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Eruption [SI] - Playing with Matches
Eruption [SI] - Twisted Reality
Eruption [SI] - Democracy
Eruption [SI] - The Sands of Time
Eruption [SI] - The Auditors
Eruption - Go Johnnie Go (Keep On Walking, John B.)
Eruption - Up And Away
Eruption - Valley Of The Dolls
Eruption - Party, Party
Eruption - The Way We Were
Eruption - I'll Take You There
Marc Broussard - Rosé All Day
Marc Broussard - Leave a Light On
Marc Broussard - Don't Be Afraid to Call Me
Marc Broussard - Wounded Hearts
Marc Broussard - Please Please Please
Marc Broussard - Baton Rouge
Boondox - Abaddon Intro
Miley Cyrus - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
The Killers - Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
Mumford & Sons - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Alessia Cara - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Coldplay - We All Fall In Love Sometimes
Mary J. Blige - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Lady Gaga - Your Song
Queens Of The Stone Age - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Q-Tip feat. Demi Lovato - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Sam Smith - Daniel
Hillsong Young & Free - Let Go
Shawn Mendes - Where Were You In The Morning?
BTS - Singularity
Pietro Lombardi - Phänomenal
Pretty Pink feat. Chapeau Claque - Wenn jetzt Sommer wär
Slydigs - Railway Road
Rhys Lewis - No Right To Love You [Acoustic]
Anderson .Paak - Bubblin
Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go
Slydigs - The Kids Feel Underrated
Slydigs - The Truth Will Be Found
Slydigs - To Catch a Fading Light
David44 - Burn
TYMEN - Love Inside The Lush
The Kooks - No Pressure
Armin Van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah
James Bay - Just For Tonight
Betty Who - Taste
Passenger - Hell Or High Water
Yellow Claw - Bittersweet
Galantis feat. Uffie - Spaceship
Cheat Codes - I Love It
The Black Eyed Peas - RING THE ALARM pt.1, pt.2, pt.3
Reisa L. Gerber - Who Will I Sleep With Tonight?
Reisa L. Gerber - The NARSAD Grants
Reisa L. Gerber - Dreams
The Void Union feat. Ruby Rose Fox - Tobacco
Hot Dad - Rabbits Are (Cool and Fun)
Janina Vela feat. Donny Pangilinan - Sorry I Left
Billie Eilish and Khalid - lovely
Partenaire Particulier - Partenaire Particulier
Dana Dawson - Ready To Follow You
Hervé Cristiani - Il Est Libre Max
Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero
Jean Schultheis - Confidence Pour Confidence
Gérard Blanc - Une Autre Histoire
Lio - Les Brunes Comptent Pas Pour Des Prunes
Desireless - Voyage Voyage
Barcelone - Lola
David & Jonathan - Bella Vita
Caroline Loeb - C'Est La Ouate
Patrick Zabé - Agadou Dou Dou
Johnny Duncan - Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
Patrick Zabé - Un Peu D'Amour, Beaucoup De Haine
Patrick Zabé - Tout Nu, Tout Bronzé
Patrick Zabé - Señor Météo
Patrick Zabé - Oh ! Darling
Patrick Zabé - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Patrick Zabé - Les Lunettes
Patrick Zabé - La Sirène De Mon Rêve
Patrick Zabé - La Lettre
Patrick Zabé - Je Bois De L'Eau Dans Mon Lit D'Eau
Patrick Zabé - Il Tape Sur Des Bambous
Patrick Zabé - Et Si Moi, Je Ne Veux Pas
Patrick Zabé - Day-O (Talimi-Banana)
Patrick Zabé - C'Est Bon Pour Le Moral
Patrick Zabé - C'Qu'On Est Bien Dans Son Bain
Ariaa feat. Mike We$t - Farsi
Troye Sivan - WILD
Shirley Carvalhaes - Feridos na Arena
Royce Da 5'9" feat. T-Pain and Chavis Chandler - First of the Month
Shirley Carvalhaes - Fala Com Deus
Shirley Carvalhaes - É Ele
Shirley Carvalhaes - Filho do Rei
Shirley Carvalhaes - Sopra Sobre o Vale
Breakwater - The One In My Dreams
Breakwater - Splashdown Time
Breakwater - Say You Love Me Girl
Breakwater - You
Breakwater - Love of My Life
Breakwater - Let Love In
Shirley Carvalhaes - Cenário de Vitória
BRONCHO - Taj Mahal
BRONCHO - Stop Tricking
BRONCHO - Stay Loose
BRONCHO - Get Off My Reservations
BRONCHO - Losers
BRONCHO - Insert Coin
BRONCHO - Psychiatrist
BRONCHO - Try Me Out Sometime
BRONCHO - I Don't Really Want To Be Social
BRONCHO - Pick A Fight
Eddy Grant - Restless World
Eddy Grant - Welcome To La Tigre
Eddy Grant - Barefoot Soldier
Eddy Grant - California Style
BRONCHO - Get In My Car
Historical Folk - He's The Lily Of The Valley
Historical Folk - I Found Jesus Over In Zion
