Axxis testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Axxis - Against A Brick Wall
Axxis - Allright
Axxis - C'est La Vie
Axxis - Gimme Your Blood
Axxis - Gods of Rain
Axxis - Good Times, Bad Times
Axxis - Heaven in Black, Heaven in Blue
Axxis - Hold You (Acoustic Version)
Axxis - Just One Night
Axxis - Kingdom Of The Night (Accoustic)
Axxis - Larger Than Life
Axxis - Lost In The Darkness
Axxis - Moonlight
Axxis - One Million Faces
Axxis - Stay by me
Axxis - Stay Don't Leave Me
Axxis - Take My Hand
Axxis - Watch Out
Axxis - Without You
Axxis - Utopia
Axxis - Shadowman
Axxis - Little Look Back
Axxis - Battlefield Of Life
Axxis - Wonderland
Axxis - Never Say Never
Axxis - Gimme Back The Paradise
Axxis - Get Down
Axxis - Face To Face
Axxis - Fire And Ice
Axxis - Living In A World (Extended Version)
Axxis - Shadows Of The Light
Axxis - Ships Are Sailing
Axxis - The World Is Looking In Their Eyes
Axxis - The Four Horsemen
Axxis - Little War
Axxis - Alive
Axxis - White Lights
Axxis - Kingdom Of The Night
Axxis - Sea Of Love
Axxis - Ice On Fire
Axxis - For A Song
Axxis - Touch The Rainbow
Axxis - Road To Never Neverland
Axxis - Rolling Like Thunder
Axxis - Why Not?!
Axxis - Keep Flying
Axxis - Love Is Like An Ocean
Axxis - Brandnew World
Axxis - Angel
Axxis - At The Crack Of Dawn
Axxis - Young Souls
Axxis - Tears Of The Trees
Axxis - Idolator
Axxis - All My Life
Axxis - The Demons Are Calling
Axxis - Lost In The Darkness
Axxis - Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye
Axxis - Time Machine
Axxis - Little Look Back
Axxis - Without You
Axxis - Living In A World
Axxis - Ecstasy
Axxis - Only God Knows
Axxis - The Wolf
Axxis - Love Doesn't Know Any Distance
Axxis - My Little Princess
Axxis - Shadowman
Axxis - No Advice
Axxis - Flashback Radio
Axxis - Stay, Don't Leave Me
Axxis - Lost In Love
Axxis - Heaven's 7th Train
Axxis - The Moon
Axxis - Wind In The Night (Shalom)
Axxis - Heaven In Black
Axxis - Save Me
Axxis - Another Day
Axxis - Eyes Of Darkness
Axxis - Like A Sphinx
Axxis - On My Own
Axxis - When The Sun Goes Down
Axxis - Hold You