Horizon
Air Miami - Definitely Beachy
Air Miami - You Sweet Little Heartbreaker
Air Miami - Neely
Air Miami - Afternoon Train
Hangar - The Silence Of Innocent
Hangar - Beauty In Disrepair
Hangar - A Letter From 1997 (MHJ)
Hangar - Forest Of Forgotten
Hangar - Reality Is A Prison
Hangar - Just like Heaven [Acoustic Version]
Hangar - The Hangar Of Hannibal
Hangar - We Keep Running The Course
Hangar - The Revenant
Wanessa - Não Tô Pronta Pra Perdoar
Varsity - UFO
Varsity - The Dogs Only Listen to Him
Varsity - Discipline
Varsity - Lied For You
Varsity - Must Be Nice
Varsity - Watching You
Varsity - Gordi, You're A Saint
Varsity - A Friend Named Paul
Varsity - Settle Down
Varsity - Krissy
Varsity - Alone In My Principles
Varsity - Isolation
Four Cats - Ikävä
Flowboysfam - Veljii Ei Voi Valita
Flowboysfam feat. Jam - Karsinnois
Flowboysfam - Viimeinen Suudelma
Flowboysfam - Kunnossa
Wanessa - Perdeu
Wanessa - Vou Propor
Mimikry - Det är då jag ber fast jag vet att han inte finns
Lil Wayne - In This House
Wanessa - Máquina Digital
Unearth - Black Hearts Now Reign [Live Album]
Unearth - The Glorious Nightmare [Live Album]
Unearth - The Great Dividers [Live Album]
Unearth - One Step Away - [Live Album]
Unearth - March Of The Mutes [Live Album]
Unearth - Giles [Live Album]
Unearth - Only The People [Live Album]
Unearth - Endless [Live Album]
Unearth - Sanctity Of The Brothers [Live Album]
Unearth - This Lying World [Live Album]
Unearth - Zombie Autopilot [Live Album]
Flaidis & Pekkajäbä feat. Solonen & Kosola and Käyttörikos - Hoodiblues
Fintelligens - Rotko
Fintelligens - Mikä Boogie
Fintelligens feat. Petter - Kivijalka
Finlanders - Pieni Häkki Ja Linnut Sen
FatBoy L - Flossaa
Fam (FI) feat. Juno and Mia Huovila - Kultaa & Hiekkaa
Fam (FI) feat. Bablo - Mies Eikä Mikään
Wanessa - Dono da Noite
Wanessa - Sentido a Minha Vida
Wanessa - Não Me Leve a Mal (Let Me Live)
Mimikry - Mitt blod
Oksana Angel - Intertwined
Skyler - Crazy About You
Faija - Olutta Ja Mennyttä
Fagerholm feat. Keijo - Raviretki
Divingstation95 - Child Actor
Divingstation95 - Facedown in the Bathtub
Divingstation95 - Paula's Boutique
Divingstation95 - Two Houses
Divingstation95 - Drunk in Oregon
Divingstation95 - Bees
Divingstation95 - Surface of the Moon
Divingstation95 - Some hippie bullshit would do me good
Divingstation95 - Lavender
Seiko Matsuda - Rainbow - Rokugatsu Umare
Mimikry - Julkort till Bäckvägen 7
The Good And The Damned - Like Crazy
Wanessa - Desejos [Remix]
Wanessa Camargo - Anestesia
Wanessa - Desejos
Wanessa - Gosto Tanto
Ezkimo - Ilman Sua
Ezkimo - Sä Katosit Yöhön
Ezkimo - Agentti On Takas
Ezkimo - Bla Bla Bla
Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly
Dieselle - Dj
Dragonette and Mike Mago - Outlines
M. Pokora feat. Soprano - Mieux Que Nous
Youssoupha - Smile
Otto Knows - Next To Me
R.I.O. - Thinking Of You
Jack Perry - Dime
Robin Schulz feat. Ilsey - Headlights
Michael Calfan - Treasured Soul
Dasoul - Él No Te Da
Jason Derulo - Want to Want Me
Blonde feat. Melissa Steel - I Loved You
Willy William and Sophia Del Carmen - Lipstick [Radio French Edit]
Charli XCX feat. Rita Ora - Doing It
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha and Afrojack - Hey Mama
Mampi and Bobi Wine - Why
Magic System - Sweet Fanta Diallo (Adieu Soleil)
Wanessa Camargo - Em Cima do Salto
Wanessa Camargo - Não Me Sufoca!