Historical Folk - Let The Church Roll On
Historical Folk - Hide-a Me
Historical Folk - I Got Mah Swoad in Mah Han'
Historical Folk - I Got a Key To The Kingdom
Historical Folk - I'm Runnin' On
Historical Folk - No Condemnation In My Soul
Historical Folk - I Stood Outside The Gate
Historical Folk - Wish I Was in Heabum Settin' Down
Historical Folk - I Got A Hidin' Place
Historical Folk - In This Field
Historical Folk - When Jesus Comes
Historical Folk - If I Have Mah Tickit Lawd
Historical Folk - Wring My Hands And Cry
Historical Folk - Lawd I Want Two Wings
Historical Folk - Do Lord Remember Me
Historical Folk - Steal Away To Mah Fathuh's Kingdom
Shirley Carvalhaes - De Joelho
Historical Folk - I Wanta Live So God Can Use Me
Historical Folk - Little Black Train Is A Comin'
Historical Folk - Soon One Mawnin' Death Come Creepin' In Yo' Room
Historical Folk - Oh Mary - Oh Marthy
Historical Folk - Oh Sinner
Historical Folk - When I Die
Historical Folk - 'Way In The Kingdom
Historical Folk - I Believe I'll Go Back Home
Historical Folk - That Lonesome Valley
Historical Folk - In the Army Of The Lord
Historical Folk - I'm An Everyday Witness
Historical Folk - Yo' Sins Are Gonna Find You Out
Historical Folk - Ezekiel's Wheel
Historical Folk - It May Be De Las' Time
Historical Folk - Git Yo' Ticket
Historical Folk - Come Unto Me
Historical Folk - I'll Be Sleepin' In Mah Grave
Historical Folk - I Mean To Lift Up A Standard For My King
Historical Folk - My God He Is A Man Of War
Historical Folk - Tell 'Em I'm Gone
Historical Folk - Walk About Elders
Historical Folk - Some O' These Days
Historical Folk - Heaven Is A Beautiful Place
Historical Folk - John Done Saw Dat Numbuh
Historical Folk - Time Is Drawin' Nigh
Historical Folk - When I'm Gone
Historical Folk - Mary Wept An' Marthy Moaned
Henry Gross - What You Dream (Prelude)
Carlo Mastrangelo - Little Orphan Girl (My Heart is your Home)
Rita Ora feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX - Girls
Dionne Warwick feat. Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight - That's What Friends Are For
Prima Vera - Det Er Norge Som Er Bra
Tom Lehrer - Be Prepared
Etta James - Amen This Little Light of Mine
Sara Ramirez - The Story
Alabama Mass Choir - If You Love Him
Ulf Lundell - Rom I Regnet
William McDowell - Whisper His Name
Paris Avenue - In My Mind
The Simpsons - See My Vest
Rev. Milton Brunson - The Holy Ghost
Thalia - Quinceañera
Dir En Grey - Kodou [+ english translation]
George Strait - She'll Leave You With a Smile (v1)
Chris Janson - Drunk Girl
Blizzy feat. Kapten Röd - Onda ögat
John Kongos - Jubilee Cloud
Kraken - Piel De Cobre
Kraken - Lenguaje de mi piel (acústica)
Kraken - Sensibilidad
Kraken - O' Culto
Kraken - Siempre
Olivia Newton-John in duet with Cliff Richard - Suddenly
Olivia Newton-John and The Tubes - Dancin'
Electric Light Orchestra - The Fall
Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Walk Away
Olivia Newton-John - Suspended In Time
Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly - Whenever You're Away From Me
Olivia Newton-John - Magic
Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra - Xanadu
Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World
Cheap Flights - Confused
Cheap Flights - The Cue
Cheap Flights - Invisible Friends
Cheap Flights - Dive
Cheap Flights - Sparks
Cheap Flights - What You Are
Plamen Dereu - De vriendjes van 10
Kraken - Explorador
Plamen Dereu - Timeless
Paty Cantú feat. Nervo - You Don't Get Me
Boyce Avenue - Sailing
The Lads - Cut the Grass
The Lads - The Lads TV [Theme]
Shirley Bassey - Born To Sing
Shirley Carvalhaes - Nosso Deus é Tremendo
Shirley Carvalhaes - Simplesmente Invencível
Shirley Carvalhaes - DNA de Campeão
Jacquees feat. T-Pain - Rodeo
J-Ax and Fedez feat. Alessia Cara - Cuore Nerd
Corey Smith - Empty Rooms
Marcus Orelias - Fate (
Rick Ross feat. T-Pain and Kodak Black - Florida Boy
Zazie - Speed
Howlong Wolf - Like Losers Do
Howlong Wolf - The Strongest Man Alive
Howlong Wolf - Diggin' on My Own
Howlong Wolf - Wasting Time Again
Eddy Grant - Ten to One Is Murder
Eddy Grant - Ugly Woman
Eddy Grant - Miss Tourist
Eddy Grant - Sugar Bum Bum
Shirley Carvalhaes - Não é Tempo de Parar
Dame D.O.L.L.A. feat. Lil Wayne - Loyal to the Soil
B.o.B feat. Lil Wayne - E.T.
