Quarterflash testi e traduzioni di canzoni:

Quarterflash - Caught in The Rain
Quarterflash - Critical Times
Quarterflash - Grace Under Fire
Quarterflash - Harden my Heart
Quarterflash - In The Air
Quarterflash - It All Becomes Clear
Quarterflash - Nowhere Left to Hide
Quarterflash - Take me to Heart
Quarterflash - The Child Who Raised Her Mother
Quarterflash - Walking on Ice
Quarterflash - Welcome to The City
Quarterflash - Don't Be Lonely
Quarterflash - Nothing Runs As Deep As You
Quarterflash - Home
Quarterflash - Rock On Little Brother
Quarterflash - I Can't Help Myself
Quarterflash - Say What You Want About Love
Quarterflash - Come To Me
Quarterflash - Little Miracles (The Songs Rained Down)
Quarterflash - Crazy Quilt
Quarterflash - Opening Doors
Quarterflash - More
Quarterflash - Love Without A Net (You Keep Falling)
Quarterflash - Valerie
Quarterflash - Rise Above
Quarterflash - I Want You Back
Quarterflash - All Diamonds
Quarterflash - Williams Avenue
Quarterflash - Back Into Blue
Quarterflash - Shane
Quarterflash - Adios (The Funeral Song)
Quarterflash - Make It Shine
Quarterflash - Harden My Heart
Quarterflash - Caught In The Rain
Quarterflash - Find Another Fool
Quarterflash - Welcome To The City
Quarterflash - Brothers
Quarterflash - Trying to Find A New Way
Quarterflash - Try To Make It True
Quarterflash - One More Round To Go
Quarterflash - Talk To Me
Quarterflash - Grace Under Fire
Quarterflash - Critical Times
Quarterflash - Walking On Ice
Quarterflash - It All Becomes Clear
Quarterflash - Goodbye Uncle Buzz
Quarterflash - Night Shift
Quarterflash - At Least I Tried
Quarterflash - Just For You
Quarterflash - Love Is A Road
Quarterflash - Take Me To Heart
Quarterflash - I Want To Believe It's You
Quarterflash - Nowhere Left To Hide
Quarterflash - It Don't Move Me
Quarterflash - Shakin' The Jinx
Quarterflash - Eye To Eye
Quarterflash - Right Kind Of Love
Quarterflash - Take Another Picture
Quarterflash - This Business of Music