Wanessa Camargo - Agora Eu Sei
Wanessa Camargo - Vai Mentir Pra Lá
Hangar - Forgive The Pain - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - Call Me In The Name Of Death - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - Hastiness - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - Time To Forget - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - One More Chance - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - Based On A True Story - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Hangar - The Reason Of Your Conviction - Live In Brusque/SC, Brazil
Ezkimo - Avoin Mikki
Wanessa Camargo - Coração Embriagado
Wanessa Camargo - Choveu Amor
Spekti feat. Niila - Vaikka Väkisin
Spekti - Teen Mitä Haluun
Spekti - Forza Italia
Wanessa feat. Gigi D'Alessio - Um Coração Apaixonado
Wanessa - Vi Anjos
Anssi Kela - Kenenkään Ei Pitäisi Olla Yksin
Wanessa - Demais
Wanessa - Estou Em Suas Mãos
Wanessa - Sorte
Wanessa - Só Se Vive Uma Vez
E W E - Seilaillaan
Wanessa Camargo - Só da Eu e Você
Evestiina - Jalat Ei Yllä Pohjaan
Aleksanteri Hakaniemi - Nikotiini
Nashville Tribute Band feat. Mindy Gledhill and Dan Truman - Emma
Camila and Wanessa - Abrázame / Me Abrace
Wanessa - Me Abrace
Alan Walker feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 and CORSAK - Different World
DREAMERS - Misfits T-Shirt
DREAMERS - The Last Love Song
DREAMERS - Black & White
DREAMERS - Fake It Til You Make It
Run River North - Superstition
Run River North - Mr. Brightside
Run River North - Salt Pond
Run River North - Seven
Plamen Dereu - Timeless [Mr. Beemer & Ezyo Remix]
Keep Of Kalessin - Warmonger
Keep Of Kalessin - A New Empire's Birth
Keep Of Kalessin - Kolossus
Keep Of Kalessin - Against The Gods
Keep Of Kalessin - The Rising Sign
Keep Of Kalessin - Winged Watcher
Keep Of Kalessin - The Black Uncharted
Keep Of Kalessin - Armada
Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne - Good Form
Civil War - The Last Full Measure
Garth Brooks - The River
Trace Adkins - Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
Sisqó - Thong Song
Lars Kilevold - Ute til lunch (med Torstein Bieler)
Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls
JaP - Min Vän
Frank Sinatra feat. Nelson Riddle - Witchcraft
Dean Martin - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Whitney Houston - Joy
Eddy Arnold - Slowpoke
Mariah Carey - Jesus Born On This Day
Garth Brooks - Standing Outside The Fire
Mariah Carey - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
Gaither Vocal Band - Still The Greatest Story Ever Told
Mariah Carey - Silent Night
Kevin Spacey - Beyond The Sea
Garth Brooks - Two Pina Coladas
Peter Jöback - Marias Sång
The Supremes feat. The Temptations - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Shirley Temple - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
One OK Rock - Memories
Mariah Carey - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
James Arthur in duet with Anne-Marie - Rewrite The Stars
Keep Of Kalessin - Judgement
Keep Of Kalessin - The Dragontower
Keep Of Kalessin - The Awakening
Kane Brown - American Bad Dream
Kane Brown - Good as You
Kane Brown - Baby Come Back to Me
Kane Brown - Short Skirt Weather
Kane Brown - My Where I Come From
Kane Brown - Weekend
Kane Brown - Live Forever
Kane Brown feat. Becky G - Lost in the Middle of Nowhere
Kane Brown - Work
Kane Brown - It Ain't You It's Me
Kane Brown - One Night Only
Stephan Noel Lang - Mutter Erde (Mother Earth)
Army of Me - Modern Times
Army of Me - Road Map
Army of Me - Walk In The Dark
Army of Me - Song For A King
Army of Me - Dreams
Army of Me - White Flag Flies
Army of Me - The Action Is Rising
Army of Me - Arlington
Army of Me - Tumbleweeds
Army of Me - In My Blood
Army of Me - Go
Army of Me - Don't Be Long
Army of Me - Heart of Love
Army of Me - Love Song
Army of Me - On My Way
Army of Me - Lost at Sea
Army of Me - How Long
Army of Me - Safe Here
Army of Me - Come Down to D.C.