Shirley Carvalhaes - A Sós Com Deus
Kraken - La Barca De Los Locos (2013)
Hodgy feat. Lil Wayne - Tape Beat
Andre Crouch - Touch Me
Andre Crouch - Praises
Andre Crouch - Say So
Andre Crouch - I've Got Confidence
Andre Crouch - I'm Gonna Keep on Singin'
Andre Crouch - We Need To Hear From You
Andre Crouch - All Because Of Jesus
Andre Crouch - The Lord Is My Light
Andre Crouch - We Are Not Ashamed
Andre Crouch - Jesus Is The Answer
Andre Crouch - It's Gonna Rain
Andre Crouch - Perfect Peace
Andre Crouch - I'll Be Thinking Of You
Andre Crouch - Soon And Very Soon
Andre Crouch - Just Like He Said He Would
Andre Crouch - My Tribute
Andre Crouch - Bless His Holy Name
Lordi - SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
Lordi - Haunting Season
Lordi - Romeo Ate Juliet
Lordi - Naked In My Cellar
Lordi - Hell Has Room (No Vacancy In Heaven)
Lordi - Rimskin Assassin
Lordi - Sexorcism
Lordi - Slashion Model Girls
Lordi - Hot & Satanned
Lordi - Your Tongue's Got The Cat
Lordi - Polterchrist
Lordi - Sodomesticated Animal
Lordi - The Beast Is Yet To Cum
Tenille Townes - White Horse
Tenille Townes - Somebody's Daughter
Tenille Townes - Jersey on the Wall - I'm Just Asking
Jessie J - One Night Lover
Jessie J - Dopamine
Jessie J - Play
Jessie J - Oh Lord [Interlude]
Jessie J - Dangerous
Jessie J - I Believe In Love
Jessie J - Glory
Jessie J - Four Letter Word
Jessie J - Petty
Jessie J - Easy On Me
Howlong Wolf - Cold Spell
Howlong Wolf - Add It Up
Howlong Wolf - The Turn of the Tide
Howlong Wolf - What Do I Know
Howlong Wolf - Maybe I'm Right
Howlong Wolf - Just Because
Howlong Wolf - Before I Die
Howlong Wolf - I Won't Charge Nothing
Howlong Wolf - Tied Up (And I'm Like Ooh)
Howlong Wolf - That's Where It's At
Petter feat. Molly Sandén - Regnet
Jonas Blue feat. Jack & Jack - Rise
Disciples (UK) - Atheist
Disciples (UK) and David Guetta - No Worries
Robin Schulz and Disciples (UK) - Yellow
Shirley Carvalhaes - Ouvi Dizer
Shirley Carvalhaes - Esse Adorador
Shirley Carvalhaes - Vai Tudo Bem
Shirley Carvalhaes - Vão Ver
Tyga feat. Lil Wayne and Meek Mill - Good Day
DeJ Loaf feat. Lil Wayne - Me U & Hennessy [Remix]
DeJ Loaf - Me U & Hennessy
Jessica Simpson - Silent Night
Jessica Simpson - Jingle Bell Rock
Jessica Simpson in duet with John Britt - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Shirley Carvalhaes - Sonhos de Deus
Shirley Carvalhaes - Resgate de Deus
Shirley Carvalhaes - Quando Ele Chega
Shirley Carvalhaes - Lavado e Remido
French Montana feat. Lil Wayne - I Ain't Gonna Lie
Reisa L. Gerber - mexicali souvenier4 a puertorican stud
Blame Candy - Pathetic
Bullets and Octane - Return
Freekey Zekey feat. Lil Wayne, Chad B and Tito Green - We Hustle
R. City feat. Adam Levine and Lil Wayne - Locked Away [Remix]
Shirley Carvalhaes - O Cálice
Shirley Carvalhaes - Você Vai Ver
Shirley Carvalhaes - Tudo Por Você
T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne - Let Me Thru
Belly [rapper] feat. Lil Wayne - Barely Sober
Dae Dae feat. Young Thug and Young M.A - Spend It [Young Thug & Young M.A. Remix]
Dae Dae feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz - Spend It [Remix]
Dae Dae - Spend It
Shirley Carvalhaes - A Voz do Silêncio
Shirley Carvalhaes - A Espera de Um Milagre
Gucci Mane feat. Lil Wayne - Oh Lord
Shirley Carvalhaes - O Astro
Cesár Sampson - Nobody But You
Boyce Avenue - Hello [Lionel Richie cover]
Gaby Amarantos - Sou Mais Eu
The Record Company - Rita Mae Young
The Record Company - Off the Ground
The Warning - Exterminated
The Warning - River's Soul
Bullets and Octane - Harder To Breathe
Bullets and Octane - My Heart Is An Empire
Shirley Carvalhaes - Vou Adorar
Shirley Carvalhaes feat. Gidel Lannes - Como Na Primeira Vez
Shirley Carvalhaes - Lábios de Mel
Shirley Carvalhaes - Vivas Em Mim
Shirley Carvalhaes - Movimento de Deus
Shirley Carvalhaes - Olha Eu De Novo
Shirley Carvalhaes - Amigo do Peito
Annabella - Fever
N.O.R.E. feat. Lil Wayne, Ja Rule and Birdman - She Tried [Remix]
Säkert! - Washington
Ricky Lynn Gregg - Get A Little Closer
Ricky Lynn Gregg - A Woman Like You
Asher Roth feat. Lil Wayne - Party Girl
Ty & Kory feat. Snoop Dogg and Ashlee Simpson - Irresistible
Jaded Era - Invisible
Shirley Carvalhaes - A Fé
Shirley Carvalhaes - Caminho do Mestre
Shirley Carvalhaes - Farol na Escuridão
Shirley Carvalhaes - Tanque de Betesda
Shirley Carvalhaes - Primavera
Shirley Carvalhaes - Eu Sou Deus
Camila Cabello feat. Pharrell Williams - Sangria Wine
Prefab Sprout - Appetite
Galenskaparna & After Shave - Harrys Sång
Cliff Richard - When I'm Sixty Four
PMMP - Pariterapiaa
The Streets - Dry Your Eyes
Grupo Climax - El Za Za Za (Mesa Que Más Aplauda)
Happoradio - Tavikset
Anders Ekborg - Vinden i min själ
Lars Winnerbäck - Att Fånga En Fjäril
Lars Winnerbäck - Kom Ihåg Mig
Timber Timbre - Black Water
Mary Wells - Operator
Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand
Hanni El Khatib - Come Alive
Operator Please - Back And Forth
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Coronation
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - In a Sydney Motel
The Record Company - Baby I'm Broken
The Record Company - I'm Getting Better (And I'm Feeling It Right Now)
The Record Company - Life To Fix
Demi Lovato - remixed by Matrix And Futurebound - Tell Me You Love Me [Remix]
Leslie in duet with Alain Chamfort - La Fièvre Dans Le Sang
Girls Can't Catch - Alone
Girls Aloud - Broken Strings [Live]
Girls Aloud - Womanizer [Live]
Aline [FR] - La Vie Électrique
Blood On The Dance Floor - World of Secrets
Blood On The Dance Floor - From Dreams to Nightmares
Blood On The Dance Floor - Ghost Story
Blood On The Dance Floor - The Ocean & the Moon
Blood On The Dance Floor - Haunted House
Blood On The Dance Floor - Ashes to Ashes
Blood On The Dance Floor - Emotional
Blood On The Dance Floor - Chains of Memories
Blood On The Dance Floor - My Last Breath
Blood On The Dance Floor - The Reunion
Blood On The Dance Floor - You Are Enough
Blood On The Dance Floor - Love Like Voodoo
Blood On The Dance Floor - Phone Home
Blood On The Dance Floor - Ghosting
Blood On The Dance Floor - Light My Way
Blood On The Dance Floor - Resurrection Spell
Blood On The Dance Floor - The Departing
Blood On The Dance Floor - Yo Ho 2 (Pirate Life)
Blood On The Dance Floor - Six Feet Under
Blood On The Dance Floor - I Am Not in Love Anymore
Blood On The Dance Floor - Scissors
Blood On The Dance Floor - When You Come Around
Blood On The Dance Floor - Promises
Blood On The Dance Floor - The Age of the Young & Hopeless
Blood On The Dance Floor - Safe Word
Blood On The Dance Floor - Ringleader
Blood On The Dance Floor - Sorry Not Sorry
Blood On The Dance Floor - Let Us All Unite!
Blood On The Dance Floor - Mess Like Me
Blood On The Dance Floor - Bullseye
Blood On The Dance Floor - Battle Cry
Blood On The Dance Floor - Live to Die
Blood On The Dance Floor - The Sexorcist!