Army of Me - My Defense
Army of Me - Watch for Snakes
Ric Ocasek - Carousel
Haloo Helsinki! - Ei Suomalaiset Tanssi
Sofa - Tyttörukka
Sofa - Lucy Liukas
WIL - Puoli Maailmaa
WIL - Sekasin Päivist
WIL - Pois Täält
WIL - Empire
WIL - Sinitarraa
Helena Siltala - Yön Väistyessä
Helena Siltala - Ranskalaiset Korot
Chris Isaak - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
Exuma - Brown Girl
Funtsi - Kaikki Okei
Freud Marx Engels & Jung - Danny Show
Freud Marx Engels & Jung - Juomalaulu II
Freud Marx Engels & Jung - Sunnuntaiaamun Kadut
Freud Marx Engels & Jung - Särkynytsydämiset
Freud Marx Engels & Jung - En Koskaan Mene Sänkyyn Ruman Naisen Kanssa
Fredi - Ota Ja Omista
Flesh For Lulu - Postcards From Paradise
Flesh For Lulu - Sooner Or Later
Flesh For Lulu - Crash
Flesh For Lulu - Good For You
Flesh For Lulu - Siamese Twist
Flesh For Lulu - Sleeping Dogs
FP (FI) - Jypinkylä II
FP (FI) - Jypinkylä 3
Pentatonix - Sweater Weather
Pentatonix and Maren Morris - When You Believe
Pentatonix - Jingle Bells
Pentatonix - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Pentatonix - Making Christmas
Pentatonix - What Christmas Means to Me
Pentatonix - Here Comes Santa Claus
Pentatonix feat. Kelly Clarkson - Grown-Up Christmas List
Pentatonix - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Pentatonix - Where Are You, Christmas?
Mel Brooks - It's Good To Be The King Rap
Jenni Vartiainen - Vanki
Jenni Vartiainen - Susta Enkelit Pitävät Huolta
Jenni Vartiainen - Sinun Vuorosi Loistaa
Jenni Vartiainen - Oot Täydellinen
Jenni Vartiainen - Mato
Jenni Vartiainen - Sydän Vähän Kallellaan
Jenni Vartiainen - Martin Luther Kingin Laulu
Jenni Vartiainen - Ikävä
Jenni Vartiainen - Vainot
Jenni Vartiainen - Voinko Mä Todella Lähteä Näin?
Jenni Vartiainen - Monologi
Jenni Vartiainen - Taas
Robin - Ylitit Rajan
Robin - Tatuoitu
Robin - Suolaa Ja Vettä
Robin feat. Mikael Gabriel - Se Tunne Kun
Robin feat. Vilma Alina - Samettia
Robin - Saappaat
Robin - Oot Mun Eka
Robin feat. Tommy Lindgren - Lentoon
Robin - Kultakehykset
Robin - Kaikki OK
Reisa L. Gerber - Water eipples
Johanna Kurkela - On Suuri Sun Rantas Autius
Johanna Kurkela - Odotus
Blackjack [US] - Without Your Love
The TVC feat. Paris Carney - Crazy Good
Donas - Suar
Johanna Kurkela - Häävalssi
Johanna Kurkela - Elegia
Johanna Kurkela - Elämä On Nyt
Johanna Kurkela - Linnunradan Lapset
Müslüm Gürses - İtirazım Var
Haloo Helsinki! - This World Is Tired Of Hate, Vihaan Kyllästynyt
Müslüm Gürses - Paramparça
Haloo Helsinki! - Farssi
Keep Of Kalessin - Universal Core
Keep Of Kalessin - Necropolis
Keep Of Kalessin - The Spiritual Relief
Keep Of Kalessin - The Grand Design
Keep Of Kalessin - Epistemology
Keep Of Kalessin - Dark Divinity
Keep Of Kalessin - Introspection
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Stora plank & små staket
Brantley Gilbert feat. Lindsay Ell - What Happens In A Small Town
Alan Walker feat. Sorana - Lost Control
The Chainsmokers - Hope
Ariana Grande - Imagine
Müslüm Gürses - İkimizin Yerine
The Megas - Cracked Skulls
The Megas - Wicked Child
The Megas feat. Amanda Lepre - Vampire Killer
The Megas - Burn
The Megas - Bloody Tears
The Megas - Heart of Fire
The Megas - Out of Time
Müslüm Gürses - Tutamıyorum Zamanı
Müslüm Gürses - Sigara
Thursday's Children - Air-Conditioned Man
Red Army Choir & Orchestra - Kalinka
Jão - Me Beija Com Raiva