Blood On The Dance Floor - Cruel Pornography
Blood On The Dance Floor - Sexually Explicit
Blood On The Dance Floor feat. Kerry Louise - Freaks Do It Better
Blood On The Dance Floor feat. William Control - Pure Fuckin' Evil
Blood On The Dance Floor feat. Shawn Brandon - 3x3
Blood On The Dance Floor - Possession
Blood On The Dance Floor - Bitchcraft
Blood On The Dance Floor feat. Shawn Brandon - Blaq Magik
You in Mind - Hoodie Girl
a-ha - Foot Of The Mountain
MIKA - Rain
Boyzone - No Matter What
Sugababes - Girls
OneRepublic - All The Right Moves
The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
Paul Weller - Wild Wood
Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes
Noisettes - Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)
Jamie Cullum - I'm All Over It
Owl City - Fireflies
The Saturdays - Issues
Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing
Taylor Swift - Fifteen
Rihanna - Russian Roulette
Duffy - Rain On Your Parade
Just Jack - The Day I Died
Daniel Merriweather - Red
U2 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
James Morrison in duet with Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings
Razorlight - Wire To Wire
Girls Aloud - The Promise
The Killers - Human
Lily Allen - 22
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
Mr Hudson feat. Kanye West - Supernova
Little Boots - Remedy
Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love
Stereophonics - Innocent
La Roux feat. Kanye West - In For The Kill
Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out
Take That - Hold Up A Light
Cheryl Cole feat. - 3 Words
Shontelle - T-Shirt
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
The Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Ozuna - Única
Shirley Carvalhaes - Um Escolhido
Shirley Carvalhaes - A Hora é Essa
L.E.P. Bogus Boys feat. (Young) Jeezy, T.I., Ma$e and Spenzo - Commas [Remix]
Weezer - Rosanna
Weezer - Africa
BJ the Chicago Kid feat. Kendrick Lamar - New Cupid
Slim Jxmmi feat. Zoë Kravitz - Anti-Social Smokers Club
Slim Jxmmi feat. Trouble - Cap
Swae Lee - Lost Angels
Rae Sremmurd feat. The Weeknd - Bedtime Stories
Rae Sremmurd - Up in My Cocina
Rae Sremmurd feat. Future - Buckets
Rae Sremmurd - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Slim Jxmmi - Growed Up
Slim Jxmmi feat. Riff 3x - Juggling Biddies
Slim Jxmmi - Keep God First
Slim Jxmmi - Changed Up
Slim Jxmmi - Players Club
Swae Lee - What's in Your Heart?
Swae Lee - Red Wine
Swae Lee - Offshore
Swae Lee - Heat of the Moment
Swae Lee - Heartbreak in Encino Hills
Swae Lee - Touchscreen Navigation
Shirley Carvalhaes - Maior Em Excelência
Shirley Carvalhaes - Roda da Vitória
Shirley Carvalhaes - Adorar
Gucci Mane feat. Lil Wayne and Young Scooter - Bullet Wound
Gucci Mane feat. Lil Wayne - Runnin' Circles
Kelly Rowland feat. Sean Paul and Eve - Like This [DJ Speedy Remix]
Swae Lee - Guatemala
Girl Thing - From All Of Us
Nadia Fay - Hello
Nadia Fay - Smile Again
Nadia Fay - L.O.V.E. Love
Nadia Fay - Anything at All
Nadia Fay - Possibilities
Nadia Fay - Home
Nadia Fay - Beautiful Girl
Nadia Fay - I Can't Be Without You
Nadia Fay - Honeycomb
Nadia Fay - By Heart
Nadia Fay - The World Is Becoming You
Nadia Fay - Just Be With Me
Cavaleiro Dragão - Em nome do reino
Cavaleiro Dragão - Navio Fantasma
Cavaleiro Dragão - O Grande Guerreiro
Cavaleiro Dragão - Dragão da Noite
Bearstronaut - Wire
Girls Love Shoes - That's Why
Girls Love Shoes - Come Get Your Ride
Girls Love Shoes - Insecurity
Girls Love Shoes - Bad Girl
Girls Love Shoes - Flaunt
Girls Love Shoes - Supamedicine
Girls Love Shoes - Angel
Girls Love Shoes - Wake Me Up
Girls Love Shoes - Stars
Girls Love Shoes - Home
Girls Love Shoes - Magical
Gloria Groove feat. Léo Santana - Arrasta
Aysegul Aldinc - Sorma Ne Hâldeyim
Suicide Silence - A Dead Current
Namika feat. Black M - Je Ne Parle Pas Français [Beatgees Remix]
Girls Aloud - remixed by The Beatmasters - Grease [Beatmasters Remix]
The Cheeky Girls - We Go Together
Samantha Mumba - Blue Moon
Lisa Scott-Lee - There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Tony Hadley - Beauty School Drop Out
S Club 8 - Tears On My Pillow
Westlife - Greased Lightnin'
Girls Aloud - Hopelessly Devoted To You
Sarah Whatmore - Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee
Jonathan Wilkes - Summer Nights
Gareth Gates - Grease
Blues Image - Pay My Dues
Beatriz feat. Shirley Carvalhaes - Sonda-me
Jotta A feat. Shirley Carvalhaes - A Reforma
Shirley Carvalhaes - É Pra Guerrear
Shirley Carvalhaes - Vai Dar Certo
Øystein Sunde - Kjepper i romjula
Björn Afzelius - Två Ljus
Stella - Hipaisun päässä
Stella - Häävalssi (Sinä Vain)
Arlissa and Jonas Blue - Hearts Ain't Gonna Lie
Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B - Girls Like You
Stella - Korkokengät
Hel - Den Feges Lögn
Stella - Viimeisen Kerran
Warrant - Heaven Isn't Too Far Away
Black Sabbath - Walpurgis [Original Version Of War Pigs]
Apashe - Sand Storm
Far Och Son - ABCP
Disney - So Much More than a Dream
Teddy Randazzo - Big Wide World
Stella - Lumottu
Cirkus Miramar - Hon Som Ingen Kan Nå
Vanessa Hudgens - Gotta Go My Own Way
Aik Trubaduren - Hata Göteborg
Lord Huron feat. Phoebe Bridgers - The Night We Met
Sarah McLachlan - Changes
John Michael Montgomery feat. Union Station - The Little Girl
Lilla Melodifestivalen - Ulrik - En Vanlig Dag
Juanita Du Plessis - Onthou My
The Beatles - Let It Be
RuPaul - Cover girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)
One OK Rock feat. Avril Lavigne - Listen
Kent - Mannen I Den Vita Hatten [Extraverser]
1BUCK80 - Drifting in my Capella
Beyoncé - Listen
SpongeBob SquarePants - The Jellyfishing Song
Astrid Lindgren - Pilutta-Visan
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends feat. The Happy Goodman Family - I Hold a Clear Title to a Mansion
Yildiz Tilbe - Haberi Olsun
Jotta A - Vamos Todos Juntos
Yildiz Tilbe - Aşkın Cezam Mı?
Mandy Rich - Skarpnäck (med Irma Rence)
Yildiz Tilbe - Aşkperest
Richard Butler - Good Days Bad Days
Richard Butler - California
Richard Butler - Breathe
Bearstronaut - Where I'll Die
Bearstronaut - Painted in the Dark
Bearstronaut - Passenger Side
Bearstronaut - Birds of Prey
Bearstronaut - A Better Hand
Bearstronaut - Paradice (Entrapment)
Keith Urban feat. Kassi Ashton - Drop Top
Monét X Change feat. Bob The Drag Queen - Soak It Up [Remix]
Monét X Change - Soak It Up
David Fonseca - Oh My Heart
Mikey Wax - Big Little Life
Johnny Kemp - Just Another Lover
Yildiz Tilbe - Vazgeçtim
Nilufer - Yemin Ettim
Enrico Macias - Pourquoi Parler D'amour
Nilufer - Oh Ya
Nilufer - Pourqoui Parler D'amour
Nilufer - Her Yerde Kar Var
Nilufer - Kâlbim Bir Pusula
Nilufer - Selâm Söyle
Daddy Yankee feat. Bad Bunny, Becky G and Natti Natasha - Dura
Keith Urban feat. Shy Carter - My Wave
Keith Urban feat. Julia Michaels - Coming Home
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Forget It
NOTD feat. Bea Miller - remixed by HtPkt - I Wanna Know [Remix]
Governor Andy - Släpp den
Ghostemane - Euronymous
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Blood On The Saddle
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - For All This
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Burn Your Fun
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Indeed You Do
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Gettin' High For Jesus
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Boat's Up The River
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - I Let My Daddy Do That
Smoke Season - Sweetest Thing
Nilufer - Erkekler Ağlamaz
Nilufer - Tövbekâr
Nilufer - Yalnız Kullar
Nilufer - Dönemezsin
Nilufer - Sus Konuşma
Silva in duet with Anitta - Fica tudo bem
Nilufer - Boş Vermişim
Thee Headcoatees - You Know You Can't Resist
Hot Dad - John Mayers Ripped Off My Videos
Nilufer - Dünya Dönüyor
88rising - Midsummer Madness
Prince - Mary Don't You Weep [Piano & A Microphone 1983 Version]
Josh Groban - Granted
Matt Maltese - Less and Less
Sabrina Starke - Live & Learn
Taylor Swift - Delicate [Seeb Remix]
Kraantje Pappie - Liefde In De Lucht
Shakira feat. Maluma - Clandestino
gnash - Imagine If
Alle Farben - Only Thing We Know
Cheat Codes - Activate