The Decemberists - Traveling On
The Decemberists - I Will Not Say Your Name
The Decemberists - Midlist Author
The Decemberists - Down on the Knuckle
Wanessa - Me Leva
Wanessa feat. Rita Lee - Coisas da Vida
Alcatrazz - Too Young to Die, Too Drunk To Live - Live
Wanessa - Como Eu Te Quis
Wanessa feat. Rick Dub - O Que Vem do Reggae é Bom
Wanessa Camargo - Boquinha de Açúcar
Cheek (FI) feat. J.Ahola - Jää
Cheek (FI) - Alla Tähden Tuon
Alexandre Carlo feat. Ellen Oléria - Te Beijar
Reisa L. Gerber - Smack on the Can
Reisa L. Gerber - When Push Came to Shove
Wanessa feat. Alexandre Carlo - Te Beijar
Alexandre Carlo - Cabelo de Cachoeira
Quincy Wilson feat. Merdan D - Me Gusta
The Good And The Damned - House of the Rising Sun
Wanessa - remixed by Mr. Jam - Worth It [Mister Jam Boomboxx Club Mix]
Wanessa - remixed by Dave Audé - Stuck On Repeat [Dave Audé Club Remix]
Wanessa - Blind Faith
Wanessa - It's Over
Wanessa - High
Wanessa - Tonight Forever
Red Vox - Burn a Picture [Demo]
Wanessa - Rescue Mission
Red Vox - From the Stars [Demo]
Wanessa - Blow Me Away
Mr. Jam feat. Wanessa - Falling For U
Wanessa - Get Loud!
Wanessa - DNA
JoJo - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
Korpiklaani - Luontoni
Korpiklaani - Jouni Jouni
Korpiklaani - Ieva's Polka
Korpiklaani - FC Lahti
Korpiklaani - Kuin Korpi Nukkuva
Korpiklaani - Harmaja
Korpiklaani - Juomamaa
Korpiklaani - Kallon Malja
Korpiklaani - Kotikonnut
Korpiklaani - Korppikalliota
Korpiklaani - Korpikuusen Kyynel
Korpiklaani - Aallon Alla
Korpiklaani - Henkselipoika
Korpiklaani - Lempo
Korpiklaani - Kylästä Keväinen Kehto
Korpiklaani - Louhen Yhdeksäs Poika
Korpiklaani - Lonkkaluut
Korpiklaani - Korvesta Liha
Korpiklaani - Könnin Kuokkamies
Korpiklaani - Erämaan Ärjyt
Korpiklaani - Kultanainen
NAKED KOALA and Olaf Blackwood - Reasons
Souvarit - Seitsemän päivää
Jill Johnson - I Will Never Let You Know
Sally Dworsky and Michelle Pfeiffer - When You Believe
Dire Straits feat. Mark Knopfler - Sultans Of Swing
Michel Delpech - Le Restaurant Chinois
Wanessa - Hair & Soul
Hot Dad - A Christmas Shortcut
Sulphur Aeon - Legion We Are
Sulphur Aeon - Aeons Of Sulphur
Sulphur Aeon - 40mm Psalms
Sulphur Aeon - Watch You Burn
Sulphur Aeon - Deep Deep Down They Sleep
Sulphur Aeon - Ruins Underneath The Waves
Barns Courtney feat. Lennon Stella - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Barns Courtney - Good Thing
Wanessa - You Can't Break a Broken Heart
Wanessa feat. Naldo Benny - Deixa Rolar
Judas Priest - Johnny B. Goode [Chuck Berry Cover]
Barns Courtney - Never Let You Down
Barns Courtney - The Attractions of Youth
Barns Courtney - Hobo Outside Tesco, London
Wanessa - Messiah
Pierre Bachelet - Emmanuelle
Divingstation95 - Martika
Quebrada Queer - Quebrada Queer
Quebrada Queer - Pra Quem Duvidou
Quebrada Queer feat. Gloria Groove - Sem Terror
Quebrada Queer - Quem?
Quebrada Queer feat. Hiran - Arruda
Quebrada Queer - Templo (Hold Up)
Tigerman WOAH! - Circle
Tigerman WOAH! - Count Me In
Tigerman WOAH! - Do It All Again
Tigerman WOAH! - Devil
Tigerman WOAH! - Factory Boys
Tigerman WOAH! - The World Is Burning
Wasback feat. Drew Ryn - Fatal
Reisa L. Gerber - Please Shut Up
GOT7 - Come On 안 보여
Drängarna - Kasper Jesper Och Jonathan
Kanye West feat. Dwele - Flashing Lights
Håkan Hellström - Båda Sidor Nu
Queen - Thank God It's Christmas
Queen - Love Of My Life [2011 Remaster]