Ne-Yo feat. Romeo Santos - Nights Like These
Anamanaguchi - Miku
Plàsi - You & Me
Plàsi - Dream
Mange Hellberg - Simma eller sjunk
Anamanaguchi - Prom Night
Anamanaguchi - (T-T)b
Anamanaguchi feat. m33sh - Japan Air
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Den goda viljan
Galneryus - Cry For The Dark
Galneryus - Winning The Honor
Galneryus - Time After Time
Galneryus - Across The Rainbow
Galneryus - Metal Trigger
Galneryus - Rain Of Tears
Galneryus - Raise My Sword
Galneryus - Premonition
Galneryus - Soul Of The Field
Galneryus - The Voice Of Grievous Cry
Galneryus - Reward For Betrayal
Galneryus - Chain Of Distress
Galneryus - The Force Of Courage
Galneryus - The Promised Flag
Galneryus - Reach To The Sky
Galneryus - Endless Story
Galneryus - Ultimatum
Galneryus - The Guide
Galneryus - Enemy To Injustice
Galneryus - There's No Escape
Ian McKinney - Octodad [Berry Gordy Mix]
Ian McKinney - Last Will and Testament
Galneryus - The Shadow Within
Galneryus - Heavenly Punishment
Galneryus - Rising Infuriation
Galneryus - Ultimate Sacrifice
Galneryus - Enter The New Age
Galneryus - Brutal Spiral Of Emotions
Galneryus - With Sympathy
Mange Hellberg - SLÄCK NU LAMPAN
Mange Hellberg - BLÄCKOMBERGA
Bow Wow feat. Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled - We 'Bout That (Eat The Cake)
Kapasiteettiyksikkö - Heineidit
Jennifer Lopez feat. DJ Khaled and Cardi B - Dinero
Thåström - Kaos Passageraren
MNEK feat. Hailee Steinfeld - Colour
Amy Shark - Deleted
Cory Wong feat. Antwaun Stanley and Rebekah Bartels - Pleasin'
Summer Cem and BAUSA - Casanova
Nicky Jam feat. Will Smith and Era Istrefi - Live It Up [Official Song 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia]
Phillips, Craig and Dean - It Wasn't in the Thunder
Phillips, Craig and Dean - Take Me to Jesus
Phillips, Craig and Dean - For a Dream
Phillips, Craig and Dean - In Heaven
Petter - Tänd
Cerrone - Oh Johnny
Edwin Leal - Rebellion
Reisa L. Gerber - Gettaway (sweet america)
Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds
The Vamps - Just My Type
Maxwell - We Never Saw It Coming
Kodaline - Shed a Tear
The Kooks - Fractured and Dazed
Alessia Cara - Growing Pains
David Guetta feat. Showtek - Your Love
5 Seconds of Summer - More
5 Seconds of Summer - Why Won't You Love Me
5 Seconds of Summer - Empty Wallets
5 Seconds of Summer - Woke Up In Japan
5 Seconds of Summer - Moving Along
5 Seconds of Summer - Lie To Me
5 Seconds of Summer - Meet You There
5 Seconds of Summer - If Walls Could Talk
5 Seconds of Summer - Babylon
5 Seconds of Summer - Talk Fast
5 Seconds of Summer - Better Man
Chromeo - Count Me Out
5 Seconds of Summer - Valentine
5 Seconds of Summer - Monster Among Men
Sured - Back Again
Enrico Macias - Solenzara [İtalian Version]
Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts - Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)
Kids See Ghosts - Feel the Love
Kids See Ghosts - Reborn
Kids See Ghosts - Cudi Montage
Kids See Ghosts feat. Louis Prima - 4th Dimension
Kids See Ghosts - Fire
Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande - Bed
Galneryus - Wings
Galneryus - Rain
Galneryus - Allegiance To The Lunatics
Jason Mraz - Unlonely
Sigala feat. Fuse ODG and Sean Paul - Feels Like Home
Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
Regine Velasquez - Twuing Umuulan
Nicke & Mojje - Bananerna
Strebers - Högervindar
Dum Dum Boys - Bønda i fra nord
The Distillers - Hall Of Mirrors
Todd Rundgren - Gaya's Eyes
Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs
The Dead Milkmen - Right Wing Pigeons
Linda Pira - Bästa Vän
Nilufer - Böyle Ayrılık Olmaz
Nilufer - Sen Mühimsin
George Clinton - Summer Swim
Jamiroquai - Nice and Spicy
Historical Folk - The Moonshine Steer
Historical Folk - The Strawberry Roan
Historical Folk - The Girl That Wore A Waterfall
Historical Folk - Soy Pobre Vaquero - v1
Historical Folk - Early In The Spring
Historical Folk - When The Work's All Done This Fall
Historical Folk - My Parents Raised Me Tenderly
Historical Folk - Early, Early In The Spring
Historical Folk - Going To Leave Old Texas
Historical Folk - The Educated Feller (Zebra Dun)
Historical Folk - The Tenderfoot
Historical Folk - The Trail To Mexico - v1
Historical Folk - The Trail To Mexico - v2
Historical Folk - The Bull Rider Song
Historical Folk - Eleven Slash Slash Eleven
Historical Folk - Powderhorn
Historical Folk - No Use For The Woman
Historical Folk - Pattonio
Historical Folk - The Poor Lonesome Cowboy - v2
Historical Folk - Soy Pobre Vaquero - v2
Historical Folk - On Red River Shore
Historical Folk - Little Darling
Historical Folk - Belle Brandon
Historical Folk - Song Of The Emigrant Trail
Historical Folk - Fair Lady Of The Plain
Historical Folk - Lost River Desert
Historical Folk - Down In The Valley
Historical Folk - New River Shore
Historical Folk - Haunted Wood
Historical Folk - The Indian's Death Song
Historical Folk - Going West
Historical Folk - Red River Valley
Historical Folk - Custer's Last Stand
Historical Folk - Roving Cowboy
Historical Folk - Where The Bravest Cowboys Lie
Historical Folk - Little Mohea
Historical Folk - The Pretty Mohea
Historical Folk - Juanita
Historical Folk - My Lover's A Rider
Historical Folk - Red Wing
Historical Folk - Lily Of The West
Historical Folk - Powder River
Historical Folk - Border Affair
Historical Folk - Texas Jack
Historical Folk - Clementine
Historical Folk - Way Out West In Kansas
Historical Folk - My Ma Was Born In Texas
Historical Folk - Blood On The Saddle
Historical Folk - Wild Buckeroo
Historical Folk - The Lavender Cowboy
Historical Folk - The Texas Cowboy - v2
Historical Folk - Life In A Prairie Shack
Historical Folk - Punchin' Dough
Historical Folk - The Fightin' Booze Fighter
Historical Folk - A Texas Idol
Historical Folk - In Kansas
Historical Folk - An Afternoon Like This
Petter feat. Vita - Tänd
Tjuvjakt feat. Petter - Fyrverkeri
Tjuvjakt feat. Thomas Stenström - Tar det på krita
Cheat Codes and Nicky Romero - Sober
Petter feat. Molly Sandén and Sam-E - Regnet
Sam Hunt - Raised On It
Tina Turner - The Best
Rent - Another Day
Red Army Choir & Orchestra - Katyusha
Yildiz Tilbe - Burası Huş'tur (Yemen Türküsü)
Galneryus - Holding The Broken Wings
Galneryus - In The Delight
Galneryus - Final Resolution
Galneryus - The Garden Of The Goddess
Galneryus - Meditation For The Saga
Galneryus - Rebel Flag
Galneryus - Child Of Free
Galneryus - Beyond Of The Ground
Galneryus - United Flag
Nilufer - Memleketim
Nilufer - Seni Kimler Aldı
Nilufer - Sevdam Ağlıyor
Nilufer - Yalnızlığa Hüküm Giydim
Nilufer - İstanbul
Nilufer - Yazık
Nilufer - Hoş Gör Sen
Ruby Rose Fox - Boy Wonder, Come to Me to Survive the Internet Bully
Ruby Rose Fox - Lady Godiva
Ruby Rose Fox - Binghamton, NY
Ruby Rose Fox - Charlottesville
Ruby Rose Fox - The Matador
Ruby Rose Fox - Caroline Says III
Ruby Rose Fox - Your Sister Is Dead, I'm Buying a Sega
Ruby Rose Fox - Christopher, I'm Coming Home Without You
Dead Sara - Times to Remember
Dead Sara - Anybody
Dead Sara - One Day We'll Make It Big
Dead Sara - What It Takes
Dead Sara - Heaven's Got a Back Door
Dead Sara - Unamerican
Galneryus - Vanishing Hope
Galneryus - Point Of No Return
Galneryus - Dawn Of Tragedy
Galneryus - Braving Flag
Galneryus - Heavy Curse
Galneryus - Raid Again
Galneryus - Shiver
Galneryus - Shriek Of The Vengeance
Galneryus - In The Cage
Marcus Miller feat. Selah Sue - Que Sera Sera
Galneryus - Under Threat
Galneryus - Dream Place
Galneryus - Whisper In The Red Sky
Galneryus - The Scenery
Galneryus - Quiet Wish
Galneryus - Eternal Regret
Galneryus - Fate Of The Sadness
Galneryus - Deep Affection
Galneryus - Ancient Rage
Galneryus - Future Light
Nilufer - İnkâr Etme
David Bowie - Starman
Anden - SpøG Om HjæLp!
DC Talk - Nu Thang
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Kanye West feat. Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Quavo and Desiigner - Champions
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Katra - Kuunpoika [Cover]
Elov & Beny - Singel Och Sökande
Rev. Milton Brunson - God's Got It
David Bowie - Lazarus
Melissa Horn - Jag har gjort det igen
Norlie & KKV - Förlåt
Mac Miller feat. Cee Lo Green